Fed Bails the Rich (Again) – More Monday Woo-Woo

Here’s what half a century of news reporting (and management geeking) teaches pretty clearly.

When the first line of a press release begins:

“To support American businesses and households, the Federal Reserve Board on Sunday announced it will make available additional funding to eligible depository institutions to help assure banks have the ability to meet the needs of all their depositors….”

You know right there it has NOTHING to do with “American business and households”.  It has everything to do with Joe Biden’s collapsing economy, bailing out rich (did I mention irresponsible pricks) who over-leverage and then expect the gullible (OK, woke, too) dem-idiots to pick up the tab?

This is the “oil poured on water” that kept us expecting rich pricks to transfer their excess risk onto the working taxpayers and which might even lead to a few minutes of market rally today.

But wait!  Perhaps I’m being too jaded, cynical, and pissed, right?  Let’s see how the fairytale was told as it unraveled:

“This action will bolster the capacity of the banking system to safeguard deposits and ensure the ongoing provision of money and credit to the economy.

The Federal Reserve is prepared to address any liquidity pressures that may arise.

The additional funding will be made available through the creation of a new Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), offering loans of up to one year in length to banks, savings associations, credit unions, and other eligible depository institutions pledging U.S. Treasuries, agency debt and mortgage-backed securities, and other qualifying assets as collateral. These assets will be valued at par. The BTFP will be an additional source of liquidity against high-quality securities, eliminating an institution’s need to quickly sell those securities in times of stress.

With approval of the Treasury Secretary, the Department of the Treasury will make available up to $25 billion from the Exchange Stabilization Fund as a backstop for the BTF.”

To rephrase in a lot more honest language: (Besides Print! Print! Print!)

“Over-leveraged speculators are being bailed out because we can’t have blood on “our boy Biden’s economic hands” this close to his 2024 run.

“We’re going to pretend the system isn’t (*f**ked) and make up a loan program for the rich – backing it with already allocated public debt – and give it to the rich so they don’t have to suffer losses. You bend over.

“And when that blows up, we’ll take money from Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) at Treasury which was designed to be used ONLY when the whole system was about to hit the shitteree.

Don’t look now:  It is.

As of early (like 5:30 AM on this new God-awful made-up-time bullshit, a whole other pant load) the futures were down less than a hunsky by the Dow and only four and change on the S&P.  The rich kids playground (NASDAQ) was actually up a bit because the ransomware bank-jack (which is really what it smells like to us) has paid off.

And free money (yours and mine) is backing the plays of people who deserve to be in the poorhouse or in jail for rampant (often illegal) speculation.

Worse still, please notice that the people being bailed out here are very rich and many make (or have made) large political contributions. Cash, in-kind, and social manipulations.  Unicorn company types.  Who are big in liberal politics where a kind of “in advance payoff system” is employed (via “campaign contributions”) for just this sort of thing. Ask SBF how this works.

You own a piece of unicorns but you’re never going to make a dime on it, except as in previous bailouts, through flimflam accounting.

And with this, we enter Monday. Dandy.

(10-minutes later:) “Oh quick, look surprised, the Dow is only down 32 and the S&P went positive.  As we told Peoplenomics subscribers Saturday, writing of billionaire cheerleader Bill Ackman “…he’s likely in a good position to replay the life and times of Jesse H. Jones during the Great Depression.  Except, of course, there were no bank failures in Houston in the Depression and there already has been one in the Bay area…”


Oh, one final point: Papering over today’s mess over likely doesn’t mean that bank runs are over.  Like mass murders, there’s always more than one or two victims.

Now, the maraschino on top: Cue the Pinocchio Puppet: Biden will address the nation about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.  We’re thinking a short position just after the hysteria high…yeah, um…not advice- ever! Just for entertainment!

The Client Memo

Already out from my consigliere:

“Another Socialize the LOSSES OF THE RICH and make the Working People PAY!!

Remind me … just how many bankers were criminally charged for their shenanigans in the 2002 to 2008 timeframe?

How many went to jail? 

How many had to give up ANY money?

Corzine had it pegged …  IF you are rich you can get away with being INCOMPETENT and the Government will make up YOUR losses off of the backs of the working people!!  (or with Corzine … outright THEFT!)

A 25% haircut would have been fair (and in liquidation they might have gotten more eventually) … Make them WHOLE??!!   That is total BULLSHIT!!  They were reaching for YIELD … and KNEW IT!!”

I told him “Relax, my friend.  Crooks is as crooks does.  Go read the Saturday Peoplenomics report again:

“And so Monday, with positive divergences in the slowest of stochastics, we would call Monday as likely weak/down at the open but then with a good chance to reverse higher after a nosebleed decline to as low as Friday’s worst. Then a rally into the close Monday. “

:30 to the open Dow -325 on the futures now.  so there’s my nosebleed come to pass. Now let’s see if our indicators are right about rallying into the close.  The wolves don’t want to scare the sheep while sheering.

