Evaluating WW3 – OM and Their M/Cs

Remarkably, Amazon still has these in stock: GQ GMC-500Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Dosimeter, White.  Which we “Last purchased Sep 16, 2023.”

It’s just under $140 (click the coupon!) and it recharges off your everyday USB-C connector and wart.

If you don’t understand why this is so amazing, that the Zon would have stock of this, let me give you the Beginning Reporter’s View of News.  It will explain all (hopefully).

How News Leads to Future

“Before the stampede, something moves the herd.”

The Hamas invasion into Israel this weekend is impacting the (global herd) this week.  However, it is not unexpected.

As a “junior reporter” it should be clear from these contexts that supply chains of war materiel are being ramped up.  As  they do, the Islamists are threatening to gang up on (swarm) Israel. As early as before the end of this year.

Hezbollah Issues Threat to Israel, US as Hamas War Escalates (newsweek.com).  Which then sets off the chain reaction of? Now Missiles From Lebanon Threaten to Blow Up Wider Israel War.  When there’s blood in the water, the sharks will swirl.

The cloud over this new front (WW3) is Iran is a nuclear power – and none of the free-money for Mullahs in the Obama three terms (2 elected, and 3rd being effectively).  Stupid democrats seem anxious to give away spoils of conflict.

Israel, not blinded by antisemitic bullshit (everyone in the Middle East is a Semite), will not give Iran a chance to launch. There is a problem, however, in that they cannot stop Iran via software (tried with Stuxnet) and they can’t through negotiations.

No one (with half a brain) would engage in nuclear first use.  UNLESS it was a “no conventional options” problem.  As in Iran is now actively in link and supply chain mode with multiple entities.  In response, Israel, too, knows the onl way then can destroy Iranian nuclear assets is preemptive.  Again, likely before the Armageddon Supply chains are operational. Before year end.

Israel is likely still around today because of the secret development of their own nuclear weapons program in the 1960s.  Some speculation was their bomb was detonated in the South Atlantic away from South Africa.

As to more recent activities:  Take the time to read the Nuclear Threat Initiative summary on Israel (nti.org).

The Iranian nuclear development is widely believed to be built into mountain caves.  But Israel’s “nuclear underbelly” is in more open country.  At Dimona in the Negev desert region:

“Dimona was one of the development towns created in the 1950s under the leadership of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Dimona itself was conceived in 1953. The location chosen was close to the Dead Sea Works. It was established in 1955. The first residents were Jewish immigrants from North Africa, with an initial 36 families being the first to settle there. Its population in 1955 was about 300.

By the way, population there is over 36,000 nowadays.

The reportorial perspective on this becomes watching two fighters of vastly differing styles.  If you read into Islamic history very far, you can begin to see how certain elements on the Islamic side are very much predisposed to explosive devices for political ends. In particular, the Baath Party in Lebanon is recalled from stories like Car bomb kills over 50 near Damascus ruling party office | Reuters which was back in 2013.  Point is local explosions (of all sizes) are a key political tool.

At the moment, the international community is about worthless: UN Security Council fails to reach consensus on condemnation of Hamas.  We hold the idea whoever swings the first punch is wrong.

Problematically, however, whoever swings first (or draws) enjoys a significant advantage in outcomes.

This is how old man Ure’s reaction speed is this morning. You can test yours over here and it’s very good to keep an eye on reaction speeds as you’re aging.  BTW, as a rough guide, young gunslingers hold an advantage the older their opponent is.  At that reaction speed page, if you look at the data, 84-year-olds can have reactions a full one second in length and be normal.

Reactions matter today because in MOUT (mobile operations in urban terrain) super-fast reactions are critical when clearing residences and so forth.  Where were we?  Oh yes….

As a result of Hamas throwing the first punch in this title rematch – and with a few prophecy sites around the web hinting at an existential war for Israel’s existence likely before the end of this year with postings in late Spring of this year, we would shade the odds about 60-40 that Israel would strike first but then everyone jumps in both nuclear as well as conventional. Summer in East Texas hits only the upper 70s next year in the onset of nuclear winter.  But it does end climate concerns for survivors…. Ki4U.com – and say high to Shane Connor for us…and absolutely watch his free video on YouTube. The Good News About Nuclear Destruction – Shane Connor. It is survivable.

Now, is our Gieger counter making sense, yet?

At the Front:

Fighting in Ukraine is now taking a back seat to the Gog-Magog table setting. Much as G.A. Stewart has been writing over on his site. In particular saying this weekend’s events were “no surprise to my readers.”

And tape off a few minutes to read Ominous Russian report on Israel: “Hamas has expanded its zone of control – Its strategy & objectives – How its forces are moving” (maps) and watch the related video.

After that, if you have a paywall key, let Russia’s Economy Is Increasingly Structured Around Its War in Ukraine – NYT sink in.  Russia is experiencing an economic stimulus from the Ukraine war…which we figured would be due.

