Elections on the Titanic

Are You Pulling My Lever?

Mostly useless crap in the headlines today.  We will be interested to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show today because word is president Trump will be doing a Town Hall.

Trump was on Hannity Thursday.  As usual, the press doesn’t go over his content, or bother reporting his views.  Like “Pence and the Fly” the Trump Hate Media (THM monetizing the TDS crowd) focused on a presidential cough.

The good news of such pseudo-coverage?  (When CNN does a story and quotes the Washington Post, the term “circle-jerk” jumps to mind…)  There’s a hell of a rebranding opportunity here for CNN recast its old image (The Clinton News Network) to something more relevant today:  The Covid (or Cough) News Network!

The polls say the Supreme Court Stackers will win.  The “street’s not too sure.”

Here in Texas, we expect resolution today as Legal battle over mail-in drop off locations in Texas wound into last night.  This is a state where the Texas Supreme Court rules major county can’t mail ballot applications to all voters.

The way we figure it, mailing a ballot to everyone just encourages lazy people to vote.

And are lazy people (who don’t have their “head in the game” far enough to even get a ballot without the Nanny State) the ones you want to have picking Biden-Harris your leaders?

D.C. Centralism

Speaking of the Court Stackers and their allies, we also don’t think the world revolves around Washington D.C.  In our “modest and humble” giving the place Statehood would essentially given bureaucrats there more than one vote each.

The way we figure it is many in the District of Corruption already have a “super-vote.” In that they make public policy decisions impacting all areas of our lives (even where government has no business).  But, to let them keep swamphood AND toss in a vote…OMG – insanity!

Weathering Washington’s Ego

Washington’s grotesquely oversized ego even extends to the weather.  See the WaPo’s Delta’s remnants could dump up to three inches of rain on Washington from Sunday into Monday.  Storm’s not even ashore, yet, for crying out loud.

See what I mean?  It’s ALL ABOUT WASHINGTON.  Even though the storm has NOT even landed in Louisiana, yet.  And then before we get to the Washington-centric media hub, there’s the matter of Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Virginias and maybe North Carolina.  Obviously, they don’t count.

But, it’s ALL ABOUT WHO? FMTT.  Never stops, does it?

Clear-Headed Jas on NeanderPop

My buddy, and ex-Crisco DSP PhD. Jas Jain dropped me a note that lays out some data (data being what he does, right?) that hasn’t gotten enough coverage or attention:

“Amazing Covid-19 Research: South Asians Are Most at Risk Followed by Europeans; East Asians Least at Risk  “Risk of Severe Coronavirus Linked to Neanderthal Genes From 60,000 Years Ago

“Around 50 percent of the people in South Asia and 16 percent of people in Europe now carry this length of DNA, which scientists have now linked to the most severe form of COVID-19.

According to the new research, those who have this genetic inheritance are three times more likely to require mechanical ventilation once they contract the virus, explains evolutionary anthropologist Hugo Zeberg from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany.”

It partly, only partly!, explains why East Asians are smarter than Europeans and South Asians are lot dumber. There is little doubt that East Asians will write the rules as to how the world operates in the decades to come.

I had suspected something like this but had no idea why. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese scientists knew this….”

To be sure, this was covered in a few non-US media last week.  See Having Neanderthal genes could make you more at risk, for example.  But where are the Neander’s?  Oops! “Move along mush-headed citizen…”

Don’t worry, though: With Biden safely in office, we can safely predict anyone calling “CV-19 a possible Chinese bioweapon” will be quickly judged guilty of a hate crime. Sentenced to demo-speak re-education camp.   Thus, we see the Chinese Century will be distinctly unopposed by a shrinking “NeanderPop.”  Damn uppity apes, we are, huh?  But just look around you for proof..

We’ve all gone bananas, right?

Addicted to Paper – Making Up Money

Bananas for paper!  Yeah, babe…that’s  the kind of gubmint we’ve got! How much?  How fast is the Road to Perdition being paved?

Whee!~  I keep looking to Ben Bernanke’s blog for guidance.  To no avail, for almost a year, now.

Banker Brains

The American Problem is the bankers are not sure what they’re doing.  Take for example what this Richmond Fed article says:

Since 1977, the Federal Reserve has operated under a mandate from Congress to “promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long term interest rates” — what is now commonly referred to as the Fed’s “dual mandate.”

Let me help with some basic remediation:  Count along at home – check my work.  1 goal is max employment.  Check.  2 is stable prices, check.  3. is moderate long term rates.  Now comes the remedial part:

Ure’s point this morning?  We have a whole nation full of (sorry to be blunt here) “shit for brains” people. Unable to question the patently OBVIOUS.   There are THREE GOALS in Fed policy.  Yet the “dual mandate” swill is endlessly repeated, articulated by the loftiest of leaders and advanced academics. WTFAY?

WORDS MEAN SOMETHING.  Duale means how many?  If you are not precise in your thinking, shit crashes.  If you don’t believe me?  Hang around for a while.

Vitriolic Friday Nastygram

Nutty Nancy strikes again.  Sure, we read where 25th Amendment: Pelosi pushes new bill to determine whether Trump is capable of serving as President.  But, are we the only ones to figure out that you-know-who would never sign it and there’s nowhere near the public support for an over-ride?  (Who are these people?)

You know most pilots are logical, right?  Smart, well-trained, sober…and so as a result, that means cockpit conversation (when you’re above ‘sterile cockpit’ altitude) tends to be centrist to conservative.  Then again, as a pilot and former airline jump-seating VP, I just happen to know this stuff.  Still, it’s useful background when you read other stories like Pelosi says no to standalone airline relief bill, as workers and their families say they ‘just need help now’.  Like Pappy always told me:  “Democrats are always willing to help.  Themselves.”

It’s OK, we had some choice family sayings about republicans, too.  Just Uncle Stanley’s dog wasn’t trained to “go off” at the mention of republicans.  “Happy! He’s a democrat!!”  Where-upon 80 pounds of collie promptly went into ferocious mode…

A Special Note to Reader BAB

A reader/commenter was commenting on use of plain old natural Sun (eyes closed) to help wet age related macular degeneration.  I offered some ideas, but I forgot a terribly important comment and it’s one SO important that I wanted to put it up here.

