Eerie Calm at the Webolution Barricades

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Rats Rustle, Rumors Ripple…

Laughable ain’t it?  “Ar, ar, ar, ar….”  We’re (ar) laughing at the utter predictability of it all.  In the center ring of the National Circus (Circi?) Monday:

  • Brett Kavanaugh won’t be intimidated.
  • Senator Ted Cruz was heckled out of dinner by Webolutionaries.
  • The former GOP turned spineless Jellyfish Party may or may not get around to a vote.
  • Fame-seeking lawyer is clamoring for attention.
  • While the linguistics around “victim” Ford bear watching.

Shall we work them backwards?

The linguistics about the poster-victim of the anti-Kavanaugh barricaders reveal media bias to all who can read.  Sadly, reading and awareness at totally different things.

It’s in how names are staged that we find some “tells.”  For example, the lefty media almost universally fail to accord JUDGE Kavanaugh with proper title annotation.  Yet, the “victim” psychologist – who we cautiously predict will no-show on Thursday, in another Webolutionary stalling attempt, is deferentially referred to as “Dr.” and accorded academic deference.

This may not matter – on the surface – but when propagandists are writing a narrative, attention to psychological “Positioning” of “the players” is critical.  It’s how bias is encoded.

Any more, we don’t bother reading too deeply on any of this kah-kah, except to confirm/reconfirm that yes, left-wing bias is still leaking and casting a pallor over the dim-witted (phone-fixated)  American public.

Next, as Grabien reports here, attorney Michael Avanatti is “trying to insert himself” in the news cycle by predicting as third accuser of Kavanaugh will be announced.  Fine choice of words?

Beyond that, we have faith that the Jellyfish Party, JFP, formerly republicans back when they had a spine, will manage to blow the effort to approve JUDGE Kavanaugh.  While PBS worries “Republicans push back on new Kavanaugh allegation as Democrats call for delay...”  we have seen the spineless inaction on other issues  (like the Border Wall)  long enough to know the GOP turned JFP has largely gone “corporate rogue” and no longer answers to the American People.

Voters of our size, understand, don’t write big-enough checks, so what could we possibly know about Public Policy Decisions, except for the obvious “You’ve been outbid!“?

Ted Cruz was heckled out of dinner last night.  Scroll down to the “we believer survivors” video and you’ll see how digital mob rule is coming to ‘Merica.  Cruz, of course, is always welcome here at dinner, provided he gets here for the branch water. But, so too is Barack Obama and what’s her name.  We plenty-enough questions to keep ’em all talking through dinner.  Maybe if we had enough friends over, we could form a grand jury…hmmmm…

Even the NY Times seems to be hearing what the Judge is saying as they headline “Brett Kavanaugh Vows to Fight ‘Smears’ and Will Not Withdraw.”

To us, the key part of the NY Times report is their assessment of how what we label “the Webolution’s powers” operate in the modern world of online Digital Mob Rule (DMR)

In the #MeToo era, Republicans cannot afford to attack Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers.”

We beg to differ.  We hold that the Lost Tribe of Republicans  – turned Jellyfish – COULD confront and push-back, but alas, they’ve all gone over to the Jellyfish Party.  Lock, pork, and barrel.

Middle America Remains Sane

Well, sort of.  You see, up in Oklahoma, there are still what we’d have to label rational democrats.  I know – a stretch – is there such a thing? – right.

But check this out in the Tulsa World”  “Democrat challenges his GOP opponent to a shootout. ‘I think he is using the Second Amendment for politics,’ says Oklahoma House candidate.”


Leaves us wondering if this GOP’er is another Jellyfish Party member, or someone will “cowboy up.”

Moreover, I’m glad to see there’s a conservative Democrat left alive.  That’s a Hallelujah! item…we thought they’d gone extinct – hunted out of existence by the radical lefties who’re now hiding in the digital barricades.  And at the restaurant where Ted Cruz sups.

Markets Remain Rational

Hmmm…Are investors the only sane people left in Mental Breakdown America land?  (MBA-land)

Again, sort of…  In the trading session Monday, we saw the Dow fall 181-points (as we closed a short position for a few hundred hamburger’s worth).  But the NASDAQ was up, leading us to conclude not only is the EndOfTheWorld (EoTW) not here yet.  We can’t even hear or see it yet.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon, that will change.

The Fed meeting gavels in today with the Rate Pronouncement  tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern.  If the market rises a hundred points today and tomorrow in the pre-Fed build-up, the next move could be down and that would be in keeping with a 1-2-3 series of punches to the economy: A Fed hike, a Jellyfish Party delay, and a bad economic number toward the end of the week.

