Dancing with Woo-Woo

For the past quarter – that is from June 21 to this week – “woo-woo” had taken the summer off.  Not sure why, but sometimes its like that in Life.  Woo-woo is there for a while – and then  poof!

It’s back.

We know there has been a “seasonal shift” in woo-woo because we’re back to “mighty strange stuff” going on around the ranch.  Stuff that just  shouldn’t be happening.

Elaine’s Glasses

Late last year, Elaine picked up several pairs of 1.5 diopter “dime-store readers” because she can leave two pairs in the kitchen, one at her desk, one at her overstuffed chair in the living room, and a pair in either bathroom.

Some how, one pair – black – wound up her desk.  Making two pairs there.

Then a funny thing happened:  One of the ear pieces went missing.  About February, or so.  “George?  Have you seen the ear piece for my black readers?”

“Nope…”  What the hell would I do with on “ear stick” from glasses?”  Mine are all grown-up prescription specialty lenses.

Fast forward to just after lunch today.

Hey George…what’s going on?  Remember my black readers?  Well, now BOTH of the arms are missing!”

“Hand ’em overs…”

No fooling Mr. Ure on this one:  No side arms on either side.

We’re both not sure WTF.

My lead theory is we didn’t put a shot of hard booze out for the wood fairies over the winter last year.  Yeah, Elaine’s got a memory glitch here and there, but ear pieces for glasses?  Nope…

For what its worth, the House is back to making odd noises, too.  A seasonal thing?  We’ll keep you posted.

Zeus Gets Wonky

While we were wondering if glasses-repair shop elves were short of supplies (who knows?) house guardian  Zeus the Cat has taken to some odd behavior now that we have hooked up the grounding sheet again (on the new bed).

Never done this before – ever:  He’s sleeping on  a shoe bag  under the bed *(which means the grounding sheet is overhead).  Hmmm…hiding out from space-based energies?

Never done that before in almost 15-years.

Interesting to wake up, to, though:  Zeus giving himself a “lick and a scratch” in the middle of the night directly under us.  Sounding like a raccoon in heat or something else under the house…

One Other Thing

Dream quality is way back up.  It had been low over summer (hence the semi-silence on woo-woo.  But now?  Wow!  Like going to IMAX (without the social distancing – which hasn’t shown up in dreams yet) every night.

Dreams tend to get clearer when I’m (how to say this…?) On Path.

And it’s a fun dance, so looking forward to more adventures on both sides of the alarm clock.

Write when you get rich,


15 thoughts on “Dancing with Woo-Woo”

    • Dude! I just stepped into the twilight zone! Even weird for me.

      I found an exact pair of glasses as the ones in the picture with no side arms on the ground in idaho when I went to take a pee behind a dumpster. They are in the door of the 300 which is stored down in post falls idaho area.

      I took my mother to church this afternoon, which was her first time since covid started and she was super happy about that which makes me happy. Then the pastor and associate pastor invited me to go Griz hunting next week. Which should be fun. When I get one, I will send pics. You can post them if ya like. The associate paster said they are 900 to 1100 lbs bears. Not Kodiaks. After church there was a pot luck. As we are sitting and eating, I get ganged up on about staying here, I got 3 job offers one working up on Prudhoe Bay. Very lucrative offers. Then a fella asks out of the blue if im a republican? I said im a constitutionalist but lean more to the red side. He said great answer and says, you a vet. I said yeah, im a combat vet. He says you should take one of them jobs after your mother is doing better, we can talk more when we are hunting griz, id like to sign ya up for the republican party, and we can get ya established here, and help ya with your campaign for Kenia mayor in 4 years. Then if ya do well, we can talk about Governor of Alaska. But you will have to get off Facebook for a while and reset your reputation.

      I said whooooaaa buddy. Im just taking care of my Mom. He says yeah and we need a fella like you running stuff. My head is spinning. He said, well let’s see what the Magic Magnifying mind of the Infinitite Creator has to say about all that. After all, He is the one running the show, not you or me. I just stood their blinking. The only time I have ever used that phrase was on your site thus morning. He said it exactly like i said it. Unless he is reading ure site??? I just stepped in the deep end of the Twilight Zone.