There are two pretty-good “screen managers” out there which you can install on most computers.  One is called I.R.I.S. and the other is f.Lux.  I am of the opinion (though this is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE) that  anyone who uses a computer should get either, install, and manage the spectral inputs to their eyes.

In a nutshell, LEDs in displays can be driven hard enough (high brightness) that their UV (ultraviolet) content increases significantly.  When it does, it can damage both the back of the eye and prolonged exposure to UV can cause cataracts and plenty of other issues.

Since seeing is a “useful” ability, installing either of these two programs can give you a way to “throttle down the high blue off to ultraviolet.”  In  IRIS, there is a “health” setting which can be used as a starting point.  In f.Lux, there is a setting I use called Himalayan Salt Lamp that I use most of the time when writing.

IRIS or f.Lux is strongly recommended if you spend any appreciable time on a computer.  Makes “turning the brain” off at the end of the day, easier, too.  Bright light and high levels of excitability are linked.  Bright light, fast reaction times, and a fourth double-shot Americano tall will drive the ticker into PVCs, too, lol.

Free! From Old Man Labs

As long as we’re talking LED displays, something else to mention just so the idea is in the public domain.

I’m  sure you’re aware of the work being done at MIT where they have found that flickering lights at 40 Hz excites the brain in a particular way that seems to roll-back aspects of Alzheimer’s.  If you’re not up to speed on this, click over here and join the leading edge.

Critical Personal Action Point Recommended!  Do NOT buy any computer monitor or display that has a refresh rate of less than 60 Hz.

That’s because (sooner or later) either IRIS or f.Lux – both of which have marvelous control over the graphics card outputs – will figure that they can set the frame rate down into the Alzheimer’s treatment 40Hz rate.

I am taking the exceptional move this morning of a) putting my thinking into the public domain – so as many people as possible can benefit from a 40 Hz frame rate on their monitors.  And b) so you don’t piss away money on a big – BUT CHEAP monitor!  Cheap monitors have refresh rates of only 30 Hz.  So they can’t be driven at a 40-frame rate.

Are you following?  Think of monitors like cars: You can easily step on the brakes of a high-performance car to slow it down to a desired speed.  BUT a terribly under-powered car?  One that will only ever go at moped speeds (30 MPH) will never hit 40 MPH.  Change the units to Hz of frame rates from MPH and it will all make sense.

Lab Works In Process

Yes, the crazy thinking style that got us into red light therapy with the Light Crown project being described several years back on the Peoplenomics side, MAY BE about to lay another “big one” on subscribers next week.

I call it TAD – a Telepathy Assistive Device.  The theory is a spin off the Faster Than LIght technology that we disclosed in our discussions of the DIRAC transceivers (and explaining how those work…well, except for the multi-channel version which we don’t want to even talk about openly…).

We’ll see how the testing goes.  Even without results, it’s a fascinating tale of history, research, and how much has been lost on us knuckle-dragging semi-upright hominids.

Tomorrow on Peoplenomics, we answer a very interesting question posed by a reader:  Can  You Beat the Algo’s trading?

Off for the planned “ultimate Friday breakfast.”  Leftover scalloped potatoes and ham with a couple of over-easy eggs.  Yum!~  (Say, this being almosty 72-stuff ain’t so bad, once you get some of the hacks sorted out!)

Write when you get rich,


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75 thoughts on “Elections on the Titanic”

  1. RE: Covid and genetic variables – the Neanderthal theory has some circumstantial scientific support regarding folks from Africa, who are not getting hit as hard by the virus. Could be several reasons, chief among them sunshine, which generates more vitamin D when sunlight interacts with human skin, or genetics – a majority of folks from central and south Africa lack most or all Neanderthal genes. As an aside, my M.D. nephew and I were talking about pandemics in general, and he made the comment that pandemic survival and associated vaccinations are essentially gene splicing activities, attacking/patching code vulnerabilities inherent in our human genome.

    • 2012 research paper showed that the areas in Africa hardest hit by Ebola (one of over 60 known coronaviruses) are also the areas with a soil deficiency in Selenium. A serum Selenium level as low as 200 mcg per liter equated to a near zero incidence of Ebola.

      Much of southern Asia is likewise deficient, whereas northern areas tend to be much higher.

      Interestingly, a recently published study correlated vitamin D3 levels with covid19 hospitalizations and found that the lower the levels, the more severe the infections, to the point that levels above ~50 ng/ml translated into near total immunity.

      Check out the report at orthomolecular.org and search for “How we can fix this pandemic in a month”

      For those still putting their hope/trust in vaccines, consider that 60+% of all seasonal flu cases, and look at how long big pharma has supposedly been trying to find a cure.
      Remember the old saying, “A patient cured is a customer lost”.

      • Edit: “consider that 60+% of all seasonal flu cases”
        Should read “consider that 60+% of all seasonal flu cases are caused by a coronavirus”

    • This is interesting. When SARS-COV2 first appeared on the scene, the claim was that the lungs in East Asian males contained the highest number of ACE-2 receptors, and that’s why the infection rate was so high. Now we have the Neanderthal theory, arguing that East Asians have the lowest infectivity. Something’s not right here, unless there was a switch thrown in this bioweapon – either naturally through evolution or after a certain number of divisions or passages through hosts.

      The idea of a “vaccine” becomes even more ridiculous if we can’t even understand what the virus is or how it’s mutating!

      • Wuhan had the highest air pollution levels on the planet last winter. they have a pneumonia outbreak every winter that kills around 300,000 people

        also the population is largely industrial workers, the markets were not very clean and they sold wild animals from polluted waters.

