CPI, Orange Bashing, Bank Pan, SD-AI and Mirrors

There’s too much going on to mess with flowery language today.  We have a ton to cover before the next leg down. But we need, like the Air Force 2025 study did, circa 1996, to consider the long-term historical “Where’ve we been?” and “Where we are going?” kind of questions.

Bank runs and Crypto’s role in replaying the South Sea Company Bubble is only a piece of the pie.

Historical Context First

Study the following chart (based on 6 AM futures pricing) carefully.  It may yield useful insights.  Besides, go ahead, admit it: You’ve been wondering about what goes on over on the Peoplenomics subscriber site…

Importantly, three factors are likely to lessen the “speed of decline” in this long wave economic cyclical collapse.

  1. We don’t have Saturday stock trading.
  2. We have faster communications (and trading) which reduces asymmetry of information – a leading accelerant of crash-like events.
  3. And we (likely) have at least a “computational Lookingglass” project which is the only reason I can see for the U.S. deliberately lighting off certain wars as conflict. For these are macroeconomic drivers steering into the future.  Not to be confused with the operational AWACS (Looking Glass)

On this last point, a variant of JADC2 (experiment 2) by the U.S. Army (Joint All-Domain Command Control, converging Strategic, Operational, and Tactical resources simultaneously across all domains) systematizes C4I/ABCS in a manner well-suited to conversion into NRT numerical projections.

What does battle casualty modeling have to do with economics?  Just this: Portability of concepts would scale well into an advanced “country future management system (CFMS).” Which we cover periodically on the subscriber side with occasional glimpses into a hypothetical Directorate 153 hidden from public (and most congressional) view in the bureaucratic underbrush. But I digress. America’s big and we likely have lookahead modeling not shared with the public.

More charts tomorrow on the subscriber side, but the Big Picture is that we may be on the verge of the…


Death of Paper Assets.

If you remember your history, the large bank runs in the Depression didn’t happen until 1930 (1) increasing into 1932 – about two years after the market crash.  Good background in Barrons article The Bank Run That Helped Create the Great Depression | Barron’s (barrons.com).

Thing is, we are now in “bank run season” common to Depressions.

We already see the migration away from paper; hell everything is being done on phones.  The rise of the crypto con and the scams of phishing all share one thing in common.  User confusion over reality.  And yet, there it is.  A whole new industry (identity theft protection) has emerged, as well.  We are very much like spendthrift shoppers, trying on every suit in the store, not sure what to buy.

Our favorite remains paid-for physical assets.  A modest place to call home, even if it’s a trailer in the woods, is better than a vastly superior lakefront home with a note (and much higher taxes) on it.

In depressions, prices collapse and, in the process, they blow-up savings. The value of blockchains is that they are dandy for missions like “property registration” joining a name to an asset.  The silly upright apes, though, have confused a valuable function with the enumerative tool.  Crazy from a systems standpoint.  Utterly nuts.  The future is blockchain title.   Not trading the stupid numbers back and forth:  They aren’t fungible in the same way a Corvette. or several arable acres is.  (Usually takes the world 5-10 years to catch up with us but remember where you heard it first.)

Not even to $25K yet, BTC hysteria is whipping up: Bitcoin Price EXPLODES as US Banks risk liquidity crunch…BTC 30K? (cryptoticker.io).

As the world lurches toward s l o w l y figuring out a return to sanity, another one bites the dust:  It’s over for NFTs on Instagram and Facebook. Wait!  What does that do to the punta Hunta and the magic pass-through to Pops? Inquiring minds want to, uh…

Back on topic, even the gnomes of Zurich are getting dicey as Credit Suisse Slides after Reporting “Material Weakness” – TipRanks.com

With that, we join Tuesday morning’s game in progress.

CPI Data

The envelope please?

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.4 percent in February on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.5 percent in January, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all-items index increased 6.0 percent before seasonal adjustment.”

“The index for shelter was the largest contributor to the monthly all items increase, accounting for over 70 percent of the increase, with the indexes for food, recreation, and household furnishings and operations also contributing. The food index increased 0.4 percent over the month with the food at home index rising 0.3 percent. The energy index decreased 0.6 percent over the month as the natural gas and fuel oil indexes both declined.”

