Fed Roulette: An Economic Overview

OK kiddies, gather around the roulette wheel as we spin up this morning on the Fed Meeting which is going on today and we’re due for a rate decision this afternoon.

The market – which usually bashed the Fed soundly with a worrisome decline before each decision – has been in demo-mortis – death by convention.

As a result, it would be a fine time of high distraction for the Fed to wield an unconventional move on us…but first the charts..

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5 thoughts on “Fed Roulette: An Economic Overview”

  1. Complete report Thanks. Whats with the dollar in the stratisfer. Has it ever been this high. What happens to metals when gets real

  2. After watching the Democratic convention yesterday I’m wondering what the Clintons promised Bernie Sanders for his endorsement. It was obvious that his followers did not endorse her and he did not convince them to change their minds. Maybe it’s a cabinet post? Why wouldn’t he hint towards something to keep the Sander’s crowd behind him at the convention? Please comment in your column.

    • I agree. When it is eventually announced, we will headline it as Bernie Payoff Revealed

  3. The first female presidential candidate was Victoria Woodhull in 1872. Equal Rights party.

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