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Challenger Job Cut report, International Tradewreck, and Weakly U.I. filings top the start of “Bounce Day.”

Before we get started – and with a hat-tip to Robin Handler of the Options Signal Service for calling the “big changes Jan. 5” right – let’s roll out the fresh data du jour for you:

Challenger Job Cuts

These have been running low.  Reason is that with not as many people working, there aren’t as many people around to fire:

With a blow-out upside ADP report Wednesday, we’re thinking the Friday CES (current employment situation) report will be good.  But the unknow becomes “How has Covid restructured Life?  What professions will grow?  (Home office makeovers?) and which ones will be challenged?”  If people are home more, will there be as many daycare users, for example.  Or, with theaters on abbreviated schedules, will Top Gun Maverick EVER be released?   (I will skip our usual admonition “Never Let Bean Counters Make Real Decisions!”  Leave the grown-up thinking to Marketing!”

We are. however, proud to be the first news/commentary website to proclaim:

“Covid-19 Has been Great for Climate!”

Even made commuting better, or at least different most places.


The advance number on this suggested as nearly $100-billion monthly hole would be dug due to America overspending.  OK, $97.8 billion.  But the thing is, what pencils out to (nearly) $1.2 trillion per year.  More, depending on interest rates.

The scary part?  Four percent of America’s “prosperity” is not real (basis a $30 trillion GDP claim, which is a dollarized measure; so that’s crooked, too…  But I digress.

We have the latest number (revised from advance) to ponder:

Not sure how you lose $17 billion in two weeks.  We obviously don’t understand government.  (Outgo averaging, or some slick stats to put forensic accounts off the scent?)

This crap all piles on top previous shovel tailings.  Whether we can ever dig our way out of the hole is doubtful.  Which we’re pretty sure in the Globalist/One-worlder plan.

Spoiler: Take our money, rent us our own lives.  A common scam throughout history, if you read it.

Unemployment Filings

Nodding to Rod Stewart (“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?“) let’s pivot into action at the Axed Club:

Try to ignore my cynical highlights.  Just because new filers were up 57 thousand plus and the rate ticked up 2-10ths…nothing to see here, move along, Citizen.

Of course, the number would be stratospherically higher, ‘cept for running out of bennies.  But that’s how things roll in the Grand Illusion Theater.

Capitol Madness

Which is presently showing reruns of January 6th “Crook’s Close Call.” (They were on both sides, only one side, however, controls the House of Hooligans, which is why no ATFA or other digital uprising groups have been nailed.  Wouldn’t fit the narrative.

Driving events, a year-on, as Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints – POLITICO.  The GOP should be more worried about impeaching “Pops” but far be it from me to explain excellence and integrity to anyone in the District of Crookery.

Story Time

Listen to the Geez, please.  Some core “way of being” stuff people can use today, especially given the lunacy and hypenstance of the Jan. 6 media sewage pumping station.

“A Zen master and his student came to a river.  There, a beautiful woman was trying to cross, but he was slight and the river deep.  So the Zen master, put here on his shoulder and carried her across.

A way further along their travels, the student asked of his master:  “Sir, how could you carry such a beautiful woman, given our Order’s strict rules against sexual conduct?”

It is simple (Grasshopper):  I stopped carrying her 4-miles back.”

One of Ure’s (impossible to patent) secrets to living a happy life is being very careful about what you “pick up.”  People will have you picking up their “crazy shit” all day long, if’n you let ’em.

Just because the people you know pick up thoroughly useless shit, doesn’t mean you have to.

Find new friends.  Smart ones.

Bounce Day!

Well, sort of, anyway.  Here’s one possible Elliott view 75-minutes to the open:

Where things get interesting is to the right of B – that ascending trend line.  Yep, that’ll be interesting as hell.

Fooled Once?  Twice?

(Three times a Lady?)  With FedGov policy blowing up on disease control, we find yet-another BigGov wordsmithing spin before us:  Up-to-Date Shots Encouraged Over ‘Fully Vaccinated’: Fauci (1) (

We warned you (when my afternoon Martini qualified as a “vaccine” under the redefinition to hoax people along) that we’d never put anything in our bodies which was lawsuit-proof.

On the web, stories are picking up about rising mortality in key demographics being reported by insurance companies…  Of course, stories like Life insurance death claims shoot 41%, up 3.5x in 2021 ( will not likely appear anytime soon on MainStreamMedia.  After all, these pricks over-pimped jabs in the first place, rolling with groupthink in lieu of science.  But we’ve been there.

The End of the Plandemic will not be televised.  These are opening scene outtakes. This is just “truth leaks” which will soon be patched for the “up to date vaxxers…”

We just notice the midnight oil in the PR offices behind stories lik J&J vaccine recipients are ‘questioning our protection’ against COVID – and stuck waiting for a third shot and Fact check: Reports of adverse events due to COVID-19 vaccines are unverified.  Some of reminds me of a James Taylor song.  (I’m a steamroller Baby!):

“I’m gonna inject your soul
With some sweet rock ‘n’ roll…”

While the hype about Jan. 6 attempts to pivot aware people away, we’re planning the Two Years of Lies party later this month.  As Janis Joplin advised, though:  Shoot if it makes you feel good…” (Strangely she was backed by Big Brother and the Holding Company.  Even more prescient?  Song title was “Piece of My Heart” which is near-enough myocarditis for home use.   But enough rabbit hole diggings for now.

Still, a research pointer:  See what happens when Global Mass Consciousness isn’t specific enough?  Is Covid an archetype bad trip riff/actualization off a 40-year musical implant?

[other] News Buggers

My “news nose that knows news” insisted I pick these for you, so to speak:

Weren’t we just talking die-off?  The great population growth slowdown – Vox.  Of course, not for the “fully duped” however.

Should Ukraine be worried?  With Russian troops massed on their border, I don’t see why not.  Especially when Kazakhstan protests: Dozens killed, police say | CTV News is going on not far off.  With Russian “security forces.”  Thing is, how much of the protests were organized and funded by neocon arms?

Remember my “Plant a Garden!” 2022 food warnings?  Here’s another building data point for you: World food prices hit 10-year high in 2021 – CNA.

Speaking of food…

ATR: Prepper Pancakes

A foodie distraction is in order here.

Back in 1968, I was in Alaska, working for a defense contractor with equivalent rank of major at age 19 (which sounds absurd, but that’s the fact).  One weekend, I visited my late aunt Isabelle.  First woman CPA in Alaska, or some such.

She made sourdough pancakes.  Change your life good.

