Do Charts Predict Future?

Can charts tell us what to expect this coming week? In several areas – cryptos, bonds, inflation, and war – we have concerns about what charts are telling us about the future.

An odd mix of regression channels, understanding how to apply the logistic function and implications of Elliott wave developments matter now.

This morning, after minimal headlines, we consider the integrated techniques of charting as we attempt to nail down the next major downside break in markets.

While the charts are instructive, events are running hard as fast on several fronts and major change for life on Earth doesn’t seem far away…

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George Ure
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42 thoughts on “Do Charts Predict Future?”

  1. Went walking on the street” randomly this week. What did I see that I liked so much I just had to buy?
    Perhaps some Oil..DVN, PBR, TTE
    maybe even a lil shiney…PAAS, SILV, SILVF
    but what really caught my eye was ^VIX.
    ..I just the feeling I had better load up while I still I did.

    Life aint ever easy when you be runnin with the devil, but it sure is FUN and Entertaining..Rock & F-ing Roll !

    FULL Volume – and I mean wall shaking, window rattling, rip Ure face off loud..

    Lets Go!

  2. The Great Wall was great during the time of walls but ultimately the Great Wall failed in keeping anything ‘out’.

    All walls fail.

    There is a possible exception to book burnings. Book burnings are walls against ideas and it is possible an idea has been destroyed and never thought of again, walled out. But how would we know?

    Thinking about the market pension funds invested in Bitcoin probably got a backdoor bailout and the fresh credit was deployed.

  3. You know George, I got thinking about c’s insult to the regular right wing commenters on this site. I took a lot of insults in my life but most of them were single syllable or at most, two. “Hebephrenic schizophreniac” is definitely a new high class insult to me. Who says we can’t learn from everyone who visits here?

    • Hate to shove a wad of bubble gum in your warm fuzzy feelin’s there but treason’s the main place I’d draw my line. I don’t think she’s experienced enough to know where or if she’s crossed that line – or why it’s a “bad” thing to do so. She’s given no indication of any knowledge of the downside of her philosophical alignments or assertions and steadfastly refuses to engage in defending them. I honestly wish she would – at least for her own sake.

      Those with the clout to make a dent in our country’s battered armor, however, ought to be the ones to be concerned about – like the Rockefellers, I think it was, that bankrolled both sides in WWII and IBM who gave the Nazis a computer system to organize their concentration camps with back during WWII. J. H. Ford was in on that little German enterprise somehow, too, I believe. All crack “bizniss people”. Otherwise why don’t we just advertise for any and all rabidly anti-American parties here on our shores and give them a soap box here? Want to get the latest on the child trafficking markets? Who’s a good CIA spook with his finger on that pulse to invite? You know – just for intellectual curiosity? Got any illegals up there, BIC, or down here, George, you want to carve out a place for on your estates for them to squat on and share your canned goods with – like ALL of it? C’mon, man! Put you’re money where your mouths are! Aren’t we all going to go “Dr. Zhivago” eventually with what these people you want to kibitz with are pushing? The DUMBEST ones pushing the Left’s agenda think they’ll get to keep all their toys.

      If there’s anything to learn from other people you’re slyly alluding to here, this is the end game that Mark was working for and with and you both know it. It’s a serious game, keeping a free country truly FREE (ask any Armed Forces vet with a few stripes on their sleeves and tours in their records), that altruism has no place in because without a hard line drawn we WILL go the way of all other “democracies”, which we aren’t, throughout history. We’ve all but totally compromised away all of America’s best principles and qualities, rules and boundaries because there’s nothing but pulverized concrete left in our foundations – but more discourse and compromise is the CIVILIZED thing to do! Give it a few more weeks of “we just can’t seem to come to a conclusion on these votes and the races” – unless the Dims win them all which is what’s happening with all the big toss up races – and see where this country is regarding the breaking point of frustration due to lies and authoritarianism. Then remember Revelation 3:16 and see where you stand.

      • Well crap, Bill. You put out an essay which makes me think there are many smart West Texans, and I wrote you an essay in return. I apologize in advance…

        “like the Rockefellers, I think it was, that bankrolled both sides in WWII and IBM who gave the Nazis a computer system”


        ALL the major players in American business were [involved with the early NAZI government], but understand, this was not a bad thing — until it was. ¹

        Imperial Japan was our trash-heap. We sent hundreds of thousands of tons of scrap metal to Japan. They returned a lot of it during WW-II.

