90 Wasted Minutes; Expiring Money is Coming

10 Things Better Than the Debate

OK…I watched it.  What a freakin waste of time.  OMG!  What would have been better?

  1. Going to bed 90-minutes earlier.  That would have had health benefits.
  2. Listening to some smooth jazz and meditating.  Although, I would have been asleep in 5…
  3. Praying.  But that would still land me sleeping in 10…
  4. Visualizing.  Might get out to 15-minutes before crashing.
  5. Working on my Nobel Prize.  (Only partly joking:  Our time-bending experiments remain front and center.  But now, there’s also the realization that all physical objects have an “ information field” to them.  In which they store timeline, location, duration, and other semi-tangibles in a kind of “unseen duality”.  If we could manipulate the “information fields” of things, would that lead to a breakthrough?  Which then leads to sleep in 20-minutes…
  6. Reading a book:  There are 600+ titles on my  Kringle. Never enough time.  Down in 30…
  7. Online poker machines:  I can go for hours.  And I usually make money. Unlike stocks…
  8. Delightful conversation with Elaine.  (She’s was already asleep, thanks to the droning sounds on the tube…)
  9. Play with the cat.  One of the few things even less useful than politics.
  10. And the obvious winner?  ANYTHING but Watch.

No one learned anything new about the candidates.  And Kam has as much Teflon (or more) on her as any politician I’ve seen yet.  Pence tried to get a straight yes/no answer and she couldn’t do it.  Seriously?  When someone can’t answer a simple, direct yes or no…CROOKED or MISLEADING!  Do people go to law school to get stupid or just to become erudite, arrogant, and learn how not to answer questions?

What the Debate Revealed?

Was more about the media being crooked.  The Biden-Harris gush-gush was horrible.  There was nothing I could spot that would change a single mind.  We saw two wannabe presidents.  Pence looked a lot less radical than Harris.  What was missing was objective analysis.

See for yourself in the abysmal NY Times “fact check” story here.  Maybe there was another debate on in a parallel universe, perhaps?  The New York Times has, in our view, become context-driven in their recitation of “facts.”  In their own rag, NYC was supposed to have turned Wall St. into tidelands by now.

All of climate change is a monetization by the One Percent.  Another wool-pulling shakedown scheme to Tax the Poor to Support the Rich.  It’s why George Bush’s home made Architectural Digest.  Still haven’t seen Al Gore’s home there…

Weekly Jobs Data

The market went up another 530 Dow points and 58 S&P points Wednesday.  But, why?  

You see, people (as I mentioned to Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday) seem magically pulled around by (bias, crooked) (left-wing socialist sympathizing) flash journalism stories.  (*More than 20 words is unworkably long, right? 170 character disease.)

When you turn off the BS-machine, and actually study the data, the global economic system should NOT be in rally mode.  If anything else, it should be going the other way in a hurry!

“The COVID-19 pandemic caused a decline in overall global trade: In the first half of 2020, exports of U.S. goods dropped by almost 25%, while imports dropped by about 17%. The U.S. trade deficit increased by about 20%, reaching a value of $8.65 billion. And the pandemic-induced increase in the trade of essential medical goods accounted for 41.3% of that increase in the U.S. trade deficit.

Go read the link.  Want in on the Big Secret?

The Socialist Church of Mugabe

At the macro economic level, the Truth is not very comforting.  Obvious – but heretical to state before the Great Unwashed.

  • You know there’s been a Pandemic, right?
  • You know that the economy is in the crapper as a result.
  • About 8 to 9-million fewer people are working now, compared with year ago levels.
  • Yet, you also know that government spending is up on the order of 25% in order to “save us all.”

Is it that hard to see that the remaining workers will be promptly screwed with a tax hike in 2021 – regardless of who wins?

If you’ve made it this far:

You also know that the Banksters are front and center with the whole political con, too?  Because they (frankly) don’t give a shit about maintaining purchasing power parity (Loosely: The ability to buy an additional loaf of bread with higher earnings this year.)

Instead, they maintain “low unemployment” (as in “let’s all open nail salons and used car lots”).  While at the same time maintaining stability (for the rich, though that’s not stated).  Instead “free money” (effectively zero percent rates) is the tool of choice trying to “print through” the Covid Depression we’re in.