Ever since, I have been a quest to find the perfect starter.  But now I’ve gone down the overnight fermentation path as a next logical branch.  Doing so, some interesting thoughts along the way:

  • Virtually ALL the popular recipes for sourdough pancakes include the use of baking powder.
  • I have never heard of a single study looking for healthcare issues common to people who ate lots of baking powder assisted baked goods in their lives.  Good background: Are All Brands of Baking Powder Aluminum-free? | The Grocery Store Guy
  • Baking Powder was invented in 1856.
  • My late (great) Uncle Bill was a teamster who drove a “20-mule team” up to the Yukon two centuries back. Doubt the Seattle-Yukon wagon trains carried enough baking powder, though.  Went up through the Frazier River canyon, up last 100-Mile House and beyond…

Point?  (Where’s I put that damn thing?  Ah…here…)  If you have any really good baking powder (and soda) free sourdough pancake recipes, send ’em along.

Thing is, around here nearly all of us prep.  Sure, got some yeast in the solar backed-up freezer.  But did sourdoughs up in the Yukon really have 3 eggs, a cup of whole milk, a tablespoon of coconut sugar, baking powder and baking soda?

Given we are as a Nation (of Fools) (on average) spending more time around the home the past couple of years, I remain mystified why simple (sourdough) baking hasn’t taken off.  Especially given there’s not going to be coconut sugar much past the onset of global collapse, know what I’m saying?

Trolling for simplest and best here, and overnight fermentation approaches, in particular, are welcome.

No Writer Job

Just to see if I might still have an employable skill, I submitted a resume for a writing gig this week.  I write a lot, seem to enjoy it, though I have no particular knack for it…

Won’t say where, but I knew things would not end well for two reasons early on.

First:  After sending a link to my Amazon books page, a resume, and mentioning I still write five-times a week here, the hiring screener wanted writing samples.  Five columns a week for 22-years now, that’s, uh…carpal tunnel!  5.7-million words worth.

Second thing I did wrong:  The hiring screeners email signature line included this:

“Pronouns: she/her/hers”

Perhaps, I got off on the wrong foot.  Since I quickly updated my email to:

Pronouns:  Yo! G,/WTF/NSS?

Lesson to Self:  If a writer’s style and capabilities are not at least somewhat evident in 6-million words, maybe it ain’t gonna be a fit.  Only reason I worked 50+ years (looking back on it) was to learn to do some really neat shit.

(Neat shit example: Like my firefighter/EMT son calling in his first-ever two helo medevac and running the LZ at the scene of a major rollover, people ejected, car accident Wednesday.  If you don’t get excited about your job?  Only kind of job really worth having is either educational or adrenal, as we’ve stone-ground Life. I digress)

Also, in the Ure’s kitchen:  Anyone ever come across some actual scientific data on which pan oil has the lowest “friction coefficient” for various temperatures?  Which releases from a stainless pan best?  Olive oil, coconut, canola, MCT…I mean which is scientifically best?  (Why can’t we focus as a nation on simple, healthy things, instead of rerunning a political circus on Jan 6th?)

One impeachment is a crowd, two (even faux) would be a stadium?  Z’at it?

Off to the project list (tee up some music for workwork) … then maybe (this)

Write when you get rich,

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George Ure
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80 thoughts on “Data, Elliott Was Right, Bounce Day, Sourdough Research”

  1. Hola George,
    Your sourdough pancake recipe quest might be simplified if you can settle for something more like fry bread. I started playing with sourdough a couple of years ago after studying the Tartine Bread book and one enjoyable side effect was fried starter. When I’m planning a batch of sourdough loaves I’ll amp up my starter for a few days with regular feedings; normal procedure is to discard the excess starter as your vessel runs out of room- don’t! Heat up a skillet with avocado or olive oil and fry up some ‘pancakes’ out of pure starter. It’s bliss and you won’t be wasting anything.

  2. Who could have seen this coming??? On RT this morning…

    Bitcoin has seen a sharp decline as protests continue in Kazakhstan, the world’s second-largest mining hub, where internet was shut down, forcing local miners to switch off their equipment.

    The world’s leading cryptocurrency has dropped to $42,786, which marked a daily drop of nearly 8.5%, extending losses recorded during the previous session.

    If ‘they’ can turn the internet on and off with impunity, you don’t own jacks**T in crypto, digital fiat or any other asset you can’t hold in your hands.

    • But you believe holding a paper representation of Federal note is better in some way? At least with crypto, no one yet, and just make it up when the government wants to spend more money. You can hold your cypto in something called a cold wallet if you want to touch it, put it in a safe. I think the only thing I hold any currency in my hand these days is a 20$ when I get a haircut every couple of month. Every other purchase I use digital dollars through my credit cards. I get it though, it is certainly a risk, though as George has mentioned, the Fed created 30% new $ this past couple of years, so a dollar also continues to lose value, not unlike the crypto this week. I don’t encourage folks to involve themselves with investments they don’t fully understand, but don’t imagine if all your investments are in dollar based assets you are somehow protected. Our leaders and managers of our currency have no self control and they will only continue to accelerate the $ debasement.

      • “But you believe holding a paper representation of Federal note is better in some way?”

        NO . The fiat money is just as vulnerable since its kept online.. the only difference is one you can carry in your pocket.. the other you can’t..which is why people that went through the depression hid money around their homes..

      • I wasn’t really referring to fiat cash as something to hold in your hands. Was thinking more of gold, silver, diamonds, tools and land although the first three require a belief system that must be recognized by other parties.
        It is clear that the virtual world we have all been dwelling in is of a more transient nature and apparently not protected from the tentacles of government overreach than we would like to believe. Things got real in Kazakhstan in a hurry. How many of us could sustain without the digital world on which we have become so dependent? Although I try to follow the tenants of preparedness, I’m not at all looking forward to implementing.

      • I’ve studied life, medicine, engineering, flying, business and many other things most of my life and I still don’t understand the actual gotchas of crypto. Other than Bitcoin and perhaps Monero, it seems that a lot of crypto could be taken from you even without losing the net. I’ve not got years of my life to spend studying a fast changing expedient online means of exchange. Yes, you can have a cold wallet, but can you spend out of it? Can it be taken from you during the process? I really don’t know. What I do know is that I can exchange five $20.00 bills for equal value received and we’re both happy. That will probably continue for at least a weekend after the money system and net crashes.

        It’s unfortunate, since there are things available online that can’t be bought without crypto.

      • “But you believe holding a paper representation of Federal note is better in some way?”


        If the SHTF and the grid goes away, the corner store will still accept FRNs. Even skeptical merchants will accept them for a few weeks. A few weeks is all the savvy purchaser needs to set themselves up to survive for the long haul…

    • Interesting Trading Dynamic of Crypto:

      Ever look at the $$ VOLUME PER DAY traded as a ratio of the TOTAL VALUE for specific coins?

      Scary absolutely scary. With Bitcoin keep in mind that about 10% as I dimly recall is locked away in bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet, so it is NOT part of the actual trading pool so subtract that out for Bitcoin (750,000 to 1,100,000 Bitcoins per Wikipedia)

      Sure looks like Amsterdam Tulip Trading to me, though I am clueless as to where the top is.