        Chinese people generally avoid the sun and especially in winter, they bundle up.

        the diet of industrial workers isnt very good generally, so they have a lot of nutrition deficiency. and they use some unhealthy preservatives and additives that reduce immune function.

        china is known for shitty buildings and materials. probably a lot of leaky moldy apartments with poor ventilation and plumbing. this also describes NYC.

        so you dont need a bio weapon, they automatically die from shitty conditions.

        but the government made a boogeyman out of coronavirus to justify totalitarianism. then they implemented a plan to “help” people in the least healthy way possible. this worsened the illness outbreak which made it necessary for harsher restrictions which make people more fearful and sick.

        global deep state used spun the narritive: this is so deadly that soldiers in hazmat suits need to weld apartments shut and then the soldiers started dying. (of heat exhaustion and dehydration) 12 hours of hard work in a hazmat suit with no drink breaks for 3 weeks straight isnt really healthy.

        here in USA they saved everyone by closing parks, trails, beaches, gyms, churches and salad bars so that people felt compelled to buy 1000 cans of soda and get drive thru 1x per day and eat microwave dinners 6x per day watching porn and Netflix. also they paid hospitals $39000 per covid19 infected patient they put on a ventilator. one hospital had a 90% mortality rate. others are closer to 0%

        many drug/alcoholics relapsed hard without social support and many developed diabetes and even scurvy from shity diet and no exercise and no fresh air or sunshine.

        and of course many illnesses take a break in spring/summer.

        this was planned in advance. watch event 201 on the internet.

        George Ure bought into it too. but im an industrial worker and I temped at a food manufacturer that was having a covid19 outbreak. lot of retarded shit went on there in the name of safety. (all of those things made things worse) and the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise and spend time with friends and family without any fear of disease.

    • Another possible reason for fewer cases and deaths in Africa is many people commonly take HCQ for malaria and it is available over the counter in many of these so called shit hole countries while here we are told it will kill you and has even been banned or restricted by some governors.

    • Why isn’t anybody saying this disease COVID19, based on this new information about people with a Neanderthal gene in them have a higher chance of contracting the disease, could very well lay claim this disease was specifically created through gain of function technology, to impact a specific section of our society… And that the genome project of the late 90s gave us technology to create not only cures for diseases using DNA but also diseases could be created to target specific genetic markers.

      The Genome Project created the path to designer diseases.

  2. No Worries Chief – The Ber-nank has spoken again – spewing his wisdom/intellect all over the marketplace..”Its not clear to me that stock prices are wildly overvalued”.

    – and there U have it – Ure FinGod has spoken – same genius that did not see Housing Bubble.
    – the Father of New American Socialism (NAS).

    And until stock prices are seen as wildly OVERVALUED by the fed, coot can keep on keeping on..

    BBBBREAKOUT to HIGHER Highs – as the word on the street is basically – damm the torpedoes, full speed ahead – buybuybuybuy

    What the hey – $11k on BTC this AM..

    Can anyone Explain the US Mint Pricing/ BS rumor – the Price of 1 Silver Eagle is going up to $67 per next week per Public documents on US Mint site? wtf ?

    • Price increases posted in the Federal Register are for about 8 or so products of US Mint; basically all pricing listed pertains to “proof” or “uncirculated” coins or bulk sets. I think current price of a “proof” eagle is listed on Mint site at about $55 but — haha– noted as “not available” ….since on Oct 13 price goes up to $67 or thereabouts. Working from memory so my numbers may be a little off. Haven’t been able to find any info about whether this has any affect on “ordinary” Eagles.

  3. Lol I can’t believe that you would waste the time to listen to Rush who’s nothing but a windbag for the far,far right.I only ever listened to him once and that was long, long ago,that’s when he was blathering on how business don’t owe the worker anything, but a space to stand in and a machine to operate,some of the things he touched on was no benefits due,no safe working conditions, not even time to take a leak. lol who said the slaves had been freed because I think they missed a few,then he screens his calls to make sure no one can contradict what passes for his low mentality but its paid him very well as a water boy for the 1%.!!!

      • Rush, Hannity, Beck are all entertainers…not newsman. I will never forget a St. Louis Post Dispatch article about Rush and his meteoric rise in the 90’s. Rush is a Missouri boy..Grew up in the Cape Girardeau, Into a privileged family of judges and lawyers….flunked out of college after two semesters at Southeast Missouri State, worked for the KC Royals in Group sales before becoming A broadcaster.

        In the article…I distinctly remember that Rush specifically stated that he didn’t actually believe in half of what he said on the air. He just knew how to raise eyebrows and keep listeners engaged. He found his voice ironically though in Sacramento, CA, before WABC saw his ratings and snapped him up.

        He was playing to bored, long haul truckers, and road weary sales people on AM radio bands throughout the heartland in those days. He felt his fiery brand of controversial views Kept people awake and alert. The thing is…people believed him and he started to draw audiences, advertisers, and became the most listened to radio host in America….and worth more than $500 million.

        I don’t discount his business acumen. I just don’t agree with the way he got there. I am a big believer in conviction and truth. He got there by saying what people wanted to hear, not what he actually believed.

        The thing is…that’s sad. We all need more moral fiber. For instance if I was offered a $5 million contract to work for a tobacco company, I would proudly look them in the eye with both middle fingers prominently displayed and say…Stick your offer where the sun don’t shine. But that’s me.

        It wasn’t Rush.

      • Mark, here’s some real news for you. ALL tv ‘news people’ are entertainers. They read scripts that are largely prepared for them by the editors behind the scenes. I worked around them in the business for 40 years.

