Fed Meets, Retail, Ex-Im, and Moon Phases

Whew!  That’s-a some laundry list.

But no worries:  Part of my new “less time writing” regimen (leaving more time for doing, at least in theory) demands we skip over the longish discussions and get right to the heart of the matter.

Fed Meeting

As often happens, credit for some keen insights goes to my consigliere for remarks on Moon Phases and the 10-year bond rate.

We’ll skip the details until tomorrow’s subscriber report on the Peoplenomics.com side of the house.  But, let’s just say that we should know shortly whether the rather high potential for this to roll into a Turn-around Tuesday (e.g. ready for the bottom to fall out) is not low.

For one, the 10-year bond rate is up a good bit – and with the Greensill problems in Europe and rising rates – we have to wonder who is in trouble and from which direction will the “wind that blows over economies” be coming?

Which is all wrapped into the Fed’s paralysis:  If they raise rates, stocks will collapse because the current bubble is only good with the continuous application of “free money.”

Speaking of which, no sign of that Stimulus money at our bank, yet.  If yours has landed, post a comment.  We’re naturally suspicious of free money until it shows up.

The flip side of the Fed’s dilemma is that they can’t lower rates, either.  That would collapse gold and most other commodities. Real estate, yada, yada.

We look for much hype and blustery at tomorrow’s rate announcement and Chairman’s remarks.

But Here’s the “Real Deal”

The present long financial orgasm will come to an end.  Free money and hype-o-saurus grande will only get you so far.

Then, people will begin asking hard questions:

  • Why have dimmocrats opened (by abandoning defense of) the Mexico border?
  • Why are there increasing fears about long-term vaccination impacts?
  • Why are cases rising again if the peak is past?

The good news MAY be seen in this morning’s Retail Numbers – or not – depending on your ability to “think large and generalize” well.

Retail Sails Fails

This whole “work at home” thing for millions during the lockdowns brings about some interesting policy questions.  If you can’t go to work – and you haver to set up shop at home – why hasn’t that Government for the People allowed people on a regular paycheck to write off at least the cost of home office supplies and fixtures?

See, part of the “economic recovery” on corporate balance sheets will – over time – be revealed to have been the result of not having to run cubicle farms so workers would have a place to work.  Turn  off the lights, the A/C, no parking, and so forth…kill commercial.  Why it’s a bonanza on the balance sheet – financial frosting deluxe.

Comparing the tax filings of people working from home who didn’t go the 1099 route and stayed on as wage-earners would be interesting.  They still need to buy (possibly more…) bandwidth, electricity for extended-hours heating and cooling, and a better web cam and….well, you know the list.

Which Has WHAT To Do With Retail?

Just thinking out loud here:  You know how the Fed maintains internal delusion on inflation by mainly focusing on “prices less food and energy?”

Well, the same thing might be a plug-n-play for Retail.

Look at retail overall (the details in a sec.) and then back out auto sales because they can be up (when foreigners are buying Denali’s and the like).  Or, they can be down when chips run out.

Similarly, how much of highly touted “rising personal disposable income” wasn’t really disposable at all:  It went to more bandwidth, more electricity, some backdrops for video calls, a newer, faster laptop…well, you get the idea.

So:  Here’s What Is Claimed

In the Retail figures just out:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for February 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $561.7 billion, a decrease of 3.0 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 6.3 percent (±0.7 percent) above February 2020.

Total sales for the December 2020 through February 2021 period were up 6.0 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The December 2020 to January 2021 percent change was revised from up 5.3 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 7.6 percent (±0.3 percent).

Which picturizes (for the money-hypnotized)  as:

The problem – which few will comprehend outside present company – is that this is a DOLLARIZED figure.  So when retail craters at the same time M1 has more than DOUBLED in the past year, things are REALLY, REALLY BAD and lies of normalcy will be ratcheted up even more…

But, its not the only meaningful number today.

Ex-Im Data

One of these days, China – holding over a trillion of our paper mache money in the form of bonds – is going to wake up and want something of greater value than “interest only.”  So with this in mind:

“The price index for U.S. imports increased 1.3 percent in February following a 1.4-percent advance the previous month. The January rise was the largest monthly advance since March 2012.

