Domain Warfare

We look ahead at what could be in store for America into 2021. We obviously have a classic loss of government control over social behavior.  And maybe that’s one reason why wars are so popular over history.  Nothing like a “war to keep the peeps in line, eh?”

Moreover, with a hotly contested election coming, and mail-in voting fears, the times ahead promise more than a full measure of fear-mongering.

No worries there:  We have our on fears – but these run more to financial than social.  If you have enough money for a few supplies and can hide out from people (who are increasing crazy!) other than cleaning your AK…I mean what?

ChartPack is especially interesting this morning, too, as is the discussion of spreadsheet modeling the future.

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45 thoughts on “Domain Warfare”

  1. “the times ahead promise more than a full measure of fear-mongering.”

    Some unexpected scary events…….

    Number 3.. people that I knew… thought they were coming down with a cold laid down for a nap and never woke up..
    a person I talked to on saturday morning.. said I think I am coming down with a cold… that afternoon told her husband that I have a cold and need to take a nap.. laid down and didn’t wake up..
    Here is the scary part.. this woman was so paranoid about catching the virus that she wouldn’t go anywhere.. her only access to the outside world was the mail… she sorted mail..
    that reminds me of someone telling me about what someone had told them about a cruise liner.. that had been disinfected and ninety days later when they went back to inspect for the virus discovered that the virus was alive and well on the surfaces on the liner.. My question running around in my thoughts is. is this virus harder to kill than we once thought..

    • I am afraid that humans living in a bubble of Clorox and hand sanitizer is just NOT going to happen. We will be just fine. I know lots of senior here in FL (including me) and we are doing just fine. No problems at all. You see, human bodies are adapted to disease. People will die – yes, people will die. But you see, locking everyone down and making them live a very limited life will not save lives after all. It will only diminish the quality of existing life, especially for kids.

      This has been a sad chapter in American history. It’s time to leave fear behind, and move on. For those who want to mask-up and shelter for the rest of their lives, well, have at it! You have freedom in the world or you have nothing at all.

      • Stephan.. there is a difference between using precautionary measures and just being afraid.. I to will keep the Clorox spray handy and use what precautions I can to try and not catch this thing…. My ultimate concern is that the virus has mutated or evolved to being more aggressive in how it is passed on and affects the body..

      • Genius – now you will never be exposed to virus, bacteria,etc .. thereby WeAKENING Ure immune system long term – don’t use it, lose it. Or something like that..

      • “Genius – now you will never be exposed to virus, bacteria,etc ..”

        BCN you cracked me up with that one LOL… LOL LOL LOL LOL….

        I know this isn’t a string of genetic modification and mutation level reports or studies.. but the same thing holds true.. we all will be affected by the virus at some point in time Just like GMO plant modifications the virus will move along infect and mutate as it is going…

        at this point in time I feel I need to limit my exposure to the virus until they can create an effective method of treatment..Trust me when I say.. I have seen a few of the mean ugly things that are out there that are natural born.. it isn’t a pretty sight.. and the death from those is quite horrendous and slow.. Now consider.. this virus has several of the nastier elements associated with it meaning you could be just chasing a ghost in order to stop its progression..

        What I was referring to was the life of the virus attached to inanimate objects such as the MAIL.. I remembered the conversation where they investigated the cruise liner for the virus in dry dock and after ninety days went in the take samples and found the virus alive and well..
        I urge you to use PPE and all the safety precautions that they are recommending.. but then that is a personal choice.. good luck young man and stay healthy.. I personally love reading your comments..
        Now I fear more about the results of this election than I do the virus..either way the country is split..

  2. Clorox… You are higher up in the risk scale then I by about 20 years, so perhaps this continues to make sense, but can you remain so careful over time? I am of the opinion, we in the US will be unable to eradicate this virus. As a free people with porous boarders, I don’t see it happening. But there is a lot of data showing a relatively mild run of covid if you get a low initial viral load. I have young adults and children in my house, and it is impossible to remain completely isolated (nor do I want to live that way). So I focus on when we get this, we try to ensure the load is as low as possible. So masks, even though they are not perfect, help reduce how many virus are able to enter your body (hopefully as well how many leave an infected person) and allow your immune system to ramp up and fight it off before it can replicate to damaging levels. I am not of the idea that governments mandate their use, but we as critical thinking humans choose to use them in benefit of our shared communities. – wear a mask…

    Anyway the reason I mention, is the viral load you might get from handling a box would certainly be low. So is it worth risking paths of low viral load so you have more control of getting it and having a less impactful run of it. At some point randomness tells me if you ever interact in public a viral load will be presented.