        My Mom went to Normal School at a (Division-3) college in the East. She told me the NAZIs threw the best parties, but the Communists’ and the (Italian) Fascists’ parties were pretty good, too. All were financed from overseas, from their obvious benefactors, and this was okay — until it wasn’t.

        Mom’s Alma Mater was not in the top 700 colleges, in size or prestige. I wonder what kind of “outreach efforts” Hitler, Lenin, and Mussolini had at the “major” schools?

        Do you suppose they rivalled the current Chinese efforts…? {hint}

        (If you went to NAZI- or Communist-sponsored college parties in the early 1930s, you were “enlightened” and nobody batted an eye. If you went to one after Hitler’s push into the Sudetenland, you got investigated. Mom started teaching in 1935. After Pearl Harbor she quit teaching, got a security clearance and two stripes on her epaulets, and joined the War effort. North Americans were blissfully ignorant of the fatal goings-on of the commies and fascists — until we weren’t.

        I blame the news media for, even then, not doing their job…)

        Hell, Fascism, and Benito Mussolini were so well-loved by the Administration and admired by Americans in general that U.S. Post Offices featured photos of Mussolini right next to their photos of Roosevelt — until they didn’t.

        I don’t begrudge Rheinland (Ford) or Opal (GM) for being sucked into the German war effort, any more than I’d begrudge them being sucked into ours. Under fascism, they didn’t have a choice. Now, the antisemitic, pro-eugenics bent that people like Rockefeller (Standard Oil) and DuPont (General Motors) had, I could do without ² — then again, my ancestry is Quaker…

        ¹ Fascism or corporatism present the best possible climate for “business.” Having the government create rules which facilitate your business while eliminating your competition is the perfect environment for “big business” to thrive… until it isn’t.

        ² Margret Sanger’s Brownsville Clinic, Planned Parenthood, and Population Association of America pushed for forced-sterilization of the (predominately Jewish and various flavors of “colored”) poor, as a means of improving the quality of our species, years before Adolf wrote Mein Kampf or started hating his ancestry. Popular belief amongst the “educated elite” was that poverty was endemic amongst certain segments of society (po’ folks got po’ ways…) and the way to eliminate this poverty was to not permit the impoverished people to breed. Sanger had considerable political and monetary support, not just from the ivory-tower crowd but from both our government and our “business titans.” Notice, this “educated elite” is still trying to eliminate poverty and “low-breeding” by voluntary sterilization (trans-sexualism) and war. We’re still listening to this “educated elite,” but for the life of me, I don’t know why. I guess we’ll do this… until we learn.

      • “The DUMBEST ones pushing the Left’s agenda think they’ll get to keep all their toys.”

        This was why I asked Mark, several years ago, if he thought he could live on a buck-70 an hour. This is the average of income, worldwide, of every “working age” (age 14 to death) man and woman on the planet. I should have asked him if he could live on 85­¢/hr, since the oligarchical crowd ain’ta gonna give up THEIR wealth (Socialism is for the people, not the socialist…)

      • Well Ray, since we’re, what, 80 years into the “until it wasn’t” time this ought to be engraved on our genes.

        Dad and his brother and sister spoke German here in Texas until they went to school and it wasn’t polite to do so. I’d give anything to speak that language but I’m one generation out from having a practical use for it so I’ve concentrated on Spanish.

        I’ve always wondered what IBM was thinking when it helped them implement the computer system over there. Surely they had to wonder what was going on with all the barracks in the woods being built. But then the good funds started rolling in.
        Now we have all the Carnegie funds and practically any other major funds with these old family names attached supporting every Leftist endeavor you can think of.

        It’s looking more and more like Penny Kelly has a very accurate picture of what we’re headed for. Beware the ides of December!

      • Oh, and BIC, don’t worry about losing your touch. If you like parties but need them to end just invite me over. I’ll have that place cleared out by 10:30 sharp!

        “Achtung! Achtung! De Schnaps bottle est kaput und de weiner schnitzel hast flown de koop! Time for everyone to go beddy-bye schnell! Hans hast already gone to get Poopsie de Rottweiler from her cage und she does NOT like to be wakened in de middle of de nacht! Danke schön fer coming!”