      Do the ratio calculation yourself as to what % of the total value for each of the coins is TRADED PER DAY. I guarantee you that you WILL be shocked!

      • this true for Every Commodity and Currency in the world. only less so with Bitcoin..much less so – they can only move it so much with the futures manipulating cartel of financial evildoers. Antone really think hundreds of Billions of actual Gold/Silver trades-changes hands everyday ? Paper Illusions.
        They trade moar fake/syntethic Gold/Silver “contracted Ounces” in a day than this is physically mined worldwide in a whole Year.

        Shocked ? COMPARED to What ?

        No Bitcoinz 4 U!- unless of couse U want to be known as a “dark dirty soul” – GU

      • With over $2,000,000,000,000,000.00 in dollar denominated notional derivatives value floating around in the financial banking space globally. A virtual cess pool of losing bets, naked shorting bets, on Gold, Silver and other monetary based commodities is floating about the banking digital cloud space [the virtual tulip field] and growing today. All used to suppress price discovery and create the illusion that there is no inflation. That’s just as scary as a whitepaper released at MIT from Satoshi and the cast of characters seeking to proffer a new way of doing things. Lets face it, the hilarious thing here is this: The Fed only prints notes of no more than $100.00 for public consumption to foster the illusion that the notes aren’t hyper inflated. When it takes a whole suitcase of them to buy new a car, a digital abstraction layer is created to make hauling around so many $100.00’s easier to carry around in your pocket[enter credit and ACH ledger]. The problem is that your pocket calculator is running out of zeroes with what’s coming, and typing all those zeroes is going to get cumbersome. Something will be at the breaking point soon here. Fiat currencies on average only last about 30 years, unless, of course, the numbers are re jiggered. The $Dollar died in 1913. The new $ came in 1933 with a gold grab and reset. Then at Bretton Woods a new dollar was confabulated after the big war. Then in 1971, the Kissinger plan, $ for oil came into play. Then in 2007-8 $ for CDS and mortgage backed obligations came into play. Now? We are running out of options as the price of a new car [if you can get one] is running at premiums to sticker and “market value adjustment charges” are added. There are a whole collection of tulips sitting right in your pocket, all declining in notional value at a real rate of 25% per annum.
        Choose Wisely and Widely. I would cover all the bases with alternatives to useless paper IMHO. its all a financial house of swirling money pools and schemes to create money velocity. Paper money without circulation [velocity] is worth? Just that paper.Not investment advise. LOL. Why has the Fed stopped releasing M3, and MZM numbers officially? Perhaps it would give away just how close the balloon is to achieving maximum inflation before bursting.

  3. My ex’s grandfather used to make sourdough pancakes decades ago. I had the recipe and made ’em for my kids for years. I’m going off memory here, so YMMV, specifically I cannot remember the amount of salt. Makes a very thin pancake batter and the pancakes come out almost like crepes.

    1cup flour
    1 package cake yeast (I used whatever yeast was in stock at the store)
    1cup warm to hot water
    He had an old fashioned gas stove with a pilot light, so he’d mix the ingredients and place in a container with the cover sealed lightly and wrapped in a hand towel. Key here is to keep the mixture warm so the yeast activates and does its thing.
    Next morning.
    1/2 tsp salt (not sure of this but it ‘feels’ right)
    1cup of flour (I remember adding additional flour, up to 2 cups to make the pancakes less crepe like)
    Mix well and cook.

    Like I said this is from memory, so YMMV. ‘Smatter of fact might whip up a batch for tomorrow morning. :) Wifey likes pancakes. Since I have a “new fangled” oven without a pilot light I’ll figure something out with a small candle maybe.

  4. As a whole, this country is not racist. Sure, there are pockets of racism, but there are pockets of racism all over the world. It has been that way since the tribal days of ancient Egypt in the Bible.

    I have had black people in my home for dinner. I have had Latinos in my home for dinner. I am not a racist, however, I am a realist!! And I am sick of the poor me Black Lives Matter BS. Black citizens now have as many opportunities as anyone else.

    My realist REALITY=We have Black billionaires, we had a Black President, a Black FEMALE Vice President even if she is Dumbo’s Dumber placeholder, Black Senators, Black House of Representative Members. Black sports players making millions every year, and Black sports analysts and announcers. Opportunities are abundant for Black Americans. Blacks still have the NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Do white people have the NAAWP, National Association for the Advancement of White People? Hell no, the networks would say we are White Supremacists and Racist!! Black people have BET, Black Entertainment Television. If whites had WET, White Entertainment Television, it would be Racist!! I am tired of the constant Racial pounding. They are even pounding our kids in schools from kindergarten through college by erasing real history and substituting Critical Race Theory, CRT, which is nothing more than lies and Marxist propaganda.

    We need more Black Conservatives and Black Libertarians in Congress, not like that old Marxist Commie buzzard from L.A. that is Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters, who is as stupid as a box of rocks when it comes to economics and finance. Talk about buying votes or counting on a crooked ballot box. She sure doesn’t get votes based upon IQ or innovative ideas.

    I am tired of people like Stacy Abrams, she with the failed Governor’s race in Georgia, while screaming all the time about voter’s rights. It is against the law in Georgia to gather votes. One person, one vote that they must cast themselves. Cameras were set up at ballot boxes that were like mailboxes and recorded individual people dumping many ballots into these ballot boxes. It was illegal. And Stacy Abrams knows it is illegal.

    Every CITIZEN over 18 has the right to vote Stacy. We don’t need voter’s rights; we already have them! What we need is VOTER identification and verification to stop the fraud and make sure every vote is legitimate and verified as coming from ONE registered voter that is a U.S. Citizen. And it is only counted and re-counted by hand ONE TIME, not some computer that can be hacked, or vote counting machines that are pre-programmed to flip votes. I don’t remember boxes on the ballots asking if I am Black, White, or Hispanic. Voter’s Rights is a 19th-20th Century thing still falsely being perpetrated just like your Racist lies about voter’s rights. Get another life Stacy. You have already bought a million-dollar+ house from contributions to your radical organization.

    I am tired of the Victim Mentality of Colin Kaepernick who is still getting press. It had nothing to do with race. It was about an irreverent QB that was a troublemaker kneeling and disrespecting our flag and national anthem that people of all colors have fought for. Nobody wanted his troublemaking disrespect representing their team. And the NFL should have stopped it in its tracks, but Roger Goodell is a wimp and folded. You don’t get to be in his position unless you are a good ol’ boy globalist. This is football, not another political platform. Quit the End Zone propaganda painted under the goal posts of “End Racism.” Quit the divisiveness on the back of helmets “End Racism” and “Black Lives Matter.” Another tradition the liberals are trying to change, and teardown is sports, where we have had integration and NO RACISM for decades and decades.