    • “I am of the opinion, we in the US will be unable to eradicate this virus.”

      Oh I am with you Joe.. I don’t think this will ever be gone.. as fast as it is mutating I doubt seriously that they will ever have an affective vaccine either.. like aids they will just treat the symptoms..

  3. The question is George which comes first, war ,a revolution or total government control and the last will be first.!!

  4. Top -O-The-Morning Chief,

    U see that funky looking Upside Down -Head& Shoulders Pattern in the S&P 500 Chart?

    Trying to clear the fog of late night “activities”, but early on it looks like that pattern is about to complete itself – to my bloodshot, tired, smoke irritated eyes.

    Since at least 50 % of DC swamp creatures are going down in burning ring of fire – soonly

    Will the Markets Rise in anticipation of Mass Blood Letting/Public Lynchings and smoking HOT E-Chairs – Some Crimes (against Children) are UNFORGIVABLE and therefore Gitmo NOT an Option.


    Will they CRASH into November, as The World wakes up to realization that the golden calf/deepstate has been CASTERATED.

    In the meantime coot will just ring the register some moar, does it get any easier than this ?

    …well besides being on “take” with Open Society Foundation/deepsate.

  5. I find it hard to believe that you and your wife are Republicans. As the democrats and republicans are the same Frankist party. From all that I have read, on your private site and this one, you are clearly a libertarian. Which would explain why you moved to a rural area. Living in a rural area provides you freedoms that city life does not provide.

    “1666 Redemption through sin,” is a book I believe you would get a kick out. The book puts world events and the US leadership in perspective. As well as the federal reserve, the agenda of this religious sect, and backed up with historical “facts.”

    • Thanks for the note, Jay.

      We are republicans not because it is the “best choice” but it’s the only one with enough strength to win at this time. When Libertarians wake up and get serious on a wholesale basis, yeah, that’s us.

      • Trump is the first time I went with a major for president. I see no difference between the parties and usually vote 3rd party. If on the ballot my choice is only R or D I’ll skip the vote.

        Note: I once ran on the ballot as a major for delegate. I voted for myself. :) So there was that time too.

      • “When Libertarians wake up”

        I had someone telling me yesterday that they just switched to libertarian… I asked why.. the response was expected.. there’s just to much corruption between the other parties that it made him feel sick if he had to represent one or the other.
        In a way I see his position. Political positions seem to be life long positions where we hire the worst that america has. to pay them the best wages and best benefits to do a job so poorly that if they did worked anywhere else and did a job that bad they would be fired.
        Just like our postal positions here.. refugees are brought in and given the choicest positions with great wages and the best benefits while citizens are unable to find work. It’s the same in other Gov’t positions to..a really good way to employ the imported refugee population..

    • Jay, we do what we must.

      I am “soft core” Libertarian in belief. I began my “voting life” as a registered “Independent,” in 1968 I became a Republican when Wallace lost the Dem nomination to HHH and co-opted the American Independent Party to run 3rd Party in the Presidential Election. I switched to Democrat in 1986, and back to Republican in 2012. The reason I identify as a “soft core” Libertarian is there are precepts of the ideology which are impossible to implement:

      It is impossible to have both open borders and a welfare State. Our fine “representatives” have voted us into a welfare State. Once that can of largess is opened, it is impossible to take it away from society without suffering or fomenting a war or other “mass die-off” event. Therefore, since we can’t reseal the can, we MUST have closed borders or we will cease to exist.

      Although personally hard-line anti-drug, I have no problem with any drug God supplied us being freely available and usable. However, I have a big problem with derived or synthesized drugs and their use outside direct medical supervision (Pot – okay, oxy – not okay…) A Libertarian would say: “You use it and die, that’s on you” irrespective the source of the drug.

