Crossing Trends Analysis

Wherein we put on our Casino hat (which looks suspiciously like green eyeshades) and take a whack at beating the House. Because there are times when crossing trends do matter. Even though we botch specific bets badly (don’t ask about being stopped out Tuesday) we still love matching wits with the Odds.

Of course, more follow-on to the coming War(s) and the usual for this holiday-squeezed week.

Bean up – we’re into it.

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54 thoughts on “Crossing Trends Analysis”

  1. One for the Playahs (casino lingo),

    Futures were -35 DJ ish when I rose, now green after Fed Gov Bullard spent half an hour on CNBC. Not sure what was positive but even a TV host mentioned good news = bad news and reverse so, bad news is good news? Sure. Bullard was a hawk and wanted to front load rate rise / pull the band aide off more quickly.

    S&P breaking 4,100 was problematic / breaking 4,000 much worse. Possibly Ms Mkt will retake the “even # plateau” today? There is an overhead gap which is probably still magnetic to the SPX, from Feb 16-17 at 4,089-4,077. The 200 DMA is just 56 points below closing 02/21.

    I believe Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley, is right, all sales (absent core, must have, ie: food and energy) are fubar, earnings soft (below lowered bar), margins are sinking, metrics are overly high and … despite breaking the downtrend line to the upside we just made a lower high.

    The ultimate fakeout / takeout would be a rally to close the 2/16 to 2/17 overhead gap. Or, that gap is left on the trash heap of chart history.

    Write when you get comped,

    Extra credit reading (canary in coal mine? / echoes of Bear Sterns?):

    […] Credit Suisse shares fell 4% in the February 21 trading session to 2.66 Swiss francs, a closing low since at least 1985, according to FactSet. Share prices even fell to 2.62 Swiss francs in session. […]

  2. “depression and war”

    We’ve heard of the South Seas Bubble. In the future our time may be known as the “North American Credit Phenomenon”.

    When Howe and Strauss write about so-called ‘Millennials’ we look up and see Millennials operating NORK while American politico Nikki Haley is talking cognitive testing of American politicians.

    A second Indian American (37 y/o Millennial) is running for president, Nikki being the first. When Nikki talks about cognitive testing she’s discreetly pointing at the ‘old white people’ in charge now. But it’s not the physical attributes it’s the 100 y/o systems.

    “Vivek Ramaswamy, a wealthy biotech entrepreneur and investor and the author of “Woke, Inc.,” has entered the Republican race for president.”

  3. “Same thing is happening in Hollywood, too: New movies are increasingly finding their niche markets via streaming and people will pay – on a mass basis – for good content. Add commercial-free, as well.”

    I actually don’t mind seeing the commercials on streaming videos.. totally love Amazon Prime , Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix,Hallmark movies, curiosity stream Kanopy etc… and they all send out adds for content I would be interested in.. I won’t play bash em up , rape em up, hurt them or lets AX, destroy and burn the neighborhood movies.. or television shows.. I love movies that our children my children and the neighbors can watch without being subjected to needless violence and crime..
    I do enjoy the old mystery shows.. good wins over evil.. but everything is pg and g in this house.. if someone wants to watch a show like that they can go get it someplace else..
    I do have my favorites..

      • Exactly… G ….rated…
        the desensitization and to Promote violent behaviours in children..
        we live in a work a day world.. the adult presence is busy at work..tired when they come home children and people are exposed to random acts of violence that’s projected as a positive response to a situation out of their control.
        with mom at work rather than there giving guidance.. our children have media violence and live in neighborhoods where violence is the only way to survive ..girls are degraded to believe their sole existence is to be a cum dumpster the neighborhood thot..

        • *long agreement*

          Putin will deliver us. Speech from the other day.

          “Look what they are doing to their own people. It is all about the destruction of the family, of cultural and national identity, perversion and abuse of children, including pedophilia, all of which are declared normal in their life. They are forcing the priests to bless same-sex marriages. Bless their hearts, let them do as they please. Here is what I would like to say in this regard. Adult people can do as they please. We in Russia have always seen it that way and always will: no one is going to intrude into other people’s private lives, and we are not going to do it, either.

