DemWitch II, Data Looms

Here, have another witch hunt? Unable to come up with “collusion” or even an obstruction of justice charge, democrats are now pinning their hopes on the incoming New York state attorney general.

Gotham media, like the NY Times are bashing away, in concert with the newly forming New York lynch mob in stories like “Trump Family Sues to Stop Banks From Complying With Subpoenas.”

What bothers us about the NBC news story “Incoming New York attorney general plans wide-ranging investigations of Trump and family: Just-elected Letitia James, who takes office next month, tells NBC she will probe real estate deals, Trump Tower meeting, emoluments, Trump Foundation and more.,” is that “justice” has again been suborned to “just us” as in “just us democrats.”

We will modestly propose that in order to keep up the charade of “equal justice under the law” Ms. James also begin an investigation with equal vigor into the other bad choice in the 2016 election and her foundation which is also a NY domiciled entity.

If she is incapable of looking at both foundations (Trump AND Clinton), then around here we will revert back to calling out Digital Mob Rule in general and decry the antics of The New James Gang as leaders of the pack.

Housing Data Looms

We will have the highlights of the Case Shiller/S&P, CoreLogic report up about 8:15 Base Time.

“Base time?”  Why, sure!  To my way of thinking, the East Coast (and Eastern Time) have been all too influential in the operation of America.

Take the stock market, for example:  Who are the “exchange bosses” who set 9:30 AM in their time zone which means people “out west” have to be online at 6:30 AM if they want to trade the opening (amateur) hour in the market?

In fact, Time Zone roulette almost tripped up the Major when he flew out yesterday.  His ticketing agency sent him a reminder at the last minute that he was due wheels up out of Tyler, Texas at 8:05 AM yesterday.

A quick call to Brand X airways revealed that no, the scheduled 10:05 AM departure was still on schedule.

What had happened was simple-enough:  The Major’s phone was reporting the departure as Pacific Time, not Central Time.  D’oh!

Oh, and Base Time?  I figure New York and Washington are far-enough out of touch with the rest of America, that we could extend the Central Time Zone west several hundred miles because the American Base persists into the Rockies and as far west as the Sierra Nevada’s.

Similarly, Ohio (reports my consigliere) is also under the thumb of rich eastern fat cats who “own” Eastern Time.  Anything west of Pennsylvania’s eastern border really ought to be in Base Time, as well.

In the Base Time, a slightly different set of laws and rules could be applied:  People might want to rethink  “open borders” and imagine what having open borders would have done to France and England in pre World War II times if “open borders” for Germans had been allowed.

Or, in the case of the James Gang Judicial Lynch Mob, perhaps in the Base Time Zone, political witch-hunting could me statutorily applied equally to all three parties:  The socialists, the democrats (pending the completion of their merger) and the republiclosts.

Just an idea whose (bad pun alert) time has come.  Or, we all switch to UTC.GPS Global Time.

Meantime, back to Trump-Hunt 1, we notice that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein resigns effective May 11th.

What will be telling is the kind of job he takes next.  If it’s with a big, liberal law firm, that would have one set of implications about the “investigation.”  But, if he joins a “conservative” firm, perhaps another.  We’ll keep checking on this one.

Daily Data Disco

Employment “costs” just out:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.7 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in March 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries (which make up about 70 percent of compensation costs) increased 0.7 percent and benefit costs (which make up the remaining 30 percent of compensation) also increased 0.7 percent from March 2018…

In the right-side chart, see how benefits (blue line) is dropping?

Also on the dance card today:  Federal [Reserve] Open Market Committee (ergo FOMC) begins today and will announce (with about 90% probability) that there won’t be a rate hike this time around.  We snicked at the organization labeling itself “reserve” with those were all blow decades ago.  But, maybe they keep printing ink and fancy paper with electro-strips in reserve.  ‘Zat the deal?

Gotta Know’s

Oil was up almost 1.5% in early trading today.  Key points: OPEC supply squeeze seen supporting higher oil prices: Reuters survey.  And Iran says it will keep exporting oil despite U.S. pressure.

Terror plot foiled? “Vegas” post sparked FBI probe of Army vet accused of terror plot.

Smart cars going “Gremlin?” Smart to end U.S. sales this year.

Legal costs may crunch Bayer as Roundup cancer cases could cost Germany’s Bayer billions.

May-Day, May-Day

Moscow Marches Toward Victory Day Parade.

Warhammer: Pretend the Sky is Falling

Good stuff here:

“As with large scale international (aka Combined) military maneuvers, NASA & ESA’s scenario-driven asteroid exercise will surely end up costing a lot of taxpayer money to confront a ‘hypothetical asteroid’ approaching Earth.

If the money spent is deemed worthwhile, then logic dictates the threat must be real.   Perhaps Oumuamua, the interstellar interloper that recently passed through our solar system, is being viewed as a sentinel for a potentially much larger scale ingress of Earth threatening extra-solar space projectiles.

