Coping: Time to Review Survival Preps

I hope my sources on several matters are dead-wrong, but they are usually not.  So this morning I’m  going to share some inputs with you and then offer up some action points both for you as well as your loved ones.

First, an email from my deflationist pal Jas.  You know don’t him, but his technology is inside most routers along the internet’s backbone.  He’s a PhD. in DSP and in addition he’s got a great eye for long waves in the economy.

I remember in 2001-2003 he was explaining to colleagues how he was using a “six-pack” strategy and had gone long on US bonds.  As it turned out, a genius move:  Bond yields collapsed and bond prices went through the roof.  Since the Trump Bump began a year ago, bonds have flat-lined.  But, Sunday he sent out a collegial email.  Here’s the key part of it:

(Continues below)


Here’s what he wrote:

“Five weeks ago I wrote: “…the most definitive signal would come when the Trump Tax Cut is passed–the classic buy on the rumor and sell on the news.”

Looks like we got the sell signal. For better or worse, I am acting on the signal and increasing my bet on the short side of Scams (well-known large tech Scams are up 65% in a year!) and long side of Treasury bonds. 36+ years long bull market in bonds is alive and well.

“It would be a bad idea to be long on New Years’ Eve. 2018 would be bad for the Donald and the bulls. Honeymoon would be over by then.”

To be sure, I began wading into a long-term short position when the Dow was 500 points lower than it was Friday.  I was way too early.  On the other hand, it was only with a small portion of my portfolio, and while it’s unnecessarily risky, I’m no stranger to taking chances.

What could drive a massive reversal now?

A note from Grady, chief code guru of our Nostracodeus software project that scans the net and assembles language.  Grady’s note is self-explanatory:

Senator Graham says Korean conflict is closer and it is time to send dependents out of the country.

Removing family members to safety is an early, but STRONG INDICATOR OF WAR APPROACHING.”

The source of this story is over here.

Then Sunday night we read “US orders 16,000 troops and 230 jets to get ready for WAR with North Korea.”

We need to be clear on a few things:

First, Lindsay Graham serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee.  He’s also a retired (full) colonel (USAF).

When someone with his credentials and connections begins saying it’s time to move US dependents out of Korea, it means the clock is ticking.

We will not put out a date, but evacuation of dependents can be thought of generally as a 30-60 day countdown timer.

That would put the beginning of hostilities sometime in January or early February.

Strategically, it’s not a good thing:  That’s when it’s colder than a well-diggers but in Korea – and because the ground is well-frozen, it’s easy for the NorKs to move around mechanized units.

We will keep you apprised of things in coming weeks as we notice more timing signals beginning to coalesce around the end of January to mid February area.

For now, however, there are a number of difficult planning exercises that you may wish to embark on.


If you live in areas that are under the threat of missiles from this part of Asia, ask yourself “What’s likely to be their use…and what will it do to us?”

While the NorKs may not be able to heft a fusion/H-bomb to the West, an enhanced yield conventional fission bomb, on the order of 300-500 kilotons, could definitely put a damper on party plans.

Since they are “resource constrained” we would expect them to attempt something like a Blitzkrieg attack.  We would expect them to target U.S. bases in Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii.  Then targets in Seattle and San Francisco would come up on their list.

OR:  They could (falsely) claim the moral high ground by having nukes go off above the 63-mile mark were space begins.  All fine and well, except this is where EMP pulses come from.

This means that the first step of planning would be to  understand what the risks are for your geographical area.


Get specific.

Develop a dozen, or so, running cards for your family.

A “running card” is what pre-computer fire departments used when they conducted annual home and business fire prevention inspections.

A running card for a house might be:  On  smoke send one engine company, on visible flames send two engines and a ladder truck.

On a large multifamily unit, though, smoke might be pre-planned with two engine companies, a ladder truck, and a battalion chief.

The same kind of thinking can be applied here.

If there’s EMP, what is your course of action?

If there’s a series of missiles aimed at key defense installations, what then?