Taiwan might pop as the third major front this week, too:  As I have told you many times, my consigliere has been whispering “After the World Games in China, not during.”  But since those wrapped up this weekend – Games-Taiwan, Japan, China win last golds in Hangzhou.  It  means China will be able to pivot their people right into backing a Taiwan move.

China wants to see how far they can bully Taiwan.  China Extends Taiwan Trade Probe, Taipei Cries Election Interference. This comes while a US delegation is visiting. A nice trip to China hasn’t improved one US senators behavior: US Senate Majority Leader Schumer criticizes China for not supporting Israel. Which plays well for him, maybe, since Schumer is Jewish, folks back home and all. But it wasn’t particularly smart, given China wants Taiwan, AND, China is very sensitive to “face.”  My point is Schumer criticized his host, which if you understand Asian culture, is not something you do.

How does all this tie up as Ure screaming “World War 3! Get ready!“???  An AP analysis on point was very good: Some in Congress want to cut Ukraine aid and boost Taiwan’s. But Taiwan sees its fate tied to Kyiv’s.

Related to Taiwan – since it’s likely down to president Xi’s timing call, now:  Biden approves emergency declaration for Guam in response to Bolaven | Guam News.  You DO know Bolaven expected to pass between Rota and Tinian | News | guampdn.com? But storm damage around the base where your opponent would have to respond from, may occur to Xi, as it has for us.

It’s OK, you’ll have more money for WW3, right?  Because we just know you’re going to win this week: No winner as Powerball jackpot soars to at least $1.55 billion.  (Don’t forget to tip the house 10%!)

You…lucky taxpayer…will be writing checks for a second MAJOR front, which as it speeds up will give China a further advantage taking Taiwan (next weekend or over the 10-10 Holiday in Asia?   How do we get Xi to hold onto Schumer for a while?

Double 10 is a very Big Deal:  Historically it commemorates the Wuchang Uprising of 1911 that overthrew the Chinese emperor and established a republican form of government.  It was not a clean end.  Still problems in China in 1926 when the Steve McQueen movie The Sand Pebbles (film) was set. So do a little reading on the Wuchang Uprising.

Impact of War on Markets

Our Houston Bureau reminds us to mention Brent, WTI prices jump after Hamas attack on Israel (cnbc.com).

The stock futures were down as we went to clicks today:

As you can see this only gets us back down to lower support If that breaks today then Wave 3 yellow scale will become obvious

We have to admit that the financial press doesn’t seem to have noticed that World War 3 is game on, expanding, resources in play. Missing this critical context is missing the good returns.

That’s OK with us: I told you this weekend I’d gone into the weekend in a  short position index fund. Nailing our entry Friday at $15.53, our position was trading as high as $15.88 in the pre-open, so maybe out around $16 and change later on? THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.  I’m an idiot playing the penny slots and compounding his returns with lots of small trades. I mention my addiction to “investing” and do own the domain name investorsanonymous.org, lol.

To Repeat: What I do is gambling which almost becomes a sure thing if you understand money management.  You knew that, right?

Passing on the Tape

Once again, I have been overlooked for a Nobel Prize.  Nobel economics prize goes to professor for advancing understanding of women’s labor market outcomes.  We will take a moment, though, to call out the “economics” profession for contributing to the global divide.  We’re not fans of gender nor race-based economics.  Because as soon as you begin to count and create data there will be some aspect of division in tow.  Which then fuels victimhood which leads to politicians working the topic – and in clouds of swirling confusion, American Equality has been replaced with the equity nonsense which this sure looks to be part of.

Lots of Drugs for ADHD.  You wouldn’t know it from reading the Drudge report headline: Warning over shortage of ADHD medication as patients reveal they have had to try dozens of pharmacies to get hold of tablets as charity compares impact to ‘removing a wheelchair from a disabled person’ | Daily Mail Online. In other words, this is a UK story.  Not news in America. Which then has us asking “Who’s running Drudge these days?” My guess is a foreign editor, as I infer a lot from story selection.

ATR: Old Men and their Motorcycles

Special Note for Reader Hank in Hawaii (HinH):  He posted a comment wanting one of those red baseball hats that says “Make Orwell Fiction Again.”

Subscriber MarkR to the rescue!  “HinH: $20 from https://makeorwellfictionagain.com/

That’s the proper ‘tude around here. Thoughtful, truthful, tasteful…

When the world’s going to shit and markets are ready to tank, it’s useful to find a story that remind us all of better times.  Such is He Raced This 114-Year-Old Motorcycle Cross-Country and Won on the Wall St. Journal site.

