Dear Drooling “Investor” – Crypto War Year Ahead

Let there be no question that I am what society would call a “crackpot.”  Doesn’t mean we’re wrong, however.

That’s because – in the social-media-fired land of “Me-too’s” – rational thought – backed by Data – is no longer respected.  We’re living in a “loudest voice craps game” in a digital dark alley.  Where even the “money” is made up out of thin air via more than 7,000 crypto currencies, in addition to the hijacked Federal government’s Ponzi roll…  (The top 200 aircoins are listed here.)

Before a short list of things you’re missing, let me offer the simple-minded notion that we’re at the inflection point of a lifetime.  Rates are still low – which may seem like heresy, but we lived with rates over 13% in the early 1980s.  Somehow the country survived.

Inflation is a required consequence of too many dollars chasing not-enough goods.

On Monday’s trading day in 2020, you know where our Aggregate Index stood?  34,079.02.

At the Monday close?  41,940.35.

For the (“it must be racist ‘cuz it’s hard”) math-challenged, that’s an increase in stock prices of 23%.

Let’s Take a Sober Moment and Think

In a “rational economics world” such gains would be grounded (predicated) on something.  Sadly, it’s not:

  • People are not working 23% harder.
  • People are not spending 23% more.
  • We don’t have 23% more internal production of anything of stature.
  • Our National Goals are not 23% more robust and confidence inspiring.
  • For sure, we’re not 23% healthier.
  • And all the while interest rates are going up, as well.

The answer is simple:  Money is being “made up.”  That’s the illusion.

Problem is?  The government of the US and many other countries have lost control of their money supplies.

This could go one of three ways: It will be a bloody mess with plenty of losers in years ahead.

The 2022 War Year Workouts:

Ever think we’d label 2022 the “War Year?” 

Well, we’re about to launch into 2022 with Ukraine still smoldering and Taiwan in the wings.  But there’s the OTHER war underway.  The “Digital Insurrectionists” which is our shorthand for sponsors of private capital financial terrorism.  Here’s how that battlespace lays out as of this morning:

Note that the Ban countries list is not complete.  I’ve only shown the EXPLICIT ban countries.  There are also implicit bans in Bahrain, Burundi, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Gabon, Georgia, Guyana, Kuwait. Lesotho, Libya, Macao, Maldives, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Something like 42 countries have full, or partial, bans and nine have rolled into total bans.  Despite what the hyping-crazed coinsters tout, there’s not a single country (yet) where crypto is “coin of the realm.”

Not a single country has yet thrown-in with the financial terrorists.  Likely because, at some level, they know that to do so would be to throw in with that class of Ultra-Globalists (like G. Soros, et al) who really hold to a socialist-corporatism world where “regular people” are tax-chattel (which can be denominated any way they want), who want Global Government run by them.

China, with about 3-centuries to work through schemes and scams has done two things’ Americans are too ‘effing stoopid (sic) to comprehend.

They have banned “made up, non-governmental” money AND they have built a wall on their borders.

One reason they can kick the West’s ass any way they choose to shortly is they have not done the stupid things we have.  Namely open borders, let a banker cabal control money, send socialists into classrooms, and teach that hard work in a meritocracy is evil.

Taken as a whole (bitter) pill, this kind of data shows us where the “ditches of future” can be sketched in.

If you want to play crypto, fine.  Just realize it’s a bet against China.

Daily Data Pending

Since the Monetary Base at the Fed is up about 28% for the year, it follows that Housing (which will be updated when the data crosses) ought to be up about the same for the year.

Other War

While the Digital Insurrection maneuvers into position, the headlines can be arranged in just a certain way this morning as a “tell all” about what to expect in Eastern Europe in late January:

We’ll toss in the US/NATO/EU dramatically overplaying its hand and Russia calling up reserves in mid-January to our future jitters list.

Idiots to the Left and Right

Slow Joe, our genius-level prez, is only two years late on the obvious: Biden says he agrees with GOP governors: There’s ‘no federal solution’ to pandemic.

President Useless?  Biden Approval Rating Falls Below Kamala Harris Per Gallup.

Winding down Covid hysteria comes into view as Flu is making a comeback in US after an unusual year off.  We figure the past two years of flu was a mirage.  Misdiagnosed as Covid in many cases.  Seriously, Flu weeks in 2020 were running just 45 cases per week, while “normal” flu years are in the well over 30,000 a week range.  Sheesh, anyone who sees data can call BS on this one.  We did in September.

Israel may be a canary in the coal mine: Israel Considers 4th Vaccine Dose, but Some Experts Say It’s Premature.  The reality is nothing seems to fight off omicron well.

One thing the ‘rona has done is killed the cruise industry.  Slow bleed-out, but good for climate change, right?  U.S. CDC investigating nearly 70 cruise ships hit by COVID-19.

