Crimea Votes Out of Ukraine

Russian television has been reporting that the voter turnout in Crimea was on the order of 80% and exit polling (released after the polls closed) showed about 92% were voting to remain affiliated with Russia and cut ties with the  Ukraine upstart government.  The Western media seems a little late to the party on this one…but don’t be surprised.

One talk show cited the West paying the radicals in Kiev $50 a day for their part in the uprising.  And a Ukraine radical right group is calling for blowing up gas pipelines to Europe.  Which would no doubt be blamed on the Russians…damn this is getting complicated. 

And then to add some hot sauce to the mix, the Crimean defense forces have reportedly turned back a group of Ukrainian tanks and armor which was headed for where?

The Russian border.

Oh….and one Russian reporter stood in front of a Russian tank in Crimea and explained it hasn’t moved since WW II – it was a monument.  Only Russian tank to be found, but look for it on the western teevee without that lil footnote.

Getting a lot of criticism in Russian talk shows?  Victoria Nuland of the State Department who was passing out cookies to the Ukraine takeover folks back in December.  You may remember her from the Benghazi case and her close relationship to the US neocons, a relationship that goes back to the Bush/Cheney era.

This Wikipedia extract may be of interest:

Nuland’s husband is historian Robert Kagan, Council on Foreign Relations member, and co-founders of the think-tank “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC). The PNAC called for, among other things, regime change in Iraq and a strategy for securing global control.

…and we know how well that and Egypt and all the rest has worked out, eh?

For a country which supported elections in Kosovo, it’s sure interesting that when the shoe is on the other foot for the US now…how the US administration is terribly outspoken in its criticism of the election in Ukraine. 

No doubt, similar outrage will come when Syria holds elections, as well. OMG how could they vote for anyone but a properly corporate-backed government?  Why democracy is darned near unreliable, by the look of it.

Still, one war’s as good as another, eh?  If not Syria, let’s find somewhere else…some other distraction from the troubles at home and a stock market which (on an inflation adjusted basis) has gone nowhere for 14-years.

That’s how it rolls… for now.   Ratings and money…could it all be so simple?

There are (amazingly to most ‘Mericans)  media outside the corp/MSM fold, and China’s Xinhua notes that the UN Security Council has tossed out a western press for a Ukraine resolution.

You’re surely not surprised, are you?    Who knows:  maybe the UN wants a government that comes to power through  elections, like the last one, you think?  Not cookies and tweets and payments.

As I’ve been telling you for weeks (as the world has gotten wrapped around the axle) on this:  In 1962 President Kennedy went to the brink of global war when the Soviets put missiles in Cuba 90 miles off our shore.

To think that Vlad Putin wouldn’t “go the distance” to maintain his sphere of interest and only warm water port is the height of arrogance in the face of history. 

Since there are still Bush-era vestiges at State who are promoting war, they might want to talk with the Nobel Peace Prize holder to see what his feelings are, rather than letting John M cCain drive us toward war.  There’s a reason he didn’t get to the White House.

The “offishul” vote counting will take a while, so we shall watch.  But the West has about fired its biggest vocabulary shells at the problem and Russian resolve is similar to Kennedy’s back in ’62.

That part of history hasn’t been rewritten by the neocons…but give ‘em  time, they’ll try to recast that, too.  The same people that got us into Iraq, as I read it..  Like the old Yellow Pages ads, they never stop selling

I’m so old that I remember when we were promised CHANGE from the Bushistas…don’t hear much about that lately, though, do you. I wonder why?

How is it one of Dick Cheney’s picks is still passing out the cookies?  Doobie or ViceGrips on that one.

I’m going to run into town and load up on Maalox.  The markets might need some by the end of the week, though more likely mid-April.  Sobriety is a bitch and so is the hangover from years of spin and denial that has never really fully unwound.