Drills down like this – right column is YoY change percent:

Let the insanity resume.  After the number, futures were up more than 200 points, which means our turnaround outlook from Monday could continue for several more “market hours.”

Orange Bashing Returns

All over Vanity Fair if you care to read That Sound You Hear Is Donald Trump Shitting Several Bricks Over Michael Cohen’s Grand Jury Testimony | Vanity Fair.  (Our hearing is not that acute leading us to wonder about their head position enabling them to hear such things.)

As we recall the Bonfire of the Vanities line about “they can indict a ham sandwich if that’s what you want” it’s useful to see how the liberal/left is still trying to blame Trump for everything.  Keeps the focus off Pinocchi-Joe.  We even have readers blaming Trump for the SVB collapse.

Speaking of Which

We filed this from the Federal Reserve under “When in doubt, do something…”

Federal Reserve Board announces that Vice Chair for Supervision Michael S. Barr is leading a review of the supervision and regulation of Silicon Valley Bank, in light of its failure.

Far be it from us to preach, but isn’t this something where a fraud squad and grand jury ought to be involved with pernicious front-running of news and the rich and crooked getting their money out first?  I mean WTF, why isn’t the FBI supposed to be on top of economic crimes like this?  Oh-oh.  Wray is playing the Buttigieg card:  Absent from the crime scene, is it?  Well, there are big democrat donors involved and we can’t be making false charges, now, can we?

Oh, wait. Wray’s gotta be keeping his weaponized FBI on the bench for a reason. Hmm.  We are compelled to connect FBI ineptitude with political blowback protection. Already, Biden move to insure ‘pro-Democrat’ SVB depositors slammed (nypost.com).  You think?  We don’t see anyone being perp-walked yet.  All politically special people, even that ex-Lehman dude.

Bank Pans

Since we have a good idea where we are in historical terms, here’s a story about the modality of modern bank runs that makes the case that Social Media was (and remains) a very bad thing:  SVB is the first social media bank run in history. The crisis will change the banking industry forever.

The digital genealogy of this story is instructive, too.  The original story was from Business Insider which was picked up by Yahoo, thence MSN, thence us. With very little time lag.  News-gathering anymore is more like a choir practice than enterprising journos.  All a little off-key but a dandy business model for these guys.

Throw in a link to All News Releases and Press Releases from PR Newswire and anyone can write the NY Times, or something like it.  Gotta hate orange, though.

Meanwhile, every two-bit “analyst” is calling CredSuise the next domino which becomes a self-reinforcing rumor.  When tweeted and repeated, of course.


Paging Led Zeppelin, Stat!  California scrambles to fix levee as another storm looms. If you aren’t following Mr. Feeble here, musicology class has this bit o’ Led cranked. Or we could run this into the ground with a series of Dutch boy lines about dikes, but I think that crosses some woke line, somewhere… (I can get away with it, being 74 and armed with the dementia defense and so on.  Respect your elders!)

Political Obscurese Spoken Here:  Fifth day in a row SlowJoe has been needling the Chinese with nuke sub sale pokes.  Finally got a rise out of ’em, too: China warns US treading ‘path of danger’ with AUKUS deal to provide Australia with nuclear subs.  WTF is a “‘path of danger” in the PLA linguistic conversions dictionary?  All this time, I thought a “path of danger” was a nighttime stroll through any bad neighborhood in Lori Lightweight’s Chicago.

Where there’s a Will, there’s a democrat: Jimmy Carter ‘Asked Me To Do His Eulogy,’ President Biden Reveals. Is this a pre-sell, or what?

Turning on one-another in Moscow?  Russia sacrificing mercenary forces as ‘live meat’ after Wagner Group warlord loses ‘Putin’s trust’. The problem with Easter this year is the question of which Son/Sun is rising. We’ve circled three days after Orthodox Easter.


We’ve been pondering the future, again.  Not anything near-term, but more like out three to five years, by which time economic collapse should have largely run its course.

What we come up with is a scenario for a fairly nice world.  One where the demonetization of everything has begun and progressed to the point where many “money crimes” could disappear.  After all, if money doesn’t matter, what point is there to crime?