          But here is what I would like to tell them: look at the holy scripture and the main books of other world religions. They say it all, including that family is the union of a man and a woman, but these sacred texts are now being questioned. Reportedly, the Anglican Church is planning, just planning, to explore the idea of a gender-neutral god. What is there to say? Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

      • hahahahahah!

        funny I was just sitting in the car behind Good will with a beautiful red head who loves sharks. and uhmmm we were having a conversation about that show. in so many words.

        its probably good I don’t share everything I see.

        hahahahaha. fack. hahahahaha

    • I have gone “Totally FREE” wrt the TV budget, and almost the same wrt LIVE entertainment. I have found plenty of good stuff to watch withOUT paying a cent except for my internet connection (which I need for working from home anyway). Use Roku and have an antenna OTA with an OTA DVR recorder (so I can time shift or save permenately anything that is on OTA)

      Dropped my Netflix, not only did they keep raising prices but when I went back and looked at my watch history last fall I had only watched TWO (2) movies the entire year!! (ie: works out to about $75/each so with the price increase it would have been over $100/each) so most of those movies I was watching were free to begin with!!

      I did almost sign up for the $1/mo deal with Hulu at Thanksgiving (the version that shows you ads) and maybe should have since they do have some good stuff on, but alas did not and am not willing to pay even the $6-$7/mo for their normal cost.

      Some thing to things to remember if you watch like I do.

      #1 think about adding an Over The Air (OTA) DVR box to catch and record the stuff sent out by your local TV stations.

      The cheapest, but imo hard to use, ones are only $30-$50 (have one at the camper), but the better ones (ie: easy to program, have a program guide of what is coming up) are pricy at about $250 (have one at home). fwiw there is actually NO quality difference in the recordings made by the cheap ones versus the expensive ones since both record at the original resolution sent out by the OTA broadcaster. The advantage of the pricey ones is the ease at finding what to record (have a good program list going out two weeks in advance) and make it VERY easy to set up a program or series to record (complicated to say the least with the cheap ones). Check out the Channel Master Antenna company’s website for the good ones to buy. They used to make THE BEST one out there, got out of the business but then picked out what they thought was THE BEST one still made and resell that via their website, usually at LESS than you can get it from the actual maker of the product.

      #2 get yourself a Roku box or equivalent, and once you do:

      1) get the FREE PBS account so you can go back later and watch their NOVA and Frontline shows after the fact – or the British “who done it” stuff
      2) get the FREE Peacock account so much of what is on Peacock you can also watch for FREE
      3) For FOX news addicts, I am not, one of those channel consolidators does have one of the LIVE FOX 24 hours News channels for free (forget if it’s Roku, Pluto, or one of others)
      4) Think about adding Sky News if you want a British perspective on life
      5) Think about adding Bloomberg for financial news
      6) Think about adding Al Jazeera for their mini short documentaries of everyday people and how they live /work /play that are filmed all over the world (National Geographic type stuff but as hour long movies – top notch independent movie makers make those and they are imo MUCH BETTER than what the BBC, PBS, and the US networks produce wrt the same subject matter … fascinating programs).

      69 local channels plus thousands via the Roku box … all for free!!

      OH … and if you only have a 40″-45″ TV or so your TV is not going to effectively show you anything better than 720p if you are more than 10′ from the screen, so if you get Netflix you can go with their 720p resolution ad fee service (was $9.99 last I checked) and not be dinged by their higher fees. May see the difference of 1080p over 720p once you get to 50″, but maybe not. 4k? don’t bother with Roku 4k service unless you are 65″ or bigger, you will never see the difference. 75″ would be a better transition point for that service imo.