Updates to the fictional asteroid scenario will be provided on ESA’s Twitter account from 29 April to 3 May.

I’m no Chicken Little, but something points to NASA and ESA hinting that “the sky is falling,” or soon will be! “

Couple this exercise with the anti-gravity patents we just covered on the Peoplenomics side and something like the “external threat” from Report from Iron Mountain softly materializes…

OK, more coffee and then back with Housing data…

17 thoughts on “DemWitch II, Data Looms”

  1. Base Time..Central Time..UTC – must be some potent “chiba” U B smoking there in the Texas outback, what y’all cut that wit.. a lil Peyote?

    If U R not on Eastern Standard Time, U R wrong!

    City of London, D.C., Vatican City – what do they have in common..?

    Bank stocks are starting to breakout, next leg up via the financials – bullish!

    AMZN looks to be in for a pullback here – get out/take profits. MedTech Companies for this investor, peeps/population aging – see babyboomers – gonna need new joints and parts as OEM parts wear out – that and BlockChain Technology Companies.

    Blockchain tech will dwarf last Tech Revolution – see Microsoft and how many Billionaires and Millionaires minted after that IPO. Its a great country, getting better every day thanks to the DONALD – whew this investing stuff is too much fun..

  2. As long as the stock market increases more over time than the money supply & inflation, what is the problem?

  3. George

    “a ‘hypothetical asteroid’ approaching Earth”.

    Some interesting information on asteroid hits on the earth have popped up recently. We hear that a very large crater about 17 miles in diameter has been found on Greenland. It’s called the Hiawatha crater.

    Another 20 mile wide circular structure in Oregon appears to be an asteroid impact although some ex-perts say it’s volcanic. If volcanic where are all the huge fields of volcanic ash. That crater is approaching the size of the Yellow Stone caldera.

    So if these two possible impact sites are dated to about 12000 years old then they played a huge part in bringing the last Ice Age to an end.

    I propose that a shotgun type of event happened where multiple asteroids struck the upper North American continent at the same time from the Pacific to Atlantic ocean boundary. Some impacts happened on miles thick ice and left little evidence of their existence.

    The researcher Graham Hancock has proposed that the asteroid impacts on the America’s are actually the seeds of the Atlantis myth.

    The true story of what happened all those years ago is being pieced together.

    Let the truth be told!

  4. “Here, have another witch hunt?”

    It all makes me sick.. they’ll end up making something up..

    My guess is if they spent the same amount of energy and time and money addressing real problems in our country things could get done. Instead they waste taxpayer money and time they should be using to fix problems..

    if they spent the same amount of time energy and money investigating other politicians I am curious and wonder just what they would find.

  5. “Witch Hunt” It’s the same treadmill.

    Which Witch Hunt was the first Witch Hunt you can remember?

    Ollie North? Nixon? Jackson breaching etiquette in the Dickinson duel (1806).

  6. Personally, I’d be happiest with MDT being base time, and that would make sense if the US gov’t actually did move their capital to Denver(God forbid).

    Practically, for the rest of the country, CDT makes sense as base time, with the proviso that it remain unchanged year round. Eastern time is just stupid unless you live there. It biases the entire country in a totally unfair way. China is leading the world and they have ONE time zone for everyone without any stupid time change. Copy success!

  7. I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that if an AG conducts a witch hunt into any particular person or group with no indicia of wrongdoing, it constitutes abuse of power.

    I’m sure that abuse of power is a crime and most likely an impeachable one. Perhaps Barr could investigate her. I’ve never liked NY and its idiotic politics, and what I keep hearing leaves me thrilled that I escaped from that place so many years ago. I never looked back.

  8. Warhammer

    The impactor will be Apophis 99942. This story provides a little info regarding the actual time and path of its arrival.

    Please let me provide the following information sources:

    1. The only unknown is actual impact date. It will be either April 13, 2029 or April 13, 2036.
    If we are lucky it will by pass us in 2029. But we have no way of knowing for sure.

    2. In 2001, before he passed away Guido Moosbrugger authored the book “And still they fly”. This book was about the UFO Swiss contact case between Eduard A. “Billy” Meier and those known as The Pleiadian’s. In the present day we now know they refer to themselves as the Plejaren people.

    On page 266 Guido writes about Apophis 99942, which is also known as the Red Meteor. Guido discussed Apophis with Billy Meier, who discussed it with the Plejarens. They calculated the trajectory and confirmed to Billy that it will impact on one of the two above dates.

    3. In discussing the Apophis impact with a team of people who are trying to prevent this event from taking place, I have learn the impact site is indicated to be between The North Sea and the Black Sea. Beside the immediate loss of life, this is an area with many nuclear power plants. Hence Nuclear Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

    4. The Plejaren’s indicate the impact will divide the land between the Baltic Sea & the Black Sea. Red hot masses of lava and natural gas and so forth will be released, it will also produce a deadly wall of sulfur which will cover the land, drifting westward and will create an additional death zone.