With the exception of a 0.1-percent downturn in October, import prices have increased each month since April 2020. Prices for
U.S. imports rose 3.0 percent over the past year, the largest 12-month advance since the index increased 3.4 percent from October 2017 to October 2018.

Your B.S. detector should be screaming:  If import prices are up 3% how is it that government-counted inflation is significantly less.

Does the word LIES mean anything to you?  See, if government admits to inflation being higher, Social Security, the interest rates (10-year and more) will precede Elon Musk to the moon and shit will tumble down around Babel II (the internet) like never before imagined.

People do have a real lack of vision and a thirst for mock-reality.  Or, did you miss the last five decades of American politics?

Meantime, the dual policy problem for the Slow Joe club is “How do we onshore manufacturing enough to stop digging the indenture to Asia deeper?”

Rotsa ruck with that. Borrow from Chyna?  Yeah…right.

We continue holding to the UrbanSurvival course: Buy, stock-up, and store the means of production for yourself.  If you own your own roof and even a tiny source of food, look at who the winners were when Russia went down the same path to implosion.  Strangely, I feel a kind of economic kinship with Dmitry Orlov (who is also worth reading).

Bolshevik bullshit always fails over time.  Personal excellence and incentives always win.  Complete courseware available in history books of the Soviet failure, ongoing poverty of Cuba, Zimbabwe’s burnt-out hulk.  And how the Friends of Squad are prototyping what’s ahead for ‘Mercia in Venezuela.

I know that keeping the obvious in mind is hard, but the “woke” are Children of the October Revolution.  Digital Mob Rule seizing assets from successful people and selling re-segregation and killing excellence.  Gee, what could go wrong from here?

Just watch a while longer.

Functional Economics Aside (Food, Water, Roof)

What’s being sold to people of lesser horsepower?  A horrible assortment of Divide and Conquer, frankly:

We’re not sure which financially linked company will fail – leading to us being in the functional equivalent to the Housing Bubble bursting in 2008-2009. But can’t see who to blame.

But stories like Covid Roller Coaster Adds To Blackpool’s Decline are worth reading.

What we’re looking for a “kindling events” – little stories (like Greensill) that propagate large (Credit Suisse) and then begin collapse hidden from view.

Or, will it just be the agglomeration of people towns (like Blackpool, England) which begin collapse in domino-like fashion back toward the faltering core – now run by DMR – digital mob rule?  Another wave of disease?  Round two of secret biowar?  The plot options are breath-taking.

Woke Joke, II

Seems like our Monday note on Clumsy University and their woke-joke graduation racism is obvious to others, now.  Reports FauxColumbia University hosting 6 separate graduation ceremonies based on income level, race, ethnicities.

The Useful Pile

Where to begin?

Russia Threatens to Block Twitter Within 30 Days”  At least Russia is standing up to the digital mob chieftains.

NY Times reports “Foxconn May Produce Electric Vehicles in Wisconsin.” Cheese-mobiles? We’ll believe it when the production line is running.  But could China flip some of their bonds into plant and equipment in the U.S.? I suppose so… hmm.

Warmonger’s Notebook:  Calling it a Integrated review: UK nuclear stockpile to increase.  Oh grand.

Glimmer of thought in our military, cites .mil expert warhammer?

Pilots Could Be Eligible for Up to $420K to Stay in Service, reports Air Force Magazine.  Somebody must’ve done the math on this scheme to prove it pays dividends with accrued flying and mission experience versus newb pilot training and military mission familiarization.”

Amazing!  Something that makes sense!

And for the kneelers: Britain’s Prince Philip released from hospital after heart surgery.

Post Office Follies

Today’s postal misadventure (*with a few things arriving Monday) will be the call to the local Post Master (a Post Mistress) to see why a 48-inch long table was marked “mailbox full” when no one tried to deliver it Saturday.

In fairness, though, she explained that Amazon shipments used to come from Dallas to Palestine, Texas directly.

Now, some deep-stinker in the Post Office has decided to route Amazon goods through Houston which is 160-miles the wrong way.

Good news is that old electronic keyer I bought from a ham radio sort up in Pennsylvania on March 3 arrived here on the 15th.

Not to relax, though.  Supply chains are still blowing up:  Continuity Central cites a CapGemini report saying 66% of companies are planning to change their supply chains in the next 3-years.  Some, may actually get it right, but holding your breath is a gamble.