I’ve owned a number of bikes in my lifetime.  A 50 CC Suzuki was the learner bike.  After that came my rotary-valve Yamaha RD-350 Cafe racer.  From there (in 1974) it was on to my first brand new bike, a Honda (single) XL-350.  Which would later be raced up and down the taxiway at BCAC in Renton, where Jordan’s king Hussein rode it up and down the taxiway for a while.  (Was he a prince then; can I be that old?)

The last bike?  That was a Yamaha Virago 650 shaft-drive.

Point of all this?  A man’s life (if you’re an adventurer) is defined by our tools and our vehicles.   Someone who has never been underwater, flown their own plane a bit, and has owned at least one serious performance land vehicle has not really lived much of a life. 10+ years of liveaboard sailing, Beechcraft, and 930 cover some bases?

Life is for adventuring. As I point out in my book Packing to Die, it’s all about the memories, you get in Life. When we “level up” we bring what’s between our ears.  It’s what we’ve been living – shopping for!  And you can take it with you when comes to memories!

I’ve found it tremendously useful to remember that our “REAL job” in life is to go around collecting memories to take with us to (whatever is next).  People aren’t worth much if they don’t see the Whole of Life as a time to snag free adventures. E-Ticket Ride video, baby!

Such a thought – above all – is the finest reason there is to get out of bed early and get to the gathering.  We are only here every day until we’re not so it’s time to put “raw memory materials” in your head every day.

Which – I know you got a schedule and all – gets me to a read of Ted Simon’s book “Jupiter’s Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Triumph.” I interviewed him for our Sunday morning public affairs/news program at KMPS back in the day (1980-ish).  Grand fellow, Simon.  Lived a great story – one after the other through the entire book. Best part is it’s nonfiction.  Guy did it – ride about the world.

Others fit into the Global Bikerster mold.  Financial legend Jim Rogers did something similar. 22-months and 50-odd countries in “Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers.” A different set of rockers, for sure.

By the way, both of these have Audibles versions for around 6-7 bucks a throw.

Off to the chow hall.  A tough weekend of cutting up my drone-grabbing tree (which will never try that again!) has reminded me I need to keep my “boyish” figure.”  All this exercise lately is wreaking havoc with it.

I know you may think our call (*before this latest war front opened) for “markets halved by New Years may have sounded crazy.  But that was last week.

Write when you get rich,


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79 thoughts on “Evaluating WW3 – OM and Their M/Cs”

  1. I have the reaction time of a 73 year old and I am 80!

    I had an Andorid App once that worked as a Geiger counter with the only accessory being a piece of black tape over the camera lens. It really worked, I tested it on a sample I bought at a hamfest. I can’t remember the name, but evidently it is still a thing:


    Selling my ‘last’ last motorcycle, Yamaha TW200, too many carb troubles. Thinking of getting my last last last bike thing, a Honda Ruckus 50cc no driver’s license needed. because maybe: eyes.

    Give me a break:

    “Someone who has never been underwater, flown their own plane a bit, and has owned at least one serious performance land vehicle has not really lived much of a life.”

    • At 82, I have the reaction time and visual acuity of a 29-yr-old (thanks to cataract surgery a couple of years ago). Now if only my joints could keep up with the rest of me!

    • Ah yeah, 1200R bandit and a buck forty. all the dashed lines on the race course meld into a solid white line at that speed, even though the cameras would have you beleiving otherwise. Exhilerating experience. Of course I was doing 110 stories daily on the stairmaster back in those days. These days my speed is in HD and Indian flavors of two wheeled excitement.


    • Think Megasquirt!

      A DIY electronic fuel injection system that can be adapted to any spark ignition ICE! No more carburetor(s), just the throttle body butterfly. I’ve thought about this a lot, but never had the time to actually implement it on my older bikes. Four carburetors is just a lot of wrenching for little reward, and with modern “gas”, the carbs will crud up in no time.

      Of course, for local use, you could adapt an electric motor and control system and appreciate the quiet.

  2. “Stupid democrats seem anxious to give away spoils of conflict.”

    Living in Canada where we are not allowed to protect ourselves with guns, I am certainly not a student of firearms but……

    Looking at the videos of Hamas shooting innocent civilians in the streets yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice that they were using US M4’s of which I remember a gazillion or so were left behind in Afghanistan 2 years ago on the rapid withdrawal.

    • “Looking at the videos of Hamas shooting innocent civilians in the streets yesterday,”

      Know a woman who recently returned from that area, about a month ago. She told me about a 9 year old boy (who she saw) throw a rock at some Israeli soldiers who were on the streets. The soldiers shot and killed the kid as if he were a viscous dog.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right … and we all have (some) knowledge of what’s going on there. It’s very sad.

      • I always respect your posts here Bob but have to take issue with this one. This report from a woman returning from Israel if true is inexcusable and condemnable. Slaughtering hundreds of innocent women, children and seniors on video is hardly a wrong that makes it right.