      • “The thing is…that’s sad. We all need more moral fiber. For instance if I was offered a $5 million contract to work for a tobacco company, I would proudly look them in the eye with both middle fingers prominently displayed and say…”

        Sales.. boy I agree and disagree..
        I was a department head in a govt. facility.. the rumor had it that any young woman wanting a great position could have whatever she wanted if she Blew the boss.. a friend of mine was replaced by a little gal blonde.. and I still didn’t want to believe it was so.. then one day I went in to get a cup of coffee in the breakroom and there was a young red head blowing the boss under the table.. I had strong moral fibers in those days and gave my notice and quit.. I left and took a position for a dollar and seventy five cents an hour.. less than half of what I was making at the govt. facility.. making radiators..
        the farmers had a really tough go.. loans had been cheap and everyone was buying new stuff.. then the interest started to consume them and they lost everything.. the radiator company had to close…
        My car had thrown a rod and I was on foot .. a month or so before they laid the whole plant off.. I had to walk in freezing temperatures back and forth to work.. I would be able to catch a ride home but getting to work was a miserable mess.. I didn’t have snow boots or gloves..( frost bitten hands and toes.. they hurt when they get cold now and I always have cold hands and feet..) I would get up at one am.. put on two pairs of pants and stuff newspaper in between the pants.. then start off walking to work twelve miles.. I remember every step of the journey.. it was one of the most memorable moments in my life and even today I make sure that I help someone that needs a hand up..
        anyway.. money slowly dried up.. couldn’t make rent or utilities.. no food.. I was pounding grain I would pick up that had fallen from wiggle wagons going into the elevator and then use my coleman camp stove to cook on.. we kept the door to the unheated hallways so that our apartment could get the warmth from the hallways..
        it was just before the holidays and I had two kids one less than a year old and one just about two.. our xmas tree was a pine branch in a coffee can.. I was at the bottom.. we were going to be evicted.. didn’t know what to do.. it was one of the lowest points in my life.. then a farmer asked me if I wanted to help him catch the male chickens in his hen house.. I said yes.. a buck an hour.. after wards about five hours.. he said.. I can give you the five dollars.. or .. you can have the chickens and some eggs.. dam I leapt at the chickens and eggs I was so happy honey we are going to eat tonight.. I had lost over a hundred pounds through this ordeal.. I get home with the cages full of chickens.. and the door to the apartment was closed.. I freaked out.. oh my god we got evicted while I was gone.. I put the key in and the door opened and a blast of warm air hit me in the face.. the lights were on.. the fridge was full of food.. there was a receipt for the rent and utilities.. cupboards were full.. and under the branch.. was a coat for both of the kids and a toy.. and boxes of canned goods.. I got on my knees and cried.. it was the best xmas I have ever had..I swore I would never forget where I have been and would do my best to help those I seen in the same position that I was in.. and I have.. only a couple of years since then that I wasn’t able to lend a hand up.. but it is as fresh in my mind as ever..after all these years.. I have been there done that..and I have always made sure that the pantry has a can or two extra just in case that ever happens again..I can make almost anything that i need to..

        Now back to that job I quit ….
        a few years later I ran into the guy that worked in the department that took my place.. he was making back then close to a hundred grand a year in the position I was in.. had the great govt.. insurances and all the perks given to those that are govt. employee’s..
        because I quit that govt position I couldn’t get back into a govt position all because of my moral fiber at the time..
        I am now a lot older and as I look back.. what did it prove.. most people in sales will sell you a lemon to make a buck.. business owners and most of our corporate America only thinks of one thing.. the employees at the top.. they don’t help out anyone at the bottom it is about ME.. the part time people don’t have insurance anymore.. most companies don’t even offer it anymore.. our govt has deregulated essential services and outsourced jobs.. the american pride we once had is pretty much gone.. IF we still had morals and pride as a nation our countries industries would be hiring american manufacturing here and going back to what it was in the seventies where everyone had health insurance and pension funds set aside from them.. no matter if they were part time or full time.. back then part time the employee had insurance.. full time his family did to.. do the right thing.. In the end it is all about the buck..Minimum wage if it had kept up would be around thirty bucks an hour.. consider the deregulated essential services.. then it would be more.. my guess is we are all guilty in some way or another.. we all lack the moral fibers that once were in the name of the dollar bill..

  4. ” Legal battle over mail-in drop off locations in Texas”

    At least around here I don’t have any faith in the postal system… A family member mailed a letter to a realitive a few miles away.. it went to japan first and then came back…
    We are still waiting on a letter from a destination that would normally be an overnight mailing.. that is going on two weeks now..
    this all seemed to start with the refugee’s that came into the USA.. at least it seams that around here to make sure they got positions they were put in the higher paid positions with great benefits in the govt.. the us postal system etc.. it would help if you could read english to sort mail but with modern technology it isn’t needed just scoop the crap in the bags LOL.. doesn’t matter what bag or where it is destined to go.. LOL
    So what about the ballots…hmm.. could end up in RUSSIA LOL LOL LOL if they did and was sent back would that be a form of them interfering with the election LOL LOL LOL

  5. and its gone…………..gaslighted? – pys-oped? believed the BS Q-Annon – Mossad op.

    Hard to believe! – hard to believe the clinton crime syndicate answers to the same Thing(s) as Qanon.

    Barr complicit,Haspel,Brenean, Comey, Obummer,Bidens,Clintons cackling all the way to the Bernank. “nothing from Durham report before Nov3” duh-ohhh!

    Meet the New Boss – EXACTLY the SAME as the old Boss – Hail the fallen, and bend over for whats next…

  6. George, you keep misreading the FED docs.

    It is not “dual.”

    It is “duel.”

    As in The Fed has a Phalanx, we have pop-guns, 10 paces, turn and…

    • then of course you have to consider.. who is behind and sponsoring the PEW research center . could the research be influenced to reflect their point of view..

    • “Socialism is for the people, not the socialist.”

      -Andrew Wilkow

      Venezuela has more billionaires per capita than the U.S.

      The “super-rich” aren’t affected by socialism or communism. All a socialist society does for them is establish permanent exclusivity. They do not lose, but everybody of lesser means loses the ability to ever acquire wealth or attain their status.

      • Ray…I again agree with you (2 days in a row…strange but true)

        But, the super rich aren’t party specific. They may find one ideology favors their pocketbook more than the other…And only in certain situations…but in the end, their power and “gifts” to those Elected that serve us, will bend to power over party eventually.

        For instance, if Biden is elected and let’s say the alt energy folks get rich, mysteriously a bill Will be introduced that will contain hidden on page 432, subsidies and huge tax breaks to help the fossil fuel industry transition and join the join or work hand in hand with the alt energy agenda. That’s just one example. No party will bend to corporations that bring in jobs. For instance, on the heels of $17.6billion in Bush TARP money to help keep GM and Chrysler afloat, Obama, piggybacked that with full bi-partisan support, helped further fix the auto industry. The government, through restructuring, bankruptcy Protection, and $80 billion in taxpayer money, put the uto industry back on track . Shortly after the restructuring, that included Initial layoffs, carmaker and parts suppliers employment went up 250,000 and sales rose 15%.

