DIRT: "Day Information Residue" Trading

Why would a perfectly good doom-capable writer, such as Ures truly, be planning to sell his airplane next year?  Probably May’ish to June?

I mean, sure, if the crop of doomsayers predicting “Central Banks Losing Control” and other such spittle are right, then Ure’s the fool.

The reason that I have been snoozing through the alarmists is two-fold.  One:  They are usually wrong.  And Two: I had a novel to finish which is now nearly done and looking for a publisher or good agent.   Make that three reasons:  They’re also perpetually wrong.

Did I waste my time?  No…never.  You see, as you’ll discover in this morning’s report, there is a significant linkage possible between what I call Day Information Residue that many people trade on.

We’ll delve into the psychology of trading after coffee and headlines, as is our Saturday habit around here.  Let’s start with the breaking news on consumer prices, shall we?

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5 thoughts on “DIRT: "Day Information Residue" Trading”

  1. regarding those ‘damn doomers’ and their never- ending predictions about the central banks losing control- its along the same lines as those evil iranians being ‘a month away from nukes’ since like 1985!

  2. Along with all the chatter out there about the Sept/Aug time frame, purporting another ’08 event and the possible FED action that might or might not precipitate said event, is something else I have been pondering. The BRICS bank. I have often wondered about this whole NWO and it’s relationship with BRICS. Is this a new entity, waiting for the collapse of the old world, before asserting itself? An alternative to the vultures at IMF, BIS, et al…a way to free themselves of the parasitic drain on a countries’ sovereignty and resources, as many around the world see it? I have been watching to see if there was any linkage from one to the other. The first thing I noted was Brazils’ contribution to the BRICS bank leadership, Paulo Batista, who just happens to be an Executive Director at IMF. I recently ran across this article, which pretty much shows that BRICS bank will not be a new, independent entity:
    Hmmm, interesting set of characters. Whether you go with the assumptions of this article or not, the list of characters is accurate, as is their associations. Their suggestion of the playing out of this game of subterfuge is as plausible as anyone else at this point. The question it begs, unfortunately is: how real is this animosity between East and West? Is this just another good cop, bad cop mind game diversion, while setting up a replacement currency/administration to lead into a new world financial entity?..and if so, how far are they willing to go to instigate instability, financial and internationally, to accomplish said goal? If the ‘competition’ is genuine, can we simply liken it to a winner take all gang turf war? Were it not for the questionable associations of the afore mentioned article, one could assume events to be as presented, regardless of who you root for or what propaganda you believe …but with the collusion noted, everything is questionable.

  3. Speaking of “Computer competence ought to be added as a presidential requirement…”, you should check out the series ‘Mr. Robot’ on USA network if you haven’t already.

  4. if you’ve read prechter, you’d know that wars happen on the 2nd drop of the market (ww2 didn’t start till ’42 (on the second drop of the market, not the first one in ’29-’32) and American civil war same thing….

    p.s. why have that yearly ordeal of re-finishing deck when you can do fake wood (composite resin, or something like that) bugs and water rot will be a thing of the past…

  5. I think of this ‘fixation’ on a particular time to be the equivalent of spoiled toddler, jumping up and down and screaming because they want something to happen on a particular day or month – some people are BORED, because they want their own way and don’t care if what they want ‘comes to pass’ and hurts people . . .

    Two words – “Grow Up!”

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