        What has happened the past few days in the Middle East is a potential preview of what could and may well happen here with thousands of undocumented 18-30 old angry males entering across a wide open border every day.

        We are in deep shit.

        • I Don’t mean to cause issue with anyone. I be known this woman for about 4 years, neighbors daughter. Her father was Palestinian/American and a Christian. She was visiting family in Gaza at the time.

          She has told me some stories about her travels there but, nothing so heartbreaking before as that of the little boy, from this past trip. It was a relative.

          I agree, we are getting close to being in deep shit but that’s regardless of what I mentioned.

          Clif High wrote of a great diaspora from south to north, years ago.

          Kindest regards always, BIC.

        • G.A. STEWART: As I predicted Dick Allgire, of Remote Viewing fame, has come out and said that he saw it all.

          October 8, 2023
          Dick Allgire: Israel At War! It’s Started

          I left a comment on YouTube.com for Dick Allgire. I hope readers here will do the same. I clearly won The Challenge, and so I have thrown down against the click-bait bullshit artists. Yeah, Dick, there was a disturbance in the force.

          Not only two-months ago, but sixteen-years ago, I told everybody where. Actually, the worst is yet to come, and The Blow of Steel will be against the Palestinians. I have some things to wrap up, and then I will have more to say.

          Well, as I expected, my comment does not seem to have made it through…


    • “I couldn’t help but notice that they were using US M4’s:

      lol lol … I would never have noticed that at all.. one NUG ( aka gun) looks like another to me.. lol .. I wouldn’t have a clue..
      I hunt in the freezer section at the grocery store..
      I was asked by a Retired Ranger if I wanted one.. I had to say..seriously could you see me hurting anything at all.. it’s why I don’t raise my beef I have never seen it or petted it..if I did it would die fat and happy and of old age..lol lol
      he laughed and said that’s what he thought to but had to ask..

  3. I am trying to figure out what I would do with a geiger counter in the event things go “boom”. I guess it would tell if I needed to take my anti-radiation pills. Any other ideas?

    • With that model, Chris, you can contribute to the internet monitoring services/
      As long as there is a web up, small units like this which can be brought up as nodes – all over the country – will provide very useful NRT results as long as the web and comms are up.
      Might want to bookmap the general https://radiationnetwork.com/
      And more detailed which we will provide data to (when we get closer to flash time) is the mapping at https://www.gmcmap.com/

      • I was thinking more of being able to answer questions like, “If I stay here, are we going to die?” and “Can we go outside yet?” But yes, radiation mapping would be very useful–if communications support it.

        FWIW, I ordered the same model as George this morning. Still in stock now. Many models have hundreds sold with one $70 unit selling over 1,000. Guess I’m not the only one worried, but I still remember the panic on meters and dosimeters following Fukushima–the “out of stocks” lasted for months.

    • Chris,

      think on the Ground..UFO (s)

      You gonna look at it from far off with bino’s ? Of course.
      * Those vehicles seem to utilize Thorium (metallic radioactive chemical) in there outter shells/skins. When “energized” – some of those badboys give off tons O ionizing rads…

      Safety 1st !

  4. GU: Much as G.A. Stewart has been writing over on his site. In particular saying this weekend’s events were “no surprise to my readers.”

    I emailed Stu’s latest update to a few people yesterday. I only got one reply which was…

    “There really is something with you.”

      • saddly…sadly….
        my current have that very same tjought about me.. it’s like not having use of the hands..
        try not using your hands..the people today have grown up in a world of plenty. good jobs easy credit and plenty. they don’t have the historical experience. these other countries torn apart by war and disease .. it’s not in their historical past.. except for the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa that destroyed cities and pillaged communities got out politicians to defund the protection of millions..an administration and political hierarchy willing to sell out to other countries and oligarchs willing to stroke their greed..i believe all they did is hand over the keys to the kingdom

    • The word “wrong” is missing from the comment although I’m positive it was there. Strange. It “disappeared.”

      • When people tell me there is something wrong with me, my flippant reply is along the lines of:
        “Thank God I’m normal. It’s the rest of the world that is f##ked up”.

        Observing the cognitive dissonance of ‘normalcy bias’ is sometimes amusing… and sometimes really, really sad.

        • I had a cousin visiting our town this past weekend for a reunion. His wife mentioned a text she got reminding her about a Covid Jab opportunity coming up. I chewed my tongue into hamburger by not asking about it. They’re some of the very few I give a damn about and are some of the most “edumacated” ones I know. When TSHTF I’ve always told them they have a place here if they need it but I wonder if they’ll be around to take advantage of it.

    • JC welcome to the new 1%. 99% dont think like we do, and wont until the utilities seize up and or the bread and circuses are cancelled.