        Why the help? Jobs, jobs jobs and too big to fail mentality. But in the end…it’s corporate socialism…Dem or GOP…it doesn’t matter

      • Or is it corporate fascism which they tried to get in before but with those bastards its try try again.!!!

      • “Mark on October 9, 2020 at 13:28
        Ray…I again agree with you (2 days in a row…strange but true)”

        Ok.. who are you and what have you done with the Mark we all know and respect…LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
        Just kidding..
        I am Kind of curious if the meshing of points of view. If it could be a sign that things are moving towards a universal common point of view..

      • “Venezuela has more billionaires per capita than the U.S.”

        OTFLMAO.. yup just about enough to make sandwiches for a month I think.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

        in Zimbabwe it costs 39 million for a one pound loaf of bread.. LOL.. and Argentina is pretty close on Zimbabwe’s heals

      • ““Venezuela has more billionaires per capita than the U.S.”

        OTFLMAO.. yup just about enough to make sandwiches for a month I think.. LOL LOL LOL LOL”

        I should have said “billionaires, in US Dollars…” The Venezuelan billionaire class keep their holdings in USD, Swiss Francs, Euros, and PMs/PGs, not Bolívars…

        Our “financial press” doesn’t track oligarchs from other countries, unless they have extensive dealings in the U.S. Putin is worth nearly as much as Warren Buffett; Qaddafi was reportedly worth $204bln US (over 3.5x Buffett’s total worth, when The Oracle topped everybody’s “richest” list) when we offed him, yet made no “richest list” anywhere. I didn’t bother to research how many or how wealthy, but billionaires in both France and Germany own considerably more “private” land mass, percentage-wise, within their countries, than all of the American “wealthy class” combined. The information is out there. It may require reading in languages other than English, but it’s there…

      • “But, the super rich aren’t party specific. ”

        They ARE, but over a period of generations, not years (or election cycles.) The bâtards with the cigars, in the smoke-filled rooms were virtually all Republicans in 1880. They were still Repubs in 1930, but of a much more Liberal bent. By the mid-40s those rooms became populated by both liberal Republicans and Moderate-to-liberal Democrats, with Liberals predominating.

        The “smoke-filled room” stereotype is not about wealth or political party, it is about power and the concentration of that power within a small, elite structure (and what could be more elite than a bunch of guys & gals whose personal fortune is greater than that of many countries…)

        You should maybe read “bluedogg’s” comment on this thread, if, and before replying to this post of mine.

        (Just sayin’…)

    • Sorry you missed the kidnap attempt on Gov Whitmer of MI, by those violent deranged Antifa people again (NOT!) it’s the violent alt right Trump supporters, sporting their latest incitement of civil war! Rush Limbaugh has more ‘feed for your hunger to demonize Democrats’, so why bother looking at reality!



  7. George,,you ask,, Nutty Nancy strikes again. Sure, we read where 25th Amendment: Pelosi pushes new bill to determine whether Trump is capable of serving as President. But, are we the only ones to figure out that you-know-who would never sign it and there’s nowhere near the public support for an over-ride? (Who are these people?)

    these are criminals caught in a trap, scared shitless,,,what message is Nancy’s oranges face mask sending? YES it is oranges


    See Nancy’s mask and see the FEAR in her eyes,,it was a Godfather movie, the oranges symbolize death, ask the boy with the Sicilian roots,,is popcorn a breakfast food? movie actors are ,,,hams, Brunch time

  8. If Biden is elected, the Pelosi cabal will use the 25th Amendment to quickly dispose of Biden. That has been the plan from the beginning. If I were Biden, I would be worried. Then again, perhaps he is in la la land and will shuffle along and do what he is told like a good little shoulder.

    In the meantime, let us all continue to stock up on food, medical supplies, and cash. Chaos is coming. Or so says the Crazy Old Prepper Lady

    • Lol you know I’m pretty sure that nancy Pelosi hasnt considered the pendulum..get the ok to use the 25th to remove trump..the thing is once its granted it could be used to remove someone else in the future.
      I remember everyone wanting line item veto in place..when it was finally implemented and used to remove favorite pet projects.. they had to get the line item veto marked as unconstitutional..

    • I still haven’t figured out why after all the crap that has been tossed at the President ,his family and friends and workers .. WHY.. he would even want to deal with it all again.. and not get paid for it..
      Now Nancy Pelosi is trying another wicked witch from SanFran scenario.. just a month before the election.. give me a break..
      All anyone has to do it look at the numbers just once.. and see that it is all broken..


      while they should be moving to the new song.. that relates to what the USA is moving into….


      Oh wait that was the song for representation of van gogh’s depression… and eventual suicide.. we are just performing our own national suicide.. Slow painful and as our virtual lifes work and pleasure oozes out of our grasp to correct.. the doctor has left and cannot fix what ails us.. why would anyone want to be in that position.. let sleepy joe and kamala take over own the mess.. history will show that DJT tried his best and was fought and condemed from before he even won the election..

      if a person could put a bell on the interest being created from the national debt that rang every million.. I am sure it would be sounding like a machine gun going off..


