Crooked Thinking on the "National Debt"

This morning we explain how the fabled $20.5-trillion in national debt is really more like $61-trillion in debt.

And since we’re in such a dandy, caring, sharing, and giving mood, we will also explain how the supposed Tax Cut passed by the Senate really screws everyone and will at far more than the MSM-hyped $1.4 trillion.

We sure know how to have fun, don’t we?  Gnosh-up, bean-up, and off we go…

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12 thoughts on “Crooked Thinking on the "National Debt"”

  1. Hi George,

    Tell me if I’m wrong, but looking at the chart of Intragovernmental Holdings and Debt, it seems that the sidewise word on the left(vertical axis) should be “Billions”, not “Millions”. And that was from the Treasury?

  2. For a different perspective for those of you who do have solar panels and you’re getting ready to say what does that have to do with the national debt.
    So like I said if you do have some solar panels but they’re not on your house in there out in the yard collecting son grab your chair and sit 2 to 4 feet away from the solar panels but on the backside of the solar panels and look at your house.
    What I’m trying to give you is a different perspective you probably never have set behind your solar panels and looked at things from a different perspective and you can do that with the national debt.
    And for those of you who don’t have a solar panels away from your house take your chair anywhere anyway and place it out there on the south side door could be somewhere on the opposite side I don’t know just place your chair out there and look at a house and you’re sitting on the backside of your solar panels that you don’t have but you will have one day or you’d like to have so what we’re getting at still is having a different perspective of things because thoughts have wings and like George says they become things so dairy the try it but you come up with something different after you try it all about perspective.
    I can architectural worms I view a man’s I view and a bird’s eye view the what were doing is with changing the view from the perspective of sitting behind solar panels and what trying to connect with the National debt on this.
    national debt how many perspectives are there on the national debt can’t it just be wiped out can it be delayed or can we make it so that we have to keep paying on it and be slaves to it for the rest of our lives.
    Thoughts have wings, don’t let one thing get you down go around and
    My All Beings Be Lovingly Fulfilled ,so be it .
    y’all have a nice day

  3. The Feds have a strategy for paying down the debt by stealing the purchasing power of savings. It is technically known as “Financial Repression.”
    Link to summary article here;

    The US did this for about 20 years after World War II, and is apparently doing it again. If you want to help pay down the National Debt without acknowledgement or tax credit, then just put your savings in a bank! Otherwise, find another place to save your assets…

    • Hmmm.. Most people don’t have significant savings.
      They live on credit one payday at a time.
      Those that do have savings most generally spend it at the end of their life.
      A new policy being adopted by long term care facilities is to eliminate pull ups and depends for those that are incontenent.
      The idea is by eliminating that expense the don’t have to eliminate six to ten employees. It would also encourage families to invest the hundred to five hundred a month that the facilities are now paying out of operation funds.

  4. All of this would not be, if we accepted the death penalty for certain crimes. However, most people would disagree with me; Therefore: STOP bitching.

    • That’s interesting.. I am for outsourcing send violent prisoners to a prison in another country like Mexico or turkey with a proof of life once a year. Just think how much that would save in capital. Then for non violent crimes fine them then second fine then get the fluffy pillow in the mall televised.. Ninja commes out to smack the pearly whites on tv and in from of a huge crowd. Sobering thought but effective.
      Then legalize marijuana tax it regulate it that would eliminate a huge majority of non violent offenders and increase tax revenue and open the doors for all the other healthful benefits of the crop. Not counting lifesaving drugs.
      Unfortunately none of that will ever happen.
      And we as a population will continue to vote the same people in election after election no matter how poor their work history is. Which says to me that we deserve absolutely everything they do to us and our country deserves the path we are on.

  5. Okay I got one of my scatter-brain ideas and I’m all over the place but I guess we could say it’s about national debt where as we take one of those little things called that you plug into your computer the USB thing memory card and you can get them that way up there I got a hundred gigabytes or more well here’s my suggestion for your future of book writing people can download from the internet or that you can actually sell them a real hard book or paperback book or dvd how about selling people USB yeah USPS that are packed with the book and so the shipping would be cheaper because it’s smaller and you can buy them pretty cheap specially if you bought them in Mass I guess you could get a pretty good discount as a person that’s programming them then I guess you’d have to have what opens a new market for a device that programs USBS there you go thought for the future and then of course the thing about the national debt is that people that are interested I don’t know maybe you could send it or everybody could get one and send it a USB to their Senator or Congressman or president and say hey let’s change US banking system cuz it’s screwed up there’s no reason for everybody to be in debt for all the Christian people and Bible people that is relieved relieved these people that have school debt relieve the housing debt relieve business debt and make patents only good for 7 years that way everything will turn over fast and we’re on the way to the stars because we’re not being held back by debt the 1% won’t be owed all that debt it’ll be relieved unless they are put out of power and someone else gets in there but we still need to get rid of the debt we don’t need debt only for short term get the picture okay got you

  6. It took an 88 billion dollar tax bill to get rid of the awful 55 mph speed limit. Perhaps it’s going to take yet another bad tax bill(YABTB) to get rid of Obamacare.

  7. Unfortunately.. In my opinion we’ll get to watch the whole show.
    My personal fear is the only way out of the deficit situation is to declare complete bankruptcy as a nation.
    Where we’ll start all over to make the same mistakes. Or declare a war that will involve our own country enough to draw the attention away from the current situation.

  8. George, no matter how much you wish, this market is going up. It is insane, but it is on an uptrend, but, as always according to its own unknown decision, will eventually correct to the downside. How much short pain can you take? Elliot waves seem to be in a panic pointing in all directions. Don’t forget to look at your chart & see how high the market was at the top in 1929 – 30,000 & it is now at 22,000 using your index. A 3% stop loss point looks good now.

    • That’s what I observed over >50 years ;-). Alright, they look wonderful in retrospect!

      P.S. Wouldn’t all “Ellioticians” be richer than king Kroesus?

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