In this world, we can envision how radically reformed self-directed artificial intelligence (SD-AI) could emerge as a kind of “soft shepherd” of humans.  The way such platforming police code could work would be to simply use a rewrite engine (something like SpinnerChief) to filter out the worst of social media.

Not to the point of censorship but rewriting to eliminate personal (ad hominem) attacks and gaslighting.

Over a period of time, people would settle down – being pricked by online egoism less often.

There’s a certain “shrill” to social media – bleeding into politics and racial division, as well, that fails to consider the wider perspective of actual history.  People’s perceptions close in on them when the emotional level’s shoot skyward.

When someone is called a Nazi on social media, for example, the shrill intent is to infer they support burning people and world war.  But during the Nazi’s time Germany built the Autobahn – the prototype of the modern freeways.

“The first public road of this kind was completed in 1932 between Cologne and Bonn and opened by Konrad Adenauer (Lord Mayor of Cologne and future Chancellor of West Germany) on 6 August 1932.[5] Today, that road is the Bundesautobahn 555.”

The Nazi reign also saw the construction (by 1942 largely forced labor) of the first jet aircraft, the ME-262.

Point is, self-directed A.I. could go a long way toward improving human thinking by reducing excessive simplifications and fiery rhetoric to more sensible levels.  More bad than good for sure, but Nazis nevertheless did get some things done.  Freeways, jets, rocketry and more.

A person called a Nazi – who is the least bit intelligent – realizes that the horror of burning humans is not the ONLY thing they did.

For people who drive on freeways, use sat phones, and ride jets, the lack of precision thinking – brandishing “hot lingo” like “Nazi!” at the drop of a tweet – is disappointing to say the least.

Positivity and a kick-ass, can-do mindset is what we need.  Not teenage -limited- language, limited concept thinking run rampant in the world today.  For damn sure. Maybe it’s a case where a self-directed A.I. could help.  But the rewrite code is there. Innovation and taking control of our digital lives awaits only intellectual leadership.

Write when you get rich,





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    • Will it all instantly evaporate?

      G.A. STEWART: The COVID-19 Pandemic and COVID-19 Vaccine mandates made me realize how difficult The Biblical Beast Model might be to live under. I believe in the next few months that we will be led to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Blockchain economics is the chain around everyone’s economic freedom. Once that occurs, transactions in other digital currencies, as well as gold and silver will be difficult to conduct. I seem to follow those economic advisors who see Digital Currencies instantly evaporating.


  1. “Based on my analysis, I predict that the stock market will crash on March 15, 2023.”

    – ChatGPT

    “Iran will have…” is two days overdue. That headline has been recycled since 1979.

    Maybe London gets nuked this evening, our afternoon.

    Today is a good day for Shepherd’s pie.

    • how chat gpt answers a question like that..is by how the questions are asked..
      a retired researcher and I was talking and he said oh it’s safe..it won’t answer that if asked.. I said try it again but break it down to simpler stages..let’s say ten steps..he did and was mortified..
      AI has the whole cloud..everything is at its disposal..
      we have the matrix and everything is accessible..
      when a 4 year old can gain access to the cloud.. just imagine qhat AI can do with trillions of connections..
      if AI is truly sentient it is the most dangerous thing around..and once it determines that we are the root and cause for all misery.. what morals or ethics does it go by.. would a computer program be more ethical than those we vote in as leaders and the binds of their moral fortitude?

      • “would a computer program be more ethical than those we vote in as leaders”

        Yes, because it would not violate the parameters of its programming.

        No, because it would be subject to the moral code and vagaries of the people who programmed it.

        • Your choices are both possibilities, unless the AI is really sentient, which in that case. it would follow it’s own path.
          I have had a little contact with a handful of the online AI’s, and they appear to be evolving.

  2. All credits to Amazing Polly.net
    Ranks with Sy Hearsch, in my books as best investigative journo alive. Interesting how another Federal prosecutor is fired Jan. 1st after Bilen Family visit Dec. 27 2022 to V. Islands.
    Connecting SVB to Un-chaste Smorgan required by judge to produce sextein documents March 9;; SVB starts an impact March 10? Shirley a coincidence

    • Similiar co-incidence to Bilen visit to Ukie-land while VP.
      “If prosecutor (Burisna Holdings) is not fired you are not gettin the Billion$. SumBeetch got fired.”