      • ” if he thought he could live on a buck-70 an hour. This is the average of income, worldwide, of every “working age”

        LOL LOL LOL around here.. it pain’s the employers to pay more than ten bucks an hour LOL LOL… the thing is.. they aren’t making anymore money.. the last energy hike for electricity.. would have resulted in a nickle an hour raise per person employee.. not to mention the backwards pyramid of price increases.. I once asked the CEO of our power company how that increase would affect the local economies.. LOL LOL
        instead of giving the nickle raise.. they cut hours.. sure they pay more now.. but less hours are offered.. the circle cannot be broken or expanded..
        like I was thinking about taking on the assistant manager position at a local gas station.. the pay.. twelve dollars an hour.. thirteen if you worked full time.. ( assistant manager.. just a few months ago) the job would have been doing the books.. ( I swore I wouldn’t do that ever for a retail outfit.. ) NINETY NINE percent of their business is.. credit card sales.. not considering building costs or employee wages.. they make an average of six hundred a day.. the dollar general.. shoot they maybe do twenty grand a week.. not considering wages or products that is average sales from what I have observed..
        the money floating around is credit on the card..
        in the late eighties.. nurses made less than five dollars an hour.. for long term employees.. they made six.. in ninty the facility promised all the nurses they would get a raise.. they raised the wages of the floor workers and techs.. to four dollars and a half.. an hour.. the nurses were livid.. the end of the year.. they paid the nurses one cent raise.. Hospitals decided to downsize and hire more techs and aides.. lab techs.. nursing aids.. IV techs.. radiologist tech.. etc.. med techs.. ( now I take the word over someone that works the floor any time.. they see millions of people and millions of situations… I can read xrays from my film experience can a radiologist tech.. ) then the wages went to five dollars.. even now top wage is sixteen dollars an hour.. they work short shifts to compensate for the million dollar wages of the executives.. keep one anchor at the desk to take responsibility for the techs..
        I can walk into a local hospital.. and be recognised instantly.. almost thirty five years ago.. I was sitting in the waiting room.. I was the only worker on for a hundred people over night.. it was grueling.. anyway every day they would say.. we are trying to find people but no one wants to work.. but people I was sending in .. were telling me.. they aren’t hiring.. so sitting there I thought.. what the heck.. how would they remember me after all these years working.. so I went in and applied.. they told me.. we aren’t hiring right now.. LOL LOL LOL.. that night I get to work the DON said.. I am so sorry we are trying to find workers.. but can’t.. that is when I said speaking of that.. LOL LOL they hired someone the next day.. today it is still the same way.. their building and equipment etc. costs are essentials.. the only places they can juggle the expenses is with labor and services that they can outsource.. like laundry.. food.. etc..
        the average mom and pop store.. pays minimum wage.. the big money and benefits only go to the what five or ten percent at the top tier..
        I would tell you what my wife makes locally for wages.. and most would think it is an insult to be paid that way for a professional degree.. I tell her don’t complain about the wages.. the joker that owns the place isn’t making what you make.. he looses money .. but like the dollar general.. the place is a tax deduction he looses money on it all the time. she doesn’t have to travel and after having a few strokes there isn’t a lot she can do with the limited mobility she has.. so it is perfect she basically makes just enough to pay for healthcare insurance…. if she runs into a problem.. I am close by to jump in and help and fortunately she can retire soon.. then sew and make stuff.. she enjoys doing..

      • Oh I know a worker that makes the sixteen dollars an hour.. she has been with the hospital for over thirty years.. part time.. they offer more to college kids.. but they take away is.. they are only there temporarily and they enticement for future recruiting is the wage incentive..
        what irks me.. is why didn’t I ever think of a piece of paper.. and offer it to big hospitals etc.. the DEAD CARP award.. LOL LOL they pay good money to have someone come in .. a doctor, lawyer,book keeper , nurse, pharmacist etc.. and look at their books and say.. yup your doing what you say you will here you can frame your dead carp award for everyone to see it.. .. you get the dead carp award you are the best of the best LOL they just forgot the one word.. ( SUCKERS) . they house them feed them and the dead carp people book several hospitals and medical facilities .. easy money.. just to say yup your doing what you say you will.. I am your friend LOL LOL LOL .. when ever I see that. I think dam why didn’t I think about that.. just like lobbyists.. that pay politicians to be their friend and do what they want them to do… LOL LOL in the end it is all about the business model..