      what I get a chuckle out of.. is I read all over where those of affluence are worried about Sleepy Joe and kamala.. because he will raise taxes.. a tax increase is like doing something about the climate change.. It needed to be done over a hundred years ago.. its to late and no matter what. My belief is that because just like DJT his money is on the company and all on paper.. this to shall be gone once the great correction happens.. its a damned number on a sheet of paper or a piece of paper or hunk of metal.. and there is really only one fix from my perspective.. there isn’t enough money in the USA to fix this.. we would have to pull back everything.. no more military bases anywhere but here.. tax equally everyone making a dime in the usa.. and I still doubt that we could keep up with the interest alone on the national debt..the budget will have to not only double but maybe triple this year just to keep up with the increase in costs.. its its own creature the way I see it.. self growing and supporting the compounding of interest on interest.. pretty bleek from my point of view.. and no one will have a thing when it begins.thats when you see people leaping from fifty story buildings. like the store manager told me.. if you need it .. get it.. because we might not be able to get it later.. the same goes for this creature from Jekyll island and all the wars we have to make the wealthiest of the wealthy more wealthy and powerful.. its consuming everything and will consume all of us.. like an island.. if you didn’t bring it , have it .. can’t do it.. or create it.. then it will be gone when this beast rises up.. and I can see it coming..
      the stimulous.. great.. but then paying it back..its a tiny Band-Aid on a gapping wound where they should be using quick clot.. the longer that congress waits the more the compounding of over draft fee’s and penalties .. a total waste of time.. just sets the end date back a month or So.. but then who am I some bottom feeder in the middle of no where that likes to sit back and view things from a broader perspective.. I will be the first one from the pile to hit the skids.. hell we are already there LOL…My scary leap is from a six inch foot stool… not a fifty story building..

      • “we would have to pull back everything..”

        When I go into poverty mode.. everything comes to a screeching halt.. everything.. cut to the quick.. then start it all back up a little at a time..
        we are in a precarious position.. Congress is still kiting the checkbook.. we as a nation have an expensive cable bill and no one in the house wants to loose any of it..

  9. I have a problem with your comment.
    “ And are lazy people (who don’t have their “head in the game” far enough to even get a ballot without the Nanny State) the ones you want to have picking Biden-Harris your leaders?‘
    Who do you define as lazy? Is it the paycheck to paycheck family that can’t afford to stand two+ hours in line to vote for fear of losing money they desperately need? Is it the stressed out parents that are forced to sit at home with their kids to help them distance learn and do their jobs remotely because their Is no Fed or state assistance Get their kids back to school? Is it the immuno-suppressed that don’t or can’t physically afford to stand in a long line for fear of contracting the virus? Is it the laid off workers also home with their kids that are more focused on putting food on the table, working Multiple gig jobs and also unable to stand in long lines to vote.

    Mail in balloting has been a thing since the Civil war. 99% of the state of Colorado votes by mail. Never heard of any scandal there. It’s all about voter suppression. Your ‘lazy people” have just as much right to vote as anyone. I have always thought that voting should be mandatory. If you don’t vote, you don’t get a paycheck, social security or however they get paid.

    • Most voting polls are open until 7PM or sometimes until 8PM. And early in the morning as well. The issue with mail in voting is not the people voting, it is the integrity of the ballot as being distinct for each voter. And the chain of custody afterwards. Many ballots have been found discarded. It’s hard enough to control the integrity of the voting process, adding to it the additional mail in ballots makes it all but impossible to guarantee stability. There is an absentee voter ballot that is mail in and prior to this election it was for the people you mentioned that have issues and are hard pressed to vote in person. But expecting everyone to vote mail in not only overwhelms the postal system, but the ability to maintain control over the secrecy and stability as well as authenticity of each ballot. It’s a total shi!t show currently. Blessings, sort of.

      • It’s something like the so-called census where they claim optimistically that 55% replied. That’s not a census – it’s a wildass guess.

        Many didn’t bother because of the intrusive race questions.

        With voting, there’s a much larger incentive to alter the result, and with the mail awash with ballots of questionable validity, many can be diverted, altered, stuffed or whatever procedure is most easily implemented.

  10. Pretty sure this is exactly why Trump opposes mailing ballot to all registered voters. First is the risk of people mis using the ballots in the household or mailbox or whatever. Second is exactly what you mention. He believes the disconnected people who cannot be bothered to take an interest in actually how to vote will not be voting republican. I assume these non interested people are getting their news from TV, radio or facebook and only hear one negative side about about Trump. I can certainly appreciate that position, as few can actually describe one of Trumps policies they disagree with, but can certainly cite TV anchors calling him racist and authoritarian.

    But hey I am even worse in how I would restrict voting. If you are not a net tax payer (including all government benefits, payments etc) the previous tax year, you should not be able to vote this year. Why should you vote, if you do not participate in funding government services. Sorry but people on the net dole should have much less power over how monies are spent. Certainly working out like that, happy to steal from the productive to transfer to your voting base.

    • I generally agree that you should have skin in the game of the future of the USA. That said, I’m OK with landowners or net payers, or perhaps those who worked in some non-financial way for the benefit of the nation – even considering X number of hours of community service.

      I tend to believe that welfare and other giveaways should be a bar to voting, along with any conviction for a violent felony. Others – perhaps. With the weird laws today, we have to be a bit careful.

      Receiving SS retirement and not paying taxes should not bar participation, as that income indicates a history of paying engagement with the system.

  11. Thanks for the tips on the settings. About 3 yrs ago was having problems with over usage so changed my background to black and print to white. Seemed to work for me.

  12. Mailed Ballot Applications:
    Well so far I have gotten 6 unsolicited ones in the mail since the first of September. I live in Ohio. (we have open absentee balloting, anybody can do it, no reason has to be given – completed ballots have to either be received by, or actually postmarked by, the day before the election)

    One came from the Secretary of State, but that was after I had already received two from my political party (one from the local party, one from the state party). Since then I have received another THREE!! Two from various entities working on behalf of the Presidential candidate for my political party, and another one, received yesterday, that I didn’t even pay attention to who sent it.

    In the past I would have gotten the one that the Secretary of States sends to every voter in the state plus “maybe” one from either the country or state political party (per my party registration for primary voting). Two in total, though sometimes just one (the one from the Secretary of State).

    Sheesh … election day here effectively started BEFORE the first debate even occured. (early “in person” voting started here on Monday of this week – and per the news reports the centralized polling place has been packed ever since).

    This is very different from when I grew up and an election was a “snapshot in time”, ie: election day, as to how people felt. Things change over time, I am old enough to understand that, but this change has been a bit jarring to my soul wrt what an “election” represents. I would not be surprised to see close to 1/3 of all of the ballots cast this time around in this state (Ohio) be either via mailed in voting or “early voting”, and for the next regular election that may well go over 50%.