OK:  Drug day on Wall Street: With the Dow down 22 and the S&P up 2 after a shitty retail report, Reality ain’t what it was yesterday.

Write when you get rich,


58 thoughts on “Fed Meets, Retail, Ex-Im, and Moon Phases”

  1. George you wrote that covid cases are rising. Where did you get that data? If you look here: https://covidusa.net/ The data shows that cases are still declining. In fact only 7 states had a rise over the last 14 days.

    • Scott, keep watching! It appears that you are presenting an opposing point of view. Are you using a single source to gather your ‘data?’ Keep looking on the internet and you can find any “data” you want, to support or deny anything. Spring Break and the big parties, the and re-opening of sporting events, live shows etc. are all just getting started again. Da Pres and his new group is watching and seeing the citizens getting antsy to be out and about again like it was back when things were”NORMAL.” It doesn’t look like people are going to easily accept “NORMAL” as it exists now. Being part of random crowds will re-accelerate the trend towards more cases in another couple of weeks. There is always some lag time between events and consequences.
      Did you think you had seen the last of the “lock downs?” The new administration doesn’t like disobedience…it makes their numbers look bad.
      What is real here is that the Covid-Sars nightmare is still disgorging its deadly secrets piecemeal style. AND IT IS A POPULATION REDUCING BIOWEAPON intended to do just that. It does this in MANY ways. It affects much more than we are just now beginning to realize. This is still far from over. That is the new ‘NORMAL.’

    • Back when the first stimulus occurred we got the confirmation that the check was deposited, but when we checked with our financial institution there was nothing there. we continued to check frequently and were told” uhh,we don’t know “.we checked with the site mentioned and they confirmed it had been deposited., still no joy. In Feb I was again at the “bank” and I explained to the teller that I wasn’t yelling at her but” here’s how this is going to go. I’m sure you have methods to track where this deposit is, because if you can’t find it by tomorrow I’m going to have the feds start tracking from their end and no one wants that.” Within ten minutes I was being told oops it was “somehow misfiled in some folder”. If I had known at the beginning that all I needed to do was get “pissy”…

  2. George my wife and I received the latest stimulus $ deposited into our bank account last Friday. It might have something to do with fileing our taxes early or having a last name starting with “A”. If future generations only understood the damage being perpetrated on their future they would be marching against this present “Voodoo Economics” instead of re-segregation.

    What happens when the new and improved Killer Covid runs rampant? Will the people realize the government blew their wad on on the the lesser Corona 19 virus.

    Let the confetti money cannons continue with “Free Everything!”

    • Father Joe, be that as it may, The new M/RNA tech is running wild and that portends greater danger than any virus. I would invite you to explore the implications of this
      Gene Therapy currently being unleashed on an un informed and for a large segment
      ,ignorant population.
      This is game changing Tech with more to come. Human 2.0. It has that potential. It is not about fighting viruses, as it is intended to do much more. But it must be tested in every way possible. But how to do this. Where and how will the “Test subjects” be found. ???. Think potential life extension. The elite will not be sharing with you and me.
      This is essentially Human Genome programming tech. The M/RNA is reffered to as a “Delivery Platform” in the business. Further iterations will include “Delivery Platforms” , that will make use of nature and and will not be easily avoided.

  3. My neighbor got their BuyedEm funds over the weekend. Their last name begins with a “B”. Being at the bottom of the alphabet, I don’t expect to see my play money for several days yet

  4. No stimulus 3 yet and IRS (https://sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof-wmsp/login) can’t even find mine though I have already filed 2020 taxes and have been using direct deposit for years. My second stimulus came on the stupid card which I was grateful to be computer literate enough to be able to activate and quickly cash out to my bank. I felt sorry for the less literate who thought the damned things a scam and threw them away or got caught with charges to use their funds!

  5. Noted last night in credit union Pending Area, The Stimulus, expected on the 17th. Will promptly use it to pay off credit card debt. Once paid off, never to be used again, the card is banished to the languish file. Not closing so as to keep up the credit score charade.

  6. Wife said ours was pending over the weekend, I haven’t asked if it’s cleared yet, but I expect it probably has. We’re at a credit union.

