A Bit of Sunday Woo-Woo School

As you may have guessed, I got up super early Sunday because I forgot that this was “daylight time weekend.”

After writing up the outdoor/yardwork and gardening adventures of Saturday, I decided it might be a good idea to “re-synch with the time change.”

After a high protein breakfast (two egg tomato and cheese omelet and a few bites of leftover steak), it was back to bed around 6:45 AM.  I slept for a couple of hours.

A “Transported” Dream

Since I’ve done a lot of “dream work” and have even written a book on topic, it only took a short time for me to acclimate to the surroundings.

I was with a female personality, similar to (but not the same, as Elaine.  And we were in a smallish town.  Touristy type place and wandering around.

After a while, it rose in awareness in the dream that it was time to get to the Ferry Terminal.  Because we were planning to go to an island to see friends.

When we got there, the terminal layout was confusing.  We’ve both been through the ferry terminal in Seattle many times and this definitely wasn’t it.  We’d left the car parked outside the terminal and we had roll around luggage for our planned overnight stay.

After dealing with crowds, meeting and talking to several similarly lost families, we were finally ready to board.  But something was wrong.  I asked a friendly fellow in his fifties (Black, well dressed, and obviously professional) why the delay?

“Oh,” he explained, “You booked on the ferry that does the sunset wild horses cruise among the islands.  We’ll be getting underway soon.  And they have a few big floodlights so you can still see the wildlife when it gets really dark.”

Which was all cool, and eventually we got underway, after an interesting discussion about our roll around gear, which for some reason had small cages inside it….

I awoke and thought it was a highly improbable dream.  Although it has aspects of the Seattle ferry complex on the Seattle side, the town we were in was much too small.

So, I hit the internet and Googled “wild horses sunset cruise ferry” not expecting anything in return.  It was just too damn improbable.  Wild horses, sunset cruises?  Ferry boats, for crying out loud?

Yet there stood the results.  Top one?

Sunset Dolphin & Wild Horse Cruise | Island Express Ferry Service LLC (islandexpressferryservices.com).

So, let’s step back a bit:

  • Ferry boat association?  Check.
  • Wild horses association?  Check.
  • Sunset cruise timing?  Check.

Then there was the city size.  I had the vision of this being a smaller tourist oriented place.  And by God, Beaufort North Carolina fills the bill there, too:

“Population: (2020) 4,464 people”

Is it touristy?   You bet.  With a history dating back to 1713, tourism is a huge focus of Beaufort Day Trips – South Carolina Lowcountry.  Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a place as the “Lowcountry” (or wild horses and islands, for that matter).

Which was enough “coincidence” to prompt me to share a few points.


The first one, for me, is that my “hot period” for prophetic and projecting dreams comes after I have gotten up, done a couple of hours of work, then had a light (not overeating) meal and gone back to bed.  For me, this is my “prime time for cool dreams/future-seeing.

The second one is remote viewing type dreams (as this one was of that genre) are often “hung on archetypes” that involve a certain lifelong association with the dream/viewer’s youth.

In this case, again, it was a “water-based adventure.”  As was the lookahead dream before the Deepwater Horizon pre-vision, and even the one several years back where a small harbor on the Great Lakes (with a ferry boat and a touristy port involved) was key to seeing previous damage to a sailboat my consigliere was considering purchasing.

Each of these cases seemed to use the personal “hot archetype” level of my childhood adventures at the downtown Seattle Ferry Terminal, having fish and chips at Ivars and the pilings at the fire station next door where the two fireboats (Alki and Duwamish) were tied up and gently moving on their moorings.  Ye Olde Curiosity Shop was still on the water side, though it moved a few times.

So how much of later “seeing” in life is based on what we have as non-home location memories as children is a whole interesting topic.  Another note to Chris McCleary who runs the NationalDreamCenter.com site (that I first created in 2008) is in the offing.  We’ve already exchanged emails this week because of the topic — Knowledge collection for a more powerful and interesting afterlife when we die – which is coming Wednesday on the Peoplenomics side.

Last takeaway:  When you do serious dream work, even if a dream doesn’t make sense and seems to have too many “personal locators traceable back to your life” consider and research the essences. In this case, the wild horses, sunset cruise, ferry boat.  That’s where the “seeing beyond life” takes place.  Learning to look at the edges of the dreams and the backgrounds and settings.

Sometimes these can be clearly precognitive.  Yet, other times (so far) it’s just incredibly informational. Pointing in this case to a whole area which I had no previous inkling of.

Being Sunday, day of rest, reflection, and regeneration, also a dandy day for a snooze.  Which can be surprisingly informative and educational given leash to run.

Write when you wake up (not woke),


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7 thoughts on “A Bit of Sunday Woo-Woo School”

  1. Ure sure you werent dreaming the right coast (East) ?

    Harpers Ferry – my good man – general “Stoned” Jackson besieged the town and resulted in largest surrender of Murhican troops in US history.

    Get this Tex – da ferry goes to Chincoteague Island – Yo know play Misty 4 me…PONIES! One of RGE’s fav family vaca spots when my lil “crumbsnatchers” were still snatching crumbs. Wildlife galore, excellent flounder fishing, oysters that will make ya smack your wifes ass and exclaim “damm thats sweet!”, lost count of all Fried Seafood Dinners I have ordered, taken down and enjoyed immensely. Weird cowinkydink bout the place was locals like to Vaca in Lancaster County Amish Country and vice versa..always struck me as lil strange.
    Anyways if Ure into MR Ducks, CM Wings…well I’ll be, area is duck hunting heavenly, with a nifty fun for all Duck Festival in Easton, MD every summer..Eastern Shore Kemmosabe, its magical.

