Doomsday Week? Fresh Econ Data

Know what time it is?

The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists labeled the beginning of this year as “100-seconds to Midnight.”  At which time, turn off the lights, and settle into the remnant’s struggle to pick ourselves up again in a few thousand years.

The truly paranoid think the president is already in hiding and is using this “vacation week” to send in a body-double.  Fueled by stories like The same Joe Biden suddenly looks different – CNNPolitics. The giveaway will be if the “new Biden” begins thinking and speaking clearer…but only if you’re, oh, paranoid!

Site Surveys

With Joe to Go, tomorrow is our “hot day.”  August 17th.  Plus, or minus some weather-wiggle, one of our sources tells us.

The next hot day after this one is more Taiwan-centric.  Consigliere figures mid-September to put the Crash right with moon cycles in early November.  We don’t think World has enough patience to wait.

Labor Day is risky for Taiwan because that’s when the best tides of the year for an amphibious landing take place.  A hint will be yet-another extension of military drills in the area.  But those are ongoing right now which is why…well, hold up.  Let’s do War Weather, right?

Winds for the rest of the week will be generally from the East in Ukraine.  Which means if Russia ups the ante and goes theater-sized tactical nukes?  No fallout on Russian soil, and little – if any – on NATO countries. Seems to us that East-Southeast winds will preserve a lot of the ag value of the country if UKR-war gets escalated to any crazier levels.  Oh, wait, they already have: Putin Accuses U.S. Of Prolonging Ukraine Conflict, Labels Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit ‘Planned Provocation’.  Try to wipe off that silly “surprised” look, Vlad.  It’s what we do anymore.  Consider yourself lucky we shipped all our critical factories to China, including our bioweapons, right?

Now, about Out West?  Winds around Taiwan will be easterly today and tomorrow, but there’s a window after that of a week, or better, with 10-knots, or less.  And from the West, which would put the “wind at China’s back” invading the Island of Formosa to complete the “reunification of China.”

And the Hot Air will flow hot and heavy as the Big Lie “inflation fighting bill” is due to be signed.  In most coverage, like President Biden to sign Inflation Reduction Act into law, there’s a good bit of happy-talk.  How can a cap of $2,000 on out-of-pocket Medicare costs be bad, right?  Well, this is a big we can’t afford and even now, Social Security is headed for at least a 20% cut by 2035 if there’s no reform.  If a retirement move is on your dance card, 38 States That Don’t Tax Social Security Benefits.  But, 12 do.  Texas does not.

Dems are already grand-standing on Social Security with the mid-terms less than three months out.  Grand-standing is what they do best. Cue the (whoever it is) Biden says Democrats will deliver ‘stronger’ Social Security, warns a GOP majority could have it ‘sliced.’  Honest dollar, low inflation or massive inflation driving social security higher?  Hmm.  Not much of a choice, pard!

Then we also have a small wager that runaway political prosecutors will attempt to “perp walk” former president Trump soon.  Big Ears tells us that wouldn’t be “big enough” to matter, but given the mood of the country?  Might be.

Even now, the left-wing media is full of stories about The Donald being a possible flight risk.  Especially with mainstream reports like Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid.   The Dept. of Justice, meanwhile, doesn’t want to release details: DOJ opposes making public details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant’s probable cause affidavit.  Which has fueled speculation across the board.  Who’s the snitch?

How come Hillary got off with all their crap?  Trump didn’t have an email server full of secrets, did he?  No Uranium One deals?  No Benghazi’s? No Foundation? I’ve noticed that if a republican is involved in a news item, Wikipedia tends to use the term “conspiracy theory” while if the (believed) perps are democrats, the headings are “controversies.”  Owning the label maker has recently been noticed in the definition of what a Recession is. (We trust you read the Wikipedia page Talk:Recession/FAQ – Wikipedia?)  Back to our line of inquiry:

Of course, there are other large-scale events that could drop as the week unfolds.

Been a whole month now since New York City went on a public nuke prepping binge: NYC Issues New Nuclear Attack PSA, Here’s The Reaction To The Warning.  Weird, right?  A possible 9/11 LIHOP/MIHOP story? (Let It Happen On Purpose/Made It Happen On Purpose says one controversy.)  Yet another excuse for government to seize even more Freedoms including speech, especially from the web’s social media platforms.  Which is why we don’t play in that sandbox.

For this morning, we’ll just paw through the headlines, remain in cash until things sort themselves out.