It’s no longer investing.  It’s surviving a visit to a crooked casino. Why are honest people moving to the deep woods?  Out here, we can have 30-acres and our own jackass.  In a city you get the national ones.

Canada’s Now Insane

We are putting a personal boycott on Canadian-made products, except for maple syrup and the Windsor built engines.  The reason?  Canadians have gone over a mental Niagra Falls in the report Canadian Catholic student arrested, charged after saying men, women are different: ‘Embarrassing’. Even if he can’t get a PhD in psychographic bullshit, he’s at least got the makings of a plumber who can tell and “inny from an outy.”  Verily, the kind of mental acuity TrueDope and his asylum legions haven’t been able to grasp.  (Maybe it’s the vitamin D deficiencies, being so far north and all.)

War Merchant Joe:  The adventure continues in the Southland today, where Joe Biden will announce for something like the third or fourth time in a week a defense deal to piss off China:  AUKUS: Biden to announce Australia submarine deal in San Diego.  Only an idiot would fail to recognize that China already has high persistence undersea drones and putting more money in the water is like opening a SVB account.  Risky, know what I’m saying?

NorK Tech:  North Korea Test-Fires Nuclear Cruise Missiles From Submarine | NTD. We would have thought they’d devote more to growing food than weapons, but paranoia’s a bitch. Maybe more food would help? Vitamin deficiency driving?

Middle East War Countdown:  We sort-of know in the next month (or even within 2 weeks) Israel will attack Iran. But off in the distance, Israel is changing away from democracy.  As evidenced in Smotrich met by hundreds of protesters in Washington, DC. The key quote in this is “American Jews are making it known that Smotrich and his far-right allies in the Knesset, who are corrupting Judaism to turn Israel into a fascist theocracy, do not speak for us,” Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of T’ruah said. ”  Fascist theocracies are a big business these days, or haven’t you noticed?  Ukraine and the NeoLiberals (Reformed Neocons) in our State Department who overthrew the elected UKR government there in 2014, was it?  Doubt it?  Your $6-billion, sport. What you should really know about Ukraine | MR Online is an older story, but the plot line is essentially unchanged.

Border Surge:  Ah.  Venezuelans, who can’t fix their own country, are trying to storm the TexMex border out at Jaurez presently.  Deets in Hundreds of migrants attempt to storm the US-Mexico border – Digital Journal.  We have a crackpot theory to share this morning:  Biden Policy Aides can’t handle concepts beginning with the letter “B.”  Borders, Banking, and Battlefields; know what we’re saying?

The Crypto Con Wobble

Did you happen to notice in the wake of SVB: Regulators Shutter Signature Bank After SVB Collapse – A Major Blow To Crypto? (bitcoinist.com).

Yes, the world’s biggest delusion since the South Sea Company Bubble (back in 1711) is definitely petering out. But the good news is we got 312-years between Delusional Collapses.  Humans learn, then forget.

BTC was back up to $22,218 when we looked.  P.T. Barnum (or whoever really said it) was right.  Sucker born every minute.  Apparently, they all have phones, too.

ATR: Monday Woo-Woo

We wait for Pinocchio Joe to rewhip the frenzy, we’ve been spending useful time sleeping.

Sunday morning, I had a really odd dream/remote view of what matched up to Beaufort, North Carolina.  And last night, there was some tremendous learning picked up in Bristol, Maine.  A little berg – 2,700 people, or so – and though it has been settled from the early 1600s and is very much a water-centered area, the scene in my dream/rv of the place had more to do with buildings in the area.  Looking very much like this painting.

The main takeaway from the dream was an expansion of what will be on Peoplenomics Wednesday.  A look at what kind of “curriculum before dying” humans might want to consider.

Here’s the takeout from this dream:  There are already FOUR major Domains of spirit’s existence.

  1. We have a Waking Reality existence.  Which presumably you intuitively grasp reading this.
  2. We have a Virtual Reality existence.  Sure, expanding into the meta, but already there in Second Life, Social Media, writing (*fiction that never really happened) and so on.
  3. Then we have Dream Existence.  Which I dive deep into in my book Psychocartography.
  4. And we suspect an Afterlife Existence.  Based on multiple report vectors:  Near-death experiences, Shakespeare in Hamlet (the perchance to dream part), and the religious figures “plug-and-plays” from all the major religions.

And so, the main thought for this fine Monday, which I seem compelled to share is simply this:

Since we already live in three spiritual domains (waking, virtual, dreaming), we should be able to grasp that a fourth state is likely, Afterlife, and we really should be able to do a much better job of preparing for it. What concepts cross domains?”

And so, a sequel to my book “Packing to Die” is writing itself.  Aided by both prophetic and remote viewing type dreams, assisted by essential oils, biphasic sleep, and a rich waking life.

Repacking to Die: Cross Domain Rules.