Do you know the prevailing winds above your city?  And do you know how to leave the city (first is always better than last) in the event timing is close and we get more advance warning?


Do you have a “fallback home?”

In  other words, are you on sufficiently good terms with people in the country, people with prepper supplies or gardening and stored goods, that you could land there are plug right into to the instant cooperatives that will provide relief and recovery for city people?

Sure, knowledge of nuclear contamination is useful.  The defining book is Nuclear War Survival Skills: Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition.

To be sure, lots of people think nuclear war kills everyone.  But the facts run contrary.  Lots of people do.  The real loses – bigger than nukes – will likely be the food, farming, energy, communications, and financial issues that will follow the outbreak of hostilities.

The another thing to be keeping an eye on:  There’s a term in finance called “disintermediation.”  In finance, Disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in economics from a supply chain, or cutting out the middlemen in connection with a transaction or a series of transactions.

But in a military context, it’s the moving of key manufacturing out of what is likely to become contested war zones.

And this process is already well underway.  The Nikkei Asia Review reported just last month that 42 South Korean companies to invest $17bn in US by 2021.

To be sure, the Pollyanna’s would have you believe that China will keep North Korea from “doing anything stupid.”  They will even cite stories like “North Korean companies in China ordered to close.”

But the fact is, that development is measured from October 1st and 120-days on gets us to February and diplomatic excuses can add months of waffle-time.  Besides, that China gets from North Korea is actually pretty small. Trade with China represents 57% of North Korea’s imports and 42% of its exports.

Not to begin the week with a “bummer” but it’s getting on toward time to dust off the “nuclear survival skills” training.  NIOSH-N-100 masks are always useful things to have on hand.  Sheet plastic and duct tape is useful, too.  Bottled water?  Sure.

There’s one other thing to consider. Peoplenomics subscriber Roger (who sends us many news tips, thanks Roger), pointed out this story which ought to be on all California reading lists: Parkfield segment of San Andreas fault may host occasional large earthquakes.

Prepping, admittedly, sounds at times like paranoia.  UNTIL you need some of that stored food, water, medical supplies, or comms gear.

When things hit the fan, paranoid flips pretty quickly to visionary.  But, the choice is yours…we’re just tossing out some data points that will be buried under millions of useless words on social just-us minutia.

Write when you get rich,

32 thoughts on “Coping: Time to Review Survival Preps”

  1. There is no doubt the norks have a missile that will reach anywhere in the continental us. After all they are nothing more than repurposed Russian 251 rocket engines made in the Ukraine. They also have over 100 successful launch history
    Question is what other Russian hardware do they have. 38 north is a good resource for reading. And google Russian 251 rocket engine Ukraine and you get a clearer pic. There are those that say Putin holds the keys but who knows. I also read that our gdms is not exactly reliable or tested. Take note that rocket man is launching at night When the gdms is the most unreliable. West Coast of us being set up for sites for gdms and Hawaii has alarms now. The wash post wrote a nice article about suggested targets. It’s not surprising. My plans to retire to Hawaii are now on hold. The bottom line the norks aren’t stupid especially when they have alleged Ruski help. Scary

  2. George,

    I’m a retired Army 0-4 and I’ve spent plenty of time going into dangerous places or being present in potentially dicey situations. I realized it was stressful for my family, but I never really appreciated it…until recently. My youngest is a Naval aircraft mechanic who is currently enroute (after perfunctory holiday leave) to Japan. Now I get it.

    We will be having some serious discussions about the reality of the situation in the coming week.

    Merry Christmas, etc, etc.


  3. George,

    I know you don’t believe this – but the ending would be the same as in your column – what happens when a possibly mentally affected Donald Trump gets ‘squeezed’ beyond his limits?

    I am medicine dependent, but frankly I wouldn’t care to live in a world poisoned with radiation – and I have not heard of anyone mention this event, what happens if a missile was aimed to hit the Yellowstone caldera? The eruption of a ‘super volcano’ would fulfill the maniac dreams of someone who wished the world to live at their miserable lifestyle. (Many criminally insane people want to be remembered at the cost of horrific death.)