      • “I have gone “Totally FREE” wrt the TV budget, and almost the same wrt LIVE entertainment. I have found plenty of good stuff to watch withOUT paying a cent except for my internet connection”

        LOL I watch mostly curiosity stream and public channels.. If you live in a metropolitan area.. there are a lot of channels you can watch.. I live in a very unfortunate area… it is a hole..
        before they put a cell tower in.. if you had a cell had to have an aluminum foil hat on with coat hangers coming out of them.. then if you got on top of the house.. and turned a little bit to the south east raised a hand with a coat hanger in it.. you cold get cell phone service.. it is still that way with most of the cell phone companies.. only one has it so you can get service here..
        Television.. I don’t know how many people suggest getting an antenna.. even those high powered digital antenna’s.. none of them work.. we live in a hole.. there is one place that has an antenna and gets … eeeeh.. somewhat good service.. they can get two channels on it.. the pole is almost seventy feet in the air.. it is two powerpoles and a two by four high.. IF you want to watch any television you either have to have satellite or cable.. the high power k band does real nice.. I have a problem with the companies.. there use to be a service center across the street from me.. every year they would get the employees all hyped up about a christmas party.. and every year a week before xmas they would fire the whole bunch so that the boss’s could get a higher bonus.. so .. NOPE .. not for me.. I had satellite for such a long time that I had paid off my equipment.. and they wouldn’t even come over to fix any issues even for a price as long as I didn’t sign a new contract.. told me.. if you can find better go with it.. so the cable company is it.. But now.. I watch History channel and Discovery channel.. they juggle the packages so that you mostly get online shopping channels which forces you into buying a bigger package..
        With amazon prime.. and netflix etc.. I can get the channels I want and enjoy.. and watch my movies over and over again.. curiosity stream.. heck that is the best bargain on the whole internet.. love that.. I unlocked the kids portion.. I have kids that are interested in animals and craft etc.. plus they get history lessons to boot.. on disney I have national geo.. love that channel to.. IF I didn’t live in a hole I could get an antenna and have great service..
        Years ago I built a sattelite dish and receiver.. drove hundreds of miles to see one that a guy made.. it was my winters project to build it.. used chicken wire and window screen a string to get the parabol shape.. took forever for me to scope in the satellites.. a thirty second of an inch off you are hundreds of miles off of the sattelite.. took forever.. then the ones that go pole to pole.. phew.. don’t even try to spot those..
        I had the whole thing made and then learned that to calibrate it.. took a piece of equipment that at that time cost a half million dollars.. I made two bucks an hour LOL so the commercial on television that has the guy.. saying can you hear me now.. brings a chuckle every time.. cause I was sitting on a ladder going.. can you see anything yet LOL LOL LOL LOL didn’t think I was going to be able to do it for a long time LOL LOL LOL and no I won’t ever make another one.. that was experience enough for me LOL LOL
        so you either pay or you don’t have any television.. or internet.. it goes down and you are out of the picture..

      • Roku: for those who want a wide selection of stuff what I have on the top part of my screen (in order)

        Weather Nation; Roku Channel (Fox “Live Now” news); Bloomberg
        Sky news; CBS news; NBC News
        Pluto TF; ABC News Live; Scripps News
        PBS; Aljazeera; NTD (NTD & Epoch News – lots of China stuff)
        DW (Germany); NHK world (Japan); Haystack News (local news)
        YouTube; Freevee (was IMBd); Tubi
        Xumo ; Stirr; Netflix (not currently activated)
        Peacock; Crackle; Plex
        Filmrise; Fawesome; WatchFree Flix
        FMC free movie channel; Redbox; filmrise Unscripted
        Live TV on the Roku Channel; B-Movie TV; Mutant Sorority (filmrise)
        Pop Corn Flix; Comet; Midnight Pulp
        Vudu Fandango; nosey free tv; Zone Out TV
        Roku Newscaster; NBC; CBS
        The CW; ABC; Foxnow
        Red Bull tv; A&E; Smithsonian Channel

        that is at the top of my Roku channel list in order (have more below)
        (on the Roku you can move channels around by hitting the “*” key)

        • I didn’t know you could move the channels in the list.. thank you so much for that information.. there are just a half dozen channels I watch.. putting them at the top is a great Idea.. thanks for sharing that..