    When you read real history, not made-up leftist fairy tales, it was the Democrats from the time of the Civil War that kept Black people in poverty and then they would hand out a few bucks to buy votes. Now they promise to hand out $1000s for votes. Black people are onto their game now. That is why Obama fell flat on his ass campaigning by playing the race card in Virginia’s recent governor’s election. Poof-his boy McAuliffe couldn’t even stuff enough dead people’s names into the ballot boxes to buy the election in 2021 like LBJ did in Duval County, Texas when he first ran for the U.S. House.

    I will never apologize for being born White, nor do I care about what happened in the past anymore. They are trying to destroy and re-write history to play that racism card to divide and conquer our great country. It is NOW that matters! Not what happened to the great-great-great-great grandfather that was sold as a slave in Africa because he was captured by other African tribes who were slave traders and they sold him rather than torturing and killing him.

    Unfortunately, it was a tribal all the way back to Biblical days. Makes one question the Bible being the Word of God when it talks about branding slaves, piercing their ears with awls, buying and selling males and females in the Jewish book of Leviticus. I don’t believe God would want people to have slaves much less abuse them. Black slavery is NOT the fault of ANYONE living in the U.S. today, therefore quit trying to act like you are the one that was the slave and a victim because of it!

    The Black Lives Matter of George Soros funding has turned into a roving gang of black thugs smashing and robbing stores. Now they are organizing and coordinating upscale retail robberies. These are RICO violations! There are Federal Laws designed to combat “organized” crime. Where are the Feds? They used it on WHITE Italians. Use it on these thugs!!! If this lawlessness is not stopped NOW, big cities will become war zones! Do you think that upscale neighborhoods won’t be their next easy targets that will spread downward from there? It happened to that couple in St. Louis for defending their property. They prosecuted the couple that were the homeowners and not the thugs that were on their property planning to destroy it.

    Why some President hasn’t sent a couple of Sidewinders up the stove pipes of Soros jet is beyond my comprehension. Soros hates America, hates Americans, and has admitted he wants to destroy America. He is our ADMITTED enemy funding anarchy. He hates our Constitution. People like Soros are our enemies, and The Oath of Office should cover it completely, “I do solemnly swear to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.” If some guy has his hand on a gun and says he is going to shoot you and then destroy your family, shoot first. Do not try to negotiate. Do not wait to see if he shoots and misses. Shoot! Multiple times!! No matter what size your gun.

    “EWAC3; F-15 Eagles, Mission Accomplished, returning to base!”

    The only way to stop the organized anarchy and insurrection since the Feds are busy busting down doors of the moms that are protesting schoolbooks with sexually explicit pictures and Marxist propaganda in the CRT being taught to their kids is to implement Solution #1 with fully funded POLICE arresting the thugs and giving out stiff sentences if found guilty.

    Unfortunately, Solution #1 is being de-funded by radical City Councils from Austin to LA to Oakland to Chicago, and stiff sentences, or even prosecutions are NOT being handed out by Soros funded Marxist liberal prosecutors and judges all over the country because they are dismissing charges. Suspects released on bond pending trial have killed 155 people in Harris County, Texas, where Houston is located, according to data gathered by Crime Stoppers of Houston. In Harris County, at least 113 defendants charged with CAPITAL MURDER have been inexplicably granted bond and released back onto the streets pending trial. Capital murder — the most egregious offense in the criminal code — a conviction for which carries either life imprisonment or the death penalty.

    Because the leftists are purposely not utilizing Solution #1, we need Solution #2: Police or national guard snipers on roofs waiting to open up when the gangs are breaking glass of retail establishments and come running out with their loot worth hundreds of thousands. This is ANARCHY and LOOTING, and only one way to stop it is FULL ON FORCE.

    Likewise, for ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER burning down government buildings and firebombing First Responders and Law Enforcement…the word would get out so fast that they are shooting them down in the act of committing crimes like Anarchy and Looting that you would never see that kind of lawlessness ever again. It is like many Western movies where the outlaws constantly ride into town to terrorize the residents, but the residents finally have had enough and are waiting for them. Wyatt Earp and The Magnificent Seven are just two examples of many movies that show Good vs Evil and Good ultimately prevails. We need some Western justice again. Do you think that is why Westerns and a TV Series like Yellowstone and 1883 are rated #1 and so popular now? People are fed up with liars and thieves and identify with law and order and doing what is right.

    If we keep losing law and order to Marxist organizations and Cartels south of the Border that are now committing murders in the U.S. we will continue to disintegrate extremely fast as a nation. They are terrorist organizations, and we should get real and go after them. Drones, Special Forces, whatever it takes. Peoples lives are at stake. The wife of a Border Patrol agent had to defend herself and their children with a sword when 3 illegals broke into the house a couple of weeks ago. She ran them off. Laws and order are being totally ignored at the border from the lunatics in the White House. They all should be impeached for violation of their oaths of office to uphold our immigration and drug laws, among many others that are being ignored.

    Liberal Marxist mayors, governors, and prosecutors that are not upholding their Oaths of Office to enforce the laws have intimidated the police. They are afraid to act. It will take a Mayor and Police Chief acting together authorizing force and announcing it in advance with full media coverage. Duly warned! Solution #2 requires some real men and women saying enough is enough. Unfortunately, many of our governments are full of leftist cream puffs!

    And Wah-Wah California has made stealing less than $950 a misdemeanor rather than a felony with a get out of jail free card. Hey California-It doesn’t matter what the monetary value is of what they plan on stealing, they are organized criminals ruining cities and the consequences aren’t pretty. No wonder conservatives from California are bailing out in the thousands. Unfortunately, they are moving their companies to Texas and bringing a lot of their loco Marxist lib employees with them.

    Someone posted on this site the other day on “how do you keep someone from stealing your new Air Conditioner”? Simple: Solution #3. Solution #3 comes in numerous calibers and options with a solar trail camera pointing at the Air Conditioner. Example: Multiple Beretta Model 1301 Comp semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns with 24-inch barrels with an Improved Cylinder choke and extended tubes each loaded with 11 shells of #00 Buckshot. The world’s fastest shotgun. 4 shots in less than 1 second depending on how fast you are on the trigger. Used in many 3-gun competitions and shooting clays. Solution #3 is fully ready in different variations and calibers at millions of homes and businesses here in Texas if they ever invade our personal properties to steal our property or threaten our families. Those dogs don’t hunt down here!

    The people behind all the racial strife want Americans fighting it out. They want to divide the country-Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed; Trump vs Anti-Trump; Libs vs Conservatives; Black vs White. The liberals in Congress, the liberal TV networks, and Obama try to stir up racial strife. Look at who Obama’s friends were in Chicago…Radicals from the 60’s. They want Civil War. A Bolshevik or Red Chinese armed revolution is what they want. And then they can call in the U.N. under the false pretense of restoring order. Don’t be surprised if Obama isn’t at the helm of the U.N. when and if that happens. These people are pure evil, and it is a way of implementing their New World Order, Globalist dictatorship.