All of which was pioneered by (Dr.) Robert Mugabe, late strong-man ruler of Zimbabwe.  His financial accomplishments made me exceptionally RICH – at least momentarily until January 1, 2009:

Notice anything Funny?  Here’s the BIG STORY the mainstream (crooked, slow-think) media can’t seem to spit out.  (Or, if they can, they don’t have the balls to out ahead of an election which they dream of as the “soft coup’s return.”)

Expiring Money is Coming!

Oh…sure it is.  That’s the whole point of taxes, when you look at them in a center (three toke) way:  Driving money back into circulation.  Government take, redispenses to the annointed (and the rich get their skim).

We have been talking about this as a key subtext on the subscriber side for almost 20-years now.  (In addition to asking  “Should machines be taxed on their output?” which we’ve been looking at since 2010, because the Robots are Coming, too!)

Back to point:  The Velocity of Money at M2 has crashed.  NEVER before been this bad in America’s history:

And later this month, we expect it to continue “bottom bouncing” (But, say, that’s a kinda Freudian concept, ain’t it?)

Present solution:  Print like hell.  Stocks are going UP, so much as cheaper (less valuable money) is needed.  Artificially maintaining prices.

Escaping the Crisis

The Fed has already admitted: “No rate hikes until 2024.”  You may have caught a hint of desperation in the voice of Jerome Powell this week as he did as close to a “bended knee for more stimulus” as you’re likely to ever hear from a Bankster-in-Chief.

So, what are the policy choices?

  • The Mugabe Option:  Make money “expire.”  Print all you feel like.
  • The Ure Option:  Sound money and let malinvestment take a bath.
  • The Biden-Harris Option:  Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) (modified Mugabe)  which collapses foreign investment over time.  Key point:  Two-Tiered currency (domestic and an external dollar) will result.
  • The RINO option:  Bumble and stumble along aimlessly.
  • The Bitcoin Option:  Make up a “new made-up” money. Someone will buy it (like BCN!!!)

Although the Fed is widely heralded as looking to blockchain, idiots at coin still don’t understand these discussions are for internal (FedWire) operations.  Not for mass deployment.  Another example of people “reading their own delusions” into the news.  Sickening.

Dose of Data

Only three things matter today:  One of which is the weekly unemployment data that goes like this:

In the week ending October 3, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 840,000, a decrease of 9,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 12,000 from 837,000 to 849,000. The 4-week moving average was 857,000, a decrease of 13,250 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 3,000 from 867,250 to 870,250.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 7.5 percent for the week ending September 26, a decrease of 0.7 percentage point from the previous week’s revised rate.

Although the headline was 840-thousand filed last week, the Dow futures are up more than 265 with an hour to go to the open.

After the close, the H.6 “How Much Money did we make up last week?” report.  Judging by market rally, a shit-load more than you had to spend on beer last week.

Useless Marches On

Dollop of Mindless Sheepism to go with the coffee?

Is this an “Beirut explosion payback”?  “More than 2,300 people evacuated after explosions at munitions depot in Russia.”  Oh, yeah… accident.  Sure.

Weather is still climatizing, lol: Typhoon nears Japan, heavy weekend rain expected in Tokyo.  Heavy rain?  As in heavy  water?  Why, if you have delerium deuterium tremens, read on to how we’re still...

Tracking Delta:

Since we live about  in the “X box” we could get some rain this weekend.

Can we print you a steak? Is cell-based meat the next big thing? Here are 5 companies leading the revolution.  Call us when the  Zon has it in 10-ounce filet filament for the printers here.

In the Breakaway West:  ICE arrests in Bay Area, Los Angeles anger local officials.  Angry? For enforcing the LAW???  Yi-yi-yi…

And someone missed a column here: Gridlock over new stimulus measures is the biggest catalyst for market volatility right now, a chief strategist says.  Apparently missed it, so we will say it again for the slower members of class:


Is that really so hard to grock?  Market’s are running on BS and  hopium  still.

A Very Important Health Note

As Peoplenomics subscribers know, we have been “on to” red light therapy for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for a long time.  I credit Elaine’s stopping AMD progression with her every-other day use of a red LED array under carefully articulated conditions.

I promised (as part of the Light Crown project) [where we use transcranial light as a possible Alzheimer’s strategy] to keep you posted when clinical trials of the AMD treatment “gets close.”

So this morning, I was to refer you to the web page here on the government’s Clinical Trials website titled “Study of Photobiomodulation Effect on Electroretinogram Outcomes in Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ELECTROLIGHT).”  According to the page, the study will be done in New Port Richey Florida, so if you’re in that area – and have a macular degeneration issue…well, go read.  You can figure it out, I’m sure….

