Emergency “Click Prepping”

OK, let’s say – just for the halibut – that we wake up some morning like tomorrow – and our worst fears all show up.  What is our immediate reaction?  Got “salvation” preset to roll in one click?

Years ago, we talked about how fire departments operated in the “old days.”  This was before databases – and even VLSI’s come to think of it…  For every call that came in, there was a “running card.”

Every home, building, office –  you name it – in the city had a running card.  Building inspections and assessments of fire risks were all pre-annotated.  If there’s smoke, send a first response of units X, Y, and Z.  If flames were visible, send in a chief, two more engine companies, and a ladder truck.  First alarm right up through a 3-11 (3rd alarm).

Saved tons of time, prevented errors and indecisions.  Yet, in an even more complex “battlefield of corporate earth” does anyone really have this kind of programmatic response pre-tailored and ready to rock and roll?

In how many clicks?

Our topic this morning after a few headlines and the soaring charts…

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31 thoughts on “Emergency “Click Prepping””

  1. Timely subject to be reviewing at this late date Kemosabe, no?

    Anyone reading Ure brilliant prose this AM, should realize “its too late to shut the barn door, as all the Horses have already beat hooves outta there” = the great reset of nazi claus schwab ie the falsie virus..falsie trojan horse bio-weapon is loose.
    Carrol even wrote a clever poem regards dr death back in the looking glass days..The Jaberwock!
    Can U recall the words ? Imagine you wield a Vorpal Blade, as U swing it towards tony’s neckless juncture tween shoulders&head..”SNICKER SNACK!”
    ..the headless dr jaberwock dripping black goo, shuffles off carrying its severed head.

    Great DIS – EASE to Humanity from the Jaberwock.

    The alternative view of our collective future, the held by claus squab & company …
    With enough support and without enough people standing up against today’s “big lie,” it may very well reach a point where we find ourselves in a fully-operative “totalitarian” reality (we are actually already 90% there), where many will already have succumbed by way of death and incapacitating illness (via the Fauci Trojan horse bio-weapon [„vaccine”] and the unwarranted and criminal mass “testing” of healthy people [via harmful material in test swabs]) and where the remaining will be turned into “biometric slaves” (through ongoing, regularly scheduled forced injections of gene-altering chemicals).-LRockwell

    Its a nice try, but ultimately doomed to failure as the date 2-22-2022 approaches. No big deal – just another set semi random numbers..2+22+20+22=12, 1+2=3
    – Smile, and just “wave” at numbers as they pass bi.

  2. From my October 4, 2021 Post:

    The Games of Slaughter Prophecy turned out to be COVID-19 that bridged the 2020 to 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics; so prophecies of Doom and Gloom slip subtly by and it is death by a thousand-cuts. We are basically down to Global Economic Collapse and war.

    There are four Western ally aircraft carrier task forces in the South China Sea at the moment, a certain indicator of approaching war.

    Consider what I wrote two-weeks ago regarding Nostradamus’ Games of Slaughter. Was he actually referring to the 2022 Winter Olympics, or the last 3-years of Olympics in their entirety from the COVID-19 outbreak, when the war really went kinetic, right up to the Beijing Olympics when they might move on Taiwan?

    One last Nostradamus indicator remains; when Queen Elizabeth dies watch out.

    As someone who knows all about readiness, be very afraid.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

    • So, is the next set of Olympics in China the wrap-up for the Games of Slaughter? I suspect that the answer is YES.

      As for Queen Elizabeth, she’s been making frequent trips to the hospital and is now using a cane. It won’t be long and that old lizard will become a fresh fossil. Not long at all.

  3. I spend a fair amount of time thinking about ‘what-ifs’. When it comes to the big stuff like nuke wars and asteroid strikes…well, I don’t worry about that much. “Die in Place” is my strategy for that.

    We live in an area of big, destructive storms and we have a shelter. If a big blow comes through and wipes out our home and supplies and we survive…well, that’s what insurance is for.