OK, if you must, toss in China trade jitters…

Still, Life Goes On…

With useful information like this:

The problem with War is all the Money it makes.  As we reported, the Russians recently sold a big package of SA-300’s to Syria and now, ‘Merica’s Real Estate Developer-in-Chief speaks up: Trump administration warns Russia of ‘major mistake’ if it supplies Syria with advanced missiles.  We don’t think the Russians will alter any of their plans.  Such is the attraction of Mediterranean real estate holdings.

Shades of the 30’s?  Full-blown trade war would cost jobs, growth and stability: WTO’s Azevedo.  When we read stories like this, it’s with some suspicion. The  WTO is just a Corporate Globalist front group, to our thinking.  Jobjackers to least-cost labor centers.  Care to guess where Azevedo’s from?  Brazil.

After one of Elaine’s boys came by last week (to take his daughter to the K-POP group BTS up in Dallas 10-days back, this caught out eye:  ‘I Was Lucky I Didn’t Give It All Up’: K-Pop Band BTS Addresses the United Nations.

Now, check this:  While BTS is talking to the UN, these confused internationalist shills are saying what?  U.N. to Caution Against Populism as World Leaders Convene for the Annual Summit.  Jeez Louise and FMTT…glad having K-Pop hype drop-in isn’t populism.  I can rest so much easier now…

Next, from the word-slinging Pope:  Pope warns of existential ennui in secular Estonia.  WTF is existential ennui?  I had to look that one up.  Big words won’t fix the church revenue declines, though.

Here’s another sign of that Stealth Hyperinflation I told you was coming:  Oil hits four-year high after OPEC+ shows no sign of turning on the taps.  Supply down, price up – got it?  Shows up in the CPI next year to jack up costs after the feds low-ball Social Security increases for ’19.

What was it the A-Team said?  “I love it when a plan comes together”.. Better get Peppard….er…prepared!

Around the Ranch

Fox News has something more personally useful than all the divisive political BS:  Fall is the best time of the year for garage and yard sales.

When I headed over to the office at 5 AM, Elaine was already up reading the latest AARP newsletter.  Good article in there, she reports, on how voice computing and Alexa are helping older people who live alone by giving them some digital interactive “companionship.”

“Nonsense!” I told her “There’s no future in voice-directed computing…” And then I turned and said:  “Alexa, turn on shop lights.  Alexa, turn off studio.  Alexa turn on Office…”

You can see why when the internet goes down, I work myself into a lather tripping on things in the dark and trying to remember where all the damn switches are…

Tomorrow, Peoplenomics subscribers will get some current insights into anti-aging – yes, there’s hope.

For now, off to work on the office a bit until we get to part 2 of our morning’s debacle –  When the Case Shiller Housing Data comes out.

Dow futures are +86 as we do a wave ii bounce into the open that may carry into tomorrow… and then watch as I blow my chances for the High Court as I grab my shorts!!!

Moron the ‘morrow…

21 thoughts on “Eerie Calm at the Webolution Barricades”

  1. Morning George,

    One thing not discussed about JUDGE Kavanaugh is this and in light of the way his accusers have appeared, out of nowhere it is important.

    FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME: This is an issue that popped up in the ET and UFO research arena a few decades ago. Further more the implantation of false memories by a controlled combination of drugs and hypnosis by skilled former rogue intelligence agents is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

    So, while you are observing the webolutionaries, the question is…just how deep and how dark is this attack?

    Thanks for your good insights, Roger

    • Good comment particularly since Ms Ford is in charge of an intern program at Stanford investigating mind control for the cia.

      • Lil’ Chrissy Ford was a an easy drinking and sexing teen, proven by her yearbooks for ’82 and ’83 easily findable on the web. She’s been involved in democrat politics and hates the Kavanaughs because Judge Kavanaugh’s mother, also a judge, had presided over the foreclosure of her parents house. Her father is reputed to be a CIA or similar agency type, she’s affiliated with Stamford, a known Psycorps university, and now she’s found to be involved in mind control research. What’s not to trust?

  2. I’m surprised to hear you have the AARP Mag. in your home. That rag is so left leaning it is almost horizontal. Just look at who they put on their cover, not to mention their support for anything gun control. I tried to find out who made up their board of directors, to complain directly, and they refused to tell me. Propaganda for the old folks, I’ll pass.

    • I have to agree completely. AARP is an insurance agency and political power group disguised as an advocate for old folks. It’s very much against older folks testing their limits and being all that they can be.

      The only conceivable value from AARP IMHO is the discounts sometimes offered, but you can generally get the same thing by asking for a senior discount. Even if you can’t, it’s not worth supporting that group.