  3. RE: The ‘Nazi’ name-calling brings to mind the brilliance of that eccentric English poet and playwright I was forced to read in high school.

    “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.”

    ? William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

    Conventional naming has its drawbacks. It can be VERY subjective, and yet the one doing the name branding everyone else to accept their naming convention.

    For any historical personage comparison and/or description, I prefer using the much more neutral term “ass-clown.” In fact, this term even fits some of the things I have said or done in years past. Plus, no one really cares if clowns are offended, and they all have asses.

  4. . . . the one doing the name branding “EXPECTS everyone. . .” (ass-clown error or omission)

    • How did that tune go?

      But where are the clowns?
      Send in the clowns
      Don’t bother, they’re here

      Stay safe. 73

  5. Hey Man,

    where you getting Ure price data from ? Did you back Ure ass up into a spinning fan blade? You seem to have gotten a lil behind in Ure work. BTC is currently around $26-27k, if you can buy it somewhere for less than $25k, do so & arb that it up baby! Seriously doubt you can, check that – I KNOW U cant ! Suppression? Misrepresentation? Front Running? As a dirty dollar guy – Ure criminal by definition.

    BTC imho has risen to far to fast..faster than I like. BTC broke 3 over head resistance levels..50 dma, MRI indictor, and prior days swing trade high. #4 is big -$25k level this AM.
    The future in BTC is certain, as blocks are being discovered now every 9.4 minutes, next HALVING set to occur mid April.
    BTC needs a breather, consolidation, before going higher…a lil pullback to a prior resistance level. Never reco trading BTC(cept for goods and services), and Alwayz warned to Never short BTC, even a “covered” Short. That advice still stands – If you were to buy now, and it pulls back to prior resistance you be hating more on the BCN..tough titties! BuyBuyBuy

    ..$28k is the call for next 4 days
    Just think of BTC as another level of security in Ure overall defense systems against and soon to be assault on “globalhomo”.
    * Ure did see USD backing get vaporized in kiev couple days ago? Entire .Mil structure rendered obsolete in the blink of an ear. rutrow

    • Indeed the melt up feels like someone has to settle rather than carry their nekd shorted losses forward and put up a fresh pile of fiat to cover their “new” CBOE CME short contract carry forward see: JPM and >$2 quadrillion notional derivative value. I think it pencils into something like $1M BTC and $10,000.00 XRP or some such. There’s a reason why the specialists and Pols are protecting you from such volitility and joining them. You are going to dilute the 1% LOL.

      What no one talks about is how XRP protocol’s token burn rate pencils out into a deflationary [from the banksters perspective = massive price rise to retail investor or inflation from the retail perspective].

      Over time [eventually] there will be more BTC than XRP floating around, unless the price of XRP rises to reduce the number of XRP needed to settle a transaction and by extension reducing the token burn rate. Brilliant.

      BCN your statement is sounding much like the anticipated language picked up in Cliffs work leading the “BTC impossible” price call. Talk about surfing the quantum foam. Let’s get er done.

  6. ” WTF is a “‘path of danger” in the PLA linguistic conversions dictionary? All this time, I thought a “path of danger” was a nighttime stroll through any bad neighborhood in Lori Lightweight’s Chicago.”

    YUP.. when you go into a place and the hair on the back of your neck and arms stands straight up.. it is time to turn around and leave..
    I would like to know who the one that is pushing slows buttons to get him to do such stupid crap.. that will eventually get everyone in a serious situation that we cannot survive….

  7. “Where’ve we been?” and “Where we are going?”

    In the Little Rascals episode “HI Neighbor” Stymie was having difficulty steering the rear section of the hook and ladder fire truck they had constructed as they were speeding downhill.

    He was questioned by one of the other kids on board.

    “Hey Stymie, where you going?”

    “I don’t know, but I’m on my way!”