      • Have you considered adding KODI and its add-ons to your streaming device. I have it on my Firestick. The wife and I binge watched all four seasons of Yxxxx for free. Kodi also provides access to British, Irish, Australian, and Canadian tv. If you are fluent in the Scandinavian languages there is a whole new world of programming (not to.mention all the other European languages). As for movies wow. Search KODI on YouTube for more information as well as downloading and Installation info.

  4. We must have been looking at the numbers through a different window. I bought-in with put options about an hour before the close on Friday., and though it made for a long weekend, I did very well Tuesday. My best day., by far., this year.
    – It would appear that more investors are afraid of Powell / Biden, then they are of Putin / Xi.
    – Did you happen to see the photo of Zelenski at an airbase? In the back ground, tucked away in a hanger is a Blackhawk helicopter. I did not know we gave the Ukraine Blackhawks., or that any pilot in the Ukraine was qualified to fly one. Takes just a wee bit of training to operate one of those beasts.
    – We have not changed our outlook on prepping in over a year., it has remained the same – plan & prep for a deep depression. There is not a lot you can do about a nuclear exchange – so I figure that if the preps are in place for a protracted, deep depression – then we stand a chance coming out the other side of just about any economic and social downturn.

  5. 22 degrees – snowed a little over-night., but Ure heading into the low 80’s ? What will July and August be like ??
    – Any reliable forecast for the Summer ?

    • “we set July on fire”.

      that is very predictive lingo found in an song. when stuff catches my attention like lines from a song?

      like that song blurred lines by Robin thick, “you’re the hottest bitch in this place”

      I take note. I’m pretty good at spotting predictive language and it’s occourance.

      that first line caught my attention hard. because I was sitting in the car and thinking about stuff. having a smoke before I went in the store. when I went to turn off the car to go in the store, the radio came o. briefly and that line in that song played as I watched a fella pushing a grocery cart full of nothing but cases of water in it.

      so I took note.

      several weeks later at another store, sitting and having a thought I see another person pushing an entire grocery cart filled with nothing but bottled water. like 4 cases. so I turn on the radio in the car, “we set July on fire” sang accross the radio again on a different radio station. same juxtaposition.

      the song is

      ~sunrise, sunburn, sunset~

      by Luke Brian.

      after I started a Luke Brian radio station on pandora.

      about a couple months later I was a different store. having a thought as is my custom to do, pause before I go in. just sit and think. an old dude taught me that a long time ago. don’t be in such a hurry. pause, sit and let yourself think for a min. so I do that. almost every where I go.

      I was listening to the Motown radio station on pandora. love motown music. just having a thought and again I see a lady pushing a full grocery cart of cases drinking water bottles. nothing else and that song which is not motown. it’s country music. came on and that line played again,

      “we set July on fire”

      as I watched for now the third time a person pushing a grocery cart full of cases of drinking water infront of my car.

      now if it only happend once D’lynn. I’d think oh that was odd. twice you got my attention. 3rd time I’m thinking, duly noted DUDE.

  6. “Yet we’ve gone from a “singular threat” prepping problem to a multiplicity of threats. Consider what MAY be ahead.
    1. Nuclear war (50-50)”

    there is a nuclear war.. who will be around to collect taxes.. what good will a piece of paper be to anyone in a nuclear winter…
    the studies all say about the same thing.. those left behind will be faced with having to rebuild from scratch..
    I put what tools I have and the thought of how they can be used to rebuild society.. with the information on how to use it.. in storage..IF I am still here I can show them or tell them.. if I am gone and those struggling through the destruction find them then they have the operating instructions and use information on how to use the equipment to rebuild what is gone….Libraries have gone digital.. digital will be gone or not known how to access it..
    there is what.. almost two hundred square miles on the earth.. and the surviving members about the size of a small city..
    people buy and have bug out destinations and never give how they are going to get there a second thought.. they think .. I will drive LOL LOL LOL.. hmm.. maybe.. maybe not..

