Digital Schwerpunkt, Day 5

This is one of those serious discussions where it would really help if you had read our in-depth report this weekend where we discuss a new kind of warfare.

But, if you didn’t, there is a comment from a subscriber (here) that will hint in the proper direction.  As our subscriber wrote:

Mr. Ure that may have been in one of your top ten pieces. Schwerpunkt is the concept you were looking for. The Germans used it at the end of WWI. Some guy named Irwin Rommel helped perfect it in the Italian Alps. I do have to complement you on rediscovering these concepts on your own. It is a pleasure to watch your mind at work…


There’s a big part – and a little part – to answering this reader observation.

Let’s dispense with the little part first:  It was not Rommel along but others like general Heinz Guderian’s three divisions worth of XIX Panzers and others that used the technique.  Rremember, France fell to Germany in 45-days in WW II and this speaks to a widespread application of schwerpunkt.

But the BIG part of the response is to say two things:

  1.  Thanks for following Peoplenomics and contributing to our evolving understanding of the world Big Picture, and…
  2. The MOST interesting thing about the evolution of schwerpunkt (to me, anyway) was this description part in an early Military Review piece (2007, here) where the author notes:

Schwerpunkt underwent some subtle but significant changes in the late 1880s and afterward, primarily stimulated by vigorous debate among German theoreticians about whether the introduction of more destructive weapons had rendered large-scale attack obsolete...”

Which relates to this Monday how?


Look around you.

Other than being a curious confluence of events (see this morning’s Coping Section for the “analogy problem” when comparing the digital and non-digital worlds) the most interesting line of creative thinking is to consider that we are now in a world with multiple continuous fronts.  Multiple threats along the Global Continuous Front.

And that’s a very serious problem, indeed.

WannaCray virus will be hitting presumably thousands more people today.  This is the newest of our continuous fronts.

But in the idiotic MainStreamMedia, iMSM, charged with preprogramming the public with “manipulable minutia” (M&M theory), the lead story in most has to do with Trump’s lefty-lamented firing of Comey.  Useless barrels of bullshit about “who said what when.

It doesn’t freaking matter.  If Trump wanted to fire Comey because he parted his hair wrong, that’s the Commander in Chief’s choice.  “…at the pleasure of…

Still, the surrogate media of you-know-who’s soft coup are Trump-bashing for all their worth.

But it’s not a worthy story around here.

What is?

Oh, uh, just the OPENING OF A SECOND CONTINUOUS FRONT OF GLOBAL CALAMITY that has just be rolled out.

(Pardon me, but ViseGrips, and battering my head against the wall may be in order here, because people ain’t getting the Big Picture.  Some who do, may have seen the new Dr. Steven Greer doc of Amazon about how the trillions have been stolen from the public for “black projects” which will ready us all for the NEXT big fear point, mock alien invasion.  However, if you read Report from Iron Mountain (on the accessibility and desirability of Peace) [1967], you’d already have figured out that a very solid reason why the Obamacare crap hasn’t been replaced yet is that it gives us the comparable major waste equivalent to war since the US needs to dispose of  27% of GDP to keep the illusion alive, but I digress….so back to point…)

The Next Continuous Front

The first major continuous front in the world was the one set up by the Russians and U.S.  It was the Cold War and it served both countries well until Reagan broke the Russians with the US military-space program.  Unable to compete, the Russians folded and when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, they went off to sort through their economic rubble(s) and reconstitute.

No worries for the “continuous nuclear front” though as the Chinese threat was remarketed as the front patch for the holes left by the Russians.

In more contemporary times, we see the Iranians extending the development of the continuous front in the Middle East, along with the Saudis and Israelis, not that Pakistan has done badly, and of course India.

North Korea’s action this weekend merely circles the globe by including the mid-Pacific.

With the latest launch this weekend by Kid Korea, we see the front filling in nicely (or badly if you don’t have a rad suit and prepper goods at the ready).

Terrorism was – and I suppose IS – still a continuous front threat “sold” by the iMSM so we will all gently pay ever-increasing taxes, select “leaders” from a prescreened and controlled list of limited choices and such.  And should an upstart slip through, as Trump has, they will be marginalized by the Obama “soft coup” and the co-opted iMSM.

But terrorism is, as Yuval Hurari writes in one of his books (I forget which one, it’s early), Terrorism is a weak war (substitute).

How many people were killed by terrorism in the continental US last year?