  7. “and a better web cam”

    I can think of at least one invention a week, big or small, but don’t know how to get stuff to market. :(

    You know the selfie stick. What the people need is a wire rack that mounts behind the monitor… the rack has clip-on, extend-o LED lights to get different light on the face of course. Maybe multiple cameras for angle changes to keep the audience interested during the meeting.

    A vanity mirror with lights and cameras sure beats a camera stick with a phone tied to the end.

  8. George, Your harping on the national debt and immigration now, in 2021, comes a bit rich. In 2017, in good times, with their dying power, the R’s passed a $2 trillion tax cut for the rich paid for by the national debt. Instead of passing a conservative immigration package that could have redefined asylum qualifications. What did you expect? The good times to last forever? All future presidents to continue illegal immigration policies? So now the robins of incompetent and corrupt governance have come home to roost. Drink up, buttercup. Best, Mike.

    • The R’s passed $2trillion tax cut to slow the dimocrat bleed out of the national net worth.
      You really gotta understand finance better.
      Your pal SloJoe is now going to bend us all over aided and abetted by the prince in razor wire castle
      Enjoy your bullshitvik revolution

    • Mike, you have repeatedly failed to mention that after the Trump tax cut, tax revenue increased by a trillion dollars…

    • Are you and Mark married? Lovers? Both like-minded or empty-headed. Why don’t you troll another site where the people are more woke? We are all far too intelligent for your kind. I mean I don’t know how George puts up with you and your crony. Give it a rest. Spare us please. ….. No blessings

  9. G- Dude,

    Iron is HOT ! we got to strike while it is still hot..

    Cartels are selling young kids for $2300-$2500 per child down the Texas border.

    Everything is a Business Model..

    This one is easy peasy – gotta figure we can pimp out each kid say 75 times over the course of 3 month time period at roughly $1000 a pop ($75,000)

    – now U know why barkie and SF freinds are coming to Texas..

    – After expenses (food/water/shelter/herione) – net $70,000 each child sex slave for starters.
    After useful life – snuff film =$10000-$15,000 adrenochrome -$12500.

    We are looking at some really GROSS profits here,with disposal being a pittinance – coyote chow.

    Perhaps we can figure out how to get coyote packs to pay for chow..just like We humans currently pay with our LIVES , for some shitty tech from shitty galactic classholes.

    • Yes, a Hispanic friend said that all different nationalities and races hate each other, South of the border. They are Racists and proud of it. He also spoke to a Guatamalan and it is a known and stated goal to send as many of their children to the USA as possible. ALL OF THEM, IF THEY CAN. Others are coming from other countries, too, as you know. So multiply 135,000 a month x 48 months plus children born to the adults in the next 4 years. That’s
      6.4 million minimally immigrating alone for 4 years. We also lost a dear Hispanic friend to Covid. He caught it from an illegal Mexican who crossed the border recently. All the hospitals in Southern California are full of illegals with Covid. This massive immigration distribution into our population is what is going to cause the next spike. They just want to use it to blame Americans and control us through further restrictions. I see the illegals don’t need a Covid passport to travel into or out of our country. One final thought: Sponsors. Sponsors are needed to house these children. You can have 5 to a house. Get paid $1,500 plus per child. If that isn’t a slap in every Foster Parent’s face I don’t know what is. There is Gold in their dam child-trafficking hills.

    • “Cartels are selling young kids for”

      ? all of that makes me extremely sad.. hard drives filled with evil whole groups of people and their evil ways..what’s wrong with these people.. using those sworn to serve and protect the innocents to legitimize and hide their evil deeds..

      I know its been listed as fake news.. yet the deeper you dig the uglier it gets.. and not by those reporting it but by the very ones supposedly involved.
      It all makes me sad…

  10. There are many reasons to be a nutter in the woods, but even then, you need good neighbors and to do your best to cultivate good relations. I am posting this article here for several reasons, one of which is how the alphabet agencies work. They overwhelm one particular guy or group as an example, to instill fear into the rest of us – forcing compliance.

    Unfortunately, in our day and age, maintaining legality has become unnecessary for the Feds. Everyone ought to bear this in mind. This team ran their op based on the building plans filed with the county and a fabricated complaint issued on the other side of the country by a psycho girlfriend – all proven false but only AFTER they had arrested the guy. They never even questioned him – just ran their op based on a snitch who had an axe to grind in her mind.