Money, Markets, and Diets

Meantime, no lunch money this week:  We were caught on the wrong side of the market Monday which (very strangely reversed higher at midsession).  We’ll have to wait for another opportune moment to enter a short position.  As we told Peoplenomics subscribers last weekend, from the Friday close, the Dow could go up another thousand and still be in an Elliott Wave 2 rally from previous all-time highs to our way of thinking.  Which is never advice – just common-sense things to keep in the back of your mind.

Friday of this week is options expiration and really, now:  Is there any reason God would allow a one-month Dow gain of almost 8.4 percent? A one-month gain of 14.5 percent in the NASDAQ or a slightly lower 11.2 percent rise in the S&P from one options expiration to the next?  Perhaps rumors of a “Good and Just God” are a bit oversold?  Or HE’s thrown-in with the money-printers and inflation promoters.  Hmm.  (Pass the collection plate?)

Housing Numbers Fall “Bigly”

Those higher interest rates?  Suckeroo, buddy:

Housing Starts
Privately-owned housing starts in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,446,000. This is 9.6 percent (±8.6 percent) below the revised June estimate of 1,599,000 and is 8.1 percent (±11.9 percent)* below the July 2021 rate of 1,573,000. Single-family housing starts in July were at a rate of 916,000; this is 10.1 percent (±10.8 percent)* below the revised June figure of 1,019,000. The July rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 514,000.

Wheaties and wishes, kiddies.  Federal Housing numbers in a picture:

At the detail level, where are all those new home starts Slow was promising?  After the numbers, Dow futures down only 21.

Hang on for Industry Production and Capacity Utilization from the Printing Reserve at 9:15 Eastern.

Who’s Needling Us?

Here we go again: Pondering the line between nrews coverage and vaccine commercials:  Should parents delay kids’ second COVID vaccine? Here’s what the research says (

And why were we not surprised to read With monkeypox, profits are once again being put ahead of protecting life?

Thrills and Spills

Spills came up hot in our word frequency run this morning:

Interesting event clustering.

The other interesting cluster is the word “shortage.”

Always interesting to look at keyword clusters.

Press Release Pile

Every day I thumb through a ton of press releases – stopping to read interesting ones – and a lot seem to deal with food.  Here’s a recent holdover that struck us as “interesting…”

Like chocolate and peanut flavors, do you?  “SNICKERS™ Shakers Seasoning Blend combines the classic chocolate bar’s delicious blend of chocolate, peanut, and caramel flavors to recreate the mouth-watering taste of a SNICKERS® bar and is a delicious addition to ice cream, cookies, milkshakes, pancakes, yogurt and more.”  Store shelves soon.  On your pancakes, maybe?

Reader LOOB who is famous locally for his homemade wines and spirits will be thrilled to notice this press release: Craft Spirits Market to record USD 36.82 Bn growth — Evolving Opportunities with Bacardi Ltd. and Beam Suntory Inc.  Here’s to prescient beveraging, LOOB…

Reminds me not to plant too many cows this year:  Rising Trend of Veganism to Steer Plant-based Milk Market Past US$ 32 Billion by 2031.  If there’s anyone alive by then.


Outside of Food and Beverage notes, these were kind of interesting, too:

Home eye testing?  Visibly Becomes First FDA-Cleared Online Vision Test in the United States.

Green crypto effort:  Mecobit Starts New Era in Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining

Astro what?  Texas Drought Conditions Continue to Devastate the State, SYNLawn® Artificial Grass Offers a Promising Solution.  Here, if we turn our back on the yard for more than an hour, it will be overgrown.

Wonder if they called Buffett and Munger first?  Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern merger proposal receives clearance from Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

And seriously now, don’t people read about tourists being killed by drug cartels in Mexico?  Denial maybe?  Long-haul travel surges and Mexico ranks #1 for Americans this Fall, says Tripadvisor data.  Might be safer to weekend in Chicago…just saying.

Off to yard work and checking voicemail to see if Publishers Clearinghouse called overnight.

Write when you get rich,

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70 thoughts on “Doomsday Week? Fresh Econ Data”

  1. The countdown is on for the week of a 3 for 1 Tesla stock split. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to sleep tonight with a stash of Benjamins under the pillow secure in the knowledge there would be 3X more in the morning? This is not investment advice. Let’s get back to Washington and more on the Inflation Reduction Act, 2022!

    • “Let’s get back to Washington and more on the Inflation Reduction Act, 2022!”

