Extreme Risk Periods

At times like this – and the extremely dangerous period from next week through June – managing risk will be of paramount importance.

The U.S. economy looks good on paper.  But as many have reported recently, it’s actually too good when labor participation doesn’t seem to add up.

Toss in holding Social Security and Medicare hostage during budget talks and not one but up to five wars – any of which could draw in global powers – and we see why living 100+ miles from any large city is the finest stress reliever there is.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but is everyone in cities crazy these days?

Main thing this morning is “chart whispering” because now and again, the stock market has a Jeane Dixon-like ability to tell us when and how trouble’s a-coming.

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75 thoughts on “Extreme Risk Periods”

    • How far can a ham connect? I have regularly talked to my global antipode, which for me happens to be South Africa. If I can do that, I can talk anywhere in the world. And for me, I have also talked to outer space… two confirmed contacts with the International Space Station. It’s not about distance… it’s about finding rare locations that have never, or rarely been ‘radio activated’. It takes two to make a ‘contact’… one on each end. Many hams are ‘Rare DX” hounds.

  1. Speaking of trouble, you might have heard about the train derailment in Ohio.

    People in Ohio were told … “Norfolk Southern and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will work together in the cleanup of the spill, which is expected to take years to complete. However, authorities have deemed air and water samples safe as of Tuesday, despite lingering concerns by others.” … as you’ll see here …


    However, on the West Virginia side …


    Sick people in the surrounding area, as far as 40 miles away are speaking up. I live down river … how nice. :(

    Guess Gov. DeWine will denie now, deal with it later.

    • I suggest not holding it against DeWine. Like any exec, his actions are only going to be as good as his information.

      I also suggest you grab a couple large food-grade containers and make the pilgrimage to the nearest inland public access spring. I know (more or less) where you live, and although I love the people, I’d trust the politicians and Norfolk Southern officials as far as I could throw them.

  2. I do not know if this lady has the “intel” to back what she is saying about HAARP style tech being used to cause earthQuakes, judge for ure self, but she sees the evil trying to rule the world, trying to drag her country into WAR, 6 min 40 sec long
    “Romania ?? Senator Diana Lovanovici speaking in the Parliament on the uses of HAARP technology in Turkey!”

    you have to read subtitles,,, I tried to go to the Rumble channel for a better view, but it is blocked,,, I wonder Y

    • “People Had to Die, and It’s Not Over Yet”

      Dear fellow senators,

      For three years we have been experiencing a real campaign of mass killing worldwide, either through alleged pandemics and the imminent need to inject untested vaccines that kill people, or through wars that reduce the world’s population, but rearranges international politics, realigns power […]

      We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command, which is actually an attack on Turkey by the greatest of the world who totally disliked being set up by Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, the President of Turkey.

      Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war deeply disturbed them, especially since Turkey is the second great power from a military point of view within NATO.

      His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, his speech in Davos, as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of the press conference defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo in the cold world of leaders of the world.

      But no one thought that people would have to die — so many people and in such a terrible way.

      And it’s just a warning because it wasn’t the most populated area of Turkey.

      One hundred fifty (150) after shocks of a devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first, without the existence of an […] — the area being artificially stimulated, geological weapons having existed for a very long time, being used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments.

      Now it has been put into practice.

      If we look carefully at the map of Turkey, we will see that it is furrowed by gas and oil pipelines, this being actually one of the goals.

      But 10 seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed these pipelines.

      In addition, 24 hours before the earthquake, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey.

      Five days before its occurrence, the Romainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger, as did other countries.

      By killing people, they served their interests.

  3. Yes, we know crypto is risky, but so are dollars, I expect they absolutely will continue to devalue as government will never stop siphoning away its value to their supporters. I absolutely do not expect to socialize losses, and I fully expect I will have to socialize any gains (though that is not why I hold some crypto). It would be nice to see consistency, many here certainly want to socialize their retirement and medical costs and those are the most burdensome items in the budget (and without any constitutional authority). Folks continue to complain about the ineptness of national government (rightly so), but at the same time want them to continue to use and grow their power over our lives to take from productive citizens to give to you.