      Aside from these two sticking points, which seem invariant within Libertarian ideology, I qualify as a Constitutional Libertarian. With that said, I have never voted a straight-party ticket, because I research every candidate and select those [who are] most in-line with my thinking, or most likely to support legislation which is beneficial to the District, State, or Country, regardless of the political corporation which supplies their funding.

      I suspect I’m not the only person who thinks this way…

  6. To my tired old eyes the two brain amp charts look the same – not illustrating your comments.

  7. Remember, in the original plan, the President was the President of the *States*, not the people. It’s even in the name – President of the United *States*. The president was to be elected by electors sent by the states, to represent the states and lead in the representation of the united states (not capitalized) to the rest of the world.

    Likewise, senators were selected to represent the states’ interests.
    The House of Representatives is “the people’s house.”

    The 17th amendment changed senatorial election to a people’s vote. And the political parties, which get to pick their presidential candidate by whatever means they choose, have chosen to make the selection in the various states by popular vote. Both of these have led many to incorrectly think that ALL elected officials are elected by “the people.” Nothing is further from the truth.

    The Founders were genius.

  8. I have seen no one talking about side effects of steriods.They are know to be on the manic depressive scale….taking them can lead to being a bit manic, withdrawal from them can have a depressive effect. Each person is different on how their body metabolizes the chemical. Good think Trump is under no pressures right now. M

    • A physician I know said, I’m sure sardonically, “No matter what’s wrong, give them a steroid and they’ll go away happy.”

  9. To quote Gerald Celente: ” When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it”. Plan on needing to secure your place day and night, whether or not you’re home. Never underestimate the violence of desperate or crazed people against other people or things. If your stuff can be stolen by breaking half of it for access, it will happen. You can only protect it if you’re aware of the perps and you’re functionally present to repel them. A double tap with a 9 is probably enough, but that will never happen if Ure asleep or away. Moving is no solution – there’s no safe place in America, though there are safer and less safe places. All American houses are ticky-tacky by design.

  10. “The Stall is a very Big Deal. Because without it, Jerome Powell of the Fed sees really bad juju in our economic future.
    So do we.”

    I know.. its one of those damned if you do .. and damned if you don’t scenarios.. scary to huh..
    went into the store yesterday to get banana’s and grapes.. etc.. where I was surprised.. is I thought that there wouldn’t be any grapes.. there were.. ( thirty dollars for less than a weeks worth) but what surprised me.. there was only three pounds of banana’s.. I asked the produce manager said.. they are having troubles getting them…

    • Yeah yeah – we can make a lot more $$$ Shipping Coke from Central America – than Bananas – but we Need the Bananas to hide the Coke in. ‘Tis really a conundrum.

  11. George,

    A new habit in work from home world, enjoying some sun and meditating a little. I just sit in the yard, in a chair, trying to center myself, eyes closed, facing the sun. Inevitably I begin to lower into sleep and that’s when I know it’s over and I get up to go back to work. 20 min. tops.

    Recently a vision appears just as I slip the veil and enter my mind, near the beginning of my sit. A pair of hands holding out a present, or book, about as big as a cigar box, or very large bible. It’s white with gold trim. Glowing light obscures the owner of the hands, and my hands are outstretched.

    It happens in my “left eye”, or off to the left of center. If I was facing a clock, it would be at 10 o’clock.

    It happens each time, without bidding or thought, as I drift down, only listening and feeling the sun. Any idea what I’m seeing or why?

  12. “Which gets us to wondering where the (founded by some democrats) Klan has gone to?”

    People don’t learn history. The Klan was the first major political anti-Black organization, first founded near the end of the Civil War, as it became apparent the South could not win. The National Rifle Association, founded in 1871, was the first political pro-Black support organization in the United States (predating the NAACP by two generations…)

    By “shifting the narrative” over the years, the ignorant masses have been programmed to remain ignorant and believe KKK / “skinhead” / neoNAZI / (every other White-supremacist group), are all “extreme right-wing.” They are not. They are ALL “extreme left-wing.” RTFM! Read the charters of these organizations and read accounts of their (actual) actions. Every single one is socialist in nature. Socialism, by definition, is about centralized control, and thus can not EVER be “right-wing.” They ARE mostly fascist in nature (as is ANTIFA), as fascism is a totalitarian socialist ideology.