      Inflation Reduction Act, 2022!” is a joke played on you retarded voters. Heads should rollll instead, IMHO

  2. “Trump didn’t have an email server full of secrets, did he? ”

    He didn’t have hundreds of emails and documents exposing questionable behaviors on WikiLeaks either..
    Or a family member with a hard drive filled with documents,photos,and even access to the most secure files of the nation..
    He doesn’t have a slew of photos and videos published by himself reportedly committing heinous acts either..

    • And what did HE do while he had the power to act??
      Just asking, take care LOOB ;-) and enjoy your brew.

      • .. lol lol.the way I seen it he was attacked at every must have forgotten about the 24/7 barage of attacks against him ,his family and anyone working for a 30 minute news segment there was what 94 anti administration slures..every network program had jabs against his administration, his actions etc. I get a chuckle about the pat the woman on the but and say he could get laid because he was rich.. yet not a word about the thousands of videos and photos ir other heinous crimes against our country and what we use to stand for..
        Then on top of it soon as it was looking as if he was going to win.. a mass of demonstrators hit every city in the nation committing crimes and destroying property billions of dollars in damage..and everyone saying how wonderful it was..
        And still he got more accomplished than any other president in my lifetime all without the support he needed..

  3. “And seriously now, don’t people read about tourists being killed by drug cartels in Mexico?  Denial maybe? ”

    That’s where the kids went for vacation.. a whole week for what 10 dollars a day.. everything including booze included in the resort fee..
    I tried pointing out issues playing out on the global scale.. I am what they deem in a state of paranoia and that everything is ok.. all stories in the news fake..
    I stopped down for more brewing equipment..and they have seen an increase the guy I see was telling me.. what he’s being told is with the increase of prices and the lack of grains that they want to learn how before it goes ballistic..

  4. One has to wonder if they will give the new joe the old jill or get a new one of those also . And what about hunter? I guess they might all go to Dubai where there’s no extradition.

    • What about the perv… hmm..well his own set of agency negotiators..or they could just be supplying agency women .. and doing the drug deals for him.. we won’t ever know.. in the meantime it’s all on the hourly wage earners dollar.. a twenty million dollar dive in .. and a whole crew to run interference..
      If it was you or me..we would have skank the tank singing I found my true love up on the hill..
      Then again he might not be as pleased since child abusers and pedophiles are treated more aggressively.. but we already know there’s a pardon waiting for him and the whole family.. so really why waste money on pursuing it.

  5. It’s come out that dr jill has tested positive for the covid. Does the delaware turd boy got to go back into hiding? They were supposed to go to the white house for signing of the screw American Citizens bill and then to delaware beach house. This could get interesting.

      • Hmmm a visit to NC.. where the virus was supposedly originally studied and developed.. who knows.. maybe there was a reason to visit there for vaca in high temps and humidity..

  6. “Here’s to prescient beveraging, LOOB…”

    The cost.. the average cost of wine is so low.. that even with the best and rarest ingredients you can have a really good wine for what a minimum wage Bagboy or dishwasher makes..
    The big issues comes with the bottle.. a champagne bottle is thicker to take a higher pressure..
    When I started a wine bottle was a quarter now its a dollar.. a beer can was 3 cents now it’s 50 cents.. a champagne bottle was 50 now it’s just shy 3 dollars and the cost doesn’t include the wire cork ties..
    Corks..there’s a shortage of corks..
    Which makes the growler top more desirable..
    At roughly a buck twenty a piece and unlimited usage its worth the money.. another one is a multi use cork and a cork hood..
    I keg for beer price about a nickle a bottle .. wine the goal is to keep the cost below a dollar a bottle..

  7. To follow up on my ‘deja vu’ moment from a day or so ago, no unaccounted for woo has arrived, BUT I just had another really strong bout of the ‘vu’ again a few minutes ago. This one had to do with work and not this blog.

    I don’t like it.

    • Think about what you were doing just prior to that ‘deja vu’ moment. May be even up to an hour before. See if there is a pattern. If there might be similarities that connect all of these episodes., see if you can recreate that same ‘environment’. Place? Eating? Drinking? Reading? Combo of several of these?

  8. As of this morning.., my Aggregate Index – the 30 Day MA and the 85 Day MA are five points apart. The 30 day has not been above the 85 day since late January.

  9. Briefly heard out of the corner of my ear — I wasn’t paying close attention, but I think I heard a short news item about China extending sea MIL activities around Taiwan as a result of the second wave of visiting American congresscritters.

    Can’t be real sure, and can’t find anything about this elsewhere now.

    Dunno. Might be bogus.