    • Our advice is alway “bet with the house.”
      Crypto has no army, no navy, no air force, no irs, no fbi, no courts, now media control (Max Keiser doesn’t count, lol)
      All crypto has is a power plug which can be jerked.

        • Dent has been so wrong., on so many things.., so often.., even his own publishing house cancelled his newsletter. I would take any he proclaims with great skepticism.

      • darn good thing feral reserve notes are cotton/linen, we can wash and reuse the ones in our hands, but the ones in a bank can disappear ,,,

        We have a Constitutional crisis in concerns about OUR money, our labor is de-valued and stolen by printing presses

        Q said, “Gold shall destroy Fed”

        Ya Ya, seems I AM the only Q-tard here, I don’t care, it is what it is.
        Metals are valuable,,, got lead? and an accelerator ! The IRS does and you paid for them ! good little slaves, I mean, US tax payers.
        When we arm our government against US, it is NOT really ours! We the People are under a hostile force, like cancer, it is internal.
        Lone Ranger and his Silver bullet,,, my heroes have always been cowboys

        • “Metals are valuable,,, got lead? and an accelerator !”

          I’ve got a stack of dead storage batteries and a fire pit… and I WAS paying attention in H-S chemistry, the day the teacher explained how to transform wood into potash…

          Does that count?

  4. The root causes of wars are turf and resources like energy and water. Ideology and history are just window dressing to placate the masses long enough to officiously grab their children and shove rifles into their hands.
    Government’s live off the sweat, blood and productivity of their plebs, along with the patronage of economic and social elites. This has been the economic and social model since the dawn of the city states, circa 3500 BC. Most attempts to modify the model have largely made it worse. Marx and associated theorists are prime examples.
    The neo-classism model we labor under locally largely attempts to shove these issues under the rug, and play the tribal strong men off against each other and their own meglomania. The competing socialists try to paper it all over with another layer of propaganda, freebies, and phony statistics. None of it is particularly efficient by any measure, and largely exists to perpetuate the ruling club who live outside of real public scrutiny. Refer to the works of St George ( Carlin) for expert reference.
    If you want change, then remember, it starts with you and Ure tribe.

  5. “While the democrats”

    I watched some of the SoU. The very beginning Biden was celebrating McConnell and others for their longevity. People love .gov. How do we know of their love? Is .gov larger/smaller or about the same since you registered for the Draft? “Well, we do need a Space Force.” Ha! “And a DHS….” And a “TSA”….. LOL

    That blond imbecile walking around the place with a white balloon. People love those theatrics..

    We need a “Santa Claus” moment or the Invisible Hand has to kill us.

    McIntosh apples around here are $4.99 /3 lb bag. That’s eight apples. But they are still normal size and didn’t shrink like the grapefruit.

    • “ People love those theatrics..”

      Watching TV is like watching a script played out by the media, which it is. Of course it’s entertaining and folks get real riled-up about it … giggling like Harris, weather they like her or not. Lol !! But sadly, those being entertained don’t at all realize how what politicians do and don’t do, effect THEM, no matter how stupid it all is. – Nor how dangerous all this is.

      People follow the path of least resistance. Taking the easy way. The entertaining way. Better to laugh than cry. Keeps folks docile and controlled. – the Tears haven’t come … yet.

      Instead of childishly taunting with a balloon and trying to look like one, she should have been more professional and dressed well, stood her ground for those people she represents and blasted everyone for this major fuck-up !!

      I’ve seen better skits on Nickelodeon.

      • “she should have been more professional and dressed well, stood her ground for those people she represents and blasted everyone for this major fuck-up !! ”

        Her garb was the clothing she wore when she went to Wyoming to campaign against Cheney.

        She stood her ground.

        I’m not a MTG fan, but she was the only one with the balls to call out Mr. Biden for blatantly lying.

        If I were McCarthy or McConnell I would have given every Republican a balloon. Mr. Biden has a very short fuse, and is not all there. If I could do something to get him completely off script, so the 42 people who watched the SOTU could get it into their heads that the dude is past his expiration date, and sans megadoses of speeders, would be in a fetal ball in his basement, I would do it in a heartbeat…

      • What the politicians do and say, their actions appeal to their base. As PB indicated it’s just a script.