    You do NOT need enemies, and rather than confront and piss off people, you need to maintain an even strain.

    This guy decided NOT to die on the hill that the Feds picked for him – good decision IMHO. If you have an FFL, thinking that is an advantage, your thinking is wrong – instead you are already “on the list” at the ATF and DHS.

    The only way to keep anything secret is to not disclose it. The goes for girlfriends too, and relatives. The snitch culture is very alive with the entire Covid madness – snitches are even emboldened by this culture. This will continue until it gets bad enough that people start killing snitches.

    Perhaps most importantly, don’t date a psycho – not even for a little while – stay away from those types of people.

    Everyone should be expecting these types of events to increase – the only reason it did not make the national news is that there were no illegal firearms and no resistance to the overwhelming force they brought in – nobody died to give them a fear “event”, like Waco was.

    Make no mistake – the current anti 2A administration is ‘looking for’ their next big fear op to leverage their “gun conversation” with the lugenpresse…


    • ARM – Gatekeeper 12 gauge back in stock as of last night at 8:15pm – Score.

      This AM – Out of Stock..again

      They offer this ammo in .40, .45 and 12 gauge – if in stock.

      1 st saw them tested -via YouTube / Taofledermaus 6 months ago- infucingpressive expansion of slug on impact – looks like a beautiful flower, everytime.

    • Just one question, twice, mr Oilman ? ”

      “When they kick in Ure front door, how you gonna come?
      with hands on Ure head, or on the trigger of Ure gun?

      “…When the law breaks in, how you gonna go ?
      “shot down on the pavement or waiting on death row?


    • The current “admin”, whoever they are, have essentially shown that they intend to ramp up their hard line against the American people. The distraction of $1400 is only to buy them time while they get their control system in place. After that – good luck. Your owning anything is by their leave. Your freedom will be by their leave. Your life may even devolve to survival by their leave.

      I hate this, but it’s pretty obvious even to my untrained eyes. Markets for valuable non-registered items will be either shut down or tracked. Ration cards(electronic version) may appear. The goal of socialists has always been only two tiers – the “elite”, and the commoners. The latter will have very little, and being “elite” means being a member of “the club”. Regardless of competencies, you ain’t in it.

      The Soviet regime lasted for 70 years, far more than most of us can expect to survive even under the best of circumstances. They have no interest in our happiness – only in our fear and obedience. This didn’t start January 20, but it did ramp up enormously as of then. All political promises have been broken, but the foundation was laid in the last century, if not prior. There’s some sort of need for some people to aggregate power over others and manipulate them even with no tangible benefit. I recognize it, though I fail to feel it. Most decent people want to be left alone, and no regime seems to tolerate that. As much as I hate it, I do believe that we may soon have to live our lives constantly avoiding an iron fist.

  11. $2,800 arrived at bank on Saturday for entering account on 3/17. I wonder how much will become a payment to the US Treasury when next year’s IRS numbers are put into my TurboTax computation. By next April, how many NEW wetbacks will be in country getting Treasury checks into their hands. (I know that this is a terrible way to look at Slo Joe’s immigration position, but the truth is very much NOT in the WOKEN crowd’s vernacular.)

  12. Stimulus money deposited on Saturday afternoon. But as of this morning it has not been posted to my account.

  13. “Pilots Could Be Eligible for Up to $420K to Stay in Service, reports Air Force Magazine”

    Lol lol time to remind the nephew about his favorite uncles birthday wishes lol..lol

  14. George,
    Got my check today. My daughter with the last name starting with U got theirs today as well. I don’t think it is the government setting an alphabet disbursement. I this it is the banks deciding when they are issued. Hey a few extra days, is money in their pockets.
    Mike never changes, just like the other lefties who have Trump still living rent free in their tiny little minds. Every time Mike comments I can almost see little birds flying around his head, like in the old cartoons when someone got hit in the head. Only that seems to be his permanent state of mind.