    • Epoch Times: The Chinese dissident news outlet.

      You can look at the headlines for FREE and a few articles a month (if you register) but if you want to read everything you have to pay to subscibe. (you may need Google Translate enabled on your Chrome browser though they do had an “English Version” button at the top left).

      Epoch Times also has a printed newspaper, occaisionally get a free one in the mail, but unsure if it is just a weekly or if they produce it 2/3/5 etc. days a week. Mostly news in the paper, very little advertising. They do a good job with the news for the most part, but of course you need to understand the “slant” they are placing on it (very very ANTI-Communist and PRC). Good insight and reporting into the behind the scenes disagreements within the CCP too btw.


      The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

      Used to be the best source of Chinese news in English … but alas since Beijing took over Hong Kong it is NOT as good as it used to be, but still has LOTS of good public knowledge stuff about what is going on wrt China. NOT as slanted as the official Chinese Government news sources, but of course still slanted. Now owned by Alibaba

      Epoch Times also has a cable TV channel, which is actually “Over the Air” here locally in the evening on a sub channel and they have great news coverage about China during their evening news broadcasts (prime time 8 to 11 PM locally). I am sure that it is also available via the net and maybe even on your Roku box (since I get it OTA I haven’t bothered checking about a Roku feed)

      … and via those news sources China DID extend it’s “training” activities near Taiwan

      • Whoops … need to add:

        TWO versions of the Epoch Times exist. One in English and the one in Chinese. DIFFERENT CONTENT (why you need Google Translate enabled on your Chrome browser)

      • “The South China Morning Post used to be the best source of Chinese news in English”

        Still not bad. I also read the official CCP pubs (translated), Industan and a couple other Indian newspapers, and the Sydney Morning Herald and a couple other Aussie rags, if I want to REALLY know what’s going on behind the Red Curtain…

  10. Today’s column noted shortages. I am currently in Sweden. You can have all the electricity you want but how much you pay will depend on the time of day. After midnight you might pay a penny a kilowatt hour, in the 6 to 8 PM range you’ll pay tomorrow $.95 per kilowatt hour. Tomorrow’s average is supposed to be $.55 per kilowatt hour. But at least it’s not Estonia where electricity peaks at $4.00 per kilowatt hour.

    I’m wondering how long Europeans can support Ukraine given what’s happening to the electricity and gas prices. Apparently about half of France’s nuclear plants are off-line because of low water levels and deferred maintenance because of Covid.

    • “how long Europeans can support Ukraine given what’s happening to the electricity and gas prices.”

      My guess is till the last Ukrainian dies..or putin and Xi get sick and tired of everone pushing the issue. To further their agenda..
      When you hear that zelinski has left the country

    • Wow! I finally found someplace that pays more for electricity than I do. This month’s bill was only $0.55/KWh…. down 1.25 cents from last month, apparently due to ‘cheaper oil’. It won’t last.

    • I wonder…

      If all the Swedes decided to pay that ~10Kr/hr I wonder if there would still be enough of Reddy Kilowatt to go around…?

  11. Hi LOOB…totally with you on loving trees and going with oxygen making green cities. Problem is the anti-oil, stop carbon at all costs crowd are totally off base again.

    Example: Scotland has cut 14,000,000 trees to put in 21 wind farms since 2000. Ugly, noisy, bird killing, lightening rod wind farms. 17,283 acres of trees wiped out that will never convert CO2 to Oxygen.

    This is the kind of lunacy and what I was referring to as Green Revolutionary.

    Germany has finally woken up. And one German State’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer has come out and said what everyone has known all along: “Germany’s asserted wind and solar transition is nothing short of a failure – one designed by dimwitted ideologues and cunning profiteers.”

    Germany’s green energy transition from carbon fuels and nuclear energy to renewables has “failed”, the state Prime Minister has declared.

    Having gotten itself addicted to Russian gas exports, Germany had for a long time held on to the belief that pushing its climate crazy green agenda harder would solve its energy problems, and that the country would be able to shut down all of its nuclear power stations without issue.

    As the country faces the possibility of gas shortages and blackouts over the coming winter months, Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has labelled the government’s green transition a failure, and is now demanding that the country’s remaining nuclear power stations stay online.

    And here in the U.S., electric cars are great for running to the grocery store if you want to pay $60-80,000 + electricity which isn’t cheap anymore, but the PV of that would buy 1000s of uber deliveries over one’s lifetime. And electric auto companies are already declaring bankruptcy.