    Now who is it that reads this column and has commented through the years that is really into earthquakes.. has for years been outspoken on preps .. and has south american property that he sells to people to get prepared.. its been a while since I visited with him.. will have to look on FB and text him on what he thinks..
    In our possessions.. my wife has her great grandmothers kitchen cabinet.. and the rocking chair that crossed the prairies in a wagon .. the chair is right here beside me.. the cabinet.. when she got it was a pile of wood.. I put it together for her and sits on a cabinet for storage.. it was small lightweight.. the same with the chair.. it was made out of iron.. nice chair.. had it rebuilt for her for mothers day.. the kids today have to jump in a car to drive across the street..
    read some of the diaries of the journey across the USA..
    ever read the diaries of the donnor party..
    how what seemed like a good thing went horribly wrong..
    I don’t prep to be a survivor.. I prep in case I am a survivor.. to give my family the things that normally wasn’t accessible to our income bracket.. I learned how to make them.. and I am all about sharing what I know or make.. Prepping isn’t about self.. its about community.. we teach it to our children..
    I was in a large city a few years ago.. and the one thing that stood out.. was everyone had their gaze at the ground.. no smiles.. or even being curtious enough to raise their gaze.. going in one direction hurriedly..
    a simple smile.. a hug.. a moment of being nice.. increases oxytocin

    • I think his name is pat….. its been way to long since I have visited with him.. I really would like to know what his opinion is.. So Pat if you are reading this.. text me or let us all know what you are thinking on the insanity that is unfolding around us.. curious minds would like to know..

  7. The US housing market has lost, nation wide, 4.9% of their value, marking the largest June-to-December drop in percentage terms since 2008. 4.9% doesn’t sound like much, but $2.3 trillion dollars in value just vanished.

    • Oh da wryony…Dow Chemical – manufacturing uranium rods – Madison, Il..currently operating as Spectralite..since 1990’s under EPA cleanup.

      Why/How for Phosgene detected in cloud ?????????????????

      NOT vinyl chloride ! repeat NOT..think Dichloroethen- Vinyl Lidene=highly volitile..used by Dow to clean uranium fuel rods. dundundun.

      Train was bound for Edgewood via Pittsburgh, Altoona/Harrisburgh junction. Vinyl Lidene easily WEAPONIZED into Phosgene, for injection into cannisters for attachment to Artillery Shells/bombs – false flag Poles/Ukies.

      Phosgene Gas = COCL2, C-carbon, O -oxygen, and 2 chloride molecules.

      The moar ya know..the moar realize youins are all now guinea pigs in a horrible nazi WEFer chemical experiment.

      Got Iodine ?

      • “.think Dichloroethen”

        LOL back in the late seventies.. when I worked at one plant.. we went through twenty barrels a month.. the company wanted the barrels back.. But they had to be rinsed.. wanna guess where they were rinsed LOL LOL LOL we used that and Trichlor..
        good stuff.. would suck the oils right out of your hands when you got it on your hands.. kept it in a heated dipping tank.. thinking about it.. I can smell it.. a lot of home products had it in as well as a common chemical..

        • there was one that was awesome product.. but the really good ingredient cannot be used except by the cigarette companies and oil companies in fracking ..
          it would loosen rusted on nuts faster than lightning..

  8. Bill Gates, is ‘not a big beer drinker,’ but he just bought a $902 million stake in Heineken.
    Hhhmmm.., what is Heineken about to do ?
    – Heineken N.V. owns a worldwide portfolio of over 170 beer brands.