  4. I see a different view here. I think all sides like to play the politics, but real war is very messy and the US et al do not want the various bubbles to burst and a cold reality to descend across the global financial infrastructure. It’s too easy to ‘talk a good game’ and take the proceeds. I don’t see them pressing the destruction button when the party is still viable.

  5. Dang. Decisions,decisions, decisions. Do I make a contribution to Mike Rowe’s charity for building our skills base in the country, a disabled veteran’s support group like Dive Pirates (look ’em up here – … or bullets. Got the food walking around at the ranch even though they may all be imitating Rudolph by early Spring. A lot of people in our little town will need to be fed, too. Hmmm. Free help on the ranch? Could be an upside here.

  6. Hams and shortwavers — 11.175 and 8.992 Upper Sideband, are two USAF global frequencies that service cargo planes, AF exec jets, and other unimportant routine flights with various “connections,” such as phone patches about delayed arrivals and ramp needs. Pretty boring 99.99% of the time.


    When one of two things begins to happen, very often Something Happens a few weeks later.

    1) They suddenly get very, very busy.

    2) They go silent — or all but.

    Now, cargo planes carry lots of beans and bullets and other useful supplies; and a lot of brass flitting to and fro means big-shot managers are busy with meetings in far-flung locations from New Jersey to Guam.



    (P.S. These two frequencies have been well-known to SWLs and people fascinated by listening to “utilities” for years and years. This global service is nothing more important than a frequently-exercised backup to all the Secret Squirrel satellite and Sub-Quantum Tunneling Neutrino comms systems. So, no big deal…)

  7. Well George I think its more than just N.K. for I was reading on Fort Russ that Putin has warned industry and its leaders to prepare for war.So much for Trump being a peacenik when people should have been intelligent to know that he’s part of the 5%, part of the problem,he may be a tycoon in business but in world affairs he’s flat lined and in far to many ways reminds me of Reagan..

    • Under Reagan we did not have extended “conflicts” so I’ll take more of that any day over the Bush/Obama stick diplomacy.

  8. Also what about the Iranian’s in all of this? Are they waiting on NK to launch and then give their sleeper cells the ok to attack inside the US? Then there is the Straits of Hormutz to attack and cut off the flow of oil to the US and our allies.

    • See Dannion Brinkley’s 1975 prophecies easily found on the web without having to buy a book. You are right on the Hormuz!

  9. Preps equals peace of mind, period.

    Living on the ‘wrong’ side of the river during floods (we’ve had 3 or 4 ‘100 year floods’ since 2006) means that folks in our town of about 3000 sometimes can’t leave for days. When our town became an island for 4 days after the river rose, I walked into the grocery store and was shocked: every single cart on both sides of the store was in use, every check-out was full with the lines of people going down the grocery aisle behind. There had been a power outage from the heavy winds, so the store wasn’t allowed to sell any of the milk, cheese, and other perishables. They removed it from the cases, even though it wasn’t spoiled. The people sounded like my beehive after a thump; there was a rising, angry buzzing as people with heaped up carts argued with others who had nothing.

    I turned around and went home, not bothering to buy a single thing because my prior preps covered the bases. The wife suddenly saw the point of having a deep pantry. Felt good to not be arguing over a loaf of bread and a jug of milk, or worrying about feeding my kids.

    People, prep while you can. Your grandparents would approve.

  10. We would think that launches could take place from containers already in US ports. Also fishing vessels are prime launching platforms. Either US coast would be reachable with ease. A quick look at the map shows both China and Russia have land borders with Korea. US military has admitted they have only a 2 out of 3 success rate of intercepting incoming missiles. As usual, this being the US military, we must question weather that info is true.

  11. It is certainly time to go over the gear. When they war game, everybody should war game. I have concluded that ultimately for surviving Americans, the major transportation vehicle will become the bicycle.

    Taking into consideration, my Nostradamus Concerns, China and Russia will not be sitting on the sidelines if a war with North Korea begins. There is a certain element of my Nostradamus Concerns that points to Joel Skousen’s outlook regarding a Korean War II.