    Consider this…they want rampaging gangs breaking into places so they can declare martial law. Lock everyone down while they complete the takeover of our government. Soros just gave $1,000,000 to the campaign of the new Black NYC District Attorney. One of his first acts was sending out a memo that armed robbery, if no one is hurt, is to be treated as a Misdemeanor. Mark my word, without enforcing laws, big cities will become war zones! I have been saying it for 15 years. No food or electricity or gasoline and it will explode.

    Black Lives Matter? —Like White Lives, or Native American, or Latinos don’t? Like Jill Biden said of Kamala Harris when Kamala called senile Joe a racist, “Go f*** yourself.” Likewise to each of you: race baiter and big China supporter LeBron James, racist ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton, whoremonger ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson, and Patrisse Cullors, ADMITTED MARXIST that founded Black Lives Matter with a lot of Soros money, along with the other admitted Marxists now in control of BLM. Cullors got $100,000,000 in the coffers and is now out enjoying the fruits of America in her new houses worth millions, not some 200 square foot Chinese commie apartment like she deserves. You and all your kind are the real racists and Marxists, and America is finally waking up to your lies and rabble rousing! Hopefully, it’s not too late!!

    Good luck this year…it is going to be a doozy.

    • Hope you got all that off your chest :-). Now I can see why many comment sections have a character limit. You can simplify, all that by saying there are many in this world that don’t want to be responsible for their own actions and decisions. The problem it those parasites vote, and there will always be candidates that seek those votes to gain power buy telling people what they want to hear. I would like to see some level of voting that takes into account how much net money you paid to the government at all levels over the previous tax cycle. I don’t know of any other ways to stop the taker class from continuing to grow and ultimately collapse into communism/socialism. Certainly all those cities run by those taker leaders will keep growing their sh_t show of destitution and crime.

      • WTHS is absolutely right and someone needed to clearly spell things out. Way too much abbreviation in today’s society, IMO. See, I kept it brief for you, JD.

      • I have no intention of enriching our government class, so I’ll be paying as little as possible to them. I don’t need a lot of money, and all I take is the SS money that I paid in when it actually meant something. I can be happy just walking my property enjoying the weather, or doing many other things that neither contribute nor take from anyone.

        I’m fine with either landowners voting and/or those paying some minimum level of taxes voting. If I want to vote, I can join that group in a heartbeat, and will if it makes sense to do so. For that to happen, my vote would have to mean something, and get counted accurately. In no case would I allow for any bond issues and I’d be constantly demanding tax rate reductions.

        Government doesn’t need to do most of what it desires, and it certainly doesn’t need to be overpaid.

      • “You can simplify, all that by saying there are many in this world that don’t want to be responsible for their own actions and decisions.”

        My point, precisely JD, the’re way TOO MANY!

      • “You can simplify, all that by saying there are many in this world that don’t want to be responsible for their own actions and decisions.”

        My point, precisely JD, the’re way TOO MANY!”

        So true WTHS. I wonder … isn’t that a good reason why slimy Joe put Kammy purebred in office as the vice president.. pass the buck along let her take the fall..

      • “So true WTHS. I wonder … isn’t that a good reason why slimy Joe put Kammy purebred in office as the vice president.. pass the buck along let her take the fall..”

        Um, no.

        The people who selected Biden to run for Prez selected Kammy as his VP for the same reason they selected him as Obama’s VP.

        The idea is to pick someone who’s so dangerous and so unqualified that Congress would never even consider impeaching the President. Kammy got the call because the PTB needed to come up with SOMEONE who would make Creepy Joe appear palatable.

    • Amen WTHS..
      Be the blind man.. there are nasty people in all ethnic races and size doesn’t matter ..
      If their crappy person with out personal ethics or moral guidelines. There are good and bad everywhere..
      The vast majority of the people are good.. just look how BLM and Antifa took the crimes of a couple of people and put the vast majority of the good people living in poorer neighborhoods in harm’s way.. by opening the door for the criminal elements to have free run..

    • Wow George. Can I nominate WTHS for top rant of the year? It is a “doozy.”

      Nature abhors a vacuum. As we watch the Democrat ruling crowd continue to go softer and softer on crime, tie the hands of police, protect the criminals and not the citizens, strong willed people of the nation will fill the vacuum and take on the job.

      I remember seeing a sign in the front window of a rural home (I believe in Texas). It had a picture of a shotgun and the words “We don’t call 911 here.”

      Anyone with eyes to see knows this is not going to end well.

    • Yes, WTHS, those awful Marxist Democrats are giving the Native Americans a break, something the Republicans could not be bothered with !!!

      After welcoming the Pilgrims sailing on the Mayflower, 400 yrs ago, Wampanoag tribe finally federally recognized and given opportunity to have a Casino (Trump ordered it stopped, Biden and Sec’y Haaland had acreage restored)

      Thank you Pres. Biden for making Ms. Haaland the first Native American Cabinet Sec’y (after fighting off Republican opposition for being ‘too’ green!!) – the Great Spirit gave us the Earth to live on, we should leave it in good shape for our grandchildren, if any Republicans can think that far ahead in the future LOL!!)

    • WTHS: Thank you. People need to copy and paste this everywhere. It’s a warning and a fight-back manual.

      Do not give up.

  5. Meanwhile, over in Italy, Super Mario Draghi wants to “save lives! ” Oh sure…

    “The government voted unanimously to gave the green light a new decree that will make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for all over 50s,” the ANSA news agency reported.

    “We want to slow down the curve of contagion and encourage Italians who have not yet been vaccinated to do so,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi said during a cabinet meeting at which the measure was adopted, according to a statement.

    “We are working in particular on the age groups that are most at risk of being hospitalised, to reduce pressure on hospitals to save lives,” he added.

    • That’s so dumb. It’s a good way to get the vaccinators killed. Older folks can be cranky and set in their ways, and few of the informed ones will tolerate young upstarts forcibly jabbing them with poisons. These people actually understand the meaning of the words honor and integrity.

      I can see a lot of the upstarts being surprised at how violently they get attacked by seniors with nothing left to lose.

  6. ” If people are home more”

    The Meta Verse is coming. Some people won’t be participating. I’ve got an 88 Y/O uncle who thinks computers are from the devil. He never touched a computer. He won’t be participating in the MetaVerse.

    But for us, think back to 1990 and task yourself with explaining to the typing pool physical magazines and newspapers will be electronicified and only accessible by computer. The physical paper will be gone.

    Today the Meta is being imagined/setup. Some people are buying disk space out there. Fools, right? Ross Perot bought wire and a numbering system before anyone knew it would be the Internet backbone.

    Recall the Internet first adapters registering all the ‘words’ when people became aware. The word “Business”.com became very valuable, before it wasn’t.

    We’ll throw our glasses on and visit E-stores instead of clicking from website to website. We’ll have chips in our brains and shop with A.I. assistants.