Which is likely to be serialized on the Peoplenomics subscriber side. Money-grubbing is only a small part of what we cover.  You’re in three domains of spiritual expression now, so why is one more so shocking and hard to grok?

There – all set for another mud wrestle of your consciousness out of an involuntary mixed media downgrade?

I see crypto just crossed a trillion in total valuation.  Wag the dog time.

Write when you get rich (or your wealth out of banks and into physicals)


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67 thoughts on “Fed Bails the Rich (Again) – More Monday Woo-Woo”

  1. Baling out ‘venture capitalists’ while framing student loan forgiveness as slippery Socialism. That’s a they-win/they-win.

    From the SVB website

    “SVB Capital offers a deeply interconnected investment platform providing limited partners with access to the most innovative companies and fund managers.”

    “SVB was founded to meet the needs of VCs, innovative companies, and the people behind both. ”

    What is a ‘venture capitalist’?

    “Venture capitalists take on the risk of financing risky start-ups in the hopes that some of the companies they support will become successful. Because startups face high uncertainty, VC investments have high rates of failure.”

      • Not really, if they can really count on bailouts for themselves!

        It’s not good for the rest of us though, unless you want an opportunity to sell a non-dollar investment.

    • To be fair here, these were not VC investments in SVB, but many valley startups that use/used SVB for their banking needs. So though I agree VC take risks on the companies they support. It is not the same thing to me as accepting risk on your investments to the companies you invest in using a bank that fails. Now certainly the VC might recommend to companies they invest, to use certain banking. I was reading that companies that keep a lot of cash for payrolls and such in a bank, have different insurance that they can buy to protect against higher maximum of loss during a bank failure. If you choose not to, that is poor planning to protect ones assets.

  2. Crazy Canadians ~ They (my neighbors) are boiling sap not a mile from my house here in New Hampshire so feel free to embargo/boycot the “Crazy Canadians” completely. We’re happy to ship gallons of New Hampshire made Maple Syrup dow to the Republic of Texas.

  3. “FOUR major Domains”

    Our meat-sack avatars can meet-up with Internet avatars in the Meta.

    Yesterday I commented on DMT (artificial) but was alluding to ayahuasca (natural).

    The question, is there a way that ‘we’ from this domain can separate independently and meet-up ‘together’ in another domain? Then of course have the ability to return to this domain.

    And if yes are these four domains sync’ed up in time or when crossed over can we mingle with the ‘wes’ from the past or future?

    • I think that is underpinning much of the mania over social media.
      Except, rather than “meet on the commons” people show up in social all full of themselves and bullshit and that’s why social’s recovery from self-induced mania could take a while.
      But the forum is useful whether on social media crankforms like FB or useful places like GLP

    • That’s interesting concept..or are the different realms connected..dejavu..how many times that I’ve gone into a place only to know where everything is..I had been there in the dream world..
      lately I ha e had people passing through my life..that have been in some of my lucid dreams..
      one young lady stopped..on her mission..from a foreign land.. I about fell over..the dreams I had of her She does a lot during a dark time if she does one tenth of what I dreamed she will be a positive force worthy of my admiration..another rehabilitation was when I met a gentleman in another state .. we were talking and his wife walked in.. I knew her name what she does in her work etc.. I had dreamed of her ..she was shocked and so was he..so if the dream world is connected Is it then a different dimension..
      is it a form of astral projection..

  4. Read a physics article that says we have two vectors in this reality–time and space–which have to add up to the speed of light. Seeing as though we are relatively motionless in space, it means we are traveling in time at the SOL. Still wrapping my head around that one but I did have a thought–when we die our time vector goes to zero, which means we travel at the speed of light when we die. Of course not sure if such physics apply in the beyond but I do think our consciousness settles into the present moment. Enlightenment is a process so this is a work in progress, lol.

    • “…., which means we travel at the speed of light when we die.”
      To what end? For what purpose? Where are we going at such a fast pace?

    • One can never reach the speed of light in this physical form of ours, for it would take an infinite amount of energy, i.e., all the energy in this universe and all the multiverses, to get to that speed. If you every ‘could’ travel at the speed of light, time, as known and experienced in our 4D existence, would cease to exist. There would be no past, no present, no future. It is (sorry for this) ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once!’

      Interesting conundrum: light is bent by heavy mass, and a black hole’s gravity is so strong it pulls the all of the space around it into the black hole, to include light. So an object pulled into a black hole would be moving faster than the speed of light, but ‘with’ space, not ‘thru’ space.

      Wormholes, anyone?

      • gravitons travel faster than the speed of light. harness that and space time will fold like a cheap 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

      • Yes., it has been proven, a couple of times, that on the event horizon of a Black Hole, that space/time is stretched and the speed of light is exceeded. I don’t think that there is a number large enough to properly explain the energy required to accomplish that phenomenon.