  15. Working from Home (WFH), is far and away a net win for me. Family was home anyway so utilities are about same. Company provides laptop so they can manage it securely. We don’t do much video, that is just a silly waste of bandwidth, but I would gladly spend the money if we did. I do pay for 10G of wireless hotspot each month for a backup connection (small addition to family cell plan). I don’t spend all the transport money for the 90 mile round trip per day to the office. I don’t sit in the car for 2 hours per day as is typical for that travel through Atlanta. I don’t have to suffer through noisy and obnoxious co-workers. I don’t have to keep up as much office type wardrobe. Do I work as much? I maybe work a few percent more cause I don’t have end a session to travel. I changed jobs about 1 year ago, and one of my major requirements was to work from home. I have no issue traveling for meetings and such, but I will never again make daily travels again to a remote office. My skill set in my field allow this type of freedom, and if the company can also take advantage of this as well, it is a win/win, except those leasing office space.

  16. It’s so great to see everyone here sharing and rejoicing about our government handing back a small fraction of the money they have borrowed in our name.

    • Meh, it’s no different than listening to da kiddies rave about the thousands of dollars they get from the IRS every year.

      It’s like there’s a mental block in ALL OF THEM to where they can’t understand it was their money in the first place, and they “lent” it to the government interest-free for 1-12 months.

      My bank is not large, yet averages a half-mil profit per month on float, by holding depositor payments for just 2-3 days before posting. I would guess our gummint is pulling down tens of billions per month between SocSec and “assistance” float, and billions more from net-30s, all of which promptly disappears into a black hole, somewhere…

      • When I was getting paychecks, I claimed enough deductions to ensure that I’d owe the IRS a small amount of money at tax time instead of them taking more money than I’d owe in order to earn interest on it. I just had to make sure that the amount I owed wasn’t large enough for them to fine me. It’s legal to claim any number of deductions, so I don’t understand why more people don’t do this.

      • “it’s no different than listening to da kiddies rave about the thousands of dollars they get from the IRS every year.”

        The ole EIC tax credit… what is it 76 percent get it. Not counting daycare , rent,utility and Medicaid.
        Wasn’t it originally designed to put a stimulus into the economy and keep wage earners spending.


        My fear is its going to get interesting..

      • “I claimed enough deductions to ensure that I’d owe the IRS a small amount of money at tax time instead of them taking more money ”

        ME TO Tumbleweed…. I am poor enough that I cannot afford to have them come knocking on the door.. so I would rather pay a few bucks more and get a little back then to have them come and just take it.. for the VA the IRS is their collection agency and the banks don’t even argue with them.. if there isn’t enough funds in the bank the bank pays it anyway and the person with the account just pays the penalties. and overdraft fee’s..

    • “Each player is given $1500 divided as follows: 2 each of $500’s, $100’s and $50’s; 6 $20’s; 5 each of $10’s, $5’s and $1’s. All remaining money and other equipment go to the Bank.”

      -Monopoly game or Reset

  17. I just got a $2029 hospital bill for my colon resection. That’s my part of an $87k retail bill that insurance mostly paid. Guess where my stimulus money is going? “Dad! I need more money!”

  18. Current Status of the Apparatus – Ea/Earth

    Still under state of unwitting subjugation.

    A situation arisen from earlier (1940s) US administrations poor judgement and equally weak mental capacities.

    It was WAR (battle of LA), or give us what we want – in return we will give you some shiny worthless trinkets. President brainiac agreed to the deal and the rest is our miserable, deplorable, restricted, dumbed duwn history.

    Two different parties currently control/rule planet Earth and ALL her peoples.

    The top players(Leaders/Church/Media) all are controlled by the reptiles-all males, no females (2 races- enemies&coworkers here).

    Tall whites/nordic = violent/emotionless ,albino kingu’s masqerading as tall whites..hahahahaha
    very formidable physic abilities though.
    – non volunteers – get wiped when they R done with U.
    – volunteers (solar warden types) only get partially wiped..these guys get to have f-ed up dreams and flashbacks rest of their lives.

    Not a BEAST System – A Repto System – and they desperately dont want U to know.

    Can U guess what that Moderna “operating system” is really going to used for??

    aquino worked 4 bush sr – satanists el-ites, mikey trained brennan & obumma.
    Epsteine ran biggest BlackMail op EVER, for 25 years(ChristiansInAction).

    – island nextdoor = WORSE, see branson, another big time satanist. Like the Playboy mansion (ChristiansInAction) – why did they fill in all the tunnels with Cement?
    Cowinkydink ? Cosby owned homes directly across the street from both epstein&hefner.
    Who was the overseer in edin, the great satam ? a snake ? or a dragon/reptile

    • It is Criminals In Action. Don’t muck up the Christ spirit in the earth. The criminals are not Christian, obviously.

