Evidence: Cultural Knowledge of Entanglement

After the morning’s “bad news” we’re going for a “time out” and a “useful distraction” to keep from dwelling on the growing pile of problems. Covid cases in the US are now well-over 100,000 and there are whispers it could be worse than the Spanish Flu of 1918.  The markets are interesting, sure.  So is the D.C. half-step.

We will cover all this – plus our ChartPack view of markets as we slide into Depression II.

But, in  the interest of keeping our neurons firing,  a savory bit of research called “Evidence of Cultural Entanglement Knowledge.”

Podcast 15 is available here – a bit longer than usual as my consigliere drops by with some comments…so with that, click on in….

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31 thoughts on “Evidence: Cultural Knowledge of Entanglement”

  1. U funny Mr Narrator – U funny,

    Light crowns – secret desire to be a royal…all purple robes – servants-lands-peasants/concubines to order around..off with her head!

    Why not just get yoself a Capillus? FDA cleared red laser light therapy ball cap for treating hair loss. Ure could “hack” those lil lasers..


    Understand that after being “planted” & “cultivated” – some others came along and started Tweaking the “switches” for their own purposes..which Regulates ALL Our Abilities As Humans. See Popul Vuh for descriptions of this Up/Down Regulation going on.

    The Keys – The Pathways are numerous and difficult to “UP REGULATING”

    Done on the Energetic Level – ALL other Bodily Systems can be Up& Down Regulated to the point of the”super human” abilities such as Self Healing- Telepathy – Seeing/Hearing over great distance – up to and including true Life Extension..just like the polypore mushrooms have shown in recent mice studies, that were not looking for life extension properties.

    Curious why U seem to keep throwing up roadblocks to Ure devlopment.

    Good stuff nonetheless – at least U Still be seeking and seekers always find.

    How about that Colchicine ! whatwhatwhat? Fights Off/Prevents Cytokine Storming.

    Who knew..?

    Bob Dylan did..

    A Murder Most Foul –

    ..gonna kill U with hatred, without any respect.

    ..greatest magic trick under the sun.

    ..Wolfman, oh wolfman howl (Bush sr. handle in ClownsInAction=wolfman)

    rubba dub dub – its a murder most foul.

    ..killed like a human sacrifice (real/see longitude/33)

    ..son the age of the antichrist has just begun..

    R -E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N 2.0 – Be The Change.

    • “FDA cleared red laser light therapy ball cap for treating hair loss. Ure could “hack” those lil lasers..”

      Those are really cool ED…. my grandson’s girlfriend is in school .. and was wanting one.. so I got the chance to get the blue lasers and the red lasers for cosmetic treatments.. for her.. so when she gets out of school she will have at least two of the tools she will need.. I haven’t played with it.. but knowing me.. I will before I hand them over to her.. LOL…

  2. Are you sure that WWIII isn’t about yuppies and sappers carrying bugs across state boundaries in undeclared false flag actions, rather than the action of expensive armies, navies and missiles in a declared war?

    This is a national and international SHTF scenario, not a dress rehearsal. At this point, the supplies you have on hand may be the supplies you have to live with for the indefinite future. I can’t tell you when you may be caught in a hard lock down, but whether the lock down is enforced by a virus running amok, or by agents of the state, it is likely coming to your neighborhood very soon. Being out in the piney woods won’t protect from state wide edicts, and trips into town put you in the municipal cross hairs.

    I always try to avoid dipping into savings for capital purchases, but right now, I am considering making some last minute purchases this week and raiding the savings. I had one online vendor try to ransack my credit card with bogus charges this week, so I am getting very wary of using plastic online, even with reputable vendors. Effectively, the vendor tried to quadruple charge me for an order. I think this is a symptom of the supply chain collapse. And just because I want to make some last minute purchases doesn’t mean that I will be able to pull it off. The supply chains are collapsing that fast. Just-in-time manufacturing looks to be the first casualty of an undeclared NBC operating theater.