      • Cherenkov radiation is a form of energy that we can perceive as a blue glow emitted when the electrically charged particles that compose atoms (i.e. electrons and protons) are moving at speeds faster than that of light in a specific medium.Jul 28, 2022

      • Lol lol… time travels easy enough…
        when your out shopping and you see a gorgeous young woman.. shopping with a burly man with extra testosterone.. when she bends over..drop a penny into the crack..or just slip your hand in there..guaranteed.. when you open your eyes you’ll find its sometime in the future

  5. The Federal Reserve usually pushing until something breaks.., I think they may have broke something.
    Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs and a few others stated yesterday that Federal Reserve may halt future rate hikes due to the Silicon Valley Bank disaster. On Thursday, the digital demands to pull funds from SVB hit $500,000 a second. Showing that a bank run can go at warp speed in the digital world.

  6. While gold, silver and BC are marching up nicely this morning I have no doubt, with these captured markets, the bottom could fall out on the USD and the price of the PMs would still only blip up a measly 2 to 3 percent. For those who are nimble and can watch their investments BC is up 16+% at this time while the two PMs are only up single digits. Go figure. We’re far from the chaos to come so gather in your own hands what you can while you can.

      • funny you should mention that. I found a deck of playing cards that have gold 100 bills on one side. they look like the press stamps that make the 100 dollar bills. on the other side suits of normal playing cards, including the joker. they were scattered all over the floor of my new place to stay, where I lived a little over 2 years ago.

        the only one turned face up was King of Spades. which is notably a reference to King David. The Biblical King.

        along with that. someone wrote on the door, Jesus saves and when I went to make my bed i found the gold certificate that Wonka sent out. laying in it.

        hmmmmmmmm…. I don’t know what all that means. but there it is. maybe it is like my phone battery dying and finding the exact phone charger shortly later. must mean something. because it is. if it was not. it wouldn’t have value enough to present itself.

        wonder what all that means?

        I don’t say everything I see. but I did see that when after having a good rant about not being happy financially, and returning to live in a place I lived in a little over 2 years ago. being in a totally different place in life. growing much and much has changed in the last 2 years and participating in thoudsands of Miracles in the last 2 years, but being in the same house again. trips me out. I worked my ass off and ended up back where I started. for some reason beyond me.

        maybe the cards tell the future. idk. I will wait for it to come go me. it always does. the answer always comes. everything always works out.

        I asked the DUDE, and HE said, you are not wrong Andy.

        I said Show me the Way DUDE.

        Then I walked in and found all that stuff in my new room and took a nap and had that dream within a dream.

        so atleast DUDE understands. I never lie to THE DUDE. I’m honest with HIM. about how I feel and what I think.

        David killed Goliath like that song I posted about Timber, “the biggest they are the harder they fall.”

        and it is said, David was a man after God’s own heart. That is why God Chose Him.

        • Never mentally discard what serendipity brings you. It may be years ahead of its time but it’s still important. Little stepping stones laid out for you from the Other Side.

      • And a little way up from there VIII-15, The Mannish Woman, may need to be reconsidered given the questionable “men” this administration has put into power. They’ve certainly “vexed” everyone. I guess they don’t have anything to do with NATO, though.

  7. Perhaps, in the era of ZIRP QE TWIST money from the fed for banks, it was easy to borrow other peoples money for free, short BTC, and paper over the loss with that free money, suppressing price discovery.

    Wont be long know that we find price discovery in select commodities and cryptos with a use case.

    $10/gallon gasoline isn’t going to be fun, Wait for it.

    We are at $2T a week run rate on the Powell printer now.

    With the $30T debt ceiling behind us now. The $1.7T they got last month is already spent.


    Now Buy Den want $6.8T more spending.


    First slowly then all at once. this is just getting started, and now the Von Mises outcome of printing to infinity has begun.

    Got [select] blockchain? LOL not advice do your own homework.

    • MRI called the top in SVB on Weekly chart, just missed it on Daily MRI. BTC miners portfolio is rrrrrRocking it AM as well.

      The fire extinguisher analogy is in play – does govMint want use entire FDIC fund (125 billion fd)/ fire extinguisher on first lil “smoker” – knowing there is prolly moar sparks flying around all the dry ass kindling. Those Zero risk long term treasuries ..turns out they aint so risk free when rates be rising. Besides SVB money not gone – its in loans – recipient companies still viable, rest of $ invested in LT treasuries – govt can redeem at PAR..

      BTC – some time next week btc breaks overhead trend line (s), dont think it will break thru this week. My next candle breaks the $25k level – within 10 hrs – btc trades 24/7

      – BCN IS EXTREMELY BULLISH on Bitcoin by Wednesday – IF BTC is over $23K.
      Will be most bullish on bitcoin as I have in years – bbbbbbbBBBBUY!

      Yes BTC will be over $200k in next 2-3 years – dont care what Haters say, cause they are haters. Everyone so angry..dam that rap music.