    Besides the certainty of an EMP attack, we might see Russia and China launch a limited nuclear strike on a dozen important targets. Joel Skousen guesstimates that will happen around the second day of Korean War II.

    At the bottom of my latest Update, I have a list of the essential gear I can carry in a towed bike trailer.

    You can buy the trailer on Amazon for $55.00. I spent another $350.00 on upgrading it to a storage vehicle immune from EMP. Bottom line, it and my bicycle are easily loaded into the back of my pickup for easy and quick evac, because it is already preloaded. Pictures and potential targets are at the bottom of my Update.

    Good luck to all. We are in a critical time. Take it all very seriously.

    • Thank you, G. A. I really enjoy reading your site. I appreciate the bike info. I, too, think it is important to have a good ole used bike. The cart and preps are great, too. I also have an old motorized scooter that won’t be effected by an EMP. I plan on moving around as long as possible until I meet my final destination! AND something for the ‘other’s to use if I fall to heaven.

  12. PS. George is absolutely right on knowing about the winds in your area. I did a study and discovered that the winds generally shift direction in my location from a few degrees to over 180 degrees. With radiation levels near potential targets at over a 1000 rad/hr. A shift in wind direction for only a half-hour will might leave you exposed to a lethal dose of radiation that will kill you roughly a month later.

  13. I’m not a betting man, but I’d wager there’ll be a war by spring. As we read in II Samuel 2:11: “In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army.” When the sap rises in the tree, kings go off to war. It’s an ancient paradigm, George.

    • Before the war starts, there needs to be an Israeli peace treaty & the building of a new temple in Jerusalem. Trump is working on a peace treaty. Then 3 1/2 years later the temple will be attacked & destroyed. After another 3 1/2 years Jesus will return, a great war will take place, & then peace will rule. Amen.

    • It is historical, with land and sea-based weapons – however planes, missiles, artillery don’t have the same needs of human comfort . . .

      I think the idea of ‘spring’ is based on ‘war-games’ that the USA and South Korea are conducting and the amazing prospect of the Olympics in South Korea.

      Young, esteemed people from all over the planet competing just miles from North Korea – what could go wrong?

  14. I find it ironic Hawaii is “testing the sirens” while many decades have passed since we had any kind of “civil defense” in the U.S. What else can Hawaiian’s do when they hear the sirens? Duck and Cover? Or just bend over and kiss your arse goodbye?
    Let’s also not forget the two owners of the most sticks up and down the Radio dial are either in bankruptcy or just days away. No “Conelrad” there!

  15. I’m really getting tired of living on “alert” ever since Y2K…No retirement for me anyway, so I’m thinking if it gets bad, I’ll just let my friends Smith and Wesson help me out.

    • Whew! Bad attitude.
      The reason to be “always alert” is that the “old ways” are gone – and this is the transition to “new ways” – just because those ways of nuts doesn’t mean its OK to leave the theater…that’s what the theater is all about!

    • Since the dawn of predators on this planet, a billion years ago or so, being “ever vigilant” has always been the price of survival. We’ve gotten spoiled and lazy, because being “on alert” anywhere in North America, hasn’t been necessary, for the most part, since the end of the Indian Wars. Four generations of complacency is enough to make any civilization forget, and is why we’re so shocked at a terror attack or mass-killing, or stunned when we get mugged or assaulted.

      Don’t get tired, get exalted, because you are the one who is ready… for whatever.

    • Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you are so knowledgeable and up with the times, it would be a shame to let all of that knowledge go by the wayside, you are just gonna have to get out and reach out to others. Groups need women like you. Women who are visionaries, not scared, courageous, experienced, and wise. You have the internet, start searching for groups near you. Believe it or not, it can be as simple as searching for a Search For God Study Group through the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) which is an Edgar Cayce Group. Those people are WISE beyond words, many of them, as they have studied his readings for years and years, (some are just getting started, that’s a good place to start). Those people, for example, already have an understanding of a) earth changes, b) prophecy, c) readings on criminals in high places being brought low (paraphrasing), d) holistic, healthy living, e) natural remedies, f) spiritual, physical, mental, and financial preparation for these ‘end times’. Edgar Cayce said yes the times and half times are at an end. So, come on, peek out of that box you are in, and recharge your batteries, hoist your sail, and get a move on!

