Fed Raises – BUT What About SOMA?

Yeah, sure, the headline is?

“The Committee seeks to achieve maximum employment and inflation at the rate of 2 percent over the longer run. With appropriate firming in the stance of monetary policy, the Committee expects inflation to return to its 2 percent objective and the labor market to remain strong. In support of these goals, the Committee decided to raise the target range for the federal funds rate to 1/4 to 1/2 percent and anticipates that ongoing increases in the target range will be appropriate.”

The Fed -using a range – blows up any confidence we had in their ability to get ahead of the coming Q3 recession we’ve got modeled.

It gets worse:

Because in the implement note they DID NOT MENTION SOMA!!!

Let’s see who else notices this glaring POS move.  I doubt the national press will make a point of it (press feeding is just ahead as we post).

See, here’s the thing:  In January, the Implementation note directed easy money for SOMA.

“Effective January 27, 2022, the Federal Open Market Committee directs the Desk to:

  • Undertake open market operations as necessary to maintain the federal funds rate in a target range of 0 to 1/4 percent.
  • Complete the increase in System Open Market Account (SOMA) holdings of Treasury securities by $40 billion and of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) by $20 billion, as indicated in the monthly purchase plans released in mid-January.
  • Increase the SOMA holdings of Treasury securities by $20 billion and of agency MBS by $10 billion, during the monthly purchase period beginning in mid-February.

But, in today’s implementation note, no mention of SOMA – which we assume means the January desk order stands.

Seriously?  WTF?  Freebie for Big Corps and screw Wee lil peons?

Has Jerome Powell had lunch with Tony Fauci yet?

Seem to be cut of the same cloth!

Write when you get rich,


PS: expect a courtesy rally by the commercials during the P-speak.  Reality will be by tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Fed Raises – BUT What About SOMA?”

    • Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations is pretty standard as a universal language. It works every time, maybe. the bs already started.

  1. What does this mean?

    “Roll over at auction all principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of Treasury securities and reinvest all principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) in agency MBS.”

    • Well dell, it means the rest of world i.e. OPEC , China , Russia are redeeming their US debt instruments for cash, and not renewing or rolling over. So it means we are now buying our own debt back from ourselves. Welcome to Wiemar. Question where does all the third party cash go into next? Extra credit [no pun] for all you home gamers.

    • That means: as the securities (bonds) age to maturity and return their face cash value to the holder, that money will be reinvested in like securities – treasuries and mbs. That would tend to maintain their balance sheet and stop those securities from aging into cash. I would have hoped that they would have let the mbs age off their holdings given high teens percentage increase in real estate and housing rents.

      In the fed’s previous notes they had said those purchases would be stopped in March and most folks assumed the holdings would self reduce as they mature. Those who ass-u-me-d made an ass out of u and me while the investment banks traded on that within minutes, which explains some of the market action.

    • The fed backed off from previous anticipation of a .5% hike and rolloff of quantum easing to .25% and continuation of easing. That is fine, it’s just an uncharacteristic, timely adjustment to world events. Geo is ripping off his bear suit and unleashing full paragraphs of of cuss words.
      Funny that msm is billing this as an aggressive move to combat inflation instead of a “wait and see” move, which it really is.

  2. What does it mean, when the Sorass is behind Ukraine

    I am against anything that demon is pro, that Nazi-jew.
    I am NOT saying, jews are bad. I am saying Sorass is a bad jew, his psychopathic tendencies are more reptile than mammalian.
    I am not defending Putin or Xi, but Sorass is more worser,, yup bad grammar for bad assholes.

    Why the hell are we sending more money for Ukraine’s defense, but to hell with our southern border, migrant unknowns coming to ure neighborhood [actually ,Biden has been flying them all around our country]. This is a good time for GII to be near the homestead, at the ready!

    Where is Fauci? where did Covid go? It is all about Ukraine now. Fear the MSM.

    • “ Soros is adamant that the US get involved in Ukraine and then take on Russia and China.”

      Remember that as time goes on.

      “So why is George Soros, who has done all he can to weaken Europe and the United States over his career suddenly care about removing Putin and Xi? It is not that we all disagree with him but what is his motive here?”

      I doubt his motivation is to remove either of them. More like trying to get us into a fight where the odds are against us.

    • “I am against anything that demon is pro”

      Yeppers. I figured that out many years ago.

      Ray McGovern is ex-CIA — served as a Soviet/Russian specialist for many years and wrote the President’s Daily Briefing for a number of years, I believe for both Bush41 and Clinton.

      He is a nutcase WRT some leftwing causes, notably “climate change,” but is really sharp about the things about which he is actually knowledgeable (Russia and the Soviet satellite countries, Presidential protocol, and State Department and CIA ops. This is an interview conducted on Feb. 13 (pre-Ukraine) with the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Abolition Working Group, one of the Kumbaya groups of which he’s now a member, and an interview


      which you might find interesting…

    • obd, When a Fox news cameraman gets killed by Russian fire, Putin’s still a Trump pal:

      Giiulani and Manafort scandal was in Ukraine, but Soros still has to be the bad guy…

      Tis a real pity that your Fauci/Covid fears are nothing compared to the grist of a real war invasion, boo hoo, pity party for the Trump populists and their flimsy poopaganda about the victimization of Ozzie and Harriet.