      • “Well Ray, since we’re, what, 80 years into the “until it wasn’t” time this ought to be engraved on our genes.”

        Our progeny ducked out of the engraving session.

        “Dad and his brother and sister spoke German here in Texas until they went to school and it wasn’t polite to do so. ”

        My best friend in elementary school was a German Jew whose parents escaped before the U.S. slammed the door on the Jews. His dad served in Intel during WW-II. It was many years later when I figured out why they had neither a German, nor a Hebrew name.

        “I’ve always wondered what IBM was thinking… …with all the barracks in the woods being built.”

        Have WE actually wondered? I’ve seen two empty “barracks in the woods” and a lot of buildings built in the past 30 years which would make dandy holding & transfer facilities — concrete & steel structures complete with 4″ wide windows and loading docks along the newly-built railroad tracks. Heck, there’s a Post Office not too far from me that’s been built like this. I’ve never seen a car on the railroad siding they built for the P.O.

    • We’re all the same. Everyone cashed the checks Trump sent.

      Recall Little Bush banned the stem cell research. 20 years later there should be lists of the drugs derived from stem cells so people can avoid them in living. I know of no list. In the end people want to live.

      All our lives, “if we could just get RvW overturned”. RvW was overturned! And what happened the very next vote?

      Contradiction over schizophrenia.

      • “We’re all the same. Everyone cashed the checks Trump sent. ”

        What has this to do with anything?

        Money doesn’t care from where it comes…

      • You have to remember, at the time, stem cells were reported to be derived from aborted babies. Now they can get them from umbilical cords and continue to provide some interesting results in regenerative therapies. I think you still have to go to Panama for it though.

    • BIC, You may be giving our gormless, lefty troll, “C”, more credit than he deserves. Based on all available evidence, the distance between the synapses (those mostly being made conspicuous by their absence) in his brain are sufficiently distant to preclude multi-syllable ad-hominem, japes on his part. Calling Trump “Donny” seems to be the extreme outside limit of his wit, for example. As some might say: Sad.

      • “He’s a her. I don’t think she’s specified a pronoun yet so I’ll go with the customary default.”

        I don’t care about pronouns.

        Innies are “she” and “her,” outies are “he” and “him.” Anyone who doesn’t like it has a problem between THEIR ears, and it is not up to me to exacerbate such a mental issue by furthering their ignorance…

    • “I took a lot of insults in my life but most of them were single syllable or at most, two. “Hebephrenic schizophreniac” is definitely a new high class insult to me.”

      LOL I still take a lot of insults LOL… I loved that she put the dictionary link that was the real insult.. Like we didn’t know what it meant already LOL LOL LOL LOL

  4. Computer:
    For those who missed the deal on George’s computer there is a smaller one, only 12″ screen, with nearly identical specs except it has 128gig of memory internally (vs 64 gig) for $110 right now at Micro Center (64gig version is $99).

    George’s is a Lenovo with a 14″ screen and has an SD drive (which you can use for permenate additional memory) in addition to USB ports and this one is an Asus with a 12″ screen but only USB ports, no SD port (though they do make super short Thumb Drives you could use).

    I checked out this smaller one today at a MicroCenter store and it appears to be a solid machine, but I lucked into getting the same one George got for $99 and personally LOVE the bigger 14″ screen and bigger keyboard.

    Both computers use the same processor (Intel Celeron N4500 1.1GHz Processor), have the same 4gig DDR memory, are Windows machines, and the “marketing” for both says “up to 10 hours of use”.

    Both brands are solid brands, but of course don’t expect miracles from such low end machines, but for surfing or a light weight travel machine both could serve that function well. Be sure to set up
    an SD Card or Thumb Drive for storing your data so as to keep the limited computer memory free for programs and computer operations.