  16. The headline from the Daily Star is pure tabloid scare-mongering. “War-games” isn’t a pre-attack buildup. {For those with short memories, search on the buildup to the Iraq War and follow the timetable of the materiel movements.}

    Lindsey Graham (and John McCain, both on the Armed Services Committee, BTW) has had a serious hard-on for a U.S. war WITH ANYBODY, for years. Graham was behind the push for direct U.S. intervention in Ukraine, and has been trying to get us into a shooting war with Iran &or Syria since Bush43 was in office. It was HE who thought it’d be a good idea to split the reserve nuclear arsenal and send parts of it from Texas to South Carolina (AND PUBLICIZE THE FRICKIN’ MOVE), so it could be lost in-transit. I tend to discount anything he says, because he’s a camera-hugging idiot.

    That said, should Tom Cotton, Joe Donnelly, or Joni Ernst say something, (or especially Jim Inhofe or Ted Cruz, but I don’t think these two would), I’d consider that to be a red alert (a “duck under your desks, kiddies, and kiss yer ass goodbye” kind of alert…)

    BTW I like Ernst. She’s new, but savvy, and is an ex-battalion commander (reserve, but deployed, so she’s seen stuff instead of just polishing a chair) whose specialty is logistics.

    I am both “ready” and “able,” but this scenario is constantly in the top two of my “unwilling” list.

    p.s. rxsafety sells prescription flash-glasses (OnGuard non-conductive frames with single or bifocal lenses, ground in-house) at:

    They’re ANSI Z87.1-2010 and NFPA-70E certified but I’ll be darned if I could find a response time (probably in the ANSI specs, somewhere.) I’ve had mine for years. They seem to keep me out of trouble when visiting a welding or fab shop, and no, I’m not in any way affiliated. It’s just: Finding “safety” is cheap & easy; finding “flash” is cheap & easy. Finding “prescription flash” is neither cheap nor easy…

    • There’s been a lot of movement.. I actually seen a convoy of UN military. Now why do we have UN in the us. Missile trailers…
      what I find funny is.. everyone thinks they can prepare for HELL and do it themselves. It takes a community . Those most apt to survive are those living in cardboard boxes and under bridges.. they’ve been living it. The next the Amish colonies. On tv a few years ago there was a show called the colony where they took ten people from various backgrounds to survive and rebuild. I still think that was a social study on the affects and actions of society to see if it could survive and rebuild.

      • We cross-train with the U.N., our allies, and even potential future enemies (I’ve seen Russian detachments and heard tell of Chinese) — Don’t buy into a conspiracy theory unless and until you can confirm it.

        Folks under bridges, except exMIL, have no chance, neither do the Amish. After an EMP attack, the Amish will be the most capable, and mechanically advanced people in North America. ‘Problem is, they’re strictly non-violent. By the time the Amish begin to question that portion of their Church doctrine, they’ll be too few to stand off the starving hoards.

        I saw a couple episodes of Colony. It was interesting, but not inspiring…

  17. “Prepping, admittedly, sounds at times like paranoia. UNTIL you need some of that stored food, water, medical supplies”