    • Hi profit margins..the business model..
      I make beer and wine.. for my own consumption and for friends.. the average cost of a bottle of wine is less than a quarter.. the label costs more than the contents.. a REALLY REALLY REALLY expensive wine.. the total cost is about ten dollars a bottle.. the bottle and label are the cheapest portion.. they tag on their costs and shipping etc.. and a ten dollar bottle of wine will sell between 190.00 to Domaine Leroy that sells for over a hundred grand a bottle.. its the spices and formulations that make it special.. the secret recipe.. I am in the process of trying to replicate one of the two hundred dollar a bottle wines.. why not right.. I think it is a good test to my ability as a ventenor to see if I can get it close.. I probably will add what spices I need to get to my palate.. but the recipe will be as close as I can get it without the actual recipe in hand..
      it is the same with soda pops etc.. but the actual price isn’t that great to produce.. I made the forbidden wine of the first emperor.. dam tasty loved it.. the cost of that was the most expensive wine I have produced to date.. and it was worth it.. the reason it cost was I had to import the products.. a lot of it to make it as close to original I wanted the grapes etc to come from the region that the recipe originated..
      He is in it for the money I don’t see anything that could make it some sort of conspiracy there…. most of the commercial wines and beers is really cheap to make..because of that you are seeing more craft wines and beers showing up..

  9. Put my bucket outside Thur last when our ‘Kona Low’ drifted in. In the five days since, I have 9″ of rain. Glad it’s not 9 feet of snow! Family up north is getting 24″ snow with 45mph drifting winds. It’s still winter!

    • LOL LOL LOL… I hear ya in the wastelands its that way.. another foot last night.. clear and sunny today LOL LOL.. what was funny is someone made the comment yesterday that well you have solar.. yes and six foot of snow on it.. and we have grid tie.. not off grid backup.. I am working on convincing the boss to put off grid backup.. she still aint buying it.. we do have a small generator and for a couple of days that would be ok.. but we have to much and it would burn out the generator in short order if you had to use it.. and there is twelve feet of snow and Ice covering it.. to get at it you would be chisling for a couple days.. which makes me start thinking about the whole home backup with auto start..

  10. Re: How to Prep ‘Burgers

    feat. bbq safety with Ranger Smith

    Deutsche Welle makes note of today’s raids by German authorities further to Operation Shadows against alleged extremist right wing “Citizens of the Reich” groups. Direct links are alleged to past government coup efforts, Russia, re-establishment of 1937 borders, and preppers.

    Cue to tunes and chill with DJ George serving up some red hot chili peppers –

    “Parallel Universe”

  11. hmmmmmmm…. construction is super slow in this area. eveyone is pulling their budgets off the table for new commercial construction. I was told by a superintendent yesterday, we hauled all our equipment in and got set up to start a new Amazon project. the day we start, I get a call and am told load up and pull off the job. the client says we are on hold for now. the client is Amazon.

    a friend said yesterday he was up at the pits and its a ghost town. never seen it this slow.

    however that is not the case in other places. some places are booming.

    I’ve got some offers and I can go to a few different companies in a few different states. I need to decide. and that red head lady, is making my decision difficult. I haven’t told her yet what im going to do. I’m not sure yet.

    you know, once in my life, I gave a very lucrative job making $500k a year round work for a pretty girl in spokane and now that seems like it was a dumb idea. I wish her the best is cool, we are good, but it didn’t work out like i thought it would in spokane and I was poor as f for a while.

    so, I’m thinking about that now. sure the red head isn’t the same girl. not even remotely. and I have some job offers local, but not as good as the one that came in today to go south. been asking DUDE, for Knowledge and Direction and the Power to carry it out.

    waiting for it to come to me. and today it did. so I will sit for a minute here and think, make my moves by Friday. appropriately….

    that Wendy Kay is always right. she said I’d move for work, south. about 4 months ago and I had no plans of moving at all at the time. lol

    well worth the $85 for a half hour session, no wonder the FBI wants her on their team. plus she is super super gorgeous. not your typical psychic.


  12. if any of you are interested in the most accurate personal psychic I’ve ever met. and I know alot of people who are uhhh like that.

    when it comes to personal readings? nobody has ever come close to how accurate she is. she is a super good friend too. we talk all the time.

    and because I’m somewhat clairvoyant and I walk with THE DUDE and have my own little syncs and stuff like that. I’m always interested in others abilities. no matter how their methods are or religious preference or any of that. I have super gifted Shaman friends, new Age friends, Alchemy Wizard friends (one fella I known over 20 years who has studied daily Alchemy for 40 years) people who cast runes and read them and are super accurate, i-ching workers, tarot reader friends, astrology friends. all quite gifted and very cool. I’m a Christian and I have my moments too. especially on the wold scale. that is uummm my Forte’.