According to a Business Insider report “Since 9/11, however, foreign-born terrorists have killed roughly one American per year. Six Americans have died per year at the hands, guns, and bombs of Islamic terrorists (foreign and domestic).”

Thus, a business wonk like me can take the 2016 Homeland Security budget ($41.2 billion for FY 2016) and conclude the price of an American life is around $6.8-billion each.  OK, back out ICE but you get the drift.

We know ( says it’s true) that “Toddlers Killed more Americans than Terrorists in 2015.”  I’ll spare you the 2015 Homeland budget cost per analysis.

We now behold two layers of the “continuous front” but the problem with the terrorism layer is that it’s so darn expensive and a hard sell.

What’s needed – including and especially if we have a roll-back in the (as Report from Iron Mountain prescribed in ’67) Huge National Health Care plan – we need a quick new continuous front.

What better than computers?

Everyone has one.  Most are vulnerable.  People are computationally inept in general, and the existence of a huge Internet threat would lead to the same kind of social control and dominance provided by the terrorism red herring except it would be all-pervasive and would provide the PTB with huge new avenues of crime against the population to pursue.  Best of all, it sets the stage for Internet licensure which will be the next vector of public control.  So the ruling paradigm can’t be widely challenged.

Empty bank account?  Musta been cyber terror.

Trading account zeroed?  Cyber terror again, ae, gee, gosh so sorry

Social Security checks being rerouted?  Must have been computer criminals…we’ll have someone look into it.

Thus, I am displeased to report to you that the same jaundiced view I had when I wrote Broken Web, the Coming Collpase of the Internet back in 2012 is alive, well, and on track to fill an important void which will keep the Project Blue Beam and the staged alien invasion von Braun warned us of, on hold for a good while longer.

As long, that is, as the three (or more, remember pandemic disease is still in play with HIV, Ebola, et alia) layers of continuous front in the ruling class “War Against the Peeps” holds together.  Alien theatrics will follow, said von Braun.

If you’re confused why the USA gives money (or pick up trucks) to our enemies?  It’s all to maintain “The Fronts” as we shall call them.

Gibberish and SMS (seriously missing substance) fwd->txts think is what makes “You’re either with us or against us…” and “The enemy of our enemy is our friend….”  play so well from presidents on down.  It’s easier to Tweet than think.

Today’s New Normal

Normally by now, I’d be into a rant ab out something economic.

But now that the cat’s out of the bag on how the continuous fronts of mind control are clearly stated for your easy reference, I’ll tell you the one number that indicates our future.

Dow futures are up 40 points.

Which means?

The Grand Illusions are still working just fine this Monday.  So dump some coffee down that pie hole of yours and get your ass to work.

Your continued participation in fighting nuclear proliferation, massive public health problems, pandemic disease, and cyber crime. c;limate change, and the rest of the charade seems to be working just fine.

For at least one more day.

This nutjob in  the outback talking about schwerpunkt and Swarm Warfare?

He’s going back to bed.

15 thoughts on “Digital Schwerpunkt, Day 5”

  1. Is it my imagination or are the terrorists targeting ordinary everyday citizens much of the time and not governments or politicians or financial institutions. Sure, on occasion they hit a meaningful target, but overall it’s common folks taking the hit. This cyber stuff, while it looks as if everybody is a target, really is aimed at the common folk. So I ask, why ?

  2. George, Just FYI. While the President can fire most anyone he wants for most any reason, probably including his hair style as you say, there is an exception if it’s motivated to hinder an investigation into himself or his posse, which attorneys call obstruction of justice. And if you do anything to influence the testimony of a witness, we have another fancy term. That’s called witness tampering, and is another big no no. Mike.

    • a) Comey was not running the purpopprted grand jury the left keeps yelping about. These crazy-ass kid reporters fail to recognize that the Grand Jury is run by the U.SD. Atytorney for a district, so complete hogschit.
      b) In order to be “obstruction” there has to be something proven – otherwise, it’s getting on with the business of running the country.
      But the media – rather than cover the important things (continuous global front war on personal computing comes to mind) it’s much easier to bash the Hillary banisher than admit computational infrastructure is violently at risk.