    For everything else, I start with asking myself if for some reason we couldn’t go to the store for a month or more, there was no electricity/no internet or a similar scenario what would we do? Working backwards from that, I’ve planned and gathered resources for that type of scenario.

    I hold firmly to the belief that if we woke up some morning to some national/international doom that surviving the first week or so is a good goal to have. My personal opinion is if that said scenario did arrive 95% of the population would rush out into the street and die on the spot while clutching their hoarded toilet paper. You’ve seen people’s reaction to covid and that was largely imaginary. You don’t want to be near or associate with those idiots. Often the greatest threat in times of trouble are your fellow human beings. Woe unto those that live in large cities. We’ve all seen the animal-like outcomes of those ‘Midnight Madness’ sales at department stores. Imagine that on a city-wide scale. Avoid the chimp-out or your chances of survival are greatly diminished.

    Stay calm and stay home. Stay low profile, keep an eye on your immediate area and keep your firearm(s) of choice close at hand and strategically placed around your property.

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

  4. Just a comment from a former Nuclear Emergency Planner – all the great, well thought out plans in the world won’t help if they are not implemented. Both the 3-Mile Island and Chernobyl plants had clear procedures that, if followed, would have prevented the disasters. The actions called for in both for were consequential and costly, but would have prevented the disasters. Due to the inherent ‘normalcy bias’ that all humans are prone to, the necessary actions were not implemented because the operators thought if they waited ‘just a little longer’ things would turn around. By the time they realized that wasn’t going to happen, it was too late.
    The “lesson learned'” here is that any emergency procedure requires clear unambiguous ‘triggers’ for major actions. If the criteria is met, implement the required actions, even if you think things might soon turn around. The time to decide how far to let things go is before the event when you can consider the consequences in a non-emotional environment.

    • Yup…. when the aircraft stalls into a spin, one does not ‘wait for it to recover’. Immediate action is required. And hope that action was soon enough… and you have enough altitude.

  5. Not to add to the theme of the day, but:

    China carries out first successful test of underwater explosives that could destroy US ports after launching ‘satellite-crushing’ weapon and hypersonic missile

    China has carried out its first-ever demolition of a port using underwater explosives, a tactic that state media said could be used against the US in the event of a war.


  6. Here we are, quickly approaching where the road ends and the driving gets seriously off road. Tax on ungained profits which will throw many out of their homes. An economy which is quickly turning into a controlled soviet style economy with equals and More than equals. And a planned demolition of what is left of constitutional rights. Prepping at this point maybe too little too late.

  7. “Emergency “Click Prepping” ”

    Do you mean like setting up a DoD hard drive eraser to obliterate sensitive data and attaching a thermite bomb on the drive with a self-contained power supply such that upon batchfile termination or any tampering, the thermite incinerates the drive? Perhaps then setting it up as a “one-click” icon on a Win95 (or OS/2) screen?

    Naw, never done that…

      • The best I’ve found on this side of the screen is “Eraser” and my preference is for v5.3. Written by a Danish school kid ~25 years ago, who released it as PGP-signed freeware, it is fast, will do an assortment of DoD wipes and an unattended 35-pass Gutmann, will run on anything from Win3.1 (Win32s) to Win11-64, and I trust it to function as it should, and without creating a security leak.

        I have not found a use for it since quitting the computer biz. However, like PGP and other tools, it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it after the last ftp archive is purged…


  8. The other day I mentioned the Potemkin shelves in the pharmacy section at the regional supercenter.

    I went to Big W on a recon and same thing. Vitamin shelves are made to look full but the slots are filled with the same four/five types of vitamins. Also, no protein powders. Note: these stores carry different brands but perhaps there is only one manufacturer/distributor.

    They’re doing the same thing in other aisles. I noticed the liquor shelves now have beer at one end. The stock is being shoved down (condensed) and other bulk items are being slipped into the open spots.