    Will post something soon on Climate Change lies/liars. Take care friend. I have a separate folder on all your great recipes. That is what I call smarts and creativity…and good.

    • When you do that write up on climate fraud, please borrow our paranoia that Green was just a scam so that Russia could buy up outfits like Uranium One while pandering to greenies who will soon enough find out what The Darkness is.

    • What seems to be constantly ignored is the fact that there are just too many people sharing this globe. Thank you!

      • Well..not so much to many people…but we consume what 55 acres of farmland a minute globally in expansion of concrete you figure 14 trees to process the co2 emissions per auto and 7 per human.. and we are cutting how many trees a minute..
        A co2 filter under every street lamp will process the co2 for ten cars..per filter.. all low voltage biodegradable.. and for every building let’s say ten acres loss and ten stories high.. with green shaping you’ve just replaced the lost 10 acres with the equivalent if a hundred acres ..a city also is what 10 to 20 degrees warmer than country.. greenscaping would lower those rising temperatures..
        Water.. it’s never gone its air wells recollection of the moisture from the air..
        The issue isn’t space or expansion it’s the business model that is affected.. a person or child that can pick a head of broccoli or some grapes won’t purchase’s exactly the same reason why department stores will throw away and destroy products rather than giving them to someone in need..
        Its really all about The number on a sheet of paper..
        It’s the same thing with energy..we built for the buck not the security of the grid..

      • I hate with a passion that I’d ever agree with the Davos crowd, but you’re right. Especially in the middle of a drought around here with everyone’s wells going dry. Decades ago when we had extended droughts we’d just sell off until it started raining again. Now we’d get in trouble running people through the auction ring. Most of them would wind up at the rendering plant.

        Soilent Green is made out of peeeeople!!

    • I personally lo e all forms of energy production with the exception of nuclear. We just don’t know enough Nd disposal of waste is to costly..I have a wind turbine..the birds love sitting on the tail fin..hasn’t killed a one yet..
      My thought is the tree.. tbe tree needs roots the branches and leaves each leave produces a minute amount of electricity to assist the roots..
      For the cost of two wind turbines without the infrastructure changes needed to support that monstrosity.. a 15kw solar power system could be placed on every house in our state.. instead of 6 mw .. there would be 9600 mw per my mind that’s just common sense to spend less get more..the same with solarb tower’s start at the furthest point work back.. why everyone hates coal surprises me..I love the stuff..minor change in the burn pot and its clean..

    •  “I have a separate folder on all your great recipes.”

      I literally can make all the creature comforts we use daily..
      I was just wondering about if.. an emp happened.. my cream separator is electric. So is my pasteurizer..

  12. ‘Which means if Russia ups the ante and goes theater-sized tactical nukes? ‘

    That’s ridiculous! The Russians are winning – no they are not moving at the pace of Patton’s Third Army in France, but that’s not their game plan. Nukes mean an entire new world of complications and does not at all change the end result in Ukraine.

    Now, if the US/NATO jumps in the game, that’s a different scenario, but all us old military guys know that the US/NATO does not have the forces and logistics in place to go toe to toe with the Russians anytime soon. In would take a year build up to get everything in place – remember that it took the US military 6 months to get everything in place for the first gulf war – and they were not going up against the Russians and the US military had a far better state of readiness in the early 90’s. My reflections on the quality of NATO forces are very outdated, but I remember the Brits as the only real credible force – good troops, but generally bad weapons and equipment. The Dutch are good, but a very small force.

    • “but all us old military guys know that the US/NATO does not have the forces and logistics in place to go toe to toe with the Russians anytime soon.”

      Now I am not an old military type guy.. I hate wars good people suffer..
      But I can see the poison pawn trap.. we are involved because a group wants to keep their enterprises in tact..all for the dollar , pound, or euro. What I see is they are letting the greed of the few be the destruction of themselves. Divide the forces in to many directions and the home front is left in the poison pawn trap..since greed was the motivator on everything I believe that it included allowing illegals entry.. I believe it will be the straw that breaks the camels back.
      We destroyed our industrial dominance with greed we sold off vital infrastructure and industry for the dollar.
      We have dumbed down our youth and disrupted what police force we had for the citizens.
      Once we get foggy over greed.. they will jump.. China marched across Vietnam in six days to prove a point don’t mess with us..
      How long do you think it would actually take for them to do it here..

    • Amen, Len! and “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they are not really out to get me!”

    • I had pan fried crickets – then dipped in chocolate in Thailand. Does that count? Hint: With a rich, thick chocolate, you can not taste the bug.