    Instead of Zoom we’ll throw the glasses on and pop-in to the meeting.

    The world will be different in ways we still have to imagine.

    • “I’ve got an 88 Y/O uncle who thinks computers are from the devil. ”

      He might be RIGHT

    • Sure, all tulips, unless of course theres nothing left of the brick and mortar establishments as an alternative entertainment, having been left fallow by recent developments. Typical power play, eliminate the competition. There IS a design pattern at play. Think about that.

  7. Yo G !

    that time on the calendar again – prognosticating the future of the S&P 500 index. Remotely Viewed across multiple time lines (sampled) and temperature probe analysis..”testing how strong the river currents are” ..based on averages.

    *Not necessarily for investors’ purposes, more about proving the reality of Remote Viewing.

    Jan 2nd Thru Feb 26th – S&P 500 Index will be relatively stable compared to its starting point” declines in the first half of the forecast (1st 4 weeks), a recovery in the 6th week, to “stable” by Feb 26th”.

    Its a Challenge – anyone care to partake – SPY Jan 2nd – Feb 26th ..’call the Ball” no not the fresnel lense…flyboys -sheeesh.

    Yo – “fly out Griga, maybe Placencia” – thats where I’ll bee, where Im at.

    • George died in an ambulance. With a policeman doing CPR. George was already dying when he was picked up. He was dying when he was in the cruiser. He was dying when he was taken out of the cruiser. It’s in the video. The whole video, not the “clipped” version fed to the masses.

  8. New US quarters, showing women,, Mankiller and Maya Angelou with the flying eagle background.
    Bill’s Secret service name is Eagle, Fly Eagle Fly, bye bye Bill. Nothing like a State funeral to draw attention away from ‘what’ the deep state wants to keep out of the lame stream media, maybe the FBI involvement to change the Jan 6 protest into a riot ‘Fedsurrection’
    I have a $20 bet Bill does not make it to Feb. It will draw much sympathy for Killery and her whitehouse bid [Joe is on the way out]. Well you know ole ‘Q’ has a post ##180. on 11/21/2017 Ya Ya stupid psyop but I find it as something to watch and see
    What US President was nicknamed “Eagle” by the USSS?

    SOUR’DOUGH’? moola, wheel grease, cashola, 2 bits
    sorry boss, I could’ve help myself, but didn’t.

    somebody has to sacrifice a chicken, cult rules

  9. “Should Ukraine be worried? With Russian troops massed on their border, I don’t see why not. Especially when Kazakhstan protests: Dozens killed, police say | CTV News is going on not far off. With Russian “security forces.” Thing is, how much of the protests were organized and funded by neocon arms?”

    Russians were invited in, since they were kinda “next door,” already.

    …For anyone who doubts me when I rail against Vichy Nuland being freed from the Pit of Forgotten Warmongers, by our Idiot in-charge.

    “Remember my “Plant a Garden!” 2022 food warnings? Here’s another building data point for you: World food prices hit 10-year high in 2021 – CNA.”

    Got two bananas and four pineapples in their pots, last night.

    • When you harvest a pineapple to eat, cut the leafy crown off and replant it. And water, water, water. I just basically throw them in the backyard garden and let the tropical rainfall take care of ’em.

      George said: “…given there’s not going to be coconut sugar much past the onset of global collapse”

      Well… that depends upon where you live, if you know what I mean.

    • Ray,

      Mme. (Kagan) Nuland is proof it doesn’t matter which party is in the White House. It’s difficult to imagine how she could bring a balanced view to decisions concerning the Ukrainian sphere as her paternal grandparents emigrated (fled?) from Ukraine to the USA in the pre-1930 era.

      • She speaks both Russian and Ukrainian without an accent, yet seems to have a particular hatred for both nations (and their cultures.) ‘Thing is, she helped push Soros’ bouquets too, so whatever’s in her craw ain’t all about folks whose language is written in some form of Cyrillic.

        Personally, I think she just likes to see people die.

        As far as that “neocon” thing goes, I wasn’t kidding or exaggerating with my past analysis. There are two kinds of Leftists in U.S. politics. Those who believe we should have trade borders and local fiefdoms governed by a central authority, and those who believe there should simply be but a single, central authority. This is the difference between neocons and hard-core communists, respectively. They’re both hard socialist. For modeling purposes, the neocon tends toward Mussolini whereas the modern Democrat favors Stalin.

  10. % without numbers is meaningless. 10 life insurance claims become 14 and it’s a 40% increase.

  11. “Should Ukraine be worried? With Russian troops massed on their border”

    Hmm.. Russian build up is technically on their border.. maybe if we would step back a little bit tensions would lessen..
    In the quest to grab oil . We have moved everything close..tried crossing their borders doing touch and goes..
    I wonder just what we would do if those against our way of life amassing on the Mexican border..oh heck I forgot.. I wonder the real reason was for us sneaking the illegal refugees into the country without any vetting process.
    i sometimes wonder Was there a cash donation in the pay to play world of politics?
    Using the JK Express was in essence flipping all the mom and dad wage earners the bird in my opinion really is hard to tell what is truth and what isnt..

  12. Folks, I have Covid. In fact, I have over 80 acquaintances that also have Covid now. My entire Family, office colleagues, friends, neighbors etc. This virus is highly contagious. The symptoms are mild, but persistent. It’s a moderate to bad cold that won’t go away. The only difference and it’s concerning to me…are the night sweats. Like all colds in the past, I am trying to flush it out with doubling my water intake and taking extra vitamins and nutrients. The last two nights, I woke up to go relieve my bladder and was drenched in sweat. Shirt, sheets all soaked. This happened 5 Times during the night…both nights. This isn’t a normal break the fever sweat…I don’t have the aches, chills, weakness of a person with a fever…which is odd. This virus evidently likes to sneak attack at night while we are asleep…kind of creepy. I have been vaxed , but I have a few friends that refused, got the latest variant and were hospitalized. I haven’t had the booster, but my friends who have had it and tested positive and had zero symptoms. The biggest difference with this and a regular cold, is that there is a database on me now. I am held responsible if I defy the quarantine and they find out I infected someone. There are already lawyers out there nationwide, ready to file injury lawsuits to those that knowingly infected others. What a mess. I am a prisoner of my own home for 5 days after the symptoms go away. Not great for my business. I will say though…this is NOT a cold. This is a bonafide virus with very strange symptoms….I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. Be careful,out there.

    • But…but…I thought if you submitted to jab #1 you couldn’t catch the coof or pass it on to others?
      Look, Mark I’m sorry you’re sick, and I hope you get well real soon. But isn’t it high time someone on your team apologized to the rest of us for lying their asses off? And I’m not real sure that sticking that test swab into your sinuses isn’t in actuality infecting people.