      • Naw, Jon. You’ve got an anti-Trump b eat box going in your head Bu7t given the iMSM runsd the SMS stoogeville formerly the US they may win in the end

  3. As one of the “old men” of computers (See front page Section B Seattle Times March 4, 1983) and the Internet (UrbanSurvival) has been around since Sept 1997… I think I have a pretty good handle on what’s a rock and what’s a turd on the internet.
    I calls ’em like I see’s ’em.
    One – just ONE – EMP blast, or the activation of all the malicious code in just one brand of routers (mfg’ed in China) and there are no bank accounts, not trading accounts.
    Oh, and no freakin blockchains.
    Some of us invest in more universally (and under all conditions) fungibles.
    I think there will always be a market for?
    7.62X39 rounds.
    .22 rounds.
    Silver (bar or rounds)
    Gold (rounds)
    Assorted seed collections of food seed
    Fresh Water
    Stored grains
    Canned goods
    Fish antibiotics
    Tube type radio gear
    12V radio gear
    Solar panels and inverters
    Pool Shock
    VHF port radios
    Shortwave radios
    a laptop in a garbage can with a 12 volt line
    A USB powered Outnet connection
    A portable shortwave radio.

    What I’m telling you – you young whippersnapper, who may not have been alive when Don Stoner and I were beating back the cobwebs to get computers to go wireless back in the “dark” ages – is that when one is in the business planning for a long-term life, it is NOT likely to be based on something as simple as block chains.
    Hard to crack now? Sure. Impossible?> No.
    And as A.IU., EMP, terrorism, earth changes, collapse, depression show up…everything on my list is fungible.
    I can’td say much for electro=hyped currencies.
    With enough BTC or block chain today, you might be able to hire an army.
    But I will eat and be honored to do so.

    • Dang it I think you you missed something there ibuprofen of beer or liquor cigarettes these are all negotiable items in fact you may need one or more of them yourself and other people will probably need them more than you so I would put that on my list of 100
      but what I do like about this speaking that you are speaking about is that you are listing something your listing a whole bunch of things and that’s what we need is a list everybody’s different everybody’s list will be different so what are we going to do we’re going to keep making lists and Hope everybody will be able to use the list and some manner for their own manifestation into the future

    • One of the things that will override all of the other three or four that I mentioned would be mouth rinse or mouthwash not that you want to gargle but people will have tooth problems teeth problems mouth Pro infection problems if you can say it it’ll be there and what mouth rinse does you know if you get the kind the cheapest ones it doesn’t have the flavors in it and the flavors is what ruins your mouth I’ll get the basic one and it will slash it you don’t goggle you slash it through your teeth through your mouth in and out as long as you can stand it and it will clean out the deposits of food that are in between your teeth and it’ll also clean out the starting of infections or the starting of Decay it flushes that all out so that would be one of the top things that I would keep is lots of mouthwash and II would be a lot of Southern Comfort haha they thought I’d put that in there but anyway yeah mouth wash is so you know what an alkaline an alcohol-based system to clean out any substances that are in between the teeth and also it the alcohol will neutralize something that’s in a decaying matter another words that kills germs okay I think I set it up I’ll let it rest y’all have a good day bye

    • Umm, George…if you are going to want to repopulate after some worldly brew-ha-ha, you are going to need to add chocolate to your list of survival items. Just sayin’

  4. George, Just to toss some background out here…Carl von Clausewitz defined Schwerpunkt back around 1815 at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in his opus work, On War, and zee Germans used it as a guiding operational principle in the 19th century: taught it in their Kriegschule to all Command & General Staff officers, and first illustrated in 1871 during the Sedan campaign. WWI and WWII campaigns were planned & executed with this principle as a primary guide. Heinz Guderian’s most important contribution to the Blitzkrieg development was quite possibly the integration of command, control and COMMUNICATIONS within the panzer division structure he helped develop prior to 1939–“Schneller Heinz” was a signal officer in WWI, after all.

  5. If you don’t get it by now, and I don’t mean YOU, that almost all problems on earth are due to one fact: Way tooo many “uneducated” humans on this globe. End of argument, IMHO,

  6. Thanks for the definition of “punked”. Kinda how I feel after voting for Trump.

  7. Trump is taking on the deep state? Puuulease! Red team blue team, take yer pill, make yer selection. It matters not. Everything out there is theatrics, from Trump to Russia to Clinton to Comey to whatever. The people running things are still running things & the serfs remain serfs. See it all for what it is; theatre, & a lot more becomes clear.

  8. George , looks like your tiny cadre of followers are starting to wise up in spite of your constant stream of regurgitated propaganda.

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