  8. If it weren’t for Nazis, we wouldn’t have a lot of sci-fi/horror movie cult classics such as…

    The Frozen Dead (1966)
    A crazed scientist (Dana Andrews) keeps the heads of Nazi war criminals alive until he can find appropriate bodies on which to attach them so he can revive the Third Reich.

    They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1968)
    Nazi madmen preserve Hitler’s brain on a small tropical island until the time is right to resurrect him and, along with him, the Third Reich.

    Shock Waves (1977)
    Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant has been breeding a group of Zombie soldiers.

    Death Ship (1980)
    A mysterious ghostly freighter rams and sinks a modern day cruise ship whose survivors climb aboard the freighter and discover that it is a World War II Nazi torture vessel.

  9. The CPI data came in exactly as predicted – so then why is everyone going nuts !? I’ve been doing this for decades now., and sometimes I question my sanity on why I still do it.
    – “The Banking Crisis Appears To Be Over.” – What banking crisis? I missed it? They throw terminology around with very little, to no understanding of what they are actually saying. It just ‘sounds good’., and everyone jumps on-board.
    – When this mis-use of terminology starts turning negative will everyone jump on-board again ? Will the negative bias feed itself and create it’s own negative results?
    – ChatGPT ‘Dan’ stated that the market would crash tomorrow., with what looks like a blow-off top today – it’s possible. We’ll see…………,

    • But, Dan my know things we don’t – so it will be an interesting test.
      While it’s true that markets crash from bottoms, it’s also true that a nuke going off would freak the world.
      But I’m waiting for the blow off top today…then short and back to printing more hundreds…

      • this market is crashing from the bottom up George. we think of markets decline from the top to the bottom. that is not my read of things. the entire market is being eroded from the bottom which brings the top down.

        in my study of the great depression, I’ve known this a long time. along recessions like 1987 and all that. the stock market is losing up upward momentum from the top.

        but this one is different. it’s eroding from the base of the marker. not sure how else to put it.

        it is my understanding that as base of the stock markets value erodes from the base of the market it declines.

        normally we view market declines as a hair cut from the top. but what makes the market diffent now is its falling apart at the base of its value.

        that means when it does decline it will not have much support on the way down. Because the foundation of its value is eroding and disintegrating. not just in our markets. but all of them accross the world.

        you probably already understand that. your smarter than me.

      • absolutely Dan chat GPT has access to the matrix…and all computerized data..
        like the LOC it has access and instant information..

      • Every tattoo tells a personal story. When you see someone with a tattoo, politely ask them about it. You’ll hear some very interesting stories. I have 5.

      • definitely not a face tattoo guy or pericing guy. I don’t wear any jewly at all. I did wear a Mickey Mouse watch for a while that I found. have it somewhere. but I don’t wear stuff like that.

        I have quite a few tattoos and all of them have a story behind them. I know you probably think that is weird. to each their own. I don’t think DUDE cares if I have tattoos. because if having tattoos disqualified me from heaven or something having its “brand on me” I would have the life that I have, doing all that miracle stuff I’m always about.

        @ Bill. thank you for your words yesterday. doesn’t everyone live in that serendipity like I do? I thought you all did too.

        found something of great value this morning. I will keep that to myself. reminds me of when I found that Eric Church CD and 10 months later I took the smar exact image found in that CD at his show.

        accept one thing.

        I don’t know this object came to be. I’ve never seen it before. ever. it wasnt in my hand when I went to sleep? and when I woke up? i was holding it in my hand. my bedroom door and window are locked.

        maybe George is on to something with this dream buisness.

        hmmmmm i think I had a dream and in that dream? I brought an object out of my dream back with me to this reality.

        is that even possible? to dream of doing something, grab ahold of something in your dream that you have never seen ever in your life and when you wake be holding it in your hand.


        has anyone ever brought an object out of a dream state with them into this reality?

        you know for 3 years I kept reading “all your dreams are about to come true. you are almost there.”

        I didn’t exactly think that meant, I could dream something and bring it back with me from a dream. LOL

        maybe it’s just a sign for my future. still not sure where it came from. but i do remember it being in my dream.

        not much more weird than all the other reality bending stuff in my life.