      ..back to meditating on SEVEN/7 – colors of the RAINBOW – that oh so secret symbol. Ya know the one elites -el lite – false light ones have perverted/inverted…its bifrosty it is!

  8. “free money (yours and mine) is backing the plays of people who deserve to be in the poorhouse or in jail for rampant (often illegal) speculation.”

    I believe they buried that laptop and all the crimes on it and all the corrupt business models that they used in the pay to play govt. District of Corruotion.. now that may be why they can get away with it to..dc isn’t actually a part of the usa.. wasn’t it neutral . or are you thinking of different corrupt business.
    I remember the millionaire relief act of 1978..and the Reagan recession. the Deregulation of essential services and goods sending the middle class under the wheels of the bus..
    this time I fear it just won’t be a bus but the fall off of a cliff.. and since the middle class are already beat down.. they are after 29% of the top 30%.. sending the one percent to the moon and stars.. oh hey that’s all in Adolph second book..he predicted?? or did he have a plan for the rise of the fourth Reich..


  9. Re: Re-Play it again, Uncle Sam
    feat. Huckleberry Finn v2.023


    ‘Woke up this morning to the sounds of a dj reporting another poor soul od’d overnight in a local bus shack. He suggested listeners should visit their pharmacy and pick up a naxalone kit perchance they stumble over a citizen in need. Now I think I’d be more inclined to call emergency services rather than undertake sticking a needle in some meth head who could go postal in the blink of an eye.

    Let’s lighten the mood a bit with our DJ George wielding a sharp needle on the phonograph platter. Yes, it’s The Fab Four again. “I’m Only Sleeping”.

    Fellow Canadians were possibly honored to have witnessed a national network interview recently featuring the Hispanic head of US immigration services/DHS(?). He expressed sentiments that Canada should up the visa requirements on eastern Europeans and Brazilians who are walking over the US northern border. Meanwhile the season 15 “Simpsons” episode from 2004 has Homer pulling his hair out trying to return to America without a passport. He is counseled to arrive as an immigrant without id. No problem!

    The local newspaper has a new resident in the space formerly occupied by comic strip “Dilbert” who had his cubicle dismantled. Today please welcome “Crabgrass” whose Kansas City-headquartered distributor is described as “home to culturally significant works”. Their website is also offered in Español. The Black “Crabgrass” cartoonist grew up liking “Calvin & Hobbes” except there were no Black characters on it. “Crabgrass” is a throwback to the ’80’s about the antics of two friends, one Black and one White, growing up together.

    Time to rejoin gardener Mr. Ure getting set to mow the lawn that’s sprouting faster than a Fed printing press.

      • I don’t know about that. that fella that worked at Enron, then Lehman, then SVB, sure sold millions of his stocks in the bank and hand bonuses before the bank went tits up, that dude is flash fast.

        • and then got the Fed and the treasuery to save day.

          you know what all this reminds me of George.


          all this SVB reminds me of 9/11.

          ohhhhh shit some airplanes just hit the twin towers.

          mean while in the background building 7 does a demo job. but nobody is paying attention to building 7. everyone is tripping on the Airplanes and the twin towers.

          svb and signature bank is the twin towers. everyone is focused on them right now.

          what is the equivalent of building 7?

          that is the big question.

        • You grasshopper are one smart oreo
          OOps – jeeze here come the wokees. You are a smart animal cracker then?

          Please list your preferred procrackers.

        • you remember that old book, “confessions of an economic hit man.”

          the CEO at SVB was at Lehman Brothers when it collapsed. And prior to that he was at Enron.

          he sold millions in stocks of SVB and handed out bonuses a few days prior to announcing SVB collapse.

          he is your economic hitman.

          follow the money. that is what you used to say George.

        • the big questions are, who is the scapegoat like bin laden was. and where and what is the elephant in the room?

          what is this all distracting us from?

          because it sure feels like the same thing as 9/11. call it a hunch.

          perhaps the cards I found in a pile on my floor with backing on them looking like 100 print stamps to make 100 bills and the one card face up, King of Spades a reference to King David from the Bible is a clue.

          not sure.

          maybe it’s my financial freedom read?

          I don’t know. but I’m not the biggest egg head here on urbansurvival and I figured who the economic hitman was in under 20 minutes.

          because I listened when you said follow the money.

        • yes it did occur to me that I said I need a. Jewish accountant for an angel and then I found today a fella named Mish who also pieced it together about the selling of tons of stocks and handing out bonuses and also being at Lehman and the accounting firm for Enron. Mish being a Hebrew origin name.

          po animal crackers?

          I will take that wild horse. the mustang

          thanks so much. always a pleasure.