      He then says, who knows you could meet a beautiful wife soon and she might make ya wanna stay, make lots of money and help people around here like the sacrifice you did putting your life on hold to help your mother. Shoot you might even be the 50th president of these United States. Should we turn things around.

      Something worth considering then smiles a big toothy grin. And 3 other men at the table start laughing. I had to step 0ut side and have 3 cigerrettes and am back at the gym to run 5 miles. The whole thing was sooo weird. My mother said, you qre a great man son, starts quoting shit I said on glp and the bot forum I said verbatim on the way home.

      I had to take an hour just to breath. On the way to my room to take a time out my mother said, you would be as good if not better president as trump. I said you all lost your god damn minds. She says, son denial is not just a river in Egypt and starts laughing.

      Wow! How crazy is that??!!!!

  1. Check out the recent solar flux and magnetic storms. More energy, more woo??

    Those screws that hold the arms on reader glasses, especially the dimestore variety, are notorious for working themselves loose, and you will never notice it until the arm falls off after the screw is long gone. Maybe Zeus really did abscond with a new-found toy?

  2. George

    “Zeus giving himself a “lick and a scratch” in the middle of the night directly under us.”

    Evelyn Paglini a white witch used to be on the coast to coast am show on a regular basis. She stated that she would open up her alter at midnight to perform her rituals and visualizations. That also is approximately the time that the position of an observer on planet earth is shielded from the energy coming from the sun and possibly aligned with the galactic core. I would speculate that magnetic fields are involved with this somehow. We really don’t know what magnetism is. We know some of it’s effects and how to use them, but that’s it. Whenever we hear of someone experiencing some odd effects say in the Bermuda triangle they always talk about a green fog and compass failures. That seems to be related to magnetic field interactions. There is much to be learned about this natural force before we master it!

    While I do not practice the Craft there may be something to this as Quantum physics has found that consciousness can affect matter. I will not be surprised that eventually science will learn that magnetism and Quantum effects go hand in hand!

    Does Zeus do his lick and a scratch around midnight?

    Seen any green fog around your place lately?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. We are almost into October and the time of
    Sabbat, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
    When the veil between the living and the dead and spirits is thinnest.
    October 1st is a powerful Full Moon in Aries
    The active organs when the Moon in Aries are:
    Head, eyes, brain, sensory organs.
    Perhaps you have opened the doors a little?

  4. Invest in yourself and your neighbors,dudes and dudetes.Future is in your hands, ditch the FED, LISTEN to your voice ,seek peace, reject the rest. WE can expect the best for ours selves and for others. Don’t face divisiveness alone,lift up others, don’t give up the faith of hope. We can do this this… We are NOT alone,reach out to your neighbor.
    The roaring LION has a weakness, it cannot defeat unc onditiotnal love.

  5. And I; if you”re near Talkeetna, let me know. I would like to intoduce to the locals. And I know a few folks in the banana belt,too..Peace dude.
    My Best wishes for your Mom’ s restoration. You’re a good Son.

    • Thanks again for the platform, George. My Grandpa was a George. You rule… He did.After all the diatribe, it is what it is.

  6. MY guess…..

    the first part of the month they announced that they were going to fire up the collider to test dark matter..

    most of the woo woo sessions was during active times of the CERN .. things had dropped off.. then the past week things were getting wonky here to.. like the pencils.. I set a pencil down on the bench reach to get it and its gone so I get another one thinking I dropped it and can’t find it.. come back and there is the pencil right where I had set it down..

    I have always thought that time space has to do with a magnetic field the frequencies.. etc.. them firing up the collider again.. and woo woo events go hand and hand..

    My thought is IF the two are closely connected to other realities.. then we should be very afraid of what changes that might be brought into our reality and way of life..

  7. What, G, you have your ttrailer resting on an Indian sacred spot? Lol.

    The last two days have been dream havoc for myself. I come out of them with a word or two that I look up via google. This after a week or so of nothing. Prior to that, I could have written a sci-fi anthology with all the weird dreams I had. It ebbs and flows I guess.

  8. The cat is staking out the best spot for the approaching civil unrest and an abnormally cold winter. Think of it as cat safe room.

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