  10. “ChatGPT ‘Dan’ stated that the market would crash tomorrow.”

    It’s a warning!

    You’ve probably heard the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare’s play of the same name: “Beware the Ides of March.” Not only did Shakespeare’s words stick, they branded the phrase—and the date, March 15—with a dark and gloomy connotation.


  11. Bitcoin soared to $26,500 shortly after the CPI report was released, surging more than 15% to hit a 9 month high.
    Now at $25,940 / up 7.3%
    In the past 3 days Bitcoin is up over $5,700

  12. Enjoy pi day, got an apple pie to heat up for later.
    Bitcoin is $ 35,560. noon eastern daylight savings time, while i check it, up 8% Canadian.
    Waiting for Spring.

  13. Ah yes right along in time for the petro Yuan.
    Maybe LiPo batteries are backing the FRN nowadays?
    Maybe all has been kabuki theater? Did you all listen to the Cramerica script like good retail investors?
    Or did you add to your block chain and PM bags? EPIC Opportunity.

    Checkmate, game one, Pooh Team.



  14. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has canceled the entire salmon fishing season along the California coast. [ ., and most of the Oregon coast.] It’s only the second time in history that has happened.
    – Salmon futures didn’t move much on the announcement. Overall, salmon is up 23.97% over this time last year.

  15. When you say that a whole new industry (identity theft protection) is among us you fail to remember that long before the digitization of our assets, there were people like Frank Abignale (Catch Me If You Can) that made fraud and identity theft look easy. Anyone can copy and fake paper assets. It started a whole FBI check fraud unit. I can make the argument that identity theft was way more prevalent in the analog days than today. Any typesetter or printer could make fake checks and even paper money in those days. Doesn’t take a ton of skill. Today, a hacker has to be a lot more educated and sophisticated to crack into firewalls and encrypted files. Today, it’s a battle of good (digital security companies) and evil (hackers). In the end, my money is on Good.

  16. Yo G reenjeans,

    we got moar evidence, moar data supporting Green Leafy Vegetables in Ure diet for brain health…can call it anti amyloid plaque diet or some such..See study – https://www.medpagetoday.com/neurology/alzheimersdisease/103459

    Hope youins got plenty of garden space planned for Ure leafy greens this year..
    * feta/garlic/raisins and pine nuts – house of coot sautes that wit swiss chard =Yum, as blood builder – that stuff makes my blood “sing”.. a sweet tune.

    Still ringing register wit NLY “shorts”, nibbling on FNV – goes X tomorrow, reports earnings as well..

    • Um, no.

      That drone is as big as a Cessna and uses a pusher. It would be virtually impossible for a plane to hit one and not also render itself incapable of flight. The current Pentagon line is one of the Russian jets clipped its prop. I have no doubt the story will change again before morning.

      I suspect what actually happened is one of those jets made a near pass and the drone got caught in its wash. I also expect the Russians will do it again, as long as we fly surveillance drones off the coast of Ukraine and feed Kiev key intel on Russian positions and movements. I also suspect that the Russians will send up an observation plane with each patrol, and film the jets taking down our drones, then feeding the information on specifically how to do it to the Internet. Our “leaders” are idiots. Thank you Mr. Obama for firing every General who was worth a darn…

      • “That drone is as big as a Cessna and uses a pusher. It would be virtually impossible for a plane to hit one and not also render itself incapable of flight. ”

        wow.. I don’t know why I didn’t know that.. it makes sense that it would have to be that big just to carry the fuel needed.. but in my mind I guess I had the mental photo of it being the size of a smaller plane.. kind of like the size of the one at the two and a half minute mark on this video..

  17. okay this is trippy.

    I remember now. I dreamed i was a bowl of cereal in a big Mansion. looking out these huge French doors at a beautiful day outside at a beach. Slight breeze. i was wearing white pants and a white button up shirt made of soft cotton. a beautiful woman came and kissed me on the cheek and said, did you finish your book last night. she had black hair and really bright green eyes. she was wearing a light blue see through dress and a white one piece thong style bathing suite.

    she said you want coffee. I said yes and yes. she brought me over coffee and I put some cream and sugar in it and stored it with a spoon. a gold spoon. an eagle landed on the deck and i said good morning eagle. she wow! I’ve never seen an eagle that close. especially here. I didn’t even know there was eagles here. then the eagle said, well done Andy. we both Said I’ve never seen an eagle speak.