    If you want a cheapie laptop this year Black Friday seems to have generated several of them for sale.

    fwiw: when I set up a new computer I immedately put on it:
    Google Chrome (FREE)
    Libre Office (MS Office clone, FREE)
    Foxit PDF Reader (FREE)
    CCleaner (FREE)
    Spybot Search & Destroy (FREE)
    A movie viewing program (I like MPC-HC64 but it doesn’t play all movies – VLC Media Player does, but not as powerful as MPC is)
    Zoom – FREE
    Skype (supposed to be embedded with Win 11 but wasn’t so added it – FREE)
    (I maintain a Skype Out account for $30/yr for doing phone calls back to the states when traveling out of the country – Magic Jack can be used for the same thing and with MJ you have a physical # people can call for leaving messages)

    • If movies and. Tv is of interest then I would recommend downloading and installing KODI and any one of the available addons. The cost is free. Instructions on YouTube..

    • “(I like MPC-HC64 but it doesn’t play all movies – VLC Media Player does, but not as powerful as MPC is)”

      I run them both, along with FF-MPEG. Bear in-mind the thing everybody forgets about VideoLAN is that along with a viewer, it is also a media daemon and can be set up to serve ANY audio or video to a LAN or WAN.

      Between the time Napster was birthed and the first time The Pirate Bay was raided, there were thousands of Telnet and WWWeb sites which piped free movies, anime, porn, and every radio program imaginable, from Amos & Andy to echoing contemporary pirate radio. The vast majority were located between Colombo and Singapore, where Western (and even PacRim) patents, trademarks, and copyrights aren’t legally recognized or honored, nor have any standing.

      I had heard there were places where one could watch (or download) new Hollywierd movies and new music CDs, before they were even premiered in the U.S., but of course, I have no firsthand knowledge of this.

      ‘Point is, every one of those thousands of media URLs was running VLC in server-mode. I’ve never set it up to run on my LAN, but the fact it can be has been neither lost, nor forgotten…

    • It’s a good list of standard software, though I only use Chrome when I must – it’s bloated and configured as a pipeline snitch to Google. I do use Brave which works well for almost anything and appears to most servers as Chrome. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough until I find something better.

      I agree with Ray on VLC – it’s a “must have”. And don’t forget Audacity and OBS – also free! Make sure there’s a port or card slot for external screens – two is an absolute minimum.

      Lastly, I’d rather have a higher end computer(I-7 minimum) than a pair of lower end ones. Whatever I use needs to keep up with my many parallel neural threads and random mental excursions.

      • For audio editors I also have Syntrillium’s Cool Edit Pro and GoldWave Software’s Gold-Wave, partly because I bought them both, years ago, and partly because they each perform a task that’s difficult or impossible in other software.

        Like with other “better ideas” (Ahem ~ Macromedia ~ ahem…) when Adobe couldn’t build a good audio editor to complement their Premier video NLE, they went shopping. There were a really limited number of good audio editors (like exactly two, at that time.) Chris Craig (at GoldWave) told them to pound sand, so they “acquired” the recently IPOd Syntrillium Software to obtain CEP, which they promptly renamed Adobe Audition…

        “Lastly, I’d rather have a higher end computer”

        Meh, I’ve got one (or more) but my media server is a Pentium-II (or III – can’t remember) running Windows Advanced Server (fancy XP…) It’s fast enough to serve any A/V I want to pull through the Cat-6, since that’s the only job with which it’s been tasked. I’ve been waiting for 10 years for it to kick the bucket — It just keeps chugging along.

        I no longer game, and rarely do video editing, so my Athlon is rarely used. All bigger+faster gets you, unless you game, is a quicker turnaround on long computations, like video. Considering I started editing video on an overclocked / underbussed 486/66 running Win3.1 + Win32, I really don’t care today if the scene takes 2:13 or 2:31 to edit, because I’m doing something else on another box while it’s running out, and 25 years ago that edit took 2-3 days…

  5. Aldi’s has can vegetables, including potatoes, pickled beets and 3 bean salad, about 40 cents less than a month ago. It’s a good time to stock up on cans. I saw an ad that stated that they wanted Americans to be able to buy Thanksgiving dinner at last year’s prices.