Off to an exciting Thursday.  Highlights of which include this being garbage day.  And plans are for ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner.  With rain coming in tomorrow (maybe?) nothing like leftovers with a couple of eggs to set Friday on a proper track… Danish comfort food.  (Cardiologist Bingo to fall in the great room after…)…

Write when you get rich,


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69 thoughts on “90 Wasted Minutes; Expiring Money is Coming”

  1. no sense here .. this ridiculous money printing thing .. cmon zero rates .. you want venezula or Zimbabwe wack em up 100 % overnight .. blowed who taught you all this stuff . meanwhile dow futures up 2000 now . gold up 300 bitcon 8000 . tesla and amazon 5 thousand a share .. corona went away .. dollar stronger. have fun order lambos or caddies and get an investment unit or 2 on 5th avenue .. free clothes rodeo drive

  2. oh forgot to add don’t worry about a job or income .. just play pass the stocks buttcoin gold or grass clippings to each other .. ponzi schemes work well while promoters are screwing sane people .. if yah don’t join in your gunna miss the train to overnight multi millionaire . how goods ponzi

  3. George

    “But now, there’s also the realization that all physical objects have an “ information field” to them.”

    That neatly explains how two entangled particles can both react to a stimulus on one particle even if separated by light years of distance.

    I have adopted the “Universe is a Holodeck” theory as to how things really work. As every piece of Matter is a unit of confined energy all it needs is a File of data as to it’s physical properties and location.

    It’s all a grand illusion to create a stage that spirit beings can play in!


    • Interesting on the spirit thing which runs in parallel to the physical world,seldom hear anyone speak of it but yet it still exist and I’m sure many have experienced this,we hear of dreams and what they may offer as to the future,but yet ignore the spirits and what they to are telling you.!!!

    • “But now, there’s also the realization that all physical objects have an “ information field” to them.”
      That goes for allegedly ‘non physical’ things like a light beam of photons also. Lasers are thought to be useless going thru the atmosphere due to the distortion of the beam. But if you retro-reflect the beam in a nonlinear crystal, the light beam is ‘time-reversed’ and can propagate back thru the distorting atmosphere and arrive back at source in perfect coherent focus. How does a light beam ‘know’ how to reverse-distort itself like this??

      Nonlinear crystals and time-reversed light beams were exposed in a 1986 ‘Scientific American’ article. And not much has been heard since. I once met a physics scientist working in the field of laser weapons and I broached this subject. After a surprised look, I was told I wasn’t supposed to know about that. Much like the tourmaline FTL coms George exposed here, I’m sure by now we have space-based laser weapons with ground-based amplifiers that pass the atmosphere with impunity.

  4. oil gunna go up moonshot as well .. expensive oil is good for markets.. as pointed out decades ago , peak oil another hoax is kaput .. but just ramp anything at perma low rates forever .. no homeless no poor just a yellowbrick road to forever wealth .. let me see didn’t some Bolshevik say that over a 100 years ago .. the state will give you the cash forever

  5. Working on my Nobel Prize. Only partly joking: Our time-bending experiments remain front and center. But now, there’s also the realization that all physical objects have an “ information field” to them.

    Paul: Okay Steven, how ’bout cellular revivification?

    Steven Spielberg: I don’t know what that is.

    Paul: Oh. Restoration of damaged tissue through telepathic manipulation of intrinsic field memory.

    • “the ultimate return of Barack Obama. Maybe on that day this Website will get some traction.”

      You know Stew.. I was just thinking about what you had written about the ulitmate return of Barack Obama..

      What if…..

      the return was from JB getting into office… would there be a HC, JB, and BO round table … so to speak.. JB may be the leader in the seat.. the official so to speak but we already suspect that the three were in on the fake Russian collusion reports and the spying on the american citizens etc. etc.. could this be the situation.. one sits the seat but the others pull the strings..

  6. Two thoughts after last night’s debate.

    Do politicians go to school to learn how to avoid answering a question? Most of them have mastered the art. Last night was a perfect example.

    A quick survey this morning shows that Left wing media think Kamala won in a landslide. Right wing media are convinced Pence destroyed Harris. Reminds me of the old saying “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.

    The middle ground is long gone.

    • “Do politicians go to school to learn how to avoid answering a question?”


      It’s colloquially called “law school.”

      One of the graduation requirements is a demonstration of advanced obfuscation.