  3. “Why the hell are we sending more money for Ukraine’s defense, but to hell with our southern border”

    There’s no evidence of genetic modification of living pathogens at the Mexican border that needs to be destroyed before Pooh Team gets their hands on it. That’s why. Everything being written here is satire and is in no way grounded in fact…. for the time being. LOL

  4. I’m just interested if there was a new buy signal in gold or sell remains . We have a multitude of building companies going into collapse in oz . Care not for any lies and yada yada anymore just facts

  5. so the triple buy is operational again . with the commercials record short . leave me out of the lies deceit and bullsheet

    • If the commercials are record Short, then the Banks should be record Long.
      Who is Ure daddy in this scenario ? Who CONTROLS the price ?
      Who controls the market ? Who owns the market?
      At a $TRILLION + in overnight repo, every night – me thinks the scheisse (hard & compacted) is hitting the fan already. caution advised as keeping “Nationalization” when investing in Gold/Silber minerz – like home country minerz…jss

      No – there not enough “vac trucks” in the world to clean up the Commodity backed Derivatives Fecal Bomb fallout. Only thing to keep you clean and smellin nice – PHYZ.

  6. We havent seen nothing what is headed our way will be brutal, Keep your Powder dry and your larder full

  7. good point mate .. thats why i hate sayings that george used . the bear trap is sprung . ill give him trap . when this thing goes off there is nowhere to hide and all your guru waves can be inserted . brutal beyond beleif . money always finds the best home . now its 2 options buried under the ground or shorts

  8. “He who pays and runs away, lives to fight another day…”

    Funny you should mention that. Oh about a year ago I was doing some gorilla marketing. Pretty fun stuff. This fella took an item from me and refused to pay me for my services and the item. My boss was pissed but I remained calm. That fella flexed on me. My boss knows, I could have squashed him like on the windshield. Easy. Without much effort. It was only for $30. Pretty petty shit. He said what are you going to do about it? You want to fight? I smiled and he called me a pussy. I said looks like your the man. Got one over on me. He said that is fucking right. Pussy! And walked away. My boss at the time was blown away that I let him walk away with not paying me what was due. Fair and balanced. Let alone that I let him not only disrespect me financially but talk that way to me. Let gloat about it.

    Well guess what George. That fella walked in to my office today looking for a job. He is desperate. Looked like he had just walked out of a Jewish concentration camp. Weighed about a buck twenty five. Couldn’t even hardly open my office door.

    I said you look familiar. I seen you before. He said I don’t think so sir. I haven’t eaten in a few days. I’m really desperate for work and I’m willing to do what ever I can to get some money to eat. So I gave him a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

    I said well im sure I know you. We are all full right now. Then I said something to jog his memory about the time he did all that last year. He looked at me trembling with fear. I said, I don’t have anything for you. You can certainly grab another doughnut and fill your coffee cup back up, here is a few smokes but I think you should leave now.

    He said, thank you sir. Looked like he was going to cry. Grabbed a doughnut, I poured him some more coffee. Gave him a few smokes and he walked out the door. With his head hung low.

    After he left. I prayed for him after he left. He may have got over me for $30 and had his day of thinking I was a pussy and how he told me. But I think he paid for that many times over.

    I think things are going to turn around for that fella. I see a bright future for him now. I think everyone deserves a second chance at life. The gift of desperation and dispare has a way of giving some people a new perspective on life.

    Yes sir. I think that fella that was just in my office understands now, “Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me.” Good for him. I know that true. Through and through.

    Sure is a couple beautiful tree outside. Still blooming.

    And people wonder why I let shit slide all the time like that. And let them think they got something over on me.

    THE DUDE! ya know? HE has a way with things like that.

    I think, things are looking up. I think the world is going to be ok.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

    • Thank you!

      I am a blade of grass in a Universe full of Billion Billion Galaxies with an trillion trillion trillion stars. A speck on a speck.


      For some reason, beyond my understanding, I matter enought to the Infnite Creator, i call THE DUDE, to be HIS friend.

      And that is pretty cool.


  9. “Urban survival” and survival in general will greatly increase if one has an accurate understanding of the world we live in.

    It starts with the recognition that the ruling cabal around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS… https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    By “TRULY understands” I mean that Hollywood flicks and the entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are (eg most psychopaths are not overtly violent) but they are ALWAYS exploiters, deceivers, liars, manipulators, and destroyers (the Highly Destructive Fake Covid “Pandemic” is ONE fitting example out of countless others) and therefore they are NOT people to ever respect, listen to, admire, vote for, follow and obey BUT to ACTIVELY fight and jail for life (see cited source above).

    ““We’re all in this together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission. … The unity of compliance.” — Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist

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