Easter Monday: The Dyngus Amongus

This is Dyngus Day.  A tough day to get excited about, with a few local exceptions.

Markets are generally closed in Europe because this is “Easter Monday” and a market holiday in places like Germany, France, and the U.K.

Oh, and Australian markets were closed overnight, as well.

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What does this have to do with the U.S.?” is a fair question.

Depends on whether you follow our admittedly odd worldview when comes to trading (a cross between investing and wild-eyed gambling).

You see with networked markets, the whole global system models well as a “big gob of money.”

But when some of the markets are closed, some portion of the money comes off the table for things like weekends.  And on special weekends like this one, when markets are open one placed, closed another, it makes it doubly to triply confusing.

Eventually – starting with Asia tonight – we will see come global coherence sneak back in and once that is done, then we can use our Aggregate U.S. indicators to figure out the next money-making move long of short.  Or, so we hope.

I could roll on endlessly about how Alt-Econ really works (well!) but it is a non-quantitative approach and would not be blessed by academia.

It’s like the study of geology, though.

We walk up to a small mountain range and observe all the mountains have partial connections.  From one to another we might see a ridge line, for example.

Geologists who have been seized by “too many numbers” disease will not simply look at the obvious routes between mountains.

Instead, they will measure everything possible.  What is the slope of that hill?  What are the numeric dimensions of the mountain?  Is that igneous rock?  Where did it come from?

Not that each of the data points isn’t True.  The question is “Are they useful?”

A pocket altimeter works fine.

The dirty little secret about how the stock market works is similarly simple – and it explains why the modern trading platforms – you know, the online stock brokerages – it’s why THEY make money.

It is like owning a casino and being able to inspect people’s bets before they are placed. 

If you see a bunch of people putting roulette money on the number 37, you simply buy all possible positions on 37 and re-sell them a fraction of a second later to the retail customers.

If this is done slowly (by a human) it is considered “front-running.”  When a broker makes money on your trades,  as is caught, it’s fines, suspension or prison..

The SEC, being easily confused when looking at the mountain of front-running data that effectively takes place with high-frequency trading platforms, has been effectively bamboozled by “mathnosis” (math plus hypnosis, right?) into believing that if “front running is fast enough, it’s not front running of trades.”


Some day, and I hope to live long enough to see it, some young law firm will file a class action lawsuit against the HFT operators.  But in the meantime, there’s enough fog in the mountains – this being Easter Monday – that it’s hardly worth getting up. The Mountains will be more visible tomorrow.

We like to see the mountains clearly and holidays like this amount to fog.

We don’t expect the U.S, market to move too much in today’s session.Under our wacky “Aggregate” theories, inter-market arbitrage means as much as retail stock sales.  Maybe more.

If you are still drawn to the adrenaline, might we propose the Boston Marathon run for the more ambitious?

Around here, the Plan of the Day will involve additional non-destructive pillow testing.

After all the work in the garden this weekend, more sleep sounds like a grand idea.

Snide Remarks About Headlines

Normally, we would offer a string of news headlines about here.  Pithy comments would follow.

But in honor of Easter Monday,, we will point you over to our automatically-updated Breaking News Feed content aggregation software page where you can see the world roll by as I snooze.

A FB murder? Another nail in the coffin of the unlicensed Internet.

Crooked politics in SK and the visiting Pence?  Fine, have at it.

Almost as exciting as the “Truth About Almond Milk.”

Answer me this:  Do you really think staying up for another 90 minutes to report the Empire State Manufacturing Survey is the best use of my time?  What about the pillow testing project?

Fed industrial production and capacity utilization tomorrow morning ain’t exactly the Grateful Dead, know what I’m sayin?

Mr. Pith will be back tomorrow when the gambling makes more sense..

For now: Time to pith and snooze.

13 thoughts on “Easter Monday: The Dyngus Amongus”

  1. Draining the swamp? Not exactly.

    A better explanation is that it is now expanded and rebranded. Think of it as a reptile petting zoo.