        The people who support her loved the balloon idea.

        The chicken had a target audience too.

  6. Whose a war pig??

    Ure count seems a bit lite, at only 5 potential wars. Why you ALWAYz cover for israhell and israhellians?

    4 israhell against the goy/ world is THE current rhyme of no reason.

    All this talk of duck and cover , prepping is part hiding for those unable to face the Horror, the evil that is modern life under the yolk of the “tribal” bankers. Fake patriots, youse know who U be. Grab Ure ankles and pray..good luck with that prayer plan.
    Key part: “‘Don’t expect taxpayers to socialize your losses’”. Da F you talking bout – the whole rest of the world considers US a SOCIALIST govt. run society. We bail out white collar criminals (bankers et al) every year. I know workers that still have money in the bank from all the socialized covid payments & extensions…billions blown on who knows what. Ure undoubtedly pleased with all the billions going to cockraine, all the Organs being harvested and sold onto black markets..by same aforementioned tribal members. J kaminski has fleshed it out way better than this Soul Rebel ever could..

    “It pains me most that people don’t recognize we set up this phony crimeocracy in Ukraine to secretly insert our poisons into Russia and then voluntarily support this Frankenstein concoction accompanied by leering U.S. politicians collecting bribes when Russia objects to us killing their people, their innocent women and children, with constant mortar fire, surreptitious ambushes and other assorted methods typical of the cowardly scumbag criminals we have voluntarily become.

    The people of the United States support this sleazeball murder plan and are willing to wage what is clearly the rape of the world, though they pretend it is something else, something more noble or more reasonable. A more reasonable murder and sabotage plan. So Americans can save face with that, they think.

    It pains me to think that people still believe in a COVID test that doesn’t work to fight a contrived disease that has never been legitimately identified, with treatment plans that have been proven to be fatal. Most doctors still believe in masks that stop the spread of germs, and we continue to place our trust in them as they prescribe ever more carcinogenic drugs that not only don’t work but create more diseases than ever before.

    So fly that Ukrainian flag. And put that mask back on as well. It was designed to keep your mouth shut. It seems that it’s one thing you are able to do.

    It pains me to think that people still believe in a plastic president who may well have been replaced by an actor claiming he has a plan to stop the invasion of well dressed foreign refugees with debit cards when he has allowed this alien onslaught to infiltrate America these past two years, five million strong, and now he’s taking credit for stopping them, while Washington’s finest well dressed simpering wimps wildly applaud his bumbling assurances.

    What kind of charade has this life become as we innocent Americans careen toward our doom accompanied by our constantly lying Jewish media every step of the way?

    So this is life — and very soon to be death — for all Americans trapped in the patriotism scam.

    Our desultory democracy demands we obey the programming of our keepers who declare that we are being replaced by a fresh bunch of patsies who know less than we do about the poisonous policies that have ruined our country. Our country, which we were convinced was ours until we read the fine print in our capricious lease on life that showed it really wasn’t ours but instead belonged to a group of Jewish bankers who have now announced they are about to foreclose and evict us from life itself.

    All that cheering for the beauty of American democracy, all that hoohah over this candidate and that, all that belief in smarmy canards like ‘no one is above the law’ — all that poppycock has gotten us is a ticket to nowhere and a promise for nothing as the punks with money and guns are about to take everything you thought you owned, including your life.

    Got that booster shot yet? It’s the patriotic thing to do.

    Could not say it better, so I share that which is.

    -Mirror 1st, then Gut..Check!

    PS – real “prep” involves Ure Spirit/Soul…thats how momentous these times are, as the big ? has become; Do I resonate with this?

    Please do not forget what is “profound gratitude”


  7. GovDome is cornered.

    IF they do indeed plan a crypto-buck of their own, THEN they must defend the CONCEPT of Digi-Bux as safe and valid.

    They will need to explain why theirs is “safe” and the existing “private” ones are less desireable. But they CAN’T let the whole idea be discredited as bad.

    What means they will have to bail out some or most or all existing digi-bux to keep the idea respectable.

    You can be damn sure that IF they do ANY “bailing,” THEN it proves they plan a digi-Fed-Buck at some point.