    • Those are sample ballots…not official ballots. Read what you received and quit spreading falsehoods.

  13. And one more thing before I go to work…West coast time for me remember.

    Trump is proudly and often saying the Regeneron Cocktail of monoclonal anti-bodies is The Cure…with apologies to the alt rock band. He can’t stop talking about it….

    On the heels of a debate that discussed abortion and a Supreme Court nominee that will probably overturn Roe v Wade….Here is a clip from dozens of news services..

    The antibody cocktail that President Trump received for his COVID-19 infection and touted on Wednesday evening as a “cure” for the deadly virus was developed using cells derived from aborted fetal tissue, a practice the White House and anti-abortion rights groups oppose.

    How will that play out with his conservative base as well as his ultra-conservative Catholic pick for SCOTUS?

    By the way, that was another miss by Kamala. That would have hit Pence pretty hard.

    • Hmm, is there anyone alive today that you hate more than the president of the United States? How many inches thick is it? Cranium. Hardly blessings.

      • I give factual and you respond by attacking me with no retort on the factual data that I provided. Typical idiocy of a Trump voter.

    • Thank you Mark for acknowledging Trump as President.

      I am sure Donald and Mike appreciate that while Harris and Biden do not.

      • Your facts are, well your facts Mark. When one is a hammer, everything is a nail. You hate a man that never did anything to you. Good luck with your eternity. At least you will have your hatred to comfort you in the flames. And as for an attack? If that’s what an attack is to you, you may not survive what’s coming. Maybe open your mind and forsake your hatred, and maybe you can be objective about accomplishments and not just failures. A blessing.

    • So they use grown in a lab never-viable fetuses from IV fertilization and the like, but you’re absolutely right, it’s practically a partial birth abortion and he’s a hypocrite. You’re using the same BS “gotcha” as my roughly left of Bernie sibling. I wonder if the hate will wear off and you’ll feel a little silly in a couple years for letting Trump occupy so much of your head space.

  14. Refresh rates are important in simulation visual systems. High refresh rates equal pilot fatigue and headaches. Box time only an hour versus the usual four.

  15. CERN staff must be working overtime…. daily oscillations between bailout/no bailout… bailout/no bailout…

    We know in our cockles New York will get a bailout. America needs world class cities and there won’t be any without a bailout. Most of the NYSE wouldn’t be there without bailouts.

    Three top cites that need bailouts are New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. The three have Trump properties.

    Florida would still be swamp and without pensioned Snowbirds. A lot of America is based on bailout.

  16. 2 weeks in a row commercials have liquidated long and short positions big . equivalent .. you are kidding shove everything in

  17. some interesting stuff on this thread George and good replies . 2 bad nobody is ready for the crash but anyway that’s their choice. love the genetic theory

  18. So what you’re saying is that modern humans are finishing the job started long ago to wipe out the remaining neanderthals. Race war. This is how we evolve I suppose.

  19. Q drop 4842

    2017 Total Deaths US: 2,813,503 (234,000/month)
    2018 Total Deaths US: 2,839,205 (237,000/month)
    2019 Total Deaths US: 2,855,000 (238,000/month)
    2020 Total Deaths US (jan – week 9/26): 2,130,000 (236,000/month)
    2,130,000 + (236,000/month x 3) [Oct, Nov, Dec] = 2,838,000 [assumption based on monthly avg]
    2020: 2,838,000 [3-month assumption insert]
    2019: 2,855,000
    2018: 2,839,000
    2017: 2,814,000
    Why did select [D] govs push C19 infected patients into nursing homes?
    % of total C19 deaths attributed to nursing home(s)?
    Who is most susceptible?
    Same [D] govs who pushed C19 infected patients into nursing homes attempting to keep State(s) closed?
    Why?……….end of Quote.

    Pandemic? do annual deaths remain somewhat the same in a PANDEMIC?
    is it about the virus or the election? Who gave US the virus,Who is pushing the virus day and night?
    this is the Q link I am using now,,the MSM is out to discredit QANON, that is funny, because it is just Q, the anons are just everyday people who follow, keep track and repost and talk about the Q drops. So who is Q? Q says they are less than 10, 3 civilians.
    It is the power of 3 6 9 the story is Q+ is POTUS Trump
    word of the day seems to be https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unhinged
    TDS is known to cause it

  20. Hey Mr. Ure! I want to make another request. I have pretty much tuned out the news now and i want to ask and see if you would be able to put you twist on checklists. Been working at the airport now for a while and been getting flying lessons. Something on my mind would be “it would be nice to have a checklist for making sure i have what is needed for tits up (or SHTF)”. I am wondering if you could come up with a the “Pre-SHTF (or Tits-up) Checklist”, a “Running up to SHTF (Not quite tits up but its at the hold short line waiting for take-off), a “S is HTF (Its V1, V2, Rotate!), “In the middle of SHTF” then a we are landing post SHTF checklist. Its like recipes for life, but something you can refer too and be able to keep tabs and keep things simple! Again, it may be a lot of work and i don’t want to be a free mooch so if you need compensation for your work, i don’t mind doing just that besides my subscription to Peoplenomics. Thank you Mr. Ure! Your one of few truly sane voices left in my space i listen too!

    • ““it would be nice to have a checklist for making sure i have what is needed for tits up (or SHTF)””

      A strong word of caution MC, you can NOT prepare for every contingency. People fall into the “prepper trap” and spend 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars, trying. The hardcore “prepper” and “survivalist” blogs are filled with this type of person, and the “prepper doomporn” keeps money rolling into such sites. It becomes an Internet obsession, then a competition, and the only person who wins is the one getting paid for the clickthroughs…

      You need:

      health, or an acute knowledge of your limitations
      and especially, knowledge.

      Shelter is a necessity, but with knowledge comes the ability to find or even build shelter, if build you must.

      You need to be in a location where exists potable water, and you need sufficient food to supply your body’s caloric needs until you can produce your own — then you need seed stock and the knowledge required to produce food from it.

      Everybody has a “green thumb.” Everybody also has a “brown thumb.” If the SHTF, brown-thumbing one’s seed stockpile becomes,

      **not an option.**

      A checklist is a near-impossibility because every person is different, and so is their situation. For this reason, even a rough outline would be damn’ difficult.