    As Andy has alluded to, Covid-19 is a fast mutating strain. The statistics you see are based on Covid-19 two weeks to a month prior, not Covid-19 today. The county which I am living on the edge of is being hit hard, and has been publishing the age and a little medical biographical information on each victim each evening.There were so many victims last night, all they got for most was age. The ages seem to be getting younger each day.

    • It is not uncommon for sabotage to precede an invasion. Although in this case, I’m not sure what would be gained unless the goal is to paralyze the government. Don’t need sabotage to do that.

      • We are in a realtime rendering of The Matrix. Somebody posted something earlier this week how disconcerting it was to watch the stock market rally while 3 million people applied for unemployment benefits. Many are immersed in cyber world while too many more are being shoved into reality world. Maybe the virus is nature’s way of turning off the power.

        I don’t agree about the election results. I think people are paying attention and they will make a strong statement at the polling booths. Even the press is getting fed up. I read something about the press corps is thinking about boycotting the Prez’s daily news briefing (which prompted him to start up the Fox News townhalls…), and now the talking heads are starting to sound off like they work at Fox News:



        Pressure is high and tempers are flaring. Who is going to make the first mistake that brings down the house of cards?

      • Joe M. – Petty partisan rancor has no place in this discussion. All partisans are equally responsible for this situation, including thieving, conniving, dumb-f*ck Bernie boys. Are you really sitting on your hands, waiting for some talking head a half a continent away to bail your ass out? You’re all alone, and not Bernie, not Joe B., not the Donald, and certainly not Nancy are coming to help. You are not f*cking understanding the situation. Get someone you know to explain it to you, preferably by phone.

      • I live in the second most infected county in Maryland, bordering Washington, DC. My wife is making grocery runs for the scared neighbors, all of her U.S. relatives live in Queens, and I’m personally in the high risk demographic for not making it through the crisis. So I’m pretty confident in stating I”m very sensitive to what is going on.

        Good luck and be well.

  3. Let’s Get Real:

    1. This may be a little extreme in todays biotech world. George Noory mentioned on C2CAM last night that by staying at home, we are missing the opportunity to build up our internal resistance or natural immunity to Covid19.

    2. Living & working most of my life in NY, I saw NY become a welfare state. People get the sniffles & call an ambulance or call a cab to take them to the hospital emergency room. The State is paying for it, so the great unwashed don’t care. Result: overcrowded hospitals in a Pandemic. Trump has a point in putting NY’s toes to the fire, they have set themselves up for this.

    3. Are legalized voluntary recreational  cannabis sales on tap to make up for revenue shortages in states? Good chance. When Polititions need money they find something to tax, & hopefully not anger too many voters. It doesn’t really matter, they will get re-elected anyway, memories are short, except when you are presented with HILLARY VS TRUMP. Even Mark figured that one out.

    Based on the stocks I am watching, the strongest appears to be AMD, & the one with the most volatile spread between its low & high is ZG. I am still searching for Nirvana.

    • “People get the sniffles & call an ambulance or call a cab to take them to the hospital emergency room. ”