      Notice in modern USA, most “news” anchors and many “reporters” also have law degrees…

  7. Red Light Therapy is amazing. I’ve been doing it since 2018 and I love it. There are many benefits. Most none believers are skeptical until they try it. Red Light therapy also helps with aging, wrinkles, hair loss, thyroid issues, and It’s just relaxing. Red light is a vibration, we are vibrational beings, and we communicate with vibrations. Also, one of the gnostic laws of hermetic’s specifically mentions vibrations.

    As for Bitcoin (BTC)-I am skeptical of the project. It seems to be expensive to operate and smells like the Napster of the day. Napster got people interested in digital music. Then basically disappeared. I owned BTC and made some good money on it. Not very positive with it today.

    Here is something interesting. The World Economic Forum has a tool kit for central bank digital currency (CBDC). Which most central banks have publicly stated that they are ready to go live in Jan 2021.


    My belief is that Ripples XRP is the bridge currency and it’s publicly the only one working with the banks, governments, imf, etc. The ECB president said a few weeks ago that XRP was one the most important projects and to keep an eye on it.

  8. Not to start and avalanche of political crap from the likes of the typical suspects that vomit, we hate Trump is breathing crowd. But “No one learned anything new about the candidates. And Kam has as much Teflon (or more) on her as any politician I’ve seen yet”.

    For those wanting to see if she has the stuff needed to be the next President (we all know sleepy Joe is out by the end of the first year), she failed miserably. When you get away from the sycophants in the “media” and get to real people; she is completely unlikable. She has zero gravitas; she is ignorant in her ability to articulate any ability of foreign policies. She didn’t give one answer or provide one thought of the policies of the Biden Harris administration! Not one! She demonstrated that she has zero ability to be the next in line to the most important position in the land. Joe was an abject moron when he had his metal acuity. Now, everyone in the country that has a shred of honesty in them knows, he is on the verge of dementia at best and Alzheimer’s at worst.

    The only Teflon is the leftwing media’s cover for the embarrassment of Joe and his VP pick that couldn’t garner even 1% from the Dems in their primary. Now she is Teflon? The media has given Joe and her cover along with their socialist/communist agenda. But we all learned last night she is as shrill as Hillary, arrogant, condescending as hell, pompous, smug, and an overall completely unlikable person. If you already knew all of that then you are right you learned nothing about this candidate.

    • Most of us here could have written your thoughts yesterday, Wayne, before the “debate”. I refused to watch it because I didn’t want to waste that much Weller and suffer for it today. After the past 4 years it’s a total waste of emotion to deal with. The wife and daughter did, though, probably because they like soap operas. Their impression, though? Kamala-mala Ding-Dong opened up one can after another of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol you can read in any Leftist pandering newspaper and news site out there. Nothing new or original while Pence just kind of coasted because there’s no “there … there”. He was battling an unarmed opponent.

    • Lol and just what did you expect to learn,hell its only a popularity show for the party faithful, as they bray like a herd of jack asses my side won and the other side already to fight say not so fast my side won, and just what did you win, anther four years of the same.

      Who says we didn’t descend from the monkeys when its monkey see and monkey do,they will tell you just what you want to hear but loose the thought once elected blaming it on the other guy,or maybe China or Russia.I see that they are ready as the asshole who heads the commission over seeing if there is any outside involvement, and they are already howling its Russia, they hate our democracy (Bush’s old worn out line of bs) but there will always be those dumb enough to believe it.So anyone who wish’s to watch the comedy hour could well spend their time with something much more productive,!!!1

      • It was the only thing on the radio when I was driving, and after trying to find any other info on the radio, I eventually turned the thing off.

        Silence is golden, along with personal productivity.

  9. The flu will wipe out a large portion of the Democratic voting base this winter.The taxpayers will never miss them.

  10. Lu lu Wackado ,

    As U so eloquently put it – Fed Coin is for Internal Movement of GiNormous sums of $$& between member institutions.

    U haters – and make no mistake that’s what U are – R missing out on. A lifetime opportunity

    BTC will be THE Vehicle for Corps .

    I promote adoption of BTC , it’s BCN version of Virtue Signaling. Haha

    But hey what the hell does BCN know?

    I’m such a moron I spent all afternoon yesterday driving up NYC on my to Massachusetts – changing fall colors are spectacular this year AND Bubblegum Kush is on Sale!

    Reason for the roadtrip is Picking up new Pup !