    • Mark I had the sweats 2 nites in a row and none last nite. Suppose my two poks and a booster are working. Oh temp stays around 97.5. Kinda strange

      • my highest temp was 104 but it stayed pretty stable at 103 I started to get the cold sweats a couple of days ago and couldn’t get warm.. then I would be roasting..
        this morning I woke up hungry.. and feel like a new man again temp is 94.7.. last night I told all the grandkids I loved them.. just in case.. amazing what a night will do..

    • Hope you recover quickly. I wish everywhere was like India…if you get flu-like symptoms there you immediately start on the Ivermectin protocol and your contacts also start taking it even if they don’t have symptoms. This cuts down on the duration and harshness of the illness for person 1, keeping sick people out of the hospital, while keeping those who aren’t sick from getting sick.

      • you know I actually have ivermectin.. got it for the dog a while back… didn’t even think of trying it.. the only thing I could do is try to keep my mind busy..

    • The ice cold wringing-wet sweats are a marker for Covid. I think that having them means you are recovering.
      I had a suspicious illness several weeks before the first lockdown in 2020. I was only sick with flu-like symptoms for a day, but I woke up up the next morning with the most god-awful ice cold wringing-wet sweat of my life. I made a mental note of it, but it was only later after comparing notes with Rev 2 Covid victims and reading the August 2021 addendum to the House Origins of Covid report that I pieced together that I may have had mild Rev 1 Covid, which was circulating at that time, and being misdiagnosed as H1N1. It probably kept me from getting deadly ill later when I had hard exposures to Rev 2 Covid at the office. Several other coworkers have since admitted to having similar experiences on the same timeline.
      Stay home, and let the bug run its course. After you come out of seclusion, wait a couple of weeks, and get a baseline antibody test. You should have double the antibody levels than any vaccine can provide by then, but they will decay over time. And a little down time isn’t a bad thing.

    • “I will say though…this is NOT a cold. This is a bonafide virus with very strange symptoms….I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. Be careful,out there.”

      Thanks for sharing Mark and we wish you a full recovery. This is turning out to be a bit of damned if you do and damned if you don’t vaccination/disease journey. I had no side effects to the first shot of Pfizer nor the second shot. Three weeks ago, I got the booster shot. Other than a sore arm, I had no symptoms for the first week but for the past 2 weeks I have had a brutal headache (seldom ever get them) and I feel like crap. Went to the doctor yesterday for first time in a year and he could not diagnose anything but said he is being swamped with people with similar symptoms. Rest and relax.

      We are told that everyone will get this Omiron variant and the only difference is in severity dependent upon vaccination status. The hospitals here are swamped, not with people on respirators like with delta variant but just very sick people taking up hospital beds and could probably be home like you.

      It seems that doing a rapid test is a waste of time even though people are lining up for 3 and 4 hours to get a handout test when they are available. The tests are said to be 40 to 60% accurate. We are now being told if we get COVID symptoms, assume you have it and isolate. Problem is the symptoms rainge anywhere from sniffles to the kind of sweats you are getting or even worse. I asked the doctor how he knows whether his patients have a cold, the flu or COVID. He says, he doesn’t.

      It is a shit show for sure Mark. Good luck.

      • “Three weeks ago, I got the booster shot. Other than a sore arm, I had no symptoms for the first week but for the past 2 weeks I have had a brutal headache ”

        When I got the shots a year ago..I was so tired.. dam tired I had to force myself to get up and do anything.. one of my daily rituals is to take a walk.. I was barely able to walk a half block after the covid shots..

      • “people are lining up for 3 and 4 hours to get a handout test when they are available. ”

        I wish it was a hand out here LOL… cost me fifty bucks to get the double pack… popped up positive in seconds to…

    • Wow.. I will add you to my prayers..
      I am just starting to feel human again today.. I was so sick for over a week.. so I can totally relate to what you are going through.. I didn’t have a sore throat though.. but it felt like something was sticking back in my throat.. coughing.. couldn’t catch my breath.. my guess is the night sweats are you breaking a fever.. I did the same thing.. would break a fever than get it back again.. I didn’t tell anyone after I took the home test .. I just couldn’t afford to go to the doctor.. and the way I was.. they probably would have put me in the hospital and lets face it I don’t have an extra fifty or hundred grand… or so to stay in a hospital over a week.. and really what more could they do than what I could do at home..

  13. Ah, the business of ‘what pronouns do I expect the world to use when dealing with me? It’s one facet of an inability to handle reality, and a burning desire to force the universe to conform itself to one’s desires.

    I think that 20 years ago (maybe only 10) people who had that on a resume would have never been hired. Even without it on the resume, I suspect that other things would emerge in interviews that would flag the prospect as ‘difficult to manage’.

    I’m waiting for orders to do something like this. My first cut is
    “If my name does not make pronouns obvious, please use ‘My Lord Fartacus’.”

  14. So the “fact checkers” are still saying “Reports of adverse events due to COVID-10 vaccines are unverified?” Fine – I’ll provide some verification, from my own experience.

    There have been many reports/articles warning of vaccine damage to the endothelial cells lining blood vessels. The gist of these reports is that the vaccine, which was supposed to stay localized, gets into the blood stream and induces the endothelial cells in the vessel walls to begin making protein spikes. The immune system reacts by sending leukocytes to destroy the spikes, taking out the endothelials in the process.

    I recently had an extensive physical, including blood and urine tests, and one of the red flags was for high microalbumin/creatinine levels. Quoting from the report: “You have modest to high levels of albumin in your urine suggesting you may have endothelial damage. Microalbumin measures the health of the endothelium, a thin layer of cells lining blood vessels. Risk factors can damage that lining in the kidneys causing them to to leak albumin, a protein not normally found in urine.”

    This is the first physical I’ve had since getting vaccinated, and the first one with a microalbumin/creatinine warning. I would suggest those of you who have been vaccinated request this test. Hopefully it will show no damage to you. As for me, I will not be getting any boosters, and I’m done with mRNA technology. My blood vessels are already leaking, I don’t know if it’s a permanent state, and I’m not gonna make it worse.

    • “There have been many reports/articles warning of vaccine damage to the endothelial cells lining blood vessels.”

      Thank you for posting this djb. I really appreciate it.

      I have an 18 year old granddaughter who has suffered with a kidney disease (nephrotic syndorome) since whe was 2 years old. We have watched her go through hell since she was diagnosed. She has spent her life going on and off prednisone and tests her urine everyday to see if she is spilling albumin. She has not had a relapse for 2 years …… until she got the booster Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago. She is spilling over 3 on the test now and is back on prednisone after a visit to the hospital for bloodwork on Monday. No mention of the vaccine connection by the hospital but now we have something to go on. I spent the morning looking at the internet articles you mentioned and will be talking to my daughter shortly to try to give her some consolation that this is hopefully temporary and her daughter can get back to normal life once again.