Covid is not only killing cruises to fix climate but so too, the airline industry is about to get hosed:  Fauci Says Domestic Travel Vaccination Rule Should Be Considered.

Do we see Fauci’s Exit being orchestrated by the PTB?  We’ll see how his “retirement” plans roll, but sure looks like one way to dodge future charges when a real investigation into the whole Covid shit-show comes along: Fauci ADMITS US has failed to authorize and distribute home COVID tests as Omicron cases spike .  With the Drudge Report making an issue of Fauci being “81-years old, time to go?” we can see the controllers edging him out of the spotlight,

ATR:  Write On

Back to writing this morning as the Peoplenomics piece for tomorrow is set to be completed.  Quest to Beat Aging started off as light crowns and over-the-counter approximating of the Nature age reversal story.

But with mission creep, it has turned into a “handbook on aging” that anyone not old yet might find interesting.

Back in a few with the Housing Data which is likely to move stocks around.  This could be a turn-around Tuesday because we’re within a cat’s whisker of equaling the old All Time High.

Watering down money?  Like we were asking earler, “What’s better now compared with a year ago?”

Write when you get rich,

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10 thoughts on “Dear Drooling “Investor” – Crypto War Year Ahead”

  1. crypto is “coin of the realm.” At least one country is attempting to use crypto.

    Lots of problems tho.

    No electricity this here morning which does cause some thinking about Long Term Outages. Still had water, so out comes the blue speckled coffee pot and onto the gas stove. Don’t have to fire up the wood stove or fireplace here! A fireplace with an insert, that has a cooking top, helped us out in the past.

    Makes me wonder how close are we really to a “meltdown”? Mmm?

  2. China doesn’t need to send socialists into their classrooms. The ‘People’s Republic’ is loaded from pre-K to graduate school with die hard, card carrying communist spewing teachers.

  3. “What’s better now compared with a year ago?”

    I’ve made a new friend this year!

    What’s worse? I may be losing an old one.

    Regarding crypto – other than using the controlled exchanges, managing these things requires a lot of work and time. It’s too easy to lose the defined advantages and even the actual alleged “currency”. Yes, you can make a lot and lose a lot, but you can also fall afoul of rapidly changing rules, or find yourself in the sights of agencies I don’t wish to name.

  4. Everyone knows a fiscal conservative that’s on the government pipe, that’s inflation.

    Inflation is keeping the bag inflated, Boeing, Amtrak and General Motors.

    People insist government has to give them liquidity. No different than the airlines or farmers or parents.

    “Health systems” are BK without COVID cash.

    Student loans are another one. Look at this gimmick:

    “The idea is to allow businesses to contribute to employees’ retirement accounts when workers make their student loan payments. In other words, if you put $100 towards your student loan, your company could “match” it with up to $100 going into a retirement plan like a 401(k).”

  5. “81-years old, time to go?”

    Here’s the thing with age. If you support Biden, age isn’t a thing. If you are agaisnt Biden, he’s a fumbling old man.

    Donald Trump is 75 Y/O. If he runs again, in four years he’s become the fumbling old man Biden is today.

    Fauci is 81. Trump will be 82 in his second year to his second term, if he runs and wins. Will it be time to go for him?

    People love their old men like both Red/Blue parents love their government checks. People will create qualifiers to support their position.

  6. this is not going to sit well with the China virus pushers,,, the tide is turning, slowly

    ““After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only.”

    The CDC admits that the PCR test cannot differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.”

    “Will the human race be too stupid to comprehend its deception and the consequences for human rights and human freedom? Will they continue to trust authorities and media that deceived them with a controlled narrative that required silencing and punishing all the real experts? If so, they will have been effectively enslaved.”

    Did Trump’s covid booster shot, take the wind from the deep state sails. After he talked about it, CDC and Fauci did a turn around on isolation time and forced airline passenger vaccines and then Biden did a reversal ““Look, there is no federal solution to COVID. This gets solved at a state level,”
    Which booster, is a BIG Question, was it the Army’s soccerball shaped one?

    Trump supporters [except Cr@zie Alex Jones/nut job] still follow Trump’s position of FREE CHOICE, not mandates or forced to, or for travel or employment . And the anti-Trumpers are brought into submission and can not call him anti-vax.

  7. WHO makes up money out of thin air ? Accuracy still counts in real world, Spartacus. BTC is Verification – versus Trust in beast/system.
    *Beast = The Heavenly Bestiary = Gin A Bul – reptilian race. Emil/Setes VS Enli/Nudimud/Sameal/Azazel. Their race is dying – all of em – why they so desperately been trying to figure Us out. The massive karmic debt is sssssllllooowwllyy coming due – their efforts for migration into Humanity is picking up pace..or have we not noticed the “shifts” more and info and “entities” coming into dream/thoughts to guide Us to higher orders .NRGs coming -healing – others not so Light are coming here to get “healing” as well. Exciting times.

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