      I don’t know about NYC.. so I cannot comment on how they work.. but here.. if someone on medicaid or medicare have the sniffles and want to go to the clinic.. the clinic tells them they cannot see them.. up until they get on medicaid they keep their regular doctor.. then as soon as they get it.. they are directed away.. if they don’t have the funds for the suppliment or if they are not able to get suppliment insurance.. the clinics refuse to see them if they don’t have the funds to see them and they are sent to the ER.. that is where the USA got itself in a bind.. because if your not sick enough the ER sends you home.. they will diagnose you.. but not treat you.. seen it way to many times working in healthcare..
      if your a worker and are sick.. well the floor has to be manned and they don’t look fondly on sick employee’s.. so you work sick or not.. healthcare has always been the short staffed shifts with long hours.. when I was forced to cut back.. I was still putting in a hundred hours a week.. my wife hasn’t had to work that many hours.. fortunately.. but she puts in sixty.. and right now its seventy five to eighty a week..
      you work rotating shifts.. you work either three twelves then a day off and then three more twelves.. or you work eight hours .. mornings afternoon swing shift then nights.. you work alternating weekends.. everyone puts in their weekend.. I didn’t have a holiday off in over thirty years.. and didn’t get a vacation.. its part of the job.. the poor are forced to increase the ER staff because of our way of healthcare.. and that is how it is going to spread.. we took the regulations off on essentials and now we pay the price for it..
      Here.. the state doesn’t pay for travel.. the person has to get his butt there on his own.. if an ambulance is called.. he pays.. if he dies.. then the whole bill is turned over to the family or the county to collect if they have any resources.. NO ONE GETS A FREE RIDE.. if your a millionaire and you get in a home.. your costs will be a quarter million a year besides the medical costs.. once you have outlived your resources.. then your space is an eight by twelve half room.. and the state only pays for the bare minimum of care.. the doctors you usually get to see are the ones that have been in the business way to long and are only there to collect the fifty bucks that they get to see you.. you still pay for your personal items and your own laundry.. when your gone you have a couple of assorted boxes of crap and a few photos and the memories that you made through the years.. sitting by some window for little john or james to walk in and see you.. families only show up once or twice a year if that.. because its hard to see mom or dad in that shape..
      been there done that..

  4. Braynes can be entangled with a thing brayne scientificos call “entrainment.” Flashing light induced epileptic seizures is one extreme example. Merely tapping a toe, or dancing to the beat is a milder version. Music is entraining. Transdermal magnetic stimulation seems to be a growing therapeutic method. Seems transdermal light should work as well… Human flesh is somewhat translucent — ever shine a strong flashlight through your hand?

    Entraining — “synching up” — can be pleasurable and good if the thing being synched with is positive — Bach, versus Rap…

    Ever hear the Fleetwood Mac track, “Big Love?”

    Sex is very mutually entraining…

  5. A WooWoo note:

    Yesterday I opened a new squeeze bottle of mustard.

    Today I grabbed the same bottle of mustard, right from where I placed it yesterday,
    but when I squeezed it, nothing came out. It was still sealed.

    Cool! Now if I can do that every day, with everything else, I would have a never ending supply of everything I need. Grin!

  6. Anyone have any on the ground supply chain shortages knowledge ? I wonder if I should upgrade my phone buy an iPad get that new TV.All of mine are all 5 years old or older.

    • I wouldn’t worry about those items. They are like frozen tv dinners, still plenty in the stores. Unless you see a great bargain that is an upgrade to your current one. No use spending money unless you are upgrading or it is broken, otherwise It is wasting money.

  7. when a surgeon operates on a patient, he puts him to sleep,, 10 days of internet darkness while the doctors operate to remove the cancer. While the Covid-19 is real, it is being used to keep people home and safe. If you are planning a large scale roundup of criminals/cabal that are imbeded among us, you need everyone to sit still.

    Does the US treasury own/control the Fed now? Where did the President Seal and flag go? They have always been in the White House press room before, symbols of changing times. Are the symbols part of the corporation ownership, that we are casting away

    • The previous press secretary took the seal home as a souvenir and nobody knows how to replace it.

      What do you call a chief with no indians? Another indian.

    • “Where did the President Seal and flag go?”

      I wonder…is it.. the same podium???

      Granted there aren’t any people going down in the shelter next to my friends place..

      I dont think they can. At this point people that are obviously invited because of COG are coming down with it.. you cant have an infection run amok in a place like that.. but … is this the same area or just an identical area missing the emblem

  8. Holla George. Listened to the podcast and just finished reading After The Virus Apocalypse Kindle Edition by A.G. Kimbrough (Author) which was Free on Kindle Unlimited.
    I was surprised at how many places in the book that I knew or had been to.
    It is an easy read and covers several years of time in a compressed fashion.
    If people actually think and consider what can happen then this small book might be of some help.
    Me? I think that it is best to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

    What is up next? Global Financial Collapse? WWIII? Mass starvation? We will see, but don’t things come in threes?