  5. George, I have been a loyal reader (although a rare commenter) of this site. I just want to say thanks to all the participants that make this so interesting. The majority seem to be mostly 50+ y.o. readers/commenters with a tremendous and diverse variety of life experiences. From the military point of view of the Major to the Walter Mittyesq life of Andy, with an occasional view into the inner workings of the leftist loon mind as presented by former commenter Mark from San Fransicko. This is my first go-to site every day.
    I’m 60+ and happily retired. What really breaks my heart is what I/We are leaving for our Grandchildren. A country that is almost completely devoid of it’s moral, ethical, and spiritual values. A country that is financially doomed by the utter corruption/decay at all levels. Although growing up in the 60’s and 70’s were never perfect like how Leave it to Beaver or Andy Griffith were portrayed, compared to todays hot mess, I’m glad that’s where I was placed. I’ll never stop fighting to make my grandchildren’s future the best possible. You kind of see the writing on the wall when you recount something in your life experiences that may help someone of the younger generation avoid a similar mistake only to hear the response “OK Boomer”. Thanks again everyone

    • The Township Police Chief happened by one of our voluntary HOA meetings[if you choose to join you get keys to the association beaches and club house]. The Chief mentioned that we are living in Mayberry and our community has no idea of the crime and hyjinx that go on outside of our little island community. One road in, water egress, and a connection to modern convienences when desired. I can also appreciate Mr. Ures choices of location in the land locked category. It’s a multiple choice test.


      Got Blockchain.

      • Same here. It took our local school board at least 6 months to OK having Narcan on both campuses in case of a Fentanyl OD. The most difficult thing to do is wake up those with any power at all to actually DO something proactive in the face of real possibilities. I hope they’ll never have to use it but at least there’s a fairly good chance they won’t lose someone, like my grandkid, in order to justify having it now. The last thing I want is a memorial plaque with someone’s name on it. Those kind of things really say “We were stupid and this is the result”.

  6. Watch for a story out of Israel about Israeli citizens being evacuated from areas surrounding Gaza for “security purposes”. I would see this as a move to get people out of the fall out zone. Because South Lebanon is next to the watershed of the Sea of Galilee nucs are more problematic. If the terrorists follow their past habit of gruesome
    execution of hostages I would expect things to go hot real fast. I also wonder if the Israelis would use a threat to destroy the middle east oil industry to control world reactions. You think the Saudis are between a rock and a hard place?

  7. I’m 77. Got 28 first time, 24 next time. Wife is 74, got 24 first time, and second time got “we are not sure you are an actual human”.
    We are preparing to sail our 42’ craft to the South in a few weeks.
    Mom, who lived to 102 always said, “don’t think old”.
    Better to burn out than fade away.
    That was fun. Better than reading about WAR

  8. “Iran”

    Yesterday we were told the attack was a complete surprise. An intelligence failure even. Today they might have the smoking gun and Iran’s fingerprints. Those are the good crime fighters.

    That lottery jackpot is around $1,550,000,000.00 yet take home will be less than half, “cash option worth $679.8 million”. Seems like a scam but who will care when they get over 1/2 billion.

    Soon the State will offer trillion dollar lotteries but take home is well, you know, $100 after the this and that’s.

    So much fake everywhere.

    • Pedo Joe will be taking a THIRD of that, thank you.


      Kids and extracting “Chrome” cost lots $$$$- and He is DEEP in the debt Hole – with another $100 billion for ukro nazi’s teed up and ready 4 all the kidback schemes.

      Wee, enriching ones self on the backs of the stupid shitz that is USA Pop is EASY!

      All the “piggies” /US citizens, soon be going to Market..weeeeee

      – and they wont be shopping.jss

    • From what I’ve read, I’m fairly sure this was another Pearl Harbor/9-11 type event in which large numbers of citizens were sacrificed to further a hidden agenda. In particular, two former Israeli military members posted videos claiming there is no way that Israel’s border fence could have been breached without the military’s knowledge before it happened. The sensors at the fence are so finely tuned that they can detect the approach of a cockroach (this may or may not have been an exaggeration, but you get the gist). It looks to me like the PTB, having failed to get Putin to fire the first nuke, allowed the Hamas strike to proceed so Israel will get that job done.

  9. “You…lucky taxpayer…will be writing checks ”

    Yesterday I went looking at new cars. A 2023 4-banger Camry is $32,xxx. A 2023 6-banger is over the 40K range.

    We’ve got some new wars to pay for. UAW raises. By 2025 a new Camry will be over 50K. Or if Israel insists on staying we may not have cars at all.

      • CX-5 is built to go 300K mi with recommended maintenance. Holding a car too long in a hyperinflation environment may not have pay out. The main issue is used car prices. My last trade I got almost as much for the trade-in as I paid new. Wait too long, and the trade price gets excessive.

        • A car thats paid for with clear title is worth it. Cars in that category are driven until they can no longer be repaired. Always as a backup to SHTF economically, they cant take it back.