    Maybe I’ll get a pic as they are worth 1,000 words.

    I’m starting to wonder if preparing for a sit-down is the way to go. I think it was Einstein who explained he had some long dead relatives who were forced to “wander in the wilderness” for some period of time.

  9. “The instant you hear about anything going on with Taiwan, you can click here to select from an assortment of webcams around the island.”

    BTDT. There are a number of webcams in China, too. The harbor cams on Matsu could be best, ‘cept none are aimed at the mainland or even have a decent elevation. Funny thing about the region’s cams though: There are NONE across from the bottom half of Formosa, and none in Taiwan which show the southwestern-most 40% of the island.

  10. “Use the Password Haystack at Gibson Research to check how easy (or hard) a proposed password is!

    Our passwords (which are coded to vendors in order to have traceability in event of a hack) typically are this hard to break”

    I use the GRC password generator, paste a generated p/w into a text editor, then add vendor-specific coding (then often lop characters out of the result because some sites force 8-16 character passwords and have character or syntax restrictions.) My preference is for minimum 24 characters and the entire IBM 256 character CP-437 ( https://www.ascii-codes.com/ ) extended ASCII characterset…

  11. As I told you many years ago, my planning is for a Carrington Event because prepper-planning for an EMP pretty much automagically encompasses preps for every other survivable natural or artificial scenario.

    One thing I WILL mention: Last week I took the opportunity to order a new pair of prescription arc-flash glasses from RX-Safety ( rx-safety.com ).


    They are sold as protective eyewear for use in a shop where arc-welding flashes may occur, or for electricians who might be exposed to a short-circuit flash.


    This seems to me to be a prudent precaution against a low-altitude or ground-burst “sun” popping up in my FoV. RX-Safety is one of few places who sell this device and since I’m still on their client list, I went ahead and pulled the trigger with them. FWIW the cost was roughly double the pair I bought 10 years ago. Still, it’s cheap insurance against trying to survive the aftermath of an atomic blast without the benefit of eyesight.

  12. “It” will arrive unexpectedly if not suddenly. (“It” usually does..)
    Ask yourself RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, “Am I prepared to a useful and reasonable level RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT?”)

    What you HAVE at that moment will be all you WILL have available. Plans and intentions won’t count for Jack shit.

    Next time we have a big storm (or something) and the lights, internet, and cable TeeVee are all suddenly OFF, grok the feeling in your crotch, and how you feel about your level of readiness at that incipient moment. Take notes, mental or actually written about what you forgot. When (…if…) it all comes back after the storm (or whatever) passes, you’ll know better what you need to do. (Assuming “IT” is just a passing inconvenience, and things DO come back.)

    Last time this happened here, we learned some New Stuff. And I’m quite sure if “it” happened RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT I’d STILL have forgotten or overlooked something.

    I been doing this — E-Prep — for decades, and I still get surprised every single time the larger system of systems pops a gut..

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. (Micro-SOP: no tuning around. Spot exactly on-channel, and wait out any QRM. Call NOT on the hour — everybody does that. Call on the fifteen or the forty-five. Wait patiently if the channel is busy. Don’t call a hundred times — either someone is there or not. Call once. Something stupid and unimportant-sounding like, “Anybody there?” Try again at next slot-time. Recognition is: “Everything’s a business model,” but do NOT call any special attention to it AS a recognition. Just work it into the conversation in a natural unselfconscious manner. We’ll all Know.)
    Maybe we’ll hold a snap drill with no warning one day. (Hint: That WAS your warning.) See who, if anybody, shows up.

  13. Covid
    Am I overreaching?

    Covid, Wuhan Flu, for most people is benign, a non-event with deaths rates around 0.2%. If you’re 80, fat or have other serious health issues it can definitely be a problem. But not for most people.

    Yet, it is portrayed as the end of the world. Dam, even little kids are being required to get vaccinated when the young especially student age have problems with it.