    Wendy Kay is by far the most accurate personal life psychic I’ve ever met. and I’ve never said that about any single person ever.

    I’ve told the story on her before. I was kinda what the hell. I will give it a go. $85 for a half hour. be interesting and she is super cute.

    I working at the stadiums full time at the time when she did my reading.

    in the middle of the reading, she stops and draws a stick figure of an airplane. she says ohhhhhhh I see old planes and new planes in your future. and airplane snacks. you are eating airplane snacks and around you is old airplanes and new airplanes. and some how……this all relates to baseball! baseball!

    I’m okay Wendy. I think your coo coo came out your clock. but whatever.

    6 months later. I’m back to trucking. I go see a friend and his sister stops by and she works for the airlines. she says, hey you want a bunch of out dated airplane snacks. has a whole box of them in her car. she said they are still good. we can’t give them out tho because they are past due a few weeks. hands me one. I said heck yeah I will throw them in my work backpack and snack at them while driving.

    the next day I’m heading to a jobsite, and my boss calls and says hey I need you to turn around. I have secret squirl mission for you. the jobsite is super tight and so bring your A game. so I said okay cool. where is it at? he said write this down. the jobsite is called center plate. it’s right in the middle of the museum of flight.

    *note it hadn’t hit me yet.

    so I drive down there to this jobsite called center plate in the middle of the museum of flight and they tell me it’s going to be an hour. go park your side dump over there and wait for us to set up. so I go park. I’m listening to music, drinking coffee. then I remembered ohhhh yeah. my buddies sister gave me some snacks. I didn’t even know she worked at the airlines. I pull out some biscotti airplane snack and take a bite then look around at all the cool old planes and a new one lands on south Boeing airstrip in front of me and BAM! It hits me. I’m laughing so hard.

    I’m on a job called center plate, eating airplane snacks and am surrounded by old airplanes and new airplanes. so I go on my email and search. sure a as the day is long. 6 months to the day Wendy drew a little stick figure of an airplane and said oh I see airplanes, new and old, and you are eating airplane snacks and somehow this all relates to baseball! yeah. baseball!

    and I hadn’t even considered going back to trucking when she did my reading. I was balls to the wall having fun at the stadiums at the time.

    but there I was. hahaha. 100% on point.

    every time she has done my reading. I’ve honestly never seen anyone that accurate at personal psychic readings. she did mine on zoom.

    money well spent.

    so if you are interested? here is her link. tell her Andy sent you.

    she talks to spirits and unicorns and shit. angels and all that. I don’t give a fuck if she rubs a beer bottle with a twig to get her information. she is 100% accurate. atleast for me and alot of others.

  13. on that note. one of the things I love most about this website is, when everyone’s coocoo come out of their clock and coocoo’s at the same time.

    I see it every now and then and my little bird brain chirps too. we all sync so nicely.

    it’s one the best things about


    have a great week. I have a decision to make.

  14. Martin Armstrong was on Greg Hunter’s latest show.

    “So, war checks all the boxes? Armstrong says, “Absolutely. They get to default on all this debt which is the real objective. That’s why (Klaus) Schwab is out there saying you’ll own nothing and be happy. He’s trying to make it sound like they are doing this for you. We are going to default on all debt and relive you of all your debt. This is because they are going to wipe out everything. Pension funds will be all gone. That’s why they are coming out with guaranteed basic income to replace your pension. They’ve got this all worked out. That’s what the end goal is here because they cannot continue to function this way. They cannot continue to borrow whatever they need with no intention of ever paying it back.”

    “Armstrong reveals why the 2024 elections may not happen…”

  15. It is interesting that the rate of increase of subprime delinquencies were on a mild increasing trendline during Covid, but are now undergoing hard upward acceleration:

    People I talk to are concerned about having food. Best to make lifestyle adjustments ahead of the curve. If you wait until everyone is SOL, then there will be no greater fools to bail you out.
    Being a cheap bastard is coming back in style.