    – 73 –
    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. “xx:15 & xx:45”

  8. Just as the DOJ has funded domestic political extremist groups, we have the Department of State funding Progressive censors:


    Hunger politics are turning ugly:


    March and April are looking like the months for domestic and international tensions to boil over.

    Hungry people who get no information other than from officious propaganda sources are easy to manipulate.

  9. ya know George. hahahahaa I can’t stop laughing. my eyes are leaking I laughed so hard.

    you remember a little while ago when I opened up a fresh jug of milk, poured myself a fresh cup of milk. opened up a factory sealed box of double stuffed oreo cookies. dunked my cookie in the milk sat back to have a ponder. then a little honey bee swam to the top of my cup of my milk sat on the rim of the cup. shook its little body like a wet dog. did a little dance then flew over and Landed on my lap.

    I thought whooooaaa where did that bee come from? cooool. DUDE talks to me like that.

    well fast forward to last night, I met this girl who is mix raced, aka oreo. we got to messing around and she takes off her blouse and bra and low behold! she has a little honey bee tattooed on chest.
    I said hey! you have a tattoo of a bee! i said. bees love me! she it’s my boo bee. then she jumped in my lap. my bee loves you tooo!

    milk bee. huh? wonder what that means DUDE?

    hahahhahahahhahahahhahah I damn near thought I was going to die from laughing so hard! I fell off the couch laughing so hard and her bee hit me in the face. hahhahhahhhahahhah

    DUDE has Jokes. good ones. funniest joke I’ve ever heard. hahahhahahahhaha

    ahhhhhhh you remember when I talked about how my hat flew off when down. by the wind farm on I10 outside of LA, and I found that ~ Finger Print of God~ but I didn’t say what it was. then 2 years later that I was cheerleader Championships and that little girl I helped gave me the same exaxt item. and the quote that matched exactly as the fortune cookie I found in the bathroom couple months earlier? I never mentioned what it said or what I found and what I was given that was an exact match 2 years later.

    because some stuff I keep to myself. alot of it it I do. I only share a little bit Here on urbansurvival. mostly because I want everyone to have. relationship with DUDE that I have. it’s cooled thing in this realm. by far.

    so last week, I got sent out to work this Amazon Trade show thing. black tie security. okay DUDE I’m doing a trade show for Amazon now. show me the way.

    easy money.

    this young blonde girl from Detroit, 18 years old. a year older than my youngest. walks by me. starts asking me questions. says i just moved to seattle. i said welcome to the emerald city!

    we start talking. I look at her all the sudden i have the revelation and she looks like a spitting image of a young version of Glenda the Good witch from the Otiginal Wizard of Oz. I said you ever been told you you Glenda the good witch from the wizard of Oz? she said ohhhhh a thousand times. that is my nickname. but I don’t have a magic wand.

    so the item, that I found that day out by an old rusty truck. the same exaxt item I was given to by the the little cheer leader at the Championships is a magic wand with a star at the end of it.

    the next day I took it to work with me. and when I saw her. I said I have something for you Glenda. she laughed. she what is that? I have your magic wand. it’s the same exaxt one you see in the movie Wizard of Oz. I handed it to her. she lit up like a Christmas tree said I love it! and I got my magic wand in the Emerald City! and bust out laughing.

    then turns to me with her magic wand and says, okay the first time lim going use my magic wand is on the person who gave it to me. she waves it and say, ” all your dreams will come true this year”.

    the same exaxt thing that was written in the fortune cookie fortune I found in a random bathroom floor 2 months ago. same thing someone wrote on a piece of paper and gave it to me the same day I got the magic wand. same exact match as the magic wand I found laying next to an old truck at a gas station off highway 10, 2 years prior.

    the thing is. I didn’t tell her what the fortune cookie fortune said. I didn’t tell the other person either. I didn’t tell her that was what was written when I was given that magic wand by a little girl I saved at a cheer competition.

    nevertheless!!!!! it was exactly what she said as she waved her magic wand at me. looking exactly like a young version of Glenda the Good witch, right Here in the Emerald City.

    pretty cool.

    now I know you are all worried about nuclear war and China and all that, stuff.