      A pre-SHTF outline for you (and most people) would be:

      A bug-out location on or near uncontaminated fresh water with open fields or meadows nearby, stocked with food, seed, a radio receiver, guns & ammo, a comprehensive first-aid kit, tools necessary to homestead (hand-carpentry and rudimentary farming tools), and tools/supplies necessary to survive two of whatever “bad seasons” from which this place suffers. (i.e. You are in Colorado, so you’d probably need to survive brisk, long, snowy winters.)

      A SIH (sutff IS HAPPENING) plan would be for you to have a capable vehicle, in good running condition, and with a sufficient quantity of preserved, alcohol-free fuel to get you to your “bug-out” location.

      A post-poo plan would depend on you, implementing what you’ve learned from your experiences to capitalize on your knowledge and abilities in a manner which either monetizes those abilities, or enables you to barter them. Your current professional skillset may become really valuable or totally worthless. Nurture your survival abilities as a backup skillset.

      You will notice that “knowledge” permeates my reply? It is the one thing that’s totally under your control regardless the situation or those who surround you. Acquire a copy of (at least the first eight) “Foxfire” books, an “antique” “Boy Scout Handbook,” George’s “How to Live on $10,000 a Year,” and a good book on homesteading. Aside from the Handbook, the others will all read like light novels — both entertaining and enlightening, and shouldn’t bore you or yours. Learn elementary

      1) rough carpentry (You hit the nail with the hammer)

      2) household electricity (The black wire is hot and goes on the gold screw) and

      3) plumbing (water flows downhill; note that it ain’t all water!)

      and have the confidence to depend on yourself.

      Do these, and you’ll be fine, whatever happens…

      • I should perhaps have said that these are not things you “have.” They are things you work toward until you’ve acquired them. Ideally, you live (and possibly even work) from your “bug-out location,” but for most people, this isn’t doable. If your BOL has water, the rest is obtainable, because in a real SHTF, the folks who own that meadow are not going to be around for months or years, to tell you not to farm it, and the game warden isn’t going to be around to flag you for augmenting your protein supply.

        A “bug-out vehicle” (BOV) should be able to handle not just the roads between hither and yon, but the terrain, as well. In an insurrection, volcanic eruption, or nuclear emergency (among others) there will be roadblocks out within hours. When I planned for a bug-out, the first thing I did was join an antique railroad society. Trains like to travel on hard, flat beds. I have printed maps of every railroad right-of-way that has existed in CONUS and Canada since the 1880s. Sometimes the roadbeds of railroads that’ve been abandoned get converted to other things, but only rarely does one go away. ‘Know how many abandoned right-of-ways will be road-blocked in the event of a disaster…?

        You learn, you plan, you learn, you plan, and like an insurance policy, you hope the planning never becomes necessary. I’m an old fart. People think I’m “eccentric,” which is a huge psychological advantage, because when I was doing this stuff 40 years ago my peers just thought I was crazy. Crazy saves lives; stupid gets people killed. Don’t be afraid to be crazy…

  21. I now skip over those trivia sections that begin with the preamble word ‘MARK’ and onto the next commentator. Tired of Mark’s lips flapping and pissing in the wind from his rickety soapbox.

  22. Really hard for a fella my size to get in those tiny 737 bathrooms. So I had to do yoga to get in and out if it. Ha ha ha my arms alone are 20 inches around the bicep.

    Lots of references to Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, and Yoda coming up.

    Tattoen is a desert planet where the chick hid her son from the dragon. Her son was named luke. But before that revelations taught us that the wam would hide her child in the desert. Where the Hopi live. Because the Dragon would seek to devour him.


    You see that unmanned UFO hanging up above Mexico City? No signs of life on it. Drone for something…. with life on it. The Return of the Titans? Been seeing that too.

    I have to get for a while. Lots of people looking for me. Not sure why.. but they are. Been looking for a while.

    Nice play by Trump to stop the talks and watch the sticks take a dive. To get everyone on the same page.

    Since the Rich are getting Richer and the poor are getting poorer. Should see a massive up swing wave 2 on corona. One by product of everyone wearing a mask? Everyone is developing telepathy and quick like.

    • Uhem woman. The woman is Lady Liberty. ;)

      It’s all connected and coming to a single focus point. Star wars and The Book of revelation and the Hopi prophecy.

  23. You will see an increase of 8% to 12% due to Covid 19:


    Q as a domestic terrorism threat, Facebook had to remove it..

    ‘Conspiracy replaces your personality’, or not just for Democrat haters, the whole world caught the conspiracy Q bug during Cov19:

    • Take another look,,,yes by all means, here is a Quote from your post
      “The number of excess deaths is the difference between the model’s projections and the actual observations. ” see the word MODEL? that means they make shit up

      point#2 FACEBOOK censorship is CCP style censorship, they are scared and there is on going work in the Justice dept with big tech over legal platforms to operate within, watch and see the future

      point #3 I have known about the conspiracy since the Kennedy brothers were killed and reading Q posts since 2017 , the China virus did not give me the conspiracy bug and we don’t hate democrats hell Kennedy was a democrat and Trump was too and I don ‘t like someone just because they wear a republican hat,, look the Mitt Romney no name McStain and Paul Ryan, traitors they are

      If you want to learn go back and read all the Q post then come back and disagree with first hand experience of reading for your self,,Q tells us in the past for stuff you see coming to light now https://qanon.pub/

  24. George things are really getting weird. Even for me. Like all these colesquing puzzle pieces are all the sudden coming together. Once again I’m knowing things and I don’t know how I know them. And they all juxtapose with other things.

    You think they are looking for someone on this planet and everyone is wearing masks so it’s easier to hide these 2 individuals? Other worlders? I know that sounds crazy.. hmmmm.. the waves of dejavue are returning. Everyone is gonna feel these ones and I suspect we will have bleed through realities soon… Glimpses by groups of people and mass disorienting events and confusion along with much much termoil.

    Going off grid. See ya lat8r allig8r.

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