    Am I seeing the same techniques and control strategies regarding the January 6th Capitol event? The Covid approach used in another development.

    See, : “The January 6 Insurrection Hoax”, Roger Kimball, Imprimis, September 2021 • Volume 50, Number 9.


    I don’t downplay the event but I keep seeing the same type of media and government approaches as for Covid.

  14. George last month we had to buy a new washing machine. We went to our local big box and the sales staff was great. They said buying a washing machine is like the old days: We have fifty washers on display but the warehouse has 180 of this model and can guarantee delivery tomorrow, 168 of that higher end model available this week. Everything else is going to take time. How much time? Try next week, next month, even longer, it’s a mystery! If you can keep your clothes clean for however long it takes maybe you can take delivery by Thanksgiving. Honestly, I loved the attitude and they understood their customer. I don’t think the “do your laundry by Thanksgiving” pitch would close every deal.

    We bought the “immediate delivery” washer and are very satisfied with it. Note that availability and delivery were our “buying criteria” not funky features like smartphone connectivity or delayed start or programmable temperature settings. I think as supply chains are under stress that’s the way of the future for all types of purchases.

  15. Huh!

    I’ve been getting Imprimis for so long I haven’t bothered to check to see if they had it online…

  16. RE: Digital Backups. I recently responded to a web ad and picked up an 8TB Solid State Digital Drive for $80. I remember visiting Japan back in the 90’s and seeing a 1 Terabyte system for a digital telescope that was ten racks of hard drives humming along! Anyway this new toy is the size of four cigarettes side by side with a USB connection. It mounts on my Mac as four 2TB drives. Only drawback is the USB connection which slows it down. But if you’ve got the time, you can back up the entire computer system with proper backup software, and you can also save target files separately. Unbelieveable small portable storage

    • Tech is still sketchy — I suggest you don’t archive stuff on it you can’t afford to lose (just in case.)*

      * Then again, I’m kind of “That multiple, redundant backups guy” your first computer instructor warned you about…”

      • For personal electronic data, I have come to realize that there is nothing I really have to maintain archives for that I can’t live without.
        For paper records, financial and tax record archives are mandatory.

  17. This pretty much sums our country right now! Don’t be fooled by the messenger of this clip. In fact, this past weekends show was spot on and about as middle of the road and balanced as I have ever seen on this show.

    • “about as middle of the road and balanced as I have ever seen on this show.