    I think everything is going to work itself out. because DUDE doesn’t seem to worried about it.

    milk, honey bee? wonder what that means. hmmmmmmmm?

    boo bees!


    soooooo funny DUDE!

    everything is going to be all right.

  10. Re: Dalton Hwy to Deadhorse
    feat: lucky rabbit foot trophy


    Flightaware offers up the public deets on yesterday’s AFRQ5827 flight from Galbraith Lake to Deadhorse, Ak. save for a 15 minute gap. Did someone bag an arctic hare?


    Here’s DJ Ure at console ready to engage the interstellar overdrive for a rare LA star engagement with
    The Dalton Brothers
    “Lost Highway”


    • While we’re trundling down the road, let’s not forget it’s John Connor’s birthday month too. Chinese state media perhaps send regards to the T800 series with a ‘dyning out gift card. Who gets the patent – Carnegie Mellon U or China?


      Paging Mr. Xi…courtesy call for Mr. Xi on the red phone…


      • Re: A City of Two Tales
        feat: stormfront weather


        There was a violent riot this weekend outside a Liverpool, UK slum area hotel whose guests included some 30 mostly single young men seeking asylum from overseas.

        “The Sunday Express” advised that rioters from the far-right fascist Patriotic Alternative had clashed with counter-protesters from migrant-supporting Care4Calais.

        The “BBC” did not mention the presence or otherwise of organized groups at Friday’s riot. They did note at the end of their report quotes from the area member of parliament, Sir George Howarth. It seems that police were notified last Monday of a man allegedly “making inappropriate advances toward a teenage girl” in the neighboring slum which “was posted to social media”. On Thursday, police arrested a 20 something year old man for a “public order offence”. However the prosecution ordered him released without further action.

        The next day there was a riot.

  11. Does anyone have any thoughts on what the “objects” are that are being shot down — one over Alaska yesterday (Friday) and now one over Canada late this afternoon. Friday’s was described as being the size of a car and unmanned; I don’t see a description of today’s object in this article from the WSJ. Presumably the pilots in the planes involved in today’s encounter were able to observe approximate size, and maybe estimate if it was manned. (Maj13? Warhammer? Any one with military experience have any thoughts?)

    • Weather balloons our government is launching, to demonstrate just how on-the-ball our military really is, and as a feeble attempt to make Creepy Joe look a little less like “Asleep-at-the-wheel Joe.”

      If any “journalist” in the WHPC has the balls to ask Biden either:

      NORAD spotted these “small car sized objects” before they reached CONUS. Why didn’t they spot the one last week which was the size of the Goodyear Blimp?

      Someone is sending these “objects” over the U.S. several times a day. How many hundreds or thousands of objects crossed the CONUS before that one from last week was spotted?

      Mr. Biden will laugh and walk away, refusing to answer…

  12. Sometimes prolific socio-political commentary is best left to those more experienced and/or `accomplished:

    “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may
    know that your society is doomed.”
    Ayn Rand,
    Atlas Shrugged, 1957

  13. Hey DBM, RE: Ure “objects being shot down:” Some off-the-cuff possibilities, in my totally objective order of probability:
    – Electronic intelligence gathering devices (most probable)
    – generic probes (to see how the U.S., NORAD and Canadian defense react)
    – vanguards to determine potential success for bio- or EMP-balloon attack

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this. Even if its primary purpose was electronic intel, our response has surely given quite a bit of other information. Another thing occurs to me : if the second (and maybe third) object had no capacity to maneuver then it was either launched from the ground , in which case what did its trajectory reveal?, or it was launched from another craft, and who has that capability? Finally, looking at a globe, if something originates in China, it appears to me that it doesn’t get to Alaska or Canada’s northwest territory without going over Russian airspace unless it follows a circuitous route.

    • I don’t believe they would be used to explore potential bio or EMP attacks. Not bio because as COVID demonstrated, bio is uncontrollable. I can, however, see such an exploration to determine spread patterns for nerve gas.

      Not EMP because taking out a power grid a few square miles at a time is incredibly inefficient — one thing most people agree the Chinese are not.

      I totally agree with your first two possibilities, although I believe the “intelligence-gathering” would include meteorological data.