      • Pinoccchio’s (or Faux News’ lies) ‘double speaking’ 2 lawsuits: Smartmatic will cost him $2.7 billion, in addition to the $1.6 billion Dominion lawsuit:

        Murdoch’s last UK newspaper also went down due to toxicity:

        Sued before for toxic behavior:

        • https://web.media.mit.edu/~a_hashmi/portfolio/audience_report_cnn_ali_hashmi_medill.pdf

          Hmm.. the households that watch CNN.. or use to.. were in my position in society.. I to was a faithful cnn viewer what news they covered covered my economic situation… and cnbc etc.. I made the switch during the Trump administration.. you couldn’t turn on the channel without hearing the trump-hate chants…and the news had changed from reporting honest news that affected our economic position in society to news that had absolutely no importance to my economic position.. the ones that were making the change and started reporting on the things that was affecting my household ended up to be FOX news.. before that I never tuned into fox. I seen them as so radically Right wing that I went out of my way to avoid their channel at all..mostly.. because fox only reported stuff that was positioned for those in the top tier of society that had no affects on my position of society…. Now a good friend of mines kid still works there are as a news reporter at cnn.. ( yes we don’t discuss the content of the news.. because I question him all the time on why they don’t add the real news) and lately he has had fears that he will be replaced because of the loss of viewership because of their political position and not reporting the news that they see as important…. seems that since all they can do is keep repeating over and over hate speech without providing coverage to what the vast majority of their viewer demographics see as vital news that involves them.. the economic situation is hitting them first you can truly say oh I see how and am doing everything to butter your buns but.. if your bunns aren’t made of wheat flour and they are just trying to slip you the HBMM shaft instead you start to get worried.. the ones at the top won’t view or see this change that is now affecting those in my demographics until it is so far over the tipping point that it will be the sudden fall..
          You can have some idiot up telling everyone how wonderful they have it and how your doing such a great job.. but if your living the nightmare and see the totally opposite you begin to move on over to the ones that are telling you what you see in real life.
          I was a die hard Democrat.. ( well not as die hard as you are presently..) the message has to be the view… if what your seeing is brown twenty five coming down the hill.. you have to report on the velocity of brown twenty five headed your way..
          now FOX swayed their position.. they are now not just reporting on the radical Right and are positioning their news coverage to serious issues of the brown twenty five that the democrats keep telling you is so good for them..

    • I miss Dilbert. The website has been folded, too. Now a Douglas Adams pay portal. I guess he lost most of his income being ‘cancelled’.

      • Adams’ portal @ locals.com can be accessed for free (at least for the moment). You do have to set up a login. They will ask you for identity info, but much of it you can just ignore.

      • I’m sure he’s pretty well set after this many years with his cartoon strip – and I wouldn’t say he’s totally out yet. The pendulum does appear to be swinging.

        • I’ve been to Garfield’s house.

          I don’t even remember what I bought, that took me there. I had always thought a “cartoonist” was a guy or gal who spent their days bent over a drawing board. Jim Davis had (what would be today) a million dollar house on a ~60 acre farm in Indiana, a glass wall open to nature, with the room behind, filled with drawing boards and staffed by cartoon artists. He is an accomplished French chef, and the staff who gave me the tour told me that, often as not, he’d be in the kitchen while the artists did their thing. I gathered they ate very well.

          The year I was there, which was nearly 20 years ago, Garfield pulled $440mln (which also surprised the hell out of me). I had no idea cartoonists made that kind of money.

          I suspect Mr. Adams hasn’t drawn a Dogbert in many years because he needed the money.

          BTW, Jim Davis moved, a few years after my visit. To where, I know not, but it saddened me because his staff welcomed me, essentially an Internet trash-picker at that time, like I was family, and that’s something I’ve rarely seen…

    • one dimensional biden haters, trump signed the bill gutting dodd-frank, giving the small and medium sized banks freedom from oversight (banks were his buddies, rich folks also got big tax cuts from trump):

      republicans only help the rich, never help out the workingman:

      trump also left us with polarization, whites becoming afraid of being a minority:

      back to ure regularly scheduled programming, hate joe biden and stay in your echo chamber fed by fox news propaganda…