    • Bubblegum Kush? Can’t even utter that down here. BCN has better taste than most.
      Damn shame Texas is still in the dark ages.
      One of the few reasons to consider throwing in with the democrats…

    • Fed Coin may be for movements between countries of large sums, maybe I got the nomenclature wrong, but there’s too many people out there talking about Digital Wallets headed our way (that are SUPPOSED to be voluntary) for the enslavement that digital Basic Income payments will impose but how many will succumb to the carrot and stick routine of free money?


      One way or another TPTB will digitize every aspect of our lives. Have cash at home? – fuggedaboutit. Those bills can be deactivated, disallowed, declared void just like India did to their currency. Maybe even PMs can be outlawed but I’d like to see them try it in today’s day and age. Crimany. It sounds like a Democrat heaven is coming our way no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

      • “PMs can be outlawed”

        They will be tracked for sure.

        In a digital currency environment all purchases (by the gold buyer) will be auto-documented as cash/checks won’t be available.

        Happy Trails… The gold buyer will have to explain why (s)he inputted the digital credit into the sellers account.

        Even garage sale sales will be tracked. Maybe not as granular as a Macy’s charge account but everyone will know the buyer was at that garage sale because of the digital trail.

      • We’ll all be taking lessons from Russia’s black market magicians. They survived for years, decades, buying and selling what they could, where they could. There’s still a lot of silver change squirreled away out there.

  11. So you say that Kam didn’t answer any questions – but, neither did Pence. Both were wearing their best Teflon outfits. Neither side gave a straight answer, let alone an enlightening one. There were no ‘winners’ from last night.

  12. George,
    I disagree with you on the debate. After the last debate, one of the most pathetic debates in Human history, this was a breath of fresh air. For the most part, I reveled in the civility of it. They both got a chance to talk. Pence went over his time a lot, but Kamala was given equal time. When Kamala went over her time. Pence was rewarded extra time. That was fair.

    I think in the T-Rump era, we have forgotten how debates actually work. President Clown face has turned it into a name calling event…thus, the use of the word Clown face. It is homage to his style. No substance, No style, no sense at all.

    Last night had a lot of unanswered questions…Pence totally skated on the White House Superspreader in the Rose Garden and the inside of the building Event. Pence also did not answer the abortion question. Kamala skirted The question on stacking the Supreme Court and missed many opportunities to counter Pence. It wasn’t perfect, but both were civil. Pence congratulated and praised Kamala on her accomplishments. (can Anyone ever see Trump do that?) Both were empathetic towards George Floyd and the Kassig family. Again, something Trump is incapable of.

    Was it perfect? Hell no. It was normal though…and in this time where we have a President that just likes to stress the crap out of everyone, Normal is good.

    • Pence missed two times.
      #1) ANTIFA as “an idea” should have been immediately countered in the supremacy segment. He spent too much time defending Trump and did not even mention it. It is utterly ridiculous “an idea” can cause a billion dollars in damage via insurance claims. Sure wish my “ideas” were as well funded and implemented.

      #2) No effect on taxes for those making <400K is complete, and utter BS. Explain how an increase in payroll tax does not effect every single working American, especially self-employed. And there is no mention as to whether or not the state deduction from Federal which Trump took away will return under their policy. An increase while that stays removed will decimate people in high tax states.

      He skirted around the abortion question, but did state he's Pro-Life and proud of it.

      There were also moments where one may suspect KH had the questions in advance, like when she mentioned "Seguing into the next topic". She seemed to have this "smirk" on her face before the moderator could even finish the question. And why did she NOT ask KH the tough questions? Pence had to counter on his own and introduce them, which he missed twice as I pointed out.

      In the end, no policy revelations, which is quite scary. It appears KH would be running the show whether Biden is alive, croaks, or steps down afterward. Seems like they are hiding quite a bit. With Trump, we already know what's on the table and the rate of decay.

    • Mark, I think you miss the point of this particular election
      it is about the future of the US CONSTITUTION and not
      of any particular individuals, IMHO, of course.

    • Well.. I didn’t wat h it at all..I figured the tk would all be DC two step double swing your partner crap.
      But I seen pictures this morning and one thing I noticed..
      Kamala fixed her hair a little different and I thought she looked real nice with it fixed that way.. and i loved pence’s tie that he wore. Other than that the rest went to the wayside.
      Other than that what can they do.. polished politicians will just tell you what they think you want to hear..