  19. “why hasn’t that Government for the People allowed people on a regular paycheck to write off at least the cost of home office supplies and fixtures?”

    Because if you are working for a company, you should be turning in an expense report and getting reimbursed.

    If you are self employed, it’s already deductible on Sch C.

    Sadly, unreimbursed employee expenses were removed as itemized deductions by the Trump tax overhaul. On the other hand, they did increase the standard deduction, so…..

    Oilman2: stay away from anyone named Tiffany….

  20. Well you know George, earlier eye was sitting at beach praying and meditating earlier with the Higher Powers in my Chrysler, aka taking councel in and of 300. Its the S model. And it seems they are on it job and taking this stuff seriously. Spare no expense is what I hear. I’m sure it will all work out.

    Still writing, hitting the gym now, speaking of accounting, off to do some book work later today, then visit an old I just ran into on my front porch from High School. How crazy is that?!!! I guess if your me. That is normal stuff. Hahahaha

    Tomorrow its the gym, dinner, movie, the waltz and a good stretch after.

    I been too busy be around commenting on ure site. I read it. I just dont have much to say, because I’m busy saying what I got to say at my place.

    You know where to find me. You got my digets. So does Frisco Mark and the Jersey Sparkey.

    All is well so I hear after my counseling appointment in the 300. So I hear.

    I had a couple people who didnt know how to find me. I am always available to chat on my site, doorfore.com

    Feed your head.

    See ya around old dudes and lady’s.
    *tips hat!

  21. Uhem, crush or flame. Hadn’t seen her in years! Its was sooo bizzar running into her.. shit I dont know 20 years later. Lol

    Time is cyclical.~ Repetitive cycles in Hystory proves poor stewardship. ~ springs to the mind.

    Time for something new, something blue and a some dew.

  22. the Washington Post never lies and their journalists are among the best and forthright, like the scribes from biblical times, no new thing under the sun.


    we be sorry Mr. President, we uns were just a little cornfused, we weren’t TRYING to rig the election, we were part of RIGGING the election . Like Yoda said, No try, do or not do
    the dems/rinos(a single party) are now in possession of a stolen election, our FBI and Justus dept are full of guilty parties, so they wont fix it, the supreme court refuses to hear, what is left? the only solution short of a full revolution by force(which none of us want) is for the military to step up and protect the US Constitution and arrest and try the traitors selling US out to Chyna.(Bang Bang Fang Fang, anybody?) When all 3 branches are corrupt, what is left? submission or rebellion? Humm, I am still hopful , some progress is being made in the states that were in the dominion vote flipping machines, election reform coming and the dems claim, RACISM, it is racist to have honest elections. Voter I.d. and vote in person is rasist and we need to keep counting votes after election day, cause we need to see how many FAKE ballots we need for the STEAL
    And OUR Capitol Blg is still surrounded by razor wire,3 months later, you know they are scared.
    “Panic in D.C.” is still playing in triplex theater, the movie ain’t over and popcorn is selling.
    this stolen election is turning US into a 3rd world country , FAST
    WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP back in office, NOW
    rigged elections, rigged economy, fake fake fake, silicone boobs, stupid fish eat rubber lures with hooks in them, a little stink bait on foam balls for bottom feeders, see the classifieds in the WaPo for an anonymous bait supply.
    the other brother Darrel.

  23. I’m sure you were there George, however in the Abstract. I noticed. That Max D won over all in Texas Monster Jam against Megalodon last month.

    Noting that The Avenger did beat Grave Digger in the semi finals when grave digger rolled over at the end. As you know The Avenget has an american flag paint job. Which is probably just a big decal.

    I saw it at Planet Fitness. Names of things and things being Names… so to speak.

    God is always talking. In world full of monsters? sometimes the fate of the world can be decided in something like Monstor Jam out in Huston, Texas.

    If this is any indicator of how was it that clif used to put it?? Oh yes! Yes! Yes! “The shape of things go come.”

    Good news!
    Looks likes Mad Max is back in play. Which as you know Megalodon dies in an real time ELE. Hell of a close race tho.