      • From where I sit.. way back in the late seventies.. a trend started.. to destroy the middle class.. today you basically have two groups.. the haves and the have nots.. easy credit and borrowing money is what has kept this country going.. the more you charge the have nots beyond what they make cuts have to be made.. you have to have it to spend it.. similar to delivering pizza’s.. the worst neighborhood to deliver to.. is the wealthiest neighborhood.. they don’t spend the money.. the wanna be wealthys live with the illusion of wealth.. its all on paper.. just like the study done by a college.. I for some reason keep thinking stanford but totally think it was harvard.. where they put a kid out with dollar bills on a plackard.. take one if you need one leave one if you don’t.. in the poorer neighborhoods.. there were more that left one.. and they would take only one if they needed one.. in the wealthier neighborhoods.. one person cleared the board and it was a constant through out the day..
        basic services were cut.. on the most essential items of living.. during the early eighties.. many of the basic services were cut and only offered to the top ten percent of most companies and those at the service levels were left to carry the costs.. health insurance and medications are one of the primary.. you will go broke with health insurance and only the good policies are offered to the wealthiest ten percent.. and govt workers that have the golden goose policies and retirement funds.. the average does not have it..
        for over forty years the system has played the pay to play and dumbed down our youth.. given to the wealthiest of the society. then.. enter in over fifty million illegals of whom the vast majority are getting social programs designed for the poorest of the tax paying citizens.. handing over hundreds of billions of dollars to countries that are not even associated to the USA except in their questionable business ventures for the wealthiest of those around.
        I just canceled our siriusxm account .. because the price has gone beyond the cost of living.. they can give as much as they want to those at the very top.. it isn’t those at the very top that support the country.. it is the workers that spend money, use services.. and rely on employers to have their backs.. unfortunately they have sent it all over seas.. industrial cities look like war torn societies.. NOW.. if the administration had actually intended to rebuild our infrastructure.. and jobs and the money that was created out of nothing had actually gone towards the US citizens.. if they had made affordable health care and reinstated parameters to the essentials .. then Maybe we would have had a chance to turn the tables of what we see headed our way.. M ake A merica G reat A gain.. MAGA.. unfortunately that is not what any of our past or present administrations had in mind.. it was M ake T her W ealthy W ealthier.. instead..
        enjoy the ride down.. since I have first hand experienced the death spiral of the financial world a few times I can tell you it is an ugly journey.. and with all the printing and neglection of the USA and its national security within its borders.. by throwing money someplace else instead of working on infrastructure and jobs.. pride in being an american.. we have now place to go but through the journey of the devine comedy.. you can have as many cartoon coins or a paper with all the numbers in the world.. in the end it is the poorest of the workers and insures the wealth of those .. what was it plato said.. basically is said.. the destruction of a civilization is the greed and corruption of the leaders and the acceptance of those that they lead of their actions..
        “Gradual disintegration, not sudden catastrophic collapse, is the way civilizations end.” Greer estimates that it takes, on average, about 250 years for civilizations to decline and fall, and he finds no reason why modern civilization shouldn’t follow this “usual timeline.”
        When the environment is over-exploited and impoverished, life-sustaining natural resources that people and societies depend on are less abundant. The eventual strain leads to either widespread chaos or mass migration as people leave in search of resources. Either way, societal collapse is almost certain.
        Wealth inequality. American income inequality is growing, too. …
        Debt. …
        Economic Instability. …
        Homeownership in Crisis. …
        Crony Corporate Politics. …
        Environmental Instability. …
        The Vampire Economy. …
        Mass Hysteria.
        You don’t need to believe any of that at all if you don’t want to.. it is how it is.. when corruption and greed are the most prevelant methods of any govt.. print up as many trillions of numbers as they want.. the velocity of money is what keeps the noodle moving on the table.. and shoving it in a pocket stops its movement.. of course that is just my opinion.. but when I delivered pizza’s and took the wealthiest neighborhoods to be my prime area.. I couldn’t put gas in the car.. no income.. when I told the boss I had to put my notice in.. everyone started laughing.. there was a reason they bribe people to deliver to those neighborhoods.. and it isn’t because of their generosity.. of course there are a few but not the majority .. most of the paper tigers don’t even have furniture.. they stage their homes.. so they don’t have to spend the money just to maintain the image they want others to see…. that is why the used caddy or bentley is the cheapest car on the lot to.. a used caddy or mercedes.. is not the image you want to portray.. and the wage earner cannot afford to maintain them.. so they target young women and poorer families..

  10. Just last week, markets were bracing for the Fed to speed up rate hikes., half a point to 3/4 of point rise was ‘expected’. “The world changed” with Silicon Valley Bank’s failure. And the stock market is loving the idea/rumor that The Fed will pause raising rates to help stabilize the banks and bond markets.
    – This could be a very classical – “Buy the rumor – Sell the fact” scenario. And with a couple – “We have billions to hand out to all our banking buddies, programs.”., The Federal Reserve may see this in a whole different light. 3/4 of basis point rise may be off the table., but inflation is still a killer., so 1/2 point may still be possible., and that would bitch-slap the markets.
    – I, for one, do not believe that the collapse of SVB will have an impact on ‘The Fed’ policy.

  11. “There are already FOUR major Domains of spirit’s existence… We have a Waking Reality existence… We have a Virtual Reality existence… we have Dream Existence… And we suspect an Afterlife Existence.”

    And all four of these Experiences are branches off one singular magnificent tree… the Tree of (Your) Consciousness.

    The great Max Planck identified the Secret Sauce of Existence : “I regard consciousness as fundamental…. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

    Sort of like the various manifestations of Water. Water is experienced in different ways… but it’s still Water.