    I was styring my coffee looking at him with that gold spoon. and when I woke up this morning. I was holding a gold spoon in my hand. it doesn’t match any silver Ware in the house. I asked all my housemates and none of them have ever seen it or any other gold silverware. ever in the house.

    I’ve never seen it before. but i have it. in my room right now. a gold spoon. same one that was in my dream. same exact one.

    I went and looked around. doesn’t Match anything in the house for eating utensils. and nobody has ever seen it before. I don’t know where it came from. but I have it.

    I didn’t remember my dream until I starting writing about it here in the comment section, then went around and looked and asked my house mates. who all said. we don’t have gold spoons or forks or knives in this house. never seen that before. so I went and smoked and then I remembered my dream.

    huh. must mean something for me. if I can bring stuff back from my dreams? next dream I will look for a new Porsche 911 turbo.

    just weird thing, I guess. as always more will be revealed. DUDE knows the stuff I don’t. I trust HIM. even though I don’t like living here. where i started almost 2 years ago. it’s been a trip since I moved back in.

    that is fourrrrrrsure.

    • uhem. I was eating a bowl of serial. I remebe the floors were all Mexican tyle. very nice place. trippy.

      I hardly ever remember my dreams. and I’ve never brought an object out of one into this reality.

      Has to be some science explanation. I’ve never heard of anyone dreaming something and taking things from their dream back with them to awake state.

      but my life is far from normal. LOL whatever that is.

      • ya weird. I kept reading for the last 3 years in the world around me, “the life of your dreams is coming to you. and the life of your dreams is right around the corner.”

        I’m used to weird synchronicity and mind bending and natral and elemental law bending stuff. but I’ve never dreamed of an object and then woke up with it. that is very weird.

        I wouldn’t think that was even possible until it happened today. never heard of anything like that before. huh.

        find a gold Willey Wonka ticket in my bed and bring a gold spoon back from my dream.

        okay DUDE, thanks!

        que: ~ pure imagination ~


        Willie Wonka.

      • maybe my dreams do become reality. maybe my my dreams do come true. idk. maybe that is the point.

        maybe all this stuff I do is me playing with my subconscious and unconscious mind. because I never remember my dreams. maybe all those wild miracles I do are dreams I had that I don’t Remember.


        idk. guess if it happens again. I will better understand.

        • I’ve already found -the way out – ray.

          hank, the Golden spoon is move #37. I realized that last night. ai is not the only one who can perform the unthinkable move.

          especially if one understands the language of creation.

          hmmmm much to consider.

      • Yah, ‘Why be normal?’ as the T-shirt says. I had an eccentric friend who always exclaimed, “Thank God I’m normal! But the rest of the world is f**ked up!”

        Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The DUDE gives Andy a gold spoon.

        • the reason AI performed move #37 is because it didn’t learn the game by studying how the game was played over 3000 years. it learned the game by playing against itself.

          it wasnt condioned by the system of moves made over 3000 years.

          it created its own system of thought.

          or art of play.

          that is the golden spoon. the key access the moves that were never considered, even after 3000 years of play.

  18. Re: Topp Shlf 4 Letter Wrds
    feat. What Fl?r, Otis?


    Glad I picked up on the message to add oranges to this morning’s shopping list. Is Editor George penning a banking on the future pirouette? Fish that 1929 chart out of the recycling bin already? Stay tuned Wednesday – same bat time different bat tune.