      You are right.. that is about as middle of the road as you will ever see or hear Bill..He is so anti conservatism that is is amazing.. because it is the very same conservatism that helped him and lifted him up into the top tiers of the economic spectrum..
      what I find funny is he talks about all the people wishing others death.. In all my years I have only heard one person do that.. and he was a refugee in the USA looking to make enough money to buy twelve wives.. and the two that he was wishing death to was my friend and myself.. the reason.. we let women tell us what to do.. ( just like the first mate of Adam.. except my opinion is don’t go away Lilith come here you cowgirl.Big Daddys ready to give you a ride LOL ye haw.. LOL LOL LOL )
      What he should have said.. Is people and employees only want to see a little respect.. a little do unto others as you would have them do unto you.. Everyone knows that you need the social class differences.. you always have you always will.. I don’t know anyone that hates anyone because of their success.. ( maybe in California but not here in the heartland) Where the frustration is.. is the stark differences in the economic separation.. the have’s and the have nots.. before Greed took hold and became the way.. you had those that needed.. and people were willing to give a helping hand.. that was the sole purpose of the good samaritan laws.. give a guy or girl a hand up.. not a hand out.. then after deregulation and outsourcing of industry.. People had been forced to abandon the adult presence of their children.. watch their children loose a purpose.. forced into having to seek the social programs for existance that was once only for the destitute..
      the lack of respect from those that they helped gain the status that they have.. the don’t tell me hello until you are in the eighty grand a week income bracket ones that have little or no respect for anyone below their station in society.. That is all anyone wants .. and you can’t blame Trump.. heck trump was the first one that one reporter had ever seen that went around and asked the opinion’s of those serving and making his inauguration party a success.. visiting with them as if they were dignitaries from another country.. He excused himself and called a housekeeper by name as he went by her working.. his employees all feel that he is accessible to him if they have an issue.. People complained about his bragging and narcissist’s nature Now look what we have.. my god that I am sure is making all the past ancestors twirling in their graves.. It is going to be a LONG LONG four years..I hope america can survive.
      Unfortunately he is to old to run again.. but I would vote for him this time around.. I didn’t the time he was elected. I wanted someone like Rand Paul to get the position.. He was suppose to be one of the most honest presidents in office.. I think he is riding right up there as one of the most corrupt. but then we won’t know.. they will cover it over with frosting..
      What is needed is the return to the fifteen percent between economic classes.. go ahead show those that help keep you aloft above the clouds a little respect.. comapanies that do do that.. have a very low turnover.. and it doesn’t have a thing to do with wages..but Attitude..Respect.. become genuinely human in nature.. there are so many studies and reports etc on it.. that have been done through the past thousand years.. its amazing that it is the one thing that is overlooked once Greed sets in..
      I realize that this isn’t an academic study.. but it is about one of the best examples..
      Now I have nothing.. I am at the other side of the economic social class.. I still find ways to lend a hand up.. what I get is the feeling of true accomplishment and the look in the face of someone that you truly have helped.. DJT has been at the bottom more times before he made it.. I wonder if that is why he makes sure that those that work for him know hes the boss.. but that he has their backs in the event of a struggle beyond their control.. he has sent his private jets so a child could get the needed medical care.. paid the bill.. gave the family help.. he has purchased homes for some that have given their all..
      His successor has what…..

    • Yup, the middle of the road, the medium, the norm, the majority. With borrow ditches on the left and the right. Radical lib tards left and rinos on the right side. When the creatures of the night try to claim the middle of the road, you get “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road”


      The majority of legal voters voted Trump, We are the medium, we be truck drivers. Creatures of the ditches best stay in their safety zones. You gave US migrant caravans and BLM/ANTIFA riots and then tell us not to hate. Your actions do not match your words. What am I to believe, your sweet words or your backstabbing actions. It is to little to late, NCSWIC
      You wanted change you can believe in, you wanted build back better, careful of what you wish for, KARMA will bite you, don’t claim what is not yours.
      How is Durham doing, how is Brnovich the AZ Attorney General doing? Wheels of justice creeping along like a D9 Cat, right down the MIDDLE of the road
      Enjoy the day Mark. Thank you, you gave me a good chuckle this morning.
      Did you see that mueller van in the ditch? Is that Sussman climbing out of the wreckage, is Hillary still in there? Huma? Baker, what’s that Baker, the hell ya say, flip or get your assets burned, is the goose cooked? Did the oven timer go off, timing is everything : )

  18. Comrades,

    The BBC just published a report about widespread diesel fuel shortages in China that has impacted the trucking industry with rationing and negative knock-ons to the domestic Chinese consumption supply chain. The report goes on to outline concerns that the disruptions could dampen shopper enthusiasm on China’s upcoming biggest cyber-shopping day of the year, 11/11. One imagines the CCP will heave a Xi of relief if dealers can throw “big numbers, Vanna”, before the curtain call on the ballerina balancing act.

  19. loob, it’s what his successor does NOT have; multiple criminal and civil charges (which he can no longer use the Oval office to hide from):


    Of course from many of your previous posts it’s easy to see why you like a bragging narcissist who dates a porn star (while married), rapes and grabs them by the kitty, etc, you identify with Herbert the Pervert from The Family Guy, think he is so cool and funny, no wonder you blindly adulate your Big Don Daddy.

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