    Death is the big Question Mark that hangs over all our heads like a giant cartoon anvil following us everywhere we go. Some of us choose not to even look up there over our heads because it seems too unsettling. Others spend a lifetime trying to form and grasp a Picture of Life that fits Death into it’s puzzle piece as a necessary State of Being and Experience when one has been released from all Earthly limitations and pains and frustrations.

    Yes, you just can’t passed Consciousness. For this is our one and only true Home. It is our one and only True Identity. It is the Thing that allows us to exist and to experience a State of Being Alive.

    It is the Thing that all of us share… even those of us who prefer to spend a lifetime defining themselves as a skin color or sex act performer type or down in the rathole of party politics.

    But as has been said… you can ignore Reality if you want to. But you can’t ignore the consequences that Reality has for you.

    Clever, this Consciousness thing…

  12. Take a breath and relax — All is well.

    To paraphrase Howard Ruff (from How to Prosper…) “The FDIC guarantees bank deposits up to $40,000, however, it is its custom to guarantee (and pay, if necessary) every cent of deposits of a failed bank, regardless the amount of money each depositor has in that bank.”

    I’m relatively sure Creepy Joe will have no case of conscience in printing an extra few hundred billion…

  13. Re: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”
    feat: Couple UNited


    I’m late to the Oscar parties celebrating with blue ribbons. The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has advised that wearing the blue ‘WithRefugees’ ribbons “sends a powerful visual message that everyone has the right to seek safety, whoever, wherever, whenever they are”.

    …And now let’s announce that the first South Asian best actress Oscars winner is the goodwill ambassador to the UN Development Programme, Ms. Michelle Yeoh! Partner and spouse Mr. Todt likely shares with celebratory non-alcoholic champagne from his vantage point as UN Special Envoy for Road Safety. Mr. Todt recently stepped down from the presidency of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile being replaced by 14 time FIA Middle East Rally Champion Mr. Mohammed Ben Sulayem of the UAE, owner of 4 Ferraris, 3 Porsches 3 Bugattis and 2 Fords.

    Beat the laundry day tides and catch a friendly wave from DJ George. Here’s a recent remake of “I’m Blue” now appearing as “I’m Good” by David Guetta feat. Bebe Rexha. Rest assured official video bikini-clad nymphs partying aboard yachts in tropical seas have been removed along with eff-bombs from this family-friendly romp at the theatre. Bring balloons.


  14. Folks,

    Despite Tom Cruise taking a pass on the Oscars yesterday, top gun Mr. Biden stopped off at San Diego bearing good news. The three amigoes talked submarines with USS-Charlotte tied up alongside. The BBC posted complimentary pictures of PM Sunak, and recognized that today’s UK military spending announcement included a £20 million earmark to help the Corporation spread His Majesty’s good news to the wider world for two more years in 42 languages. While the Beeb noted that Irishman Mr. Biden had been invited to Northern Ireland, they omitted mention of his promise to also visit the Republic of Ireland (eyeroll). One imagines that Mr. Sunak doesn’t want to be welcomed back to the UK by rioting protestant members of The Loyal Orange Institution after such a diplomatic slap in the face from the catholic colonial.

    Speaking of Oscar appearances, did Mr. Zelensky not get an invite from the Academy? As sentiments lean towards a fall of Bakhmut and Western engagement, “Forbes” contacted academic expertise from an ivory tower. Apparently Mr. Z., the Ukrainian television voice of Paddington Bear, gave 563 speeches in the year following the invasion, and the hot words used were different with domestic versus international audiences. If interest wanes further, maybe Fleet Street can investigate whether the presidential abode on Baker Street opposite the Sherlock Holmes Museum is being readied for occupancy.

    • Oh, stay tuned for tonight’s dnc fundraiser tally in Rancho SantaFe. Hopefully the presidential remarks are well received by a friendly crowd.

    • “Apparently Mr. Z., the Ukrainian television voice of Paddington Bear, gave 563 speeches in the year following the invasion, and the hot words used were different with domestic versus international audiences.”

      Yeah, I noticed that several years ago. UKR publishes its “official” government news website in English (as well as other languages). By using Google Translate on the Ukrainian version of the page, one can see the differences in the PR that’s fed to the domestic audience and the utter horseshit that’s fed to we foreigners…

  15. All I know is another dimension exists and our soul/spirit/being, etc. enters this realm upon death. There is nothing to fear when you die, you still exist with the same personality you now have.
    At least that was my experience in my NDE.
    Some who’ve researched reincarnation believe Reptilian aliens control the process of recycling souls. Farsight.org is involved in this and they have also developed a format for capturing photos and video of ufos using infrared bandwidths. Search for their trailers on U-tube.

    • This is one of the common themes that keeps coming through in all the NDE accounts I see on YT. They all seem to be coalescing into a much more solid story line but discerning which ones are true and which ones are pure fabrication is difficult. The most difficult thing to accept, though, is finding out the worst of the worst that have trod this Earth plane may wind up being there with you.

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