Eyes on the Fed, Trouble in Retailing

We have a very interesting mix this morning, as we look both at what the charts seem to be telling us and what that says for the future when we toss in some recent developments in retailing.

This may be one of those periods when, if someone pays attention, the market is telling us things.  The art of it all is learning to listen…

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11 thoughts on “Eyes on the Fed, Trouble in Retailing”

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  2. Sell Rosh Hasanah, Buy Yom Kippur is the new saying and a great way to avoid Sept/Oct market declines. Though I am inclined to BUY,Buy,Buy, these be dicey times at best. So will err on the side of caution and hedge with December SPY puts and GLD calls. Close to delta neutral as possible, that way up or down big, and this should be profitable.Hey George, where the hell is all the inflation we were promised with QE Infinity? Inquiring minds(less) want to know.

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