      My third possibility is as a pure diversion.

      My personal belief is U.S. alphabet agents released the “objects” as a diversion away from Mr. Biden’s physical and mental frailty, but I can see at least 6 other players who could’ve done so, including Russia, for whom there’s been near-zero mention in the mainstream press for nearly a week.

      I did not like the text message I got, telling me [if I’m in Russia] to leave, immediately. Now, since I’ve been revamping and reconstructing my kitchen cabinets, and not paying attention, I don’t really know what’s going on, and it annoys me that I’m going to have to waste several hours, determining whether Russia is going to supply the heat to hard-cure my urethane…

    • C – your source has killed millions of sheeple with its disinformation. Your willingness to aid and abet makes you and accomplice.

      • There’s a troll named “c” who posts on another blog. Might be the same troll as this one. It’s drivel isn’t worth reading.

        • When you’re drinking Death Wish coffee you need an outlet while you’re warming up in the morning. She does perform a purpose here.

    • You remind me of an abused woman, that defends her abuser, Mr CDC.
      Nice shade of blue lip gloss you wear to hid your Koolaid drinking also.
      I have always preferred cherry over the grape flavor, oh well back to the movie,,, Matrix
      I say “here’s to you” as we clink our glasses of Koolaid together.
      Hope you find the happiness you seek, with a song in your heart.

      Why does Bill Gates want to put the mRNA in our meat supply, like a rapist, that put tranquilizers in a woman’s drink, because she is resistant?
      EVIL? is it not?

  14. Okay, we’ve apparently moved from balloon city to “balloon shitty” now. Like everyone else, I bought into the “Chinese weather balloon” spin.

    However, how do we know that earlier balloon came from China?

    How do we know it (or they) sailed up to the top of the world, before finding the jet stream?

    How do we know ANY of them are “spycraft?”

    Answer: Because that’s what we’ve been told.

    Because that’s what we’ve been told.
    Because that’s what we’ve been told.
    Because that’s what we’ve been told.

    Are you catching my drift, yet?

    THEN THREE “OBJECTS” SHOWED UP TODAY, two of which were shot down over Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and Yukon, Canada.

    We invaded Canada’s sovereign airspace to shoot an unidentified object in their country?

    The government isn’t elaborating on what the “objects” are, which is leading every news wonk whose mouth moves faster than their brain to identify them as “spy balloons…”

    How about:

    They’re just weather balloons.

    WE, not the Chinese, sent them up and we did so, so we could shoot them down, to make it look like Biden is awake.

    The reason they are described as “objects” is because even without the media’s help, people’s imaginations will cause them to assume the “objects” are spycraft.

    “Various government agencies” will be “examining” the “objects” until they’re beyond the public’s attention span. No release of information will be made, and everyone will assume the gummint verified them as spy vehicles of some kind.

    If there’d been one “object,” my “suspicious itch” wouldn’t have bothered me. Three balloons though? That’s like all the damn’ getthejab getthejab getthejab getthejab getthejab ads, PSAs, threats, etc. It is overkill, taken to the ridiculous…

    The Administration sold it too hard by finding 3 BALLOONS. Unless it is Xi’s birthday and he’s celebrating it on a trawler somewhere in the north Pacific, the likelihood of three Chinese balloons sailing across the Aleutians within a few hours of one-another is probably less than filling an inside royal flush, twice in a row.

    No longer buying the BS…

    • You know I seen the videos that people shared of those balloons..they looked similar to those they make in the usa.. I see them all the time..so are they ours.. great question we will never know for sure..

      • Re: The Truth is Out There
        not feat. The Lone Gunmen


        I suspect the environs of Deadhorse, Ak. haven’t received this much airplay since the X-Files season 2 episode 17 broadcast of “End Game” on Feb. 17, 1995. Apparently renewed series production is on ice under the purview of current rights owner Disney.

        By the way, perhaps the published smoking cigar balloon bullseye locale, Bullen Point, named by Sir John Franklin – whose ship provided wood that comprises Mr. Biden’s desk in the Oval Office – is in homage to Admiral Sir Charles Bullen GCB KCH remembered for his roles in Glorious First of June, Camperdown, and Trafalgar. However, the Inuit locals call it Shavugavik, “working place”. An airport info page about the abandoned air force station advises that The Magic Kingdom is 3304 miles away.