    You know since the horrors of the late seventies when the men on the hill tossed all middle class American workers under the bus.. You couldn’t buy a job.. It was tough no food.. No car..before the job ended the car blew up I would get up at 1 and start walking the 12 miles to work no snow shoes no gloves no have no idea till you’ve been there. A valve stem dropped off and went right through the block. It was he’ll.. Worst and best Christmas I ever had. I was scraping grain off the ground beating it to a crude gruel..the heat was off.. The silver I had bought before it went nuts was worth was overdue.. We use to leave the door open of the apartment so the heat of the unheated hallway would keep us from freezing.
    I dropped to 75 pounds. The lowest I’ve been.. Then a farmer asked if I would help catch male chickens in his henhouse..five hours he was going to give me a dollar an was the happiest I had been. Oh there weren’t any safety nets no food stamps then even today you truly have to be bad to qualify for them and trust me everyone lets you know.. The social workers (whose job depends on those that need them )
    After catching the chickens the farmer made me an offer instead of the five dollars I could have the chickens I caught and some eggs.. My fire up the Coleman stove we’re eating tonight. Got home and while I was out someone paid the rent. Turned on the electricity gas and all the cupboards were filled even the fridge and freezer.. Under the branch we had in an old coffee can there was an outfit for each of the kids and a couple of toys.
    You might ask why am I telling this..
    I see the same situation coming.. My wife now use to razz me because I made sure we have an extra can of beans.. Then Medicare cuts hit .. In the medical field you would think they would keep the ones with the most experience instead those are the employee’s that get cut. That’s when it became evident that if your over fifty your unemployable. We went without an income for a year. My wife now eagerly helps me keep the extra can of beans on the shelf.
    Most kids today haven’t experienced anything.. Many would tell those that did that they were nuts.
    We read how to survive a nuclear disaster or a war an emp strike.. The problem..we’ve never had one here in our lifetime.. The closest would be the riots..our homes are intact our families safe.
    A war with NK is probably the stupidest thing to happen. I’m sure someone is looking at the past where industry becomes vibrant and stabilizes an economy on the brink of collapse. The real situation is our leaders and industrial leaders have sold America out. They’ve systematically dumbing down our youth and shipping jobs overseas.
    If a war broke out. China,is not going to take lightly having bombs dropped in their neighborhood. Russia they’re sitting in the back. The one percent are more than likely playing both sides. We would be screwed in my opinion we are in a bad situation in way to many conflicts to make riches for a few and weakened our borders. Rand Paul has brought up a lot everyone scoffs at his wisdom. Phew done ranting now. There’s nothing we can do but sit back and watch

    • You have shared your story before on here, but it bears repeating. I was alive during that time, but a teenager, and my dear Dad who was supporting us all went through all of this. It is very hard to find a job over 50, try 57, almost impossible, unless you want to work for minimum wage. This country in front of our eyes, and behind the scenes, brought to you courtesy of OUR globalist owned corporate media has purposely kept the worst of the situation away from the American people via NON informing them of critical situations such as the effect of NAFTA, the effect of illegal immigration, the effect of the refugee population replacement program with the UN, the effect of the kicking citizens off of the land, the effects of low wages for OVER 30 years, the effect of the nonFederal reserve policies to hurt the middle class, the effect of forcing the middle class to get loans for college (by taking home equity loans out as well), while giving free education to every person who they can from all places except America. The effect of NSA spying on Americans (NDAA, NonPatriot Act, etc.), CIA, FBI, homeland Nonsecurity, illegal wars for profit, etc. I have not even covered the bases here, obummercare stripped millions of Americans who HAD perfectly good insurance. There WAS a safety net built in since YOUR experience, and it was called FREE healthcare through medicaid and hospitals, etc., which our government KNEW, they just grabbed 30% of our money to put in that scam obummer care. What the citizens don’t understand is they have been thrown under the bus because of a Social Security Number! IF you have one, you can get a bill, if you don’t have one, you get a FREE PASS!! Don’t you know thousands of criminal illegals have been re-released back into America, where an American citizen would still be in jail unless they could hire a lawyer, post bail, or pay fines! What you have to have noticed recently is if you are illegal, a minority, a refugee, you have complete ACCESS to our safety net which much of it has been put in for THEM, ask Nancy Pelosi! The average American cannot access that safety net even now. The reason the illegals can is they don’t have to document their wages, or show bank statements, so they can say they have NO income! Ever see an illegal on the street begging? No, me neither, they don’t have to. Their women work if they want to, in my area, they all are pushing strollers with up to 5 kids with them, and living the high life, at home as a wife and mother! None of my working sisters got to do that, ever! WHAT the end game is – total destruction of America, so why not take it out via an EMP and nuclear exchange? Well, the point is, they are already attacking America on all fronts, America is for SALE, our elected paid for leaders are dismantling our constitution before our eyes with the lobbyist written laws that they don’t read but are told, excuse me, paid to vote on a certain way. This globalist agenda is not dead, it is continuing, expect more murder, mayhem, and destruction…think about it….IF America goes, so goes the world. This is the last bastion of freedom. Yes, I mean free to protect yourselves. I do not call Europe free, they are free to be overcome, killed, raped, and murdered, while they ‘think’ their government is going to spare or protect them.