        • Keeping the trade differential low is the way to maintain a relatively low mileage car with a clear title. Buying cars which have a track record for long life is the back-up plan.

    • My car was free 11 years ago and it’s a daily driver. It needed a couple of minor fixes, like engine mounts. I drive fast over the mountains regularly and have taken it across the country as recently as last Spring. This fall I needed to change a tire and buy a newer battery. Mileage so far 383K. I’ll keep driving her until something truly expensive breaks, and I’ll still keep her around for spares. I also have spare cars and trucks that I won’t register because of the cost of insurance. She’s 26 years old and still looks good on the road. We’ll have cars unless and until they come to destroy them.

      And no! I won’t eat bugs either!

        • Some’s 20, some’s 25, all’s 30, years, that is.

          Insurance on my 1970 Buick is $183/yr for PL/PD/Coll/Comp/Unin/Med — all zero deductible. I am limited to 3000 miles/year. Disconnection of its speedometer cable is a 10 second operation. I use GPS as a speedo, anyway…

    • Believe me there are still plenty of stupid people out there buying new cars that will supply the used car market for a little while yet.

      I keep pouring money into the diesel truck (still waiting for the mechanic to call and say it’s ready to pick up again) but at 230K miles it’s worth the money to keep going and it’s deductible. When I got the $6K bill for the front end steering, hubs and more this last time my reasoning was it was either that or pay between $14K and $18K for a new bag of tricks that needs probably much more done to it. Better to stick with the devil you know ….

      Doing the same with the Jeep as we fix everything the previous owner should have. I looked at the plugs last week. They’re supposed to be .050″ but look more like an inch. That’s one more thing I can do for myself rather than have a mechanic charge a couple of hundred for. Luckily the 3.8L in the Jeep has fairly well exposed plugs unlike the 5.4L Ford engines. Not getting into that until I get the truck back, though. The rear spare tire carrier is broken also and the new one should be in today or tomorrow.

      No matter what you do cars are like kids – they own YOU.

    • Blockchain? Considering that a take-down of the Internet is a possibility, my thinking is blockchain could go poof in blink. My question is: Got seeds, gardening knowledge, and gold? Oh, and ammo.

      • After party DBM, the after party.

        With that in mind says hear get you some Hedara Hash..its what the .mil cats be planning on using in the “rebuild/recovery”. destined to be one of the big main players in cyrpto post Kaboomies.

        Got some Blue Tarps ??

        • Re: “No Man is an Island” by Thomas Merton OCSO
          feat. OMmmm


          Thank you for hashing matters out. The website of the Hedara Governing Council reads in a somewhat reticent manner as to its founding five members. At least one appears to date its roots to the Japanese Meiji Restoration of 1868 and profited from government financing which enabled the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The Hedara Council’s current makeup of 25+ members now includes such stalwarts to the miners as Google and IBM. One can only imagine how the ones and the zeros will be assigned amongst the colossi versus Snow White’s seven dwarfs at the final wreckoning.

          Therefore let us admire the Emperor’s new money. The music has not yet stopped. Yes, DJ George is on deck wielding the chainsaw in Texas with wild abandon. Here we go, from Spellbound by Judy Collins-
          “Thomas Merton”.
          Maybe it will be on her setlist tonight at The Apex in Bury St. Edmunds?


          By the way, the bureau offers a curious Mandela Effect example about Judy Collins who was born the day before WW2 began?


          And speaking of BCN’s blue tarps, perhaps the “Guardians of Forever” became confused over the 1933 science fiction role in “Star Trek” of the other Collins? Has the Universe shifted tracks?


        • “Maybe it will be on her setlist tonight at The Apex in Bury St. Edmunds?”

          I hope she doesn’t influence Sade to go folksish…

      • consider that… to stop or stop the disastrous effects .. we to have to drop even if it is on the homefront. what is it called again .. why do you think monkey has been tracking the bombers criss crossing the usa.. to limit the devastation by dropping a minor devastation..
        you know..to stop the pain in the foot you smack your finger with a hammer so to speak.. block chain will be gone

        • cause he is an idiot ?

          transponders Loob, can be turned Off with flip of a switch, or click of a mouse..

        • So, you haven’t seen the cameras with the built in real-time satlink, that’re sprouting up all over the country. What’cha wanta bet they’re the only thing outside the U.S. Military that’s completely EMP-hardened? The government doesn’t need the Internet, or even Internet-2. They’ve got solar-powered people sniffers with facial and license plate recognition, real-time streaming A/V of everyone who crosses their lenses, and they’re gridding the cams nationwide. I wonder why…?

  10. Thinking out loud mark me down for the U.S. losing the Ford carrier strike group. The group is very expensive and sinking it will be loud enough to give Mr. Market a gut punch.