        • “I suspect the environs of Deadhorse, Ak. haven’t received this much airplay since the X-Files season 2 episode 17 broadcast of “End Game” on Feb. 17, 1995.”

          I kind or remember that one LOL LOL I will have to watch it again.. I have all of the xfiles on dvd..
          they play the x files on television to.. I forget what channel it is on.. but every night they play a couple of the shows.. great show..
          I am personally thinking that it was a weather balloon that drifted to far from the control panels reach.. and possibly our balloon.. We have a lot of them up and floating around especially in the arctic circle for weather research.. it could have been our own.. although that design isn’t what the stealth balloons look like.. that design looks like a low weather balloon style.. the high flying ones look more like a dirigible LOL.. I see them all the time floating around.. they launch a bunch of them a few miles from where I live.. I use to get a thrill out of going to the hanger area to watch the launches.. and an acquaintance of mine works on the controls.. so.. I guess I didn’t get all riled up worried.. mostly because at that height.. it isn’t as high as the surveilance balloons.. its at weather research height.. and was it one of ours.. from the arctic circle.. we have tons of them things floating around.. and the news of it being released to make people worried about issues that don’t exist at this time to gain support for possible future events….. https://youtu.be/0vQkd2vUiIA

    • But we didn’t unilaterally invade Canuckistan. NORAD duly reported to the Canuckistan government, and Truedope authorized the invasive ‘raid’ and even thanked NORAD for their help.

      At least that is what we have been TOLD.

      • …And I suspect that is correct.

        But all of Washington is now lying about everything, including stupid stuff.

        The “power elite” on the Hill and in the “news” studios have gone so far away from reality to try to cover Biden’s shortcomings that nothing they say, regardless of its importance (or lack thereof) is trustworthy.

        So until there are some personnel changes inside the Beltway, I’m believing nothing “official” until I can corroborate it elsewhere.

        • The beltway crowd is doing their job, which is to defend and obfuscate the status quo. Removing the leftists from the scene will reduce the obfuscation, but intensify the mindless defense of the status quo. Where Alisa Rosenbaum went wrong in her studies of this behavior is she pronounced these machinations to be corruption, when in fact, they are the underlying basis reality of the city-state, and have been since the start.

        • “The beltway crowd is doing their job, which is to….”

          Be ar Recess or work period .. vacation etc.. anywhere but at work..
          there fixed that for ya @n____
          they have a golden goose job.. why work when you can get paid to not work LOL LOL

  15. “For example, the average hourly earning data shows a weekly increase to around $1,146 from $1,094 a year ago.”

    hmm..I wonder who.. companies increased the starting wage froze the regular employees wages and cut working hours to afford the adjusted starting new hire wages..
    at least around here.. for the regular wage earners.. rent went up, food is up,house hold taxes went up 30 percent. fuel prices are increasing auto taxes are up medications are up dr. copays are up health insurance a huge spike and Medicare no longer sees the VA healthcare system as an acceptable healthcare system.. (just waiting to see what my copay is going to be) they gave an increase in social security benefits but took it away with the increase of medicare..stopped the EIC tax credit to those on set incomes leaving those in retirement panicking.. increased the benefit layout to refugees including dental costs food housing etc….
    what could go wrong with any of this

  16. Hank, did your cams catch the green lasers?

    Rumor is the green lasers are some kind of Chinese submarine detecting technology. If this is true the thump has to be coming soon.

    Israel has 3,000 targets in Iran. Perhaps Russia/China has 3,000 U.S. targets in mind. Like a missile Blitzkrieg.

    • I saw pix of them locally, some caught by the astronomers on Mauna Kea. My area is mostly cloudy and rainy here on the windward side.

    • Steve, that was a bit ambiguous.

      Are the green lasers Chinese (submarine detecting) technology?
      Or maybe (Chinese submarine) detecting technology?

      Maybe the past month teaching myself Perl has affected how I parse English… If pressed, would guess that “Chinese” modifies “technology” and not “submarine” — and that’s not a comforting thought.


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