  9. Great stuff on entanglement. I have a book on my shelf, The Healing Mind, which reports that during The Age of Enlightenment, Doctors would cover a King’s windows with red curtains to cure smallpox.

    Might vaccines also be a form of entanglement, and might this be the nature of viruses?

    Congrats on George 2’s work. That’s what it is all about!

  10. Still good brother George. Straddled market bias down and buying gold and gold stocks on wacks. Long Ozzie peso 2. All good . Have had 25 years of iso being gold bull and bear so very easy

  11. FYI: The word Corona is defined in Spanish as: The End, in Latin as: Crown, in Japanese as: Star

    The End Star Crown?

    I was told by all three (T-moble, Power and my Car finacial company.) You dont have to make your next two payments.

    I asked her if I had to pay it back. She no! When I talked to the Cell phone people and I talked to the car people. They said my account is frozen and I can have my service and I dont have to pay it later. She said the company is getting money from the Government to pay the bills of people affected by the virus.

    To wit, I exclaimed a hearty, “Hell Yeah!!!!” Then I raced on line to see if I was gonna get the same deal are Peoplenomics.

    Alms! Alms for the poor? George.


    Ommms! Om’s for thr poor?


    Due what?! Your not a Peoplenomics suscriber Drew??!!! It’s a secret game between Gee and Me. See, I can usually see what he is gonna write before he writes it. Or is that written or rite? Que the marching rythm. On ure right! Ure write! Ure rite, Ure left.


    Since I already know what the Politicians know. Which is, ain’t nobody is gonna EVER pay back our National Debt. Let them eat cake!

    We still have the Largest Navy, Largest Oil Reserves, are the Largest producer in the world of Ramem noodles. You can live on them. I did in my early 20’s because I’d rather spent my money on Schlits, Oly, Blue Ribben and strippers down at Honeys. Sadly, honeys is no longer there. Got a new soul mate evey weekend. Hahaha

    I’m going to LA for the day. Have a look around. See ya tomorrow.

    • Death star Springs to the mind.
      Ohhhhhh that’s why they are buying up all the Albuterol inhalers!!!!!!

      Luke’s bat sh!t papa!!!

      Vader and his Asmtha!!!!!

      So that’s the big shiny ball by the moon every night!

      Someone told me it was the Google satellite!

      Ure right!

      • Andy: When you say DEATH STAR are you visioning the KILLSHOT discussed by Major Ed Dames, remote viewer, that will end the world as we know it. Have you had any visions on where the Killshot Survival Zones are located? How is the Cult Video coming along? I am currently reading Marshall Masters book on WIN-WIN SURVIVAL Communities.

      • I dont know any of those people. I dont spend alot of time on the web looking for others to get info from. I just come to George’s site, one thread on GLP, and I was on LOP for couple days. I also been talking to Les Visible, aka the Dog Poet. Over on his site a little.

        I been spending alot of my time, visiting my brothers the Hocky dudes. Talking with them, and reading some books. Enjoying life before it isnt like this anymore.

        You know I probably should let you all know something. When you die, after you float around and look at your body with no physical eyes, no physical ears. Yet seeing with perfect 4k HD Clarity and hearing in Dolby High Def.

        Then you go through the tunnel of light to the light blue plane and the sea of souls. All translucent white, nobodys using the voice box, all telepathic thought.

        You are gonna get to a place where, your life flashes before your eyes, sometimes before the sea of souls and sometimes after. you will see your life from day one to the last day. Then you will see your life from day one the last day as eveyone else saw you.

        Then you get to feel all the pain you caused others. all of it, that you didnt make right while you were here. By making it right I mean, owning your sh!t, asking for forgivness and changing your course in how you conduct yourself. Not just what you did to others, what you did to God and what ya did to yourself. Excruciatingly painful isnt even remotely close to how much it hurts. It felt like I was digested. It’s not God or Christ who does it. Its us, who do it to ourselves.