    “Preppers Are Packing Heat Because Antifa Is Coming for Your Canned Tomatoes…”

    Naw… We’re packing heat because we may need to feed or defend ourselves against wild animals — ‘same as people have done since time immemorial. Some “preppers” have come to the conclusion that occasionally “wild animals” may be bipeds. That they limit their thought or planning to “ANTIFA” is their problem. I suggest they visit Linus Rawlings’ “I seen the beast” anecdote from Louis L’Amour’s “How the West was Won…”

    “And this week, City of Tulsa removes ‘Black Lives Matter’ street sign.
    What takes a bit of contemplation in the Tulsa story is that BLM was capitalizing (technically “end-on marketing”) on the site of a 1921 race riot”

    Good on them! That riot and the ensuing firestorm was probably the single most-egregious racial upheaval ever committed in the United States, yet I doubt any of the combatants or victims of any color would have any quarter whatsoever with a communist, Black-supremacist organization like BLM. Naming a street in that District after BLM is an insult to the memory of the people who suffered through the riot, and especially those who died…

    • Your association is misleading. The Democratic Party of a 100+ years ago is now the Republican Party, and vice versa.

      • “and vice versa.”


        Except WRT the “wealthy elite.” The Forbes 400 is over 80% liberal Democrat.

        The “political class” Repubs are ideologically about where the liberal arm of the Democratic Party was, 100 years ago; the Dems are ideologically about where the CPUSA was, 50 years ago. Both “Parties” have shifted to the Left, because the farther left an ideology goes, the more power it holds over its constituency. JFK was an “East Coast Liberal Democrat.” In today’s political climate I doubt he could win a Senate seat unless he ran as a Republican, and even then, only in a handful of States.

        Ideology aside, Dem politicians still act like Dems and Repubs still act like Repubs. They just do so from a different point on the “Liberal/Conservative number line” than they did a generation (or two, or three or…) ago.

        One of the things I find most interesting is we proles haven’t shifted much: The U.S. population, in aggregate, was, and is, “center-right,” even though our politicians have drifted steadily toward the left. Eventually we’ll notice our freedoms have diminished, hopefully (but with no certainty) before we get to the re-education camps…

      • George, if Trump is reelected, this may be a unicorn post. If Biden wins, we’ll probably be agreeing before 2021 is in the rearview. We won’t agree on the cause, but very well might, on the effects, as unpleasant as they be…

  13. Sunspots will either be the science thing of least or most importance by mid-year 2021.

    Domains are what was once called turf. Turf wars were always the American way, even before it was a nation. Desperation plays into those older social orders.

    The whirlwind and storm approach more quickly than anticipated.

    • I wonder what the source of “turf war” is. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s related to American football in some way…

  14. dow futures up a 1000 .. gold up 180 bucks bitcoin up 6000 .. pretty good eh !!! just make it up .. burn sane people its fun !!

  15. George, Back when I was a working nurse, I took care of TB patients with very severe cases or non compliant therefore hospitalized. The masks we wore were fitted professionally and were similar to the N95 masks some people utilize now. The reason you may ask? Well it’s simple. The TB bacteria could penetrate a regular surgical mask.
    Viruses are supposedly smaller than bacteria.
    No one has ever had to trust a cloth mask to prevent viral and or bacterial transmission of germs in “modern” history.
    In my small mind, the mask shows only your compliance.

    Even more recently, I’ve read that not one lab has isolated a Coronavirus and that the PCR testing is bogus.

    These things make me ask people ” who do you KNOW” who has had Covid 19 diagnosed by lab testing? Personally, I’ve known 1 person.

    Instead of a drip drip drip of the disease, it’s signs and symptoms, we really should be at a place where information is shared with the public… like say, the local Health Department mailing flyers about what Covid is and what to watch for.

    Nobody has the facts and this is all so unsettling to me, especially coupled with end of the financial world scenarios.

    Just my 2 cents

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