    • So, Mark you rank civility over content. Very interesting and explains a ton.
      You DO know your dem friends tried a coup against Trump and when that didn’t work impeachment over a perfectly acceptable phone call. With that in mind, don’t you think President Trump is due some payback?
      And for the record, George Floyd died of a Fentanayl O.D. and was a convicted felon. Maybe that doesn’t check the “empathy” boxes for our President. Me neither.

      • you don’t get to change facts.

      • Sure was a good distraction tho as the party faithful along with their dogs rallied around the flag ,to cover up the vast looting of the country they had to do something,the phony impeachment worked as intended,why everyone was up in arms as the lets make a deal worked just the way they visioned it ,and its very evident that its still working even if only half of the country even bothers to vote, and those number will fall father yet as more and more people wake up to reality as the 2×4 across the head of no jobs, inflation, untold debt will finally reach the thing called a brain.!!!!

  13. I thought the debate was funny as hell, tuned in just as the moderator was scolding the vices for not waiting their turn to talk. Next was a hardball question for Joe; I couldn’t stop laughing when he just ignored it and started talking about something else. Next was a different hardball for Kam. She also went off in her own direction, but came back close to the subject. Then I changed to Star Trek because of their bad attitudes spoiling the joke.

    Too bad Kanye couldn’t have been there. Kim as 1st lady couldn’t make this mess anymore circuslike.

  14. Taxing robot labor? Would this make it even harder to grow US manufacturing? Certainly today, our labor rates cannot compete against 3rd world labor rates, especially for repetitive unskilled labor. Seems the only way we control more of our manufacturing destiny is to automate. We all know companies don’t pay taxes, they simply collect them for the government and pass them to consumers of their product in the way of higher prices. Though it is an easy way to hide the tax burden we are under. Corporate tax and regulation costs are included within the product we buy a little at a time. So perhaps easier to pass, as it hides the cost to the voter. Doesn’t matter how much we tax, if we never attempt to control any spending. This is always why I am against all new taxes, the crooks never have any intention to spend within their means. Already around 60% of government spending is confiscating monies from one citizen to pay out to other citizens (SS, medicare, medicade, welfare).


    Constitutional Federal responsibility (national defense and courts) accounts for 26% of the spending. Not that anyone cares what government roles are supposed to be. All other categories really should be done by these states, if they wanted such social programs.

    I already take responsibility directly for 6 citizens (family and extended family who failed to properly prepare for their future) with my earnings, how many more are owed the fruits of my labor?

    • The only way to make our country competitive is to shrink unnecessary government functions and reduce bureaucrat pay to less than that of the private sector. Government employees are supposed to get relative security in exchange for less income, not more.

      Any intervention or permitting, regardless of importance, increases the costs of doing business and is anti-competitive on every level.

  15. Am I the only person here that still thinks life is grrreat without any additional “Bubblegum Kushlements” and/or “red light” treatments? ;-). Luckily NO other meds!

    (I do get enough pleasure from foliage and tides, though).

    KH is still f*ckable minutes before the bloom goes off her, to paraphrase Mr. Berlusconi (anyone remember him?)

    • U might be one of the only humans on the planet without a vice – U R to be congratulated!

      How many fat, obese people live their life as if Food/Sugar/Alcohol is not a vice-problem, not to mention Porn ect

      Bet U leave candy wrappers on the “seat”, after finishing Ure “business” as well..

  16. I spent a lot of time meditating in my 40s. I experienced “God” or everything as energy. Everything is alive within -water, air, rocks, trees, and people. We are all one big moving mass if energy. There is no you and me. It is all “we”.

  17. You actually watched it? I thought you were smarter than that. “Watching paint dry” would be tops on my better-to-do list. I just read the headlines afterward. I learned ‘Pence won’ and Harris was a ‘gaffe machine’. Some things I already knew before the debate.

  18. George:
    In thinking about the Red Light therapy and the ARMD (mine I think is “wet” not dry, mostly due to retinal edema) I had this thought.
    Working at the Apartment in KY (social distancing half the week) I will take my coffee break on the patio in my rocking chair, with my shirt off, and face the Sun with my eyes closed
    Depending on how tightly I clench my eyelids, I get a stream of that red light right into my eyes, along with some IR (heat) and other frequencies.
    Is that red light through the eyelids near in frequency to the LEDs you use in your crown?
    I give it about a 10-min dose every day.
    Sure beats 10 hrs straight at the computer.