        Its known as “The fire” we all walk through. “Prepare a table before me of my enemies”, “The great throne of Judgment” , “by the same measure you hold others it will be added unto you.” We judge ourselves by the pain we caused others. Yes Christ died for your sins. It is not Christ who judges us. Its us.

        I own every mistake I make to anyone I may have caused harm, to the best of my ability. I honestly try not to judge anyone. I forgive everyone for everything.

        And yet, I felt it to a degree on the other side every time I flatlined. Way less this last time. Still, being on “fire” even for a minutes sucks really bad! Lol. And there is no sense or concept of time there. Best I could describe it is, it feels like you are being digested. Like something was eating you. Its horrific. The fist experience felt like it lasted an eternity. the last one like a minute. We can not know everyone we have affected. So there will be a degree of it anyways.

        It doesnt mean, we are a door matt to the world. If we are a door matt, then that is deceptive too. Betrayal is my far the most painful that I experienced. That and deception. Boy howdy! Best be honest, true and get right.

        That’s more important to know than the future. Because we all have to go though it. We already know the future. Lol

        I’m gonna go meditate for a while.

  12. Achoo!! I mean, Achtung!

    “Happy days are here again…”

    Add soap in the bubble machine and stir; let’s sing the praises of the 1%!

    Just as the Canadian PM reiterated his offer to compensate private enterprise with 75% of workers’ wages so they could stay home and ride out the pandemic, a billionaire hobby owner of a book store chain closed up shop laying off 5200 workers. They can now receive perhaps 50% of their pay through unemployment insurance. Of course federal unemployment office service centres are closed to the public in order to prevent viral community transmission, and federal online servers are crashing.

    In Spain apparently the PM has ordered non-essential workers home with pay. But wait, they will be required to make up the time at a later date when/if things get back to normal. No problem, why would they need a vacation later when they are having a staycation now?

    Let us now without further delay catch up with the American Royal Families. Mr. Trump kindly implores sickly New Yorkers to avoid driving to Florida. Mar-a-Lago is closed for the season.

    US troops took up positions on the northern border to prevent a repeat of last year’s 332 illegal Canadian immigrant crossings. Meanwhile the Fresh Prince of BelAir II and his Hollywood wife – a pair formerly known as Duke and Duchess of Sussex – flew overhead from BC in a private plane to be closer to LA p.r. agents and single country taxation. Maybe some boyz from the hood can comp the noobs a security detail. Any chance of a young family finding a starter home in the Bu for under 10mil? Something with purple velvet walls and royal blue carpeting would be spot on. Maybe Posh and Becks can stand in at the coronation for the Windsors currently England-bound in coronavirus isolation. Mr. Ure, please prepare a crown for shipment; dressy duct tape wrap requested.

    God Save The Queen!

    God help Mr. Trump.

    • Employees work at the leisure of employers. The only true employees of a corporation are the chief executives. Everyone else is just human capital. The billionnaire owner made a business decision that will save him a boatload of money which raises the MBA ethics question without an answer — does he have an obligation to society? I believe this question will become very important as the economic crisis unfolds.

  13. HAWAII CASE COUNT 151, UP 29 in the Islands ‘petri dish’. Don’t know why the ‘hospitalized’ number shows (0) new ones…. it is up 4 from yesterday. HI Noon report from HDOH:

    Total cases: 151 (29 new)
    Hawai’i County: 10 (3)
    Honolulu County: 108 (19)
    Kaua’i County: 11 (6)
    Maui County: 16 (0)

    Hospitalized: 12 (0 )

    All Hawaii under ‘stay at home’ orders. Essential business only. 14 day quarantine in effect for all incoming persons. Made a run to the dump this morning. Burger King drive-thru open yet… mercifully ‘essential’.

  14. Hey! I just something. Rumor has it The Corona virus was pattened in the US july 2006. The Cure was pattened in Europe November 2019. 1 week before the outbreak. The 2cnd largest pharmaceutical company owns both Pattens.

    I bet they dont want anyone knowing that.

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