      • I was just going to comment about this but see other level-headed readers beat me to it. AARP is about the most worthless organization I’ve ever seen. Too bad a good percentage of clueless Seniors give them money. I immediately throw away their direct mail pieces (which is where most of your dues go; it’s just like a ponzi).
        I can understand if Elaine demands membership, but I thought you were smarter than that George!

        • There are some useful discounts and some of the quips are good… Out here where we are choice limited their prescrip plan is useful, too. I don’t buy guns, ammo, or politics from em, lol

    • Called AARP and told them I did not like their anti-gun stance,and have not received a single advert from them since, one of the best calls I’ve made.

  3. Having been on a Grand Jury, I volunteer to join this one.

    I gave up on the “branch water” as it dilutes the flavour, so I will bring my own unadulterated sipping juice. It’s for medicinal purposes only, of course .

  4. Why President Trump is causing a worldwide economic boom? PT worries world leaders with his America First & Space Force. It is causing them to become more productive & competitive so they can compete with the Future Great US economy. Space Force is necessary because there is no way to protect our satellites now. A rocket could explodes a can of nails 22 miles up & effectively interrupt communications worldwide.

    Unfortunately, the left doesn’t want this. They want power in the Hands of the few (mainly them).

  5. There’s no reason for home automation/voice control to have any access to the internet. It should be stand-alone and air gapped. Yes, you might CHOOSE to have cellphone access with voice control, but even that has no need to access Amazon/Google/Microsoft/Apple sites with anything. Doing so is a security risk and a privacy violation.

    I have little faith in McConnell, though I’d like to see Judge Kavanaugh confirmed. McConnell has a legacy of appearing to win, and then at the last moment, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The time to have voted on Judge Kavanaugh was last Friday, when McConnell claimed that he had the votes. His singular accomplishment was in confirming Judge Gorsuch, and that required the “nuclear” option. That option still exists and it’s past time to have a vote.

  6. The movie by Lucio Viscount The Damned. You have been comparing the 1930s economy with today, this movie will match our political and social situation. What has not happened yet is who will replace the brown shirts. Mmmm.

  7. Ahhhh! All this media hype is empowering the #ME TOO movement. Going after sexual assault after some 36 years??????? It will be a FIELD day as soon as #ME TOO takes aim at all of those “pantie raids” carried out in the fifties and sixties. All that cornucopia of sex abuse, of course, must be addressed. Ask yourself, “are we better off today with all those ‘progressive movements’ or worse off?” My take, we are not better off!!!!

    • But, it’s the public’s choice! Don’t kid yourselves. It woudn’t be like that otherwise w/o it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • With her father being a long-term CIA bag man is it not likely that she has been ‘conditioned’ to be a “Manchurian Candidate”? It wouldn’t be the first time.

  8. Hmmm…

    Haven’t listened to BTS (or any C/J/K Pop for a half-dozen years.) I had hopes that BoA (Kwon) would crack the U.S. market — She’s Korean and is the artist who broke the K-Pop/J-Pop barrier (until BoA, K-Pop artists couldn’t chart on Oricon. BoA broke the barrier by being a Korean who sang J-Pop. She was tri-lingual [English, Japanese] before she hit puberty.) I thought she should’ve gotten a Dizzney Channel gig to raise her facetime and audience cred (and improve her enunciation) before she released “BoA” into the U.S. market… ‘Believe I even suggested it to EMI. Alas…

    Then I thought Utada (Hikaru) would pull it off because she’s U.S. born and has a N.Y. record-producer dad, and should know the ins and outs. Utada and BoA are both Pac-Rim music royalty. BTS are pretenders to that throne.

    Although my C/J/K leanings are a lot more toward Do As Infinity and L’Arc-en-Ciel (with a little Gackt for good measure), and I generally detest boy-bands, the fact they actually cracked Billboard means I’m gonna have to give ’em a listen… eventually.

    • I love the CPOP and KPOP girl bands, largely for the visuals, though the audio is OK too. Japan has a few on offer too, including Babymetal, though they’re a crossover. There’s something wonderful about hearing female voices and mostly not understanding the words.

      • My kids were into anime and J-pop. When they began acquiring like-minded college-age acquaintances, I’d volunteer my TV one night per month for “concert night.” They weren’t too impressed with my old Luna Sea, but the “hot charters:” Koda Kumi, Utada, Namie (Amuro), BoA, and Ayumi Hamasaki seemed to turn their collective cranks fairly well. Most of the kids were passing-familiar with Japanese and sang along. It was a different kind of education for me…

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