      Nope, they were easy to persuade to give up their #1 right, which is the right to self preservation!

      Thanks for sharing your posts, I, for one, enjoy reading them.

      • You have just dated yourself!

        “IF America goes, so goes the world. This is the last bastion of freedom.”

        THIS is the concept which no one under 40 realizes or comprehends. The Founders made an astounding leap in sociopolitical development which has, over time, pushed the rest of the world’s governments to become less overtly barbaric and dictatorial, and generated an immeasurable amount of wealth for common people.

        Unfortunately, as the developed world has moved (albeit slowly) toward personal freedom and capitalism, elements within (and without) the U.S. have moved us much more quickly toward centralization and communism (we’ve been pushing them for 205 years, they’ve been pulling us for 110.) It is as if our “fearless leaders” cannot tolerate exceptionalism (a trait of our founding documents — we, as people, are no more exceptional than anyone else, but our governing contract permits us to excel, or not, as individuals, if we so choose), and feel compelled to force us to strive for a mediocre commonality.

  18. An all-out nuclear exchange will, at best, put us into the “Planet of the Apes” zone in terms of technology and population. What is left in the aftermath will be beyond ugly, as the next stage is plague with the bodies of creatures all around, and us, busy decomposing in the midst of fallout.

    It is called MAD for a reason, and if nuclear exchange is ever executed, then places outside the US, China, Russia, NK, Iran, Israel, France, India, Pakistan and the UK are the only likely survival spots. “On The Beach” comes to mind when imagining this.

    This scenario is nearly unthinkable, but bear in mind that there is absolutely no shortage of unthinking, unimaginative lemmings in most governments.

    I do not know how to pull these chestnuts out of the fire, as death may be the only thing that actually stops some of these crazies.

    • I don’t think there would be a survival spot.. if you take a look at Fukushima power plant catastrophe as an example. Each and everyone of us is taking in Fukushima radiation every minute of every day. The PNW has been hit hard from what I’ve read. There aren’t any winners. What was it said. I don’t know how ww3 will be fought but ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones. The way I see it is because everyone has the big weapons that they think will make the fight short all the while we are in long drawn out wars with countries that have nothing more than racks and hoes.
      We have lawmakers dealing with the devil writing laws that they don’t even have a clue what’s in them. All for the one.. hopefully a young Caligula doesn’t get in a power position.
      Something to consider which the thought.. they tossed the middle class under the bus in 78 and continued to spread the void throughout the eighties.. do they still go after those under the wheels of the bus or do the go after the 29 percent of the top thirty. Either way the 1 gets propelled unless it goes to far then i can see it turning on them and their greed..manipulation doesn’t help at all if your the only kid with all the toys in the playroom.
      I wonder if our next leaders when it hits the fan will be the members of elite fighting forces. Take over like a Ganges Kahn.. those with will be targeted by the masses of of those without if they’re led by someone with experience and tactical skills it could be a nightmare in my opinion.
      Unfortunately it’s all up to the Macarena group whether or not their going to settle down go to work or continue the way they are.

    • Surviving for a few months is easy, provided one isn’t near ground zero, or immediately downwind. Long-term, with no growing season for several years, is another, and altogether daunting proposition…

      IMO the pot-bellied one will soon have highly-limited options. If China backs off its trade much further, NK will be in the same position as Imperial Japan in 1940.

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