    • Several things BAB;:

      1. Yes – the light outside is great – maybe more like 15-20 minutes would be better, though. You are looking to get light in the >650 nm wavelength onto the front of the eye at a dose rate (every other daY) around 4.6 Joules for square centimeter. As a grown up eng. You can run those numbers.
      2. Nothing particularly special in terms of frequency – super red 700 nm would be great, but the effects, only slightly reduced come from plain old 660 nm. On our hand-held lights, it’s 6 LEDs of 850 nm and 6 of 660 nm. Working on new apparatus now… One light crown thing I didn’t mention: My hair lost a lot of it’s “white” and is darker, now. There are LED devices being sold for hair restoration if you go shopping for ’em.
      As with anything, don’t over do it!

      • George, PBM is not just for eyes and hair. For full effects, you should be bathed in red light over your entire body! Take a nap nude with medium/high intensity LED’s and a blackout blindfold. It’s just something extra to add to afternoon delight. I still believe in sleeping at night in total darkness.

  19. Kamala was correct in saying that Republicans won’t allow pre-existing conditions in their attempt to dismantle the ACA:


    I saw in Pence’s facial expressions a man beaten down by his emotionally abusive boss (Trump), barely able to lift his head and say anything with real enthusiasm, for fear of revealing the monster he must obey and cover for. Everything he said was a pre-scripted anecdote, he evaded and stonewalled every question like a wooden puppet with rambling unfactual stories about Trump’s supposed good deeds. The morbid threat of Covid19 has suddenly turned Trump’s team to damage control, like how selfish and irresponsible is it to not bother wearing a mask (the elephant in the debate room), even Pence’s wife did not bother with a mask.

    Kamala, on the other hand, radiated truth and positivity, making eye contact with the camera and the moderator. Granted, a few fudged answers, but her vocal tone did not sound like someone who spent too much time in a funeral home (or the White House).

    • “Kamala was correct in saying that Republicans won’t allow pre-existing conditions in their attempt to dismantle the ACA:”

      First off… WHY DO WE NEED the ACA?
      this issue hits me personally since well over fifty percent of our gross wage goes out for medical insurance and medications.. I have also been on the discriminated group by not being able to get insurance.. so I am passionate about this one personally….
      they forced the ACA through because insurance industries would openly discriminate and not allow customers buy policies because of their Past health history and well over a third of all the laborers were uninsured health costs were rising so fast that no one could keep up… that all began right after the deregulations on essentials that should never have been deregulated..

      granted I was down that road.. I couldn’t get insurance at any price…
      Then the other issue was PRICE GOUGING… they still do that with the ACA… no matter what your history if they see a potential expense coming they raise the rates to the point you cannot afford them.. the ACA doesn’t deal with that and yes you can get a policy but they will keep raising the rates.. or just stop selling the policy in your zip code or area code..

      There has always been medical assistance for indigents .. the only laws that were needed was to stop price gouging… if you walk into a store to buy a snickers.. and the price is one dollar .. the next person gets a snickers for free and the third one gets a snickers but has to pay ten dollars.. so you have manufactured retail.. so that the ten dollar snickers doesn’t come into play. they only had to uphold the anti discrimination laws already on the books.. and add a no price gouging .. is the cost of product a goes up ten percent then everyone pays ten percent across the board..
      the arguments I hear most frequently is this.. well if they get the insurance then everyones premiums will go up.. the other one that had coffee coming out of my nose.. is we will need more doctors.. excuse me … do you think that a poor person has a lower view of their loved ones or themselves just because they are poor LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… who do you truly believe is paying the cost if you don’t let them purchase an insurance policy.. You ultimately pay the price for their medical expenses.. the hospital walks over and takes all their personal belongings.. ( got a really nice gentleman living in my spare bedroom that that happened to) clinics refuse to see them if they don’t have the cash up front.. they send them to the ER where the price is a thousand percent higher than if they went to the clinic.. those costs are then passed on to the clinics that rent the space.. and the supplies are increased… that is why everyone is charged ten dollars for a single kleenex tissue.. a hundred dollars for a tylenol..
      I visit with people from canada quite a bit.. from what I have heard everyone loves it.. I hear that some don’t like it because of waits.. well those same waiting periods are here to.. in the event of an emergency though they can squeeze you in between patients.. so the idea of a one payer system isn’t to far out of the question.. open the borders.. insurance policies that you can get in the outback of texas can’t be gotten in the cities of NY and vise versa.. so open the border.. I was suppose to get a real tricky surgery that was very expensive in the USA the insurance company I had.. ( my policy was through my employer a hospital) was sending me regular brochures from hospitals around the world that did the surgery and offered to pay one hundred percent of the surgery costs and trip costs if I would go there to have it done..
      a friend that teaches at George Washington University in Georgetown.. had to have a very expensive surgery done.. the physician teaching the students there was his doctor to get the surgery he went to I think Argentina to have it done and saved himself over a quarter million in medical costs.. medicine.. before congress made it illegal to buy your medications from another country.. there was a canadian pharmacy in our local city.. the cost for one months supply was 1250.00 at walgreens.. I could go in to the canadian pharmacy and have them ship it to me.. ( with a physicians expense added on shipping and communication to and from my physician) for under 250.00 if I lived in canada I could have gotten the same medication for well under a hundred in generic form which wasn’t allowed in the USA.. I was skeptical on it because of all the horror stories they were putting out and got one from both.. the medication was same lot number and manufacture date.. on both boxes of medication..some of my medications now come from someplace else.. seems the federal govt.. can contract out to other countries to lower the costs.. the one that got a chuckle out of me on was the one that came from india.. my doctor from another country would pick up medical supplies and bring them to her office so that she could pass them out to her patients..
      there isn’t any need for the ACA.. open the borders and make it so that no one can gouge .. and enforce the no discrimination laws already on the books..