    • Stay with the plot line: No refs to speak of on wild horses, ferryboat sunset cruises and things.
      Gotta turn down the internal noise and just watch the data stream by

  2. I hate being the wet blanket, but y’all DO realize Beaufort’s bay is 14 miles up the coast from the Marine Air Base at Camp Carteret and 26 miles up from Camp LeJeune, right?

    Not that anyone would remember, but a couple months back I projected the ideal point at which to detonate a Russian Poseidon “continent killer” to take out our entire East Coast would be half-way between Bermuda and the East Coast. Beaufort and Smyrna are the first towns the tsunami would hit…

  3. Speaking of best way to invoke dreaming I too think short sleep, up a couple of hours then sleep is a prescription for dreaming. Then I thought there’s others too. They call it “Uberman Sleep Cycle” but never made a connection.. Maybe you could change your sleeping strategy all together. Maybe we all should. Hits of DMT between power naps. But you never know.


    “Instead of getting eight hours of sleep every night, he napped fifteen minutes every four hours, for a total of one and a half hours of sleep every day. ”

    “Inventor Thomas Edison, who said that his mind was flooded with images when he was half-awake;”

    da Vinci:

    “”One of his secrets, or so it has been claimed, was a unique sleep formula: he would sleep 15 minutes out of every four hours, for a daily total of only 1.5 hours of sleep.””


    “Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla never slept for more than 2 hours a day. Much like Da Vinci, Tesla followed the Uberman Sleep Cycle, and claimed to have never slept more than 2 hours a day. He once reportedly worked for 84 hours straight in a lab without any rest.”

  4. I had a dream today. I actually remember it. I hardly ever remember my dreams.

    I was working security at a church. there was a guy I knew after this girl in the church. I saw him sneak in. so I went in to protect her. as I got close to her, I got hit with a wave of the spirit and it took us both down and as we hit the floor she looked at me and said wow! The Holy Spirit is strong with you. then I passed out in my dream and had another dream and woke up in another dream. I’ve never had a dream within a dream. I didn’t even know that was a thing. in my dream after we both passed out in the church, then z
    she was saying Andy Andy! are we going for a walk. you had something impprtant to tell me
    i said sorry i was having a day dream. i was on the beach of Lahaina, Maui at a surf shop with her. I owned the place and we sold skateboards, t-shirts, surfboards and lots of trinket souvenirs. we walked down the board walk and went over to that super super old tree.
    the banyan tree! that was what k
    it was called. had to look it up. havent been there in years. it was really nice and I knew i was in a dream within a dream. I got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. it’s was like watching myself do this but doing it at the same time. I said would you marry me. she said smiled and said yes! and I said and stay here forever and sell souvenirs and surf boards for the rest of our lives. she said I’d love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life here doing what we are doing in our little shop on the beach with its apartment above it. I love you so much. I got up and kissed her. and as I kissed her, boom I woke up back in the other dream. in the church with her where I was working security and we were at the front and it was a small wedding. as we turned to go down the isle I realized I had left one dream into another and was back in the first dream again. we walked outside and got in a white Mustang with blue racing stipes. a gt350. same car id been in before. I started it up, she grabbed my hand and as I was driving off, the ford dealership in palm desert California where I had Sat in that car almost 3 years ago opened the doors and I was driving it off the show room floor. I looked over at her and said wow, didn’t we just walk out a church? how did we get in a car dealership in Palm Desert California? she laughed and said, we also own a little surf shop on the beach in lahina and have a little 2 bedroom apartment above it. and our dog max. then a i looked in the rearview morror of the car and there was bulldog in the back seat wearing a red bow tie like mine from the weding. she said, don’t you remember. I said yes, the other dream and she laughed and said yes yes! its all connected.

    i said wow! this is cool. she laughed and said i told you honey, The Holy Spirit is strong with you!

    then I sat up in my bed and thought whooooaa I don’t ever remember my dreams and i just had a dream within a dream and that dream was connected to tye other dream. cool.

    I think that me returning to this house after living Here almost 2 years ago is actually a good thing. I did one big 2 year circle. or cycle. I been reflecting and i realize, I’m not the same person I was when I started from here 2 years ago. I’ve done alot, seen alot, passed alot of tests, helped sooo many people. made a big difference in a lot lot lot lot of people’s lives. I can remember them all. one dude when I first moved here I helped, he was homeless. returned him to his mother. another I met who was broken bad, on his death bed. helped him. and now he is married, has a wonderful career, lovely wife, good car and owns a condo. that is only 2 people. it’s an entirely different world since I was here 2 years ago. many things have changed. alot of the stuff I do, I don’t share with anyone. I keep it between me and DUDE. DUDE knows. that is good enough for me.

    last time I was here I was writing on doorfore and recording podcasts in my car on its stereo because it was better than just doing them on my phone. LOL

    I’ve wanted to do that again. I have access to a full recording studio. just lacked the funds to do it again. so it keeps getting pushed off. it was fun. but it doesn’t Pay much. but it was fun. telling stories and doing podcasts.

    sorry about the rant earlier. I’m not perfect. I have my moments of oh my f gawd! what the actual F????!!! I’m human. it’s Part of the gig. lol I just don’t have those moments very often at all. most of the time I’m just grateful. truly blessed and highly fortunate all the time. all the time.

    huh. one big 2 year cycle. someone wize close to me said, “that the entire 2 years was a crop cycle. and look how much has grown. not just in you. but in others.”

    I like that point of view. very much so.

    hopefully I plant better crops this next cycle. I’ve learned alot since I started the last cycle

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