    5. In Sept 2018 I met [redacted – g], who is a Retired aerospace professional; Orbital Sciences Corp., Director/VP of Operations and Launch Director, Phoenix, AZ. He carried a top secret clearance for over twenty years. He was introduced to the Billy Meier material by a retired AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations), that he refers to as RB.

    6. [redact-g] in turn introduced me to Harry Lear. The problem Harry identifies and corrects is the calculation of PI, which is the 3.1416 figure. True Pi = 3.1446 which is a difference of .003013…”. Multiply this number by 9 million miles, the corrected path of Apophis has
    been identified.

    7. That is the missing link that identifies the error in NASA and JPL and all NEO calculations.

    8. There he demonstrates seven proofs of the PI error and the correction. When the correct PI figure is used to calculate the correct orbital paths of Earth, Apophis and other data, then we see what a huge error is being made. Which Harry explained in a letter he wrote to Vice-President Pence in January 2018. That letter is posted on Harry’s website.

    Harry’s website:

    I hope this is helpful.

    My regards.

    Roger in Tucson

    • Good data, Roger. Recall Oumuamua was a total surprise, and the public at large knew little if anything about the mysterious body for about one year. Indeed, many celestial interlopers approach earth from either “behind the sun” or perpendicular to our solar plane, making their timely identification difficult if they should pose a threat to Terra Firma. Most are relatively small, but some could theoretically be extinction level event sized bodies. The increasing interest in planetary defense exercises should not be dismissed lightly.

  9. George. Agenda much?
    Your argument against the NY prosecutors is dumb. Would be like Al Capone arguing they shouldn’t investigate him because they’re not investigating Frank Nitti too.

    Also, why all the energy re-writing the Mueller report? Even Judge Napolitano, Fox’s senior legal adviser and longtime Trump pal, called Trump “unlawful, defenseless and condemnable.”

    And I told you the report would be mild — Mueller (and Barr and Comey too) are after all Republicans. A far cry from careless emails, no? Perhaps better for you to stick to the economics, which were good again today. Best, Mike.

  10. G,

    I haven’t commented in quite a while, but today I’m feeling it. My first note concerns the seemingly never-ending DemWitchhunt. I always attempt to make some educated guesses about their ultimate ‘intent’. Can it be just as simple as they’re really trying to save the American people from someone that’s truly bad? Well, if they are it’d be the first time in history. My money is on trying to maintain power by A) pathetically trying to control the narrative B) Hoping against hope that one of these Hail Mary pass attempts will hit pay dirt and they can install someone that’s controllable C) Pleasing their base, such as it is and finally that most of them are so ridiculously stupid that they don’t know what else to do. It should be completely obvious to even the most casual observer that the Dem party is a complete dumpster fire. They’re actually making the Repugnants look good! The Dems don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning in 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if their unfortunate candidate ‘won’ the lowest amount of electoral votes in the history of the country. Funnily enough, I’ve noticed that they’ve been trying to use ‘polls’ again to make it seem their candidate-dujour is somehow ahead of Trump in popularity. That didn’t work last time, either. Besides, 82.4% of poll data is made up right on the spot. Actually, I just made that part up, but if it was on CNN somebody would believe it as gospel.

    If it were me, I’d try to get out ahead of Trump on the same things that he’s kicking their asses on and make it seem like it was my idea. Again, they’re woefully stupid and so are the ‘true believers’.

    Honestly, I think there’s some good science to be done by studying the brains of people who fall into the ‘true believer’ category of any political party because there’s something seriously wrong with those folks.

    And finally, I want to comment on time zones. Who needs them, anyway? Personally, I think time zones and the whole idea of AM/PM should be abolished completely. We go to one global time (Zulu time, anybody?) and a 24 hour clock. It takes the guess work out of it. Sure, it’d be rough on the ‘true believer’ crowd and other assorted yo-yo’s but after a few months even they would catch on.

    Have a better one,


  11. TACDA has a new website and has modified their membership to allow easier access to new editions of The Journal of Civil Defense, as well as access to the archives:

    A new and fairly meaty Journal has been posted, and is available electronically. Colonel Jim Smith has an excellent article on EMP events. Analyzing a large scale EMP event is like peering into the Pandora’s box for technology. Almost any scenario involving failure of technology and cascading ill effects is plausible. Jim has his candidate for a worst case scenario which is grim indeed.
    My own take on this is that the US government has known the potential for cascading EMP apocalypse scenarios for more than fifty years, and has chosen to build bunkers and underground cities for military and political elites, and harden military communication and weapon systems against EMP effects, while doing less than nothing to safeguard the American populace from the direct effects of EMP cascading technology failures.
    While I have heard a lot of people making claims that Trump was sent by Divinity to save the American people, until he signed the executive order making defense of civilian infrastucture from EMP effects a national priority, I never really saw anything to support that line of talk. A populist President who puts survival of common Americans ahead of the comfort of deep state actors. This is a miracle indeed !

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