  20. even the new gold liars were in on this hoax .. few old desperate gold hacks whipped up a frenzy of stories and everything is apple pie . covidisation worked wonders for scammers

  21. I just witnessed a discussion on the internet on a very highly intelligent, and popular board among 5 people + moderator.

    There was (1) person among the (6) who saw reality — all others were contaminated by Bolshevism of the surreptitious kind w/o knowing it. Why are there sooo many “disguised” homos on the public airways? Anyone notice?

    Therefore, (and other things!) it’s hopeless for “sanity” to prevail on earth; It’s hopeless beyond believe, IMHO.

    In spite of that I think that life, as individual, is grrreat!!

    Perhaps this will be my last post? ;-( There seems little sense to continue doing so.

  22. “I watched it.  What a freakin waste of time.  OMG!  What would have been better?”

    Lol lol did you truly expect anything useful to be said ..like the one candidate asking the state senator that I over heard. What should I talk about.. just give them a 1,2,3 speech they are all dumb as sheep as nd will believe anything you tell them…

    “Do politicians go to school to learn how to avoid answering a question?”

    In response to Bic….
    I think George Carlin said it best..


    They have avoided working on any issues or doing anything at all if you come tight down to it in at least 4 decades.. all by avoiding the issues and tabling the vote getters just so they can use them the next th time around.. if the puppeteers don’t give them an answer or direct them on what to do or how to vote I don’t think they could do anything.. now I do think they still remember how to wipe..As far as I know you dont hear any echoes coming from the toilets yelling…I’m Done…to get the official butt wipers lol..
    As you can probably see I don’t have any faith in any of them..although I do have a good friend running for congress seen him this morning actually.. razzed him about if he really wanted to be associated with that worthless bunch.. but then he will be a millionaire when he gets out so go for it.. tell em to toss a few of those bags of cash on my doorstep..

  23. The idea that the Fed can simply push loans out into dark pools of capital and have that money flow knee deep down Main Street, USA is a Fed personality disorder, not a relief plan.

    Politically weaponizing relief efforts has had and will continue to have consequences. Blaming DJT is spin, not any sort of real objective reality. All parties, and especially MSM, share equal guilt.

    In truth, the dynamics of the post-election period relief priorities are likely to change dramatically. With banks withdrawing from the mortgage loan and other small loan segments of the credit markets, and various moratoriums protecting different types of debtors all being kicked to the curb post-election, I am thinking that relief priorities are going to have to move in the direction to those of the 1930’s. Low cost emergency housing, food and sanitation for the displaced look like potential hot spots.

    This country is a lot more crowded than it was in the 1930’s, with a lot more police and a lot more fences. Small game is no longer plentiful. ‘Mericans are a lot softer now. If we suddenly increase the number of homeless by an order of magnitude going into the winter months, the system is going to unravel. I include permanent car & tent campers in the ranks of the homeless. RV’s, especially the ones with facilities, can be decent homes. Endemic hunger will follow.

  24. Here is an interesting quote for the day…….

    “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporation’s.” ~Thomas Jefferson, 1816

  25. Wonder if there is any Freudian reason that Mark and the other left wing commentators always refer to “Kamala and Pence” and “Joe and Trump?”

    Haven’t really noticed the reverse infliction with those that comment from right of centre.

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