    • Exactly…. it is one thing to have a piece of shiny metal or some paper in the mason jar buried in the backyard.. but.. ancient civilizations measure of wealth wasn’t gold or silver.. they were status symbols.. and pieces of decoration..grain was their value..
      In depressions in the past.. it cost three ounces of gold for a glass of water.. ten ounces got you a bath a beer and a babe..
      Levi Strauss made millions making jeans with a rivet so the pockets didn’t tear out..
      I have said for years.. in the regions that have no water.. and have to walk for a hundred miles to get a drink.. what would be more important to them.. they are thirsty and starving.. if you went and offered them a check for millions of dollars.. or a bag of gold.. ( to dam heavy to walk that far to get a drink to carry that crap) or a tanker of fresh clean water and a truck load of food.. which would they take.. If you have ever really been hungry ( I have) you will jump at the food every time..
      we would pull weeds out of the bean frields when I was a kid.. ( kids today ride a buggy) our water jug sat at the end of the field.. one on each end.. you counted the steps to get to it in the hot sun..
      G has the right idea.. a green house and garden.. I have freezers.. what do you do if the power goes out.. the generator you have isn’t big enough to produce an adequate amount of power to keep them all running.. from what I see and read the vast majority of the people still assume that it won’t affect us personally.. which scares me.. sure you can have a place a thousand miles away even have a place a couple hundred miles away.. in a real shtf scenario.. the odds of you making it there will never happen.. its to far away.. prep to stay in place.. similar to those jokers that have the deep military bases.. most of them are in extreme and remote locations.. and usually close to either a lava flow or earthquake fault line .. ( just like our nuclear power plants.. that took real brains to do that didn’t it LOL) power gets disrupted.. cooling pumps quit.. oh how it gets good from there..

    • Well, there IS NO CAPTCHA on UrbanSurvival. So the idea that you had one pop up is HIGHLY suspect. Carryover from another site? Anyone else run into this?

      • It happened while I was editing a comment. I had been at it for maybe 5 – 10 minutes. and I wasn’t surfing any other site. It may be Ure service provider dis’ing my VPN address. Hopefully it wasn’t a malicious third trying to get me to drop my VPN. The pop-up screen made a snarky remark about my web address, then threw me to a captcha which wouldn’t let me back in. I have run into this before with other sites, especially with a different particularly serious-conscious VPN. If it happens again, I will do a screen print and email it to you. I was so irritated at losing my comments that I didn’t think of that.

  16. OK.. I am going to give a plug for a commercial product..
    Granite stone cookware…… Now anyone that know me.. knows that I have the kitchen gadgets.. the boss cringes when she sees a new kitchen gadget on television.. especially if it is one that I don’t have and makes the job look easier.. YUP.. that is me.. Well our pans were getting a little old and I seen the granite stone cookware.. they had one set left.. I wasn’t sure if it would be good or not at costco.. but I bought it anyway.. gave it to the wife just before xmas..
    NOW the commercial shows them driving over the pan with a car.. no it doesnt’ do that.. I dropped one pan and did put a small dent in the edge.. but dam.. those are nice pans.. heavy duty and yes nothing sticks.. great pan.. now if it continues to be that way a year from now.. as of today three months of use.. ( heavy use to ) they are the best I have seen..
    I am going to see if they make an electric griddle.. if they do I will own it.. I love them.. the boss even loves them and made comment on how nice the pans are tonight after she got done cooking.. over or stove top..

    the other thing I have that I will support and buy again is the NINJA blender food processor.. heavy duty..

  17. I’m not sure what to make of this but it is funny.

    WTF? Strange Cloud Spotted In Ohio Near Chemical Spill!

    Bizarre sight over Sydney stuns onlookers: ‘What is it?’

    A dark, wispy mass floating above the water in Sydney this week had people perplexed.

    Um the same images! LOL

    • And today West Virginia has some weird ash floating down from the sky all over the place. I don’t think its manna.

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