      • I’ve had chocolate covered ants (the shells get stuck in the teeth), chocolate covered grasshoppers (too crunchy), and french fried grubworms (crunchy french fries). I will stick to my ocean fishing for protein, thanks.

      • In less than 100 years America went from, “…a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage” (1928) to bugs on the plate and 96 month auto loans.

        People are going to eat crickets. “Cricket flour” sanitizes the thought. Genius.

        From cotton gins to cricket gins. A cricket gin tumbles legs, antlers and wings from the dried bugs leaving the meaty heads, thoraxes and abdomens.

      • All the carping and shocked sounding posts on cricket consumption doesn’t mean much to hunger. If the current levels of our “coming apart at the seams” dystopia doesn’t get a mid-term fix, you’ll be eating crickets and anything else that falls onto your plate.
        If one is complaining about “whats for dinner?” too loudly, I suspect they just haven’t been hungry enough-YET.
        Very humbling…

    • “the Cricket are coming”

      Lets do a spearmint…

      1 1/2 cup of soy flour….
      1 tsp of agar ( or you can use corn or potato starch)
      1 cup of bullion.. ( your choice)
      2 tbsp of oil.. ( your choice.. bet you can’t guess what oil I use.. yup coconut ( because I can) )
      mix six tbsp of the broth.. ( if you do beef.. then I make the bullion in a can of v-8)
      mix the oil and the six or seven tbsp of broth in the cup of soy flour.. it will look like a thin pancake batter.. but that will change as it absorbs pretty soon it will look crumbly.. keep working it like you do bread or pasta dough.. then you can form it into patties or whatever shape you want..
      place in a steamer.. and let it steam for twenty minutes.. let cool.. use the next day …
      Alternate soy protein Meat substitute..

      1 1/2 cups of soy flour
      a drizzle of oil
      half onion, minced
      1 carrot, minced
      2 garlic cloves, minced or 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
      1 bay leaf
      juice of one small lemon or lime ( 1 tsp)
      1 cup of tomato juice or blended fresh tomatoes
      2 tablespoons of soy sauce
      1 teaspoon of bouillon or one cube..
      a pinch of black pepper
      dash of water if needed..
      add the tomato juice, the vegetable bouillon, and the soy sauce to a jar and stir until combined
      add the oil to a skillet
      add the onions, carrots, the Brazilian spice blend and bay leaf (and the minced garlic if you’re using fresh garlic)
      saute for 2 minutes on medium heat
      add the soy flour or protein
      stir for 1 minute then add the tomato juice mixture, stir until almost dry
      add the garlic powder, the black pepper, stir until combined
      add the remainder of the tomato juice mix and stir until the soy protein is soft.
      Serve it over a bowl of rice or use it to substitute meats in meat dishes

      a seasoning blend

      A bunch of parsley
      A bunch of spring onions
      1 bay leaf
      1 sprig of rosemary or 1 tablespoon if dry
      1 teaspoon of black pepper
      1 large yellow onion
      10-12 cloves of garlic, peeled
      A piece of red bell pepper
      1 tablespoon of cumin
      1 teaspoon of paprika
      1 tablespoon of oregano
      1 teaspoon dried sage or sage leaves
      1 tablespoon of dried or fresh thyme
      1 tablespoon of salt
      1/3 cup (approx.)of olive oil
      1 chili pepper, deseeded – optional

      Vegitable protein
      1 cup of flour..
      1/2 to 3/4 cup of water..
      mix until you get a dough similar to bread dough.. beat it twist it fold it. you may have to moisten your hands so it doesn’t stick to them. the harder you mix it the better it is. then cover and let it sit for about an hour. then take a bowl of cold water.. drop it in and soak it.. for about a half hour..kneed the dough till the water gets cloudy.. then strain it.. take another bowl of cold water and repeat.. do this 4 times.. then put it in a bowl of cold water and let it rest for a half hour.. take it out and shape it.. drop it in your boiling broth and simmer for a half hour….
      broth recipe..
      1 or two bullion cubes or two tsp of bullion..
      2 cups water
      2 Tbsp soy sauce
      1-2 bay leaves
      10 pcs whole peppercorns
      Now I like V-8 so I put a can of V-8 and the rest of the ingredients.. for beef.. for chicken.. leave out the soy sauce and the v8 use chicken broth and a chicken seasoning.. ( I like kicken chicken )and a bullion cube..
      if you made up a ball of the gluten.. then slice it up and cube it.. you have it all ready for any chicken meal.. you can do this with soy flour to..

