Do Voters Matter Anymore? Poll says “No!”

My consigliere called me this morning early – before he got to his office, in fact. 

“Do you see it?”


“WTF?  What more proof do people need that this is a Goebbels-style propaganda machine come to power right here to America?”


It’s been bothering me all day.  War’s coming.  Look around, see for yourself.  But only if your dare.

Matt Drudge of has been conducting a poll today because as an alternative media, I think he’s seeing it too:    And if he hadn’t before, the results (shown at right) from when I looked on Tuesday afternoon were just absolutely clear.

Even on the few mainstream put-ups that dare to mention it, more than 60% oppose.

Maybe America in general isn’t as hip as Drudge readers.  But the unassailable statistics are simple: America doesn’t want another war.

Hornswoggle, boondoggle, pork festivals that they are;  with satanic sacrifices at the feet of symbols and an extra helping of dead.

Yet America’s so-called leaders have already been propped up in front of teleprompters, falling in place, neatly in a row. A grand slam triumph over dissent, debate, and even discourse.

John Boehner, Hawk McCain, Nancy the storyteller Pelosi.  No telling who’s been snooped and levered and spun to speak at the pull of a string through the Surveillance State’s tools.  But it’s a chorus of hawks, something un-natural and disturbing.  No dissent.  Not so much as a peep..the dove of peace has been quietly snuffed.

Let me know when the corporate bought & paid-for media start asking the hard questions and when people in Washington learn how to listen to their electorate.  Better: Call me when they stop taking out of district payoffs….I mean contributions.

This is Fall of Rome redux,you see:  Deaf to the Bailout Outcry II, with only a false-flag attack on our homeland and a side of Tonkin 2 to make for a dandy regional war.  Don’tcha love how “Asscanistan” has worked out?

Maybe congress oughta to vote on first-use of nukes, too!  No need to save that one for later, is there?

Why, just think how that would bury the public radiation fears from Fukushima’s poisoning of the Pacific and beyond.. We’ll just go global!

Better than having the corruption of compound interest (which is about to take down the whole Globalista shitteree, anyway) let on to our moral collapse.  The more things change, the more they revert to historical averages, and those were not pretty, at all.

This is exactly what the Founder worked so hard to prevent. What Ike warned of in his military-industrial complex speech. And, it seems to me, a million of our ancestors died to protect us from what?

It’s all working out like Detroit. If there’s more reason, I’d reconsider my position in a minute.  But for now, my trusty ViceGrips and a shot of vodka make more sense than anything inside the Beltway or in the towering media fiefdoms of New York.

Babble-On, anyone?