    When! *wipes sweat off of brow.

    Cue: ~Anarchy in the UK ~
    The Sex Pistols

    Infinitely NOW!

  24. “One of these days, China – holding over a trillion of our paper mache money in the form of bonds – is going to wake up and want something of greater value than “interest only.””

    Not as long as the status quo is maintained. Roughly 42¢ of every dollar we’ve borrowed from China (2018 numbers) in the form of bonds, is used to service the interest on that debt. Of top businesses, funds, and individuals, only George Soros, as a “kitchen table Obama advisor,” made that kind of consistent y-o-y return.

    Quickie assignment for the Class: What happens to the interest owed on our Debt to China (and to Japan FTM, since they hold only a few hundred billion less than the Chinese) if the Prime Rate goes up 1%?

  25. “Bolshevik bullshit always fails over time. Personal excellence and incentives always win.”

    The “Plan” is to remake the U.S. into a SWP (socialist workers’ paradise) and then “oneworld” the entire planet in our image. When we go down the Marxist drain, within a generation there will be no buffer against communism and no place for personal excellence or incentives to exist, anywhere in the world.

    Talk to any Bolshe/Leninist/Stalinist (etc.) and they will tell you that their form of socialism failed because of the United States. Talk to any (real) Nazi or fascist and they will tell you that their form of socialism failed because the United States destroyed it. Talk to any Maoist and (if it is an honest discussion) they will tell you they’re winning, and will overlord the remnants of the U.S.

    If mankind can crawl out of the communist hell in which it will soon willingly place itself, I believe it will take a thousand years to do so. I have often wondered if this is Biblical end-times prophesy, couched in terms that people could’ve understood, 2000 years ago…

  26. The nerve of these researchers. contradicting the MSM CCP narrative:


    Who could even a imagine a story like well-informed small business owners who have been systematically raped by a tax code that penalizes them while rewarding corporate brown shirts, raped again by Obamacare, and systematically looted by judges who serve corporate interests suddenly rising up in fury against the political gangs who have used quarantine lock downs as the last nail in the coffin of small business? That is not an approved spin.

    Will Congress move southern border fences to the Beltway perimeter, inundate middle America with violent criminals from foreign lands, and grab all those guns so that the small business owners can be exterminated by proxy? Oops, Congress is already mid-way through that operation, their final solution for the fly-overs.

    Not enough results to date? Break out the false flags. The Green shutdown of the Texas grid by windmill operators was wildly successful. Why not send all the fly-overs back to the stone age? It will serve as a cover for all the other Congressional final solutions. Bring in the Brazilian Covid P1 strain. Make them defenseless, lock them down, turn off the lights and water, and send in the leftist guerrillas. The empire strikes back. Oh wait, throw in some space aliens and lock down them churches again, too. Hit the fly-overs with everything you got. Make’em buy everything from foreign factories mail-ordered through coastal retailers. Starve them out, and promise them token checks which never show up to squelch resistance.

    And get those coastal left mouthpieces back on the blogs to spearhead the propaganda effort.

  27. “he Fed’s paralysis: If they raise rates, stocks will collapse”

    I think If they raise rates.. it all falls down..

    just look at what is going on…
    There still is thirty percent of the countries households facing eviction..
    ten percent on the unemployment
    another fifteen percent that have fallen off of the books.. ( I know two )
    then the rate of the Old-Fogies leaving the work force…
    We no longer build we buy and throw away.. we have become a consumer country.. need another burger and fries sir…
    families are paying in some places over a third or more of their money to daycare.. then you have the housing that is fifty or more percent than what they gross.. utilities and auto insurance.. for us.. the wife makes just shy twenty dollars a week.
    I think that is why one in two are on federal programs…

  28. In regards to the Post Office, as you might remember, I am a used truck dealer. Last week we received a check in the mail from a customer that was mailed Sept 27, 2020. 5+ months. We mail license plates to our customers and have had 4 customers complain they never received their plates in the last 3 months and we send them priority mail. Been in business 20 years and only had a couple of instances of this happening in all that time.

    • Speaking of which, Rick, what’s your “street level view” of things out your way? Savior Joe parting the local waters? Curing all that ails us? You know tons of small to medium business owners, after all. (And rock to put T post in if the photographic memory is still eidetifying…P;-)

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