  13. It’s been six years since Hillary’s server. The statute of limitations are up by now.

    Nobody called the police and she got away. How about that.

    Or, Trump was a sucker –

    Trump drops repeated threat to jail Clinton: ‘She went through a lot’
    This article is more than 5 years old

    The president-elect ‘doesn’t wish to pursue’ criminal investigations into Clinton over her use of a private email server, despite vows he made during campaign

    “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump said, according to a tweet by Times journalist Mike Grynbaum. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

    Trump was then pressed on whether he had definitively ruled out a prosecution, Grynbaum reported. The president-elect replied: “It’s just not something that I feel very strongly about.”

  14. “Here, if we turn our back on the yard for more than an hour, it will be overgrown.”

    Try adding 130 inches of water annually! My ‘green waste’ by the truckload outpaces the household garbage about 100-to-1. I’m not talking mulch, here, but stuff that has to be cut up and trucked to the green recycle facility. With the return of the chainsaw I was bucking up a 30 ft log laying on the ground yesterday.

    • Loyalty only goes so far.. i am thinking that since members of their own priatorian protection guards are also becoming statistics on the list of depressed people. I’m guessing loyalties will begin to falter when things start falling apart..

      The law of karma…
      “the spiritual principle of cause and effect which states that an action is always accompanied by its consequences. Result of a deed is inherent in the deed itself. No one can escape the effects of his actions.”

  15. “The truly paranoid think the president is already in hiding and is using this “vacation week” to send in a body-double. ”

    That would be cool, and would explain the family vacation to a place with an average daily temperature and humidity over the past month of 104/94, and air that’d choke a sunflower. It would also explain the Florida raid (‘cuz it gets Trump out in the open, where he’s sure to be nuked.)

    When I sifted a FIDO node, the kiddies had MUCH BETTER conspiracy theories…

  16. “Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid.”

    They did.

    “DOJ opposes making public details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant’s probable cause affidavit.”

    It has been my experience that it is the party in the wrong — usually the prospective Defendant — who doesn’t want publicity or transparency WRT warrants or writs. Trump is pushing hard for DOJ to make the Affidavit public, in its entirety.

    “Which has fueled speculation across the board. Who’s the snitch?”

    There isn’t one.

    The need for the raid is a complete fabrication. It is scripted, and the script is exactly the same one the Obama DOJ used for the Russia fabrication.

    (Go look…)

    Mar-a-Lago occurred because Nasty is desperate. The Stalinist show trial isn’t pulling either ratings or belief and hasn’t uncovered anything criminal. She’s got 21 weeks to come up with something or invent a charge…

    I hope “an anonymous person” in the Trump organization releases the security video of the raid, before the Feds can find & destroy it…

  17. “Know what time it is?”

    Sure do; it’s a couple of days past due of the cargo ship Razoni at an Egyptian port. It seems to have sailed into a limboland fog of the East Med triangle. Still laden with 95% of its Ukrainian grain cargo after a quick stop in Turkey, the shipowner must be watching the bills climb. Msm offers free advertising to the world with the suggestion that the original Lebanese buyer backed out because the cargo was stale. Maybe heat, humidity, rodents and war zones are a recipe for disastrous flat bread? If it’s really not fit for human consumption, where in the Islamic world can a vendor find a pig farm to sell the stuff to? And Mr. Zelensky has $10 billion worth of (suspect grade?) product to unload from Ukraine silos? Hold the missiles! Maybe this is opportunity for Mr. Z. to try again with Mr. Xi. All the pig fodder in Ukraine to China for a letter of reference to the Kremlin?

  18. America gittin like North Korea . Letting off hot tips !!! Kim
    Pings ones are like the old skyrockets on cracker night . Useless . America wants nuclear war for Klaus the king and the 3 presidents . Told yah years ago give jo a pipe a whiskey and sit in front of the fireplace in the dungeon of delaware

  19. “Pass the collection plate”.
    I started going back to church recently.

    Ya know I got into a debate with someone who was bragging about being rich. I said im rich. Way Richer than you. They laughed. They have big lavish house, very nice experience cars and lots big flashy jewelry, wear the latest Gucci fashons.

    They said but you drive a little tiny Volkswagen passat.

    I said, you are right. I said let me ask you one question. Answer it as honestly as possible. I dont need to know how much money you make. I just have one question. They said shoot. I said what is the ratio of your bills compared to your income. They got out a calculator and said 85% of my income is my bills. They said what is your ratio? I said 15.23% of my monthly income is my total bills.