    A strike group is an old-world crown jewel. A strike group in 1945 was badass. Today’s Ukie conflict shows boats and planes are obsolete. (Luxury tanks are popped like beer cans.)

    The visual effect of showing a U.S. strike group being vaporized will be priceless to .gov. Losing the Ford carrier strike group will make 911 look like a toy.

    In terms of strategic advantage losing the group isn’t a big deal. The Ukies showed us autonomous air and sea drones are the new way. This is it for the strike groups. Effects.

    • But if the ships go down, just imagine the crowds in the streets jumping up and down like monkeys shouting “USA, USA, USA!”

      Oh, and yeah, signs with slogans like “America Strong.”

    • A fiat $ collapse will have the same affect on a carrier strike group or battle group, with a mulitplier, ALL fleet operations require JP-5 never mind the Newks can float around for decades before refueling, Jets and Helos arent so resilent, they drink JP-5. So do Abhrams Tanks.

      Got Strategic Petrolium Reserves? I pray the reports are fakery.

      File under the Rub[b]le of 1990’s USSR fame.

  11. “it should be clear from these contexts that supply chains of war materiel are being ramped up. As they do, the Islamists are threatening to gang up on (swarm) Israel. As early as before the end of this year.”

    my expectations were that when the ho signal was given it would start..first in one ..as we steam forward a second goes off..we send the keystone cops there and a third.. the separate the defense from the target..get the goal keeper away from the net then have the Puck driven home..in chess it’s the poison pawn trap..same scenas..
    my mistake was it would be Kim in NK.. as we depleting our defense resources get out troops away from the goal.. this leaves Taiwan, South Korea open they take the country that isn’t expecting a serious event to happen here..blm and antifa gave everyone a good idea just how fast this can be achieved.. of course they had help with political leaders in favor of their actions.. I sure don’t want to be anywhere near Delaware when this goes down..

  12. I was thinking more of being able to answer questions like, “If I stay here, are we going to die?” and “Can we go outside yet?” But yes, radiation mapping would be very useful–if communications support it.

    FWIW, I ordered the same model as George this morning. Still in stock now. Many models have hundreds sold with one $70 unit selling over 1,000. Guess I’m not the only one worried, but I still remember the panic on meters and dosimeters following Fukushima–the “out of stocks” lasted for months.

  13. Good old middle east where everyone hates each other to the last drop of blood.
    Looks like the Israeli mistake we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner.
    Last motorcycle I had was a 2002 Yamaha yzf250, amazing 4 stroke dirt bike with incredible suspension. That bike rode like it was on rails. Had to sell it on the advice of my neurosurgeon cause of 3 crushed discs in my neck, C5 6 and 7. I miss that bike.

  14. FWIIW went to Honda store this AM to buy a Honda 50cc Ruckus because I was tired of my Yamaha carb problems, and they couldn’t get the new one started for a test drive because the carb was clogged with 000.1 miles on the odometer.

    I took it as a sign, and left.

  15. I have an Israeli friend I have known for years. He reminds me that every citizen there knows they are a front line soldier in the survival of Israel. The hostages know that. If they cannot be rescued, they will be sacrificed in the destruction of Hamas.

    As for ‘the hats’… they also come in Blue, for those that feel the need for cranial protection from blue lasers from space. :-)

  16. “… with a few prophecy sites around the web hinting at an existential war for Israel’s existence likely before the end of this year… we would shade the odds about 60-40 that Israel would strike first but then everyone jumps in both nuclear as well as conventional.”

    Where consciousness and attention go… energy flows in that direction.

    Much of the human family seems hell-bent on having a great big World War Three. Holy books have made their claim to fame on this expectation. Ungodly fortunes of money have been made in eager anticipation of fomenting and sustaining war at all costs.

    And We the People? Either we have been conditioned into this by Dark State propaganda… or we have our own death wish down deep in our psyche. Either way, this puts the planet and the future of the entire human race in a fragile and vulnberable position that it has no good reason to be in. Ever hear of using your thoughts and mind and intention for useful purposes, eh humans? Or is that just too radical or hard a concept to comprehend?

    In many conflicts there are no ‘good’ sides. Everyone is dirty. And to encourage conflict among dirty sides is not the way to peace and prosperity. Or living true to our better human potential.

    Maybe there is a much larger agenda at play here. Way beyond politics and regional hatred. Maybe in fact the human race is demonstrating that it is in fact a failed experiment. The fact that we have not evolved our elevated our thinking beyond the lowest levels of base conflict and competition and hatred for all these centuries has shown that we have lost our worthiness as a species.

    Perhaps this is still a wrong turn in a much larger and longer and better story for humanity. But the record to this point is not promising. And despite all the good work and good intentions of the other part of the human family… it seems the Rotten Apples of the World are winning the battle to ruin Our Earthly Barrel into stinky fruit and render the Human Experiment a failure.