    Friday, the White House announced that it will not publish White House visitor logs, upsetting even hard-right Judicial Watch. Today, the news is out that they have been issuing, in secret, waivers to the existing laws preventing lobbyists from overseeing the industries that paid them until they took their new jobs in the Administration. They aren’t even telling the corruption cops about these waivers. From today’s NY Times: Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub told the Times, “There’s no transparency, and I have no idea how many waivers have been issued.”

    I’m sure a few of Trump’s supporters might have been wondering why the first new laws he signed did things like eliminate the requirement that coal companies avoid putting their toxic mine tailings into rivers and streams and pay for the cleanup if they did, or why our Internet providers should have the right to sell our personal data and browsing history without asking permission or paying us for the privilege, or why they rushed into licensing a new insecticide that has already been shown to cause developmental problems in childrens’ brains.

    Now we know.

    • One day people like George may discover that Donald Dump is the worst thing to ever happen to this country — and watch as he plays like Nero and turns this country into crap. Have fun!!

      • Nah, it was Newt Gingrich, Phil Gramm, Bill-Bob Clinton, Congress, the Senate, and a bunch of stupid Americans that brought this nation down. Oh and your Boy, Barrack Obama. All basically a bunch of sellouts !!

  2. I could probably tell a lot of people what not to do because I have done what you shouldn’t have done so I learn from experience and I guess I’m going to keep on learning from experience instead of other people’s experiences so much as my own, have a good day

  3. Happy Dingus Day George! And of course, same for all of Easter Weekend. I learn something every day, and who knew of the alternate name of Easter Monday!

    Sadly, this is one of the least likely days for me to find a worthy female to chase around and get wet with. Such is the paradox of life.

    Enjoy your pillow testing, along with Elaine. You both deserve it.

  4. I solid article and it even had YouTube references to an island that has not been overtaken yet by the powers-that-be every time someone comes around with their helicopters or their boats these Islanders shoot at these people with their bows and arrows they will not a let them approach even if they come out of a boat and come up they will shoot at them in fact they said they did get wounded by them so they have not the powers-that-be been able to take over that Island I mean they can all we gotta do is just go couple minutes gone but because the Islanders did not with open arms say come let us Mingle which is what the CIA does it goes to all the different places that it hasn’t overtaking and it mingles and then before you know it they have overtaken so let this be a lesson if you don’t want to be overtaken don’t let them on your Island

    • http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2283.htm

      I have personal experience with this in my area island, repeat do not let them on your Island or they will take over your Island
      however small or large that Island Maybe ,may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it ,and not harmed so that is a way of thinking instead of thinking hey we have to overcome our neighbor and eradicate them instead we should teach our neighbors from birth on up that they should be loving their neighbor not trying to remove them from existence
      again I repeat
      may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it
      but it has to be encouraged at Birth and more so when someone’s at a fighting age or they can destroy other Islands
      Now who wants to talk about the pyramid Structure of power
      And who wants to talk about the world’s ability to change on a dime
      The world we’re living in now isn’t ancient anymore it’s new and it’s controlled by the processes of electronics to the point that at any time if what North Korea is insinuating they can do to wipe out all three major countries China Russia and United States with their satellites that they’ve got rotating around the globe armed with EMP weapons
      I am more worried about the people who move into my Island area do they have the capability to wipe us all out
      do they have two ability to change my grandchildren’s belief systems
      And do you have the ability to control the future of your descendants


      • No Islamic apologist here… But… the link you provided erroneously says Quran 65:4 gives permission to rape, marry and divorce prepubescent girls. As was once acceptable in Christian circles, prepubescent girls can be married according to the verse and corresponding chapter. Which by the way is about divorce. Nothing in the chapter directly speaks of rape. The fact that some would misuse the verses to do just what the author is stretching to make his point, is a given. Just as some in times past used Biblical verses to justify black oppression and slavery.

        This is typical of the reporting in the Left wing news organizations. Seems that little ditty is not exclusive, many on the Conservative right are just as guilty. Read everything with a questioning eye. Outrageous and shocking statements usually are … outrageous that is.

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