    I said i live in 5 million dollar home on Alki Beach, drive a new car, hang out back stage with every rook star that comes to town. Anytime I want.

    I said I could littlerally take off at the end of summer and go live in Fiji and do nothing but surf and grow a beard for 5 years. They said, ya I can’t do that.

    I said I read this book about 10 years ago called “how to live on $10,000 a year.” The closest I got so far is about $12,000 a year. But I live on the beach and I drive a new car with an extended warranty all the way to 200k miles.

    Another friend who was there said wow man. What do you do with the rest. I said I invest it, Stash it, save it, squirl it, hide it in long term investments and short term investments. As many baskets as I can. Over 20 different baskets. And I buy lotto tickets time to time. Hahaha because you just Never know when Lady Luck will fall in love with you that day. Hahaha. I’ve personnelly jumped into bed with her seveal times in my life. Hahaha

    I turned to him and I said who is more rich? The guy with the flashy cars, big lavish house, flashy watch, gold chains, latest Gucci fashons or me and my humble Volkswagen? He said you by far. I said yep. By far.

    I said who is the most free? Him or me? They both said you! By far.

    One said, where did you learn how to do that? I said listening to a bunch of old farts at a website called urban survival. They said really. I said really. Those dudes older than me know their shit. I might argue with them for a decade. But eventually I understand, they know their shit. Hahaha

    So to answer Ure Ponder which daily is, “write when you get rich.” I write to you today George, Rich as Fuck!

    So you see,

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Off to grab 18 gears.

    Que: ~ need never get old ~

    Nathaniel Ratcliffe and the Night Sweats.

    • You are RAF! (Rich as F) and are a fine ambassador for UrbanSurvival, I might add.

      I am embarrassed to admit that we are more in the 23% range (expenses to income) but that includes food which is a big number here lately. Still, like Pappy used to tell me “Hell yeah, I’m rich! I had five bucks leftover on Pay Day.” While living exactly the Life he wanted. Kids, lots of time off for fishing…

      That’s the Wealth, right there. Doing what you love to do. No one is richer than the man who can do simply what he wants.

      The student schools the teacher; the class.

      • Absofuckinglutely dude. I sleep with playboy bunnies, live on the beach, drive big trucks, hang out back stage with Rock Stars.

        All for 15.23% of my income.

        Way better than eating tuna fish for 20 years. Way better.

        See ya dude. I gotta get after it.

    • It’s funny. When i really think about it, These are some of the best days of my life. And I’m still very young. I got 66 more years to go. I will be 52 on Friday. That is both an airplane and a band.

      Seems fitting since I’m down working at the Musium of Flight. On a job called “centerplate”

      The B-52 sang “Love shack” that sounds like a home run to me. THE DUDE has jokes. Hitting a home run! Boom! Out of the park! Hahaha.

      Hopefully Lady Luck wants to spend the weekend at my place. Make love all weekend. Hahaha.

      That is one chick I’m really into. Hahaha. And…..

      She’s been sending me love notes. And blowing me kisses lately. Yes dear. I do. Hahaha

      I tell ya George. I’m really having a good life. Really having a good life.

      I know this dude. He has been eating a tuna fish sandwich every day for 20 years. One day he says, fucking tuna fish again! Throws it in the garbage. I’m sick of eating these damn tuna fish sandwichs.

      I said tell your wife, make ya something else dude.

      This is really important! He looks at me says, my wife doesn’t make my lunch. I do.

      I learned alot from that dude. I learned alot from that dude.

      True wisdom right there.

      See ya around.

    • What is rich? How about eating whatever and however much I need 3 times a day and using lots of toilet paper. That is rich.


      • yes… getting up and sleeping in a bed instead of a dumpster or under some bridge.. being warm.. and having a cup of coffee.. a cold drink.. its the simple things in life that truly matter..stuff can be gone in an instant.. and holds no value.. what is funny is I help people from time to time and let people stay in our spare room that have no place else to go..
        well I just welcomed a new person a month ago.. who has lived in a traumatic life most of his life.. he gave me the biggest compliment the other day.. said he never has met a family like ours.. hes calm relaxed.
        then today I find out that my great niece is really in a tough spot on the east coast.. nice girl single mother of two .. if I would have known.. she could be in that room and the other room for the boy.. but I think I will strap on my black tights and put on my cape.. and see what I can do to help out.. makes me sad that she is going through this.. she can’t find a job anywhere at all..and college loans.. to boot.. tough spot.. been there

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