    • Aldi’s canned vegetables are good quality, and usually priced lower than other stores.
      I favor Winco as a primary, but there are things I like that only Aldi, Kroger, Brookshires, and yes, Wally World carry, so I shop around a bit. I noticed Winco had Campbell’s canned turkey gravy for sale at some absurdly low price like $0.50 a can. Should’ve gotten two of ’em. Just down the street, I found a boneless smoked uncured house-brand 2 lb sliced ham for $5.30 at Kroger. They were almost out. When I went to the check-out stand carrying nothing but that hunk of ham, the cashier started laughing.

      • There’s no Aldi, Winco, or Brookshire anywhere that I know of in this state. The only national chain is Wally, though we do have the Kroger presence in the alternative Albertson’s and Smith’s subsidiaries. Good info though, for those who still have space for preps.

  6. Amazing I was asking if FTX went to the Corzine school of investing, turns out… Yes… this could be the source of all the hush money, and all of it is now frozen [zero]. That means what? No more payola no more get out of jail free for the beltway and district of corruption. Your traditional investments are collateralized and leveraged tulips backed by margin calls on frozen assets. not your keys not your crypto. Keep your money off the exchanges. Get ready for it.

      • Insane turnout amongst the “not dry behind the ears” crowd. I wonder at their reaction when, a few days post-election, that judge slammed the door on free college…?

  7. Friends,

    More than a new day dawned when Mr. Biden and Mr. Trudeau landed in Phnom Penh for ASEAN 2022 planning to grab the organization’s steering wheel as new partners. First of all the Vietnamese camera crew made an absolute mockery of President Biden’s official introduction to dictator Hun Sen. While Mr. Sen stood to receive guests like some Royal King Tut, camera frames with backgrounds oscillating from focused to not, tracked a Mr. Biden in full song of unsteady gait and wearing sunglasses. Steady as she goes Captain Morgan, please!! Where are the WH entourage handlers – back at Air Force 1 watching Netflix?

    A second matter of concern was the great chinese elephant not in the room. The senior Chinese politician attending ASEAN appears to be outgoing Premier Li Keqiang. Yes, the one tapped on the shoulder and forcibly removed from the recent CPC Congress is assigned to mind the Western interruption. What an absolute insult to the West!!

    Permit me a moment to compose myself. Thank you.

    As previously mentioned, The World Internet Conference was held this past Nov. 9-11 in China as it always has been. The tone of the 2022 edition reflects a China positioning to take global control of the internet. The promised conference policy paper was released on Nov. 7th by China’s State Council Information Office. One may wish to peruse a long ways down past the pleasant preambles to reach Para. 3. (2):
    “…However, in the more recent past, the US has adopted misguided China policies that have resulted in serious setbacks in China-US relations. The US government has also continuously carried out cyber attacks and cyber theft activities…”
    and Para. 3. (3)
    “…the international organization of the World Internet Conference was inaugurated in Beijing in July 2022 with concerted efforts. The goal of the organization is to build a global internet platform featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and sharing of benefits, to help the international community…”

    Welcome to the Xi Dynasty.

      • Re: “Wheel…of…Fortune…!!!”


        Now last week’s put-on-hiatus Canadian-Chinese lithium mine deal by the Canadian Federal government is starting to make more sense. Today the CBC published a report which connects the dots.

        In March Mr. Biden invoked the 1950 Defence Production Act. Subsequently in August the Climate Bill had $500 million tucked inside for the Pentagon to give grants to domestic producers of critical minerals. The US legislation considers Canada a domestic producer region…

  8. Yellen says lift debt ceiling . Why even talk about it or have a ceiling . Infinite quantative easing ? Got gold ?

  9. Folks,

    Please don’t put your cheque books away just yet!

    G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have been busy in Bali. High fives all around at Sunday’s announcement from the G20 festivities of “The Pandemic Fund”. The new fund will be under World Bank control with the WHO providing technical expertise.

    Invoices will follow in the mail? Kindly pay promptly, thank you!

  10. Oh look, the CA tax men are starting to target the high-end realty industry:

    This looks like something they could use in ‘Frisco as well. Gotta have living quarters for the serfs. No place left for ordinary workers in the land of high-tech brown-shirt robber barons, and no middle class left to steal from, just plebs and their brown-shirt masters.

    I guess the local realty Marks will have to double down on their decoration of the local politicos. It’s tough being apex predators in a brown shirt utopia.

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