      I have always believed that science is something that is shared based on fact and experience, not conjecture and bias. It is refreshing and encouraging to me that there are people on this site that share their real life experiences with others so we can hopefully learn the truth and help ourselves and each other.

      Thanks again.

      • “I have an 18 year old granddaughter who has suffered with a kidney disease (nephrotic syndorome) since whe was 2 years old.”

        My heart goes out to you and your family Bob.. I will add your grand daughter to my daily prayers..

      • Thanks LOOB. She has been a trooper through this for 16 years and has been a light to the whole family. I am sorry to hear about your battle with the ‘rona. I am sure your home made wine got you through a lot of it. :-)

  15. For Biden one year down, three to go.

    Recall how cocksure the Q followers were. Couldn’t get a word in edgewise. But they had it wrong. Now some of Team-Q are bandoned and alone absorbing legal fees trying to stay out of state jail.

    Could you imagine groveling and apologize to a Lib judge? “I have Quettes at home.”

    And whatever happened to Q? Q left them in the lurch. Vaporware.

    That’s a definition of sucker. They were suckers.

    • “For Biden one year down, three to go.”

      Nope… don’t get froggy on that.. we have 3yrs.12 days to survive this FUBAR administration… Pray we survive it..

  16. stay short hard .. buy buy buy buy gold . fark the USD and everything . goldman sarks saying golds finished because of sheetcoin . the new US treasury as discovered by me .. its all over .. get it creeps

  17. George, I have a question.

    How can the press talk about 4.5 million people “quitting” their jobs and then the next day praise the 802,000+ jobs made, and then initial unemployment numbers are up higher than expected? Seems to me we’re down a number of jobs and things aren’t that rosie.

    • Oh – easy!

      Government lies. Simple as that.

      There is no government audit committee. 565 idiots on a hill who can’t read what they vote on, is just the start.

      Our nation’s money is a like (backed by nothing but tax serfdom) and our “reserves” are not unencumbered. Distinguished from BTC only by size of standing army, though drug lords are less strategic and more tactical, controlling parts of big cities, for example, and marionette strings on the left…

      So, it’s really rather simple:

      They lie. But only in the morning when stats come out.

      By mid-day they have moved from lying into clarifications, revisions, and backgrounders.

      By afternoon? Full-on detailed “reports” which pivot in the wind. Half-hour of political blame each “workday.”

      By late afternoon, another phase called “fibs”, and this is often accompanied by National security Implications, mass die-off claims, intimidation tools and threats.

      Failing these, the days end with unconstitutional Mandates and Presidential Decrees _ which has a suspiciously Louis XVI sound to it __ until finally coming to rest in preparation for another round next day.

      As should be obvious, lying is very taxing. Which is the point.

      Government lies? Like St. Louis tests, syphilis on inmates, JFK, the Vietnam war, Afghanistan, or mRNA, UFOs and oh so many more?

      But we never worry about government lies here in the outback of East Texas. Like a hangover, they all pass. Some governments take longer than others. The survivors, hints history, are non-partisans, rational, self-sufficient folks who honor their debts, eschew them as they can, and keep a low profile.

      Well, and maybe a website here and there.

      • Mr. Ure, Here in South Central Indiana, the help wanted signs are everywhere! Many of these jobs require a certain amount of skill and the need to be drug free, but the jobs are plentiful. They are relatively high paying for the area. I remember when I was a youngster in the mid 70’s to early 80’s it was nearly impossible to find work in this area. So, I wonder if the “vanishing” jobs are in areas that now may be less desirable?

      • @Dave

        “and the need to be drug free”

        Lovely country. I’ve been to that State Park (or whatever it is) outside Shoals on several occasions.

        That “drug-free” thing is the capper. Ex-wife just relocated back much closer to my part of the country. I tried to fix her up with a government job (GS-8 starting, plus bennies) and she turned it down because she “couldn’t pass the piss test.”


        This is simply beyond my ken…

        She’s coming from a wide-open State to one where even medicinal pot is illegal, so she’s probably been smoking her ass off for years. That said, given the choice between maintaining a roof and feeding my face, getting my meds, vision, teeth, and hospitalization taken care of, or not, I’d be buying flush kits and tetracycline, and saying buh bye to the “culture…”

  18. Comrades,

    I would have thought that my local news broadcast tonight might have made some mention of Tuesday’s riot by health care workers in the French territory of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean protesting mandatory covid19 vaccination in order to work. No. It was the 1 year anniversary of 1/6 with a teleprompter “don’t be a sore loser” speech to the Trump faction. Informing us that the population of DC apparently declined over the course of 2021 could have been more enlightening.

    This omicron variant wave is sure wreaking havoc with local government services. So far there is no hospital icu surge from it, but covid19 positive test rates that held steady in the low single digits through the pandemic are now close to the 50% mark. City worker sick book-offs are escalating. The managers are careful to emphasize that all 911 calls are being answered. However, with a police book off rate now at 10% and the chief declaring a state of emergency staffwise, will there be a curfew implemented if the service metrics falter? Covid is seizing the system up with walking wounded?

    Well, I shouldn’t complain. We can still attend a movie although eating and drinking is not permitted in the venue.

    Btw, another item a bit peculiar here this year is virtually all the holiday season lights were turned off before year end. Typically they are lit until well into January, but this season is like the dark ages have descended. Oh, well, pass out the candles; keep the flame lit.

  19. Keep in mind, the Fed probably wouldn’t have announced, Wednesday, a further reduction in their buying if the upcoming jobs report was going to be poor. What does this mean? Nothing is ever for sure, but, in this case, price has been driven down on metals, bitcoin, etc, coming into the non-farm payroll news…so, I’m buying into my pre-set demand areas that have confluence happening (meaning, more than one technical indicator is in the same area). Example: gold and bitcoin are both hitting their longer term up trendlines while price is coming into demand areas and other technicals are suggesting oversold in an up market. It will be interesting to see what happens in the am.

    • So far so good on the reversals for gold and bitcoin. No guarantee it will continue, but it’s a good start.

  20. Saurdough Thoughts
    Sour leavening is wild yeast. It is everywhere; Rougue Bewery even brewed a beard beer… yeast harvested from someone’s beard. Historical notes are that a brewery using wild yeast had a famous fabulous brew, but when they moved, it went downhill. Original location was next to an orchard. Yeast varieties are plethora, if you have orchard yeast or stockyard yeast depends on what drifts in your window.
    I came across a baking powder recipe one time that claimed to be healthier, but if you use yeast, you don’t use baking powder. Baking soda may be needed if your concoction is running acidic- follow recipe or go down the rabbit hole.
    Sourdough cooking is wild west; go with the flow and put up with the cowboys bitching or raving depending on how it turns out. The flavor can be varied depending on how you care for the starter or how biology evolves (sour to neutral). It is more work than an aquarium or cat, about the same as taking care of a dog. Disclosure: I haven’t made sourdough for 40 years but I have made beer with commercial yeast cultures often.

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