    The Almighty might not be a grandfatherly-looking figure in a flowing white robe looking down upon the Earth with discerning and piercing divine eyes. But ‘Itself’ might just in fact be a serious-looking-lab-technician-type Life Form who is currently looking at down the results of ‘It’s’ Earthly experiment… and shaking It’s head in disgust and disappointment.

    Time is running out. And there will be no Two-Minute-Warning or Overtime Periods if we keep playing The Game like this.

    • “But ‘Itself’ might just in fact be a serious-looking-lab-technician-type Life Form who is currently looking at down the results of ‘It’s’ Earthly experiment… and shaking It’s head in disgust and disappointment.”

      I have been wondering if life on Earth is just some space alien kid’s science/biology project gone haywire.

      • I’ve been wondering somewhat the same, except I’m picturing an advanced being of some sort playing a cosmic video game, where we humans are the pieces being sent smashing against each other until no one is left, and it’s game over. Then another game begins, with the same pieces, but in different positions and taking different trajectories. This corresponds to the reincarnation theory, where we play different roles, in different times, and wearing different costumes (i.e., bodies).

        After a certain number of scenes, corresponding to the vast time between civilization-ending cataclysms, the original video game is replaced with a different version, and the cycle begins again. But are humans as we know them still the game pieces, or will we escape the video game altogether, to be replaced by a new set of pieces? This is just a theory . . . maybe.

        • Tumbleweed: “… I’m picturing an advanced being of some sort playing a cosmic video game, where we humans are the pieces being sent smashing against each other until no one is left, and it’s game over. Then another game begins…”

          As humans we try to match unknowns and mysteries to something we already know. We use memory to try to define something that… is not within our memory. And that is risky to say the least.

          But our human minds can only operate at that level.. that is so say… until and unless we get out of our own thoughts and enter transcendent states of mind and experience that blow away everything we thought we knew.

          ‘Itself’ is Unknowable. It is vast and beyond comprehension. But ‘Itself’ has the most ultimate form of freedom and power that exists. Which means that if ‘Itself’ wants to play a game like you describe… ‘It’ can if so desired.

          Quantum physics provides an answer. Quantum physics instructs us that infinite potentials already exist simultaneously in the quantum realm from which all that exists springs forth. In other words, there is ‘nothing’ that ‘does not’ already exist – somewhere. Or said another way, everything exists at once.

          So to the question of whether Life and humans are part of a cosmic video game? The answer becomes: It IS! And, it is NOT! All at the same time. It is ‘both’ and ‘neither’ without contradiction.

  17. The controllers are RR’ing Iran.

    If Iran did the invasion that means they are ready for the Mother of all Battles.

    If Iran didn’t do the invasion that means they are being cornered and may attack to save themselves.

    “Regardless of whether Iran plotted and ordered the massive Hamas attack against Israel over the weekend, Tehran’s backing and support for the Palestinian militant group sends a clear and defiant message to Washington.

    The U.S. has yet to confirm a direct involvement from Tehran in the operation, but officials acknowledge Iranians are indirectly complicit in training, funding and supporting Hamas.”


  18. I read somewhere that there are over 200 lawsuits against the United States from family members of injured or dead military personnel who were injured interacting with radioactive UFOs. Don’t knock on one if it lands on your property.

  19. re: the halmos
    feat. not the west wing surely


    Tasnim News, a subsidiary of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps overseeing Iran’s military-industrial complex, published an interesting report on Monday. It alleges that Hamas weapons and intelligence used in the weekend attack were sourced in no small part from complicity of the Israeli military. Apparently one is led to believe that money and drugs greased needy palms within Israeli facilities around Gaza for the terrorists’ purposes.


    Or should that be 000?

  20. “In Lebanon, which we expect to become the second front in this conflict (since it is already), the link-up between Hamas and Hezbollah means greater military coordination is evolving on the Islamist’s side. Hezbollah Issues Threat to Israel, US as Hamas War Escalates.”

    Hamas and Hezbollah are both clandestine arms of the Iranian Republican Guard. They get virtually all their funding from Iran, and do the bidding of the Ayatollahs. There were ~4500 known Hezbollah and around 2200 Hamas operatives in CONUS, 21 YEARS AGO — y’know, back before the border rush began. They have training camps here — one outside Tucson that I saw aerial recon photos of, several others in Aridzona and one in Montana… and that was in 2002! Literally, God only knows what they have in the U.S. and Canada, now.

  21. “the U.S. has dispatched elements of naval forces. Which is almost ironic, Being Fleet Week: More than 123K displaced in Gaza after attack, UN says; US sending warships, ammunition to Israel.”

    So, since we’re essentially out of ammo because we’ve been pissing it away in Ukraine, exactly how many bullets are we going to buy from the Chinese to ship to Israel…?

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