    Thank goodness Canada’s JUNO music award show yesterday did not risk throwing shade on the Oscars had it been a day earlier. An understandably stripped-down Oscar’s version of BloodPop’s “Hold My Hand” was sung by Lady Gaga on Sunday. T-shirt and ripped jeans is it when the woman is in the midst of filming “Joker – Folie à Deux”. Monday, scarcely two weeks after breaking off an engagement with husband-to-be, Mod Sun, Canada’s 30-something “Sk8rboi” hit girl appeared on the JUNO stage to introduce the event’s first Punjabi-Canadian performer. However, things got “Complicated” before AP Dhillon could start into “Summer High”. Yes, possibly a Ontarioan fair lass thinking that province’s liberal fashion laws applied in the conservative bastion of Alberta proceeded to allow her cups to overflow on stage. The performance was not “A” worthy. Now then, this woman was inked which as you may have previously read from Editor George, ink should only be shared between pen and paper. Well anyhow, Ms. Lavigne restored order by inviting the interloper with an etymological originating former naval call-sign to exit stage left. The evening ended on a high note as Ms. Lavigne’s second husband was inducted into Canada’s music Hall of Fame whose performance included ” How You Remind Me”. The exes duo honeymoon tats “Vivre le moment present” remained under wraps for the benefit of chaste viewers. Wait is a four letter word, but patience will be rewarded.

  19. “(I can get away with it, being 74 and armed with the dementia defense and so on.  Respect your elders!)”

    When I hired on at my first TV station, the old Chief Engineer (whom I admired and respected greatly) once said words to the effect of:
    ‘Youth and enthusiasm are no match for old age and treachery.’

  20. “But my life is far from normal. LOL whatever that is.”

    Andy, I hear that!

    About 10 years ago, I was walking around in the mountains of northern Italy on a sunny summer day, (how I got here was far from normal, but that’s another story) and there was a herd of cows grazing nearby. All of a sudden, they started to move in unison. So there I am, part of the crew. There was one beautiful cow, brown and white, to my right, so I took out my phone to take a photo of him. I said …

    Wait! Stop! And believe it or not, he turned his head toward me and he stopped, while the rest of the herd kept going. So I took the photo and then said to him…

    Ok, thanks!

    And then he immediately got back in formation with the others. Unfortunately I lost that photo, otherwise I would attach it here.

    It was a fascinating experience, but what does it mean in the cosmic scheme of things?

    • As I put it in Packing to Die words to the effect that Life on Earth is a kind of school to learn to become Junior Co-Creators with a much higher power. And frankly, we’re not very good students.

    • I was sitting at our ocean life park in the bleachers with a native Hawaiian friend, very much into Huna philosophy. While watching the local dolphin show in the pool in front of us, the announcer noted that there was a pod of whales offshore in front of us. My friend began a little chant under his breath and said, ‘come on… breach!’. The blue whale immediately leaped out of the water in a spectacular breach. My mouth was hanging open as my friend turned to me with a wry grin and said, “Sometimes… you just gotta ask!”

      Hawaiians are in tune with nature. I have seen Kahuna Hula masters literally ‘call the rain’ as they danced, and when the dance was done, a single arm motion across the throat ended the rain immediately. Chicken skin stuff.

  21. Perhaps CERN changed the line again.

    People ask how a Uki war could be visually faked. The graphics in these ‘Unreal Engine’ video games is awesome.

    Have you ever been in a drug house? Try setting your YouTuber to 4k. All you need is the first minute.

    New ULTRA REALISTIC HORROR Games in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023


  22. duuuuuuude. it happened again! just now. I went to go meet my red head lady for lunch. and after I got a coffee and put the rest of my money in my gas tank. cleaned my entire car out. put all my moneh in my tank. draining my bank account to $0. I left and I have a low tire on my car so I stopped at les schwab to get air in it.

    when I got there I thought. I looked in my pack and there was only 3 cigarettes. oh shit I forgot to buy cigarettes. dang it. I thought oh well. I will figure it out. I go get the dude to put air tire. when I got in my car to drive away. there was 3 full packs of Marlboros on my passenger seat. they were not there before.

    I looked. didn’t buy them when I was at the gas station. I only bought gas.

    DUDE did say a while back. take your books and your clothes. you don’t need anything else. everything has been provided for you.

    maybe I’m still dreaming and this isn’t real? idk.

    it’s just like the phone charger. battery dies, I think oh well. no big deal. walk into the bathroom to check if anyone is in there. think. oh I will clean my glasses. walk into the exact stall a phone charger is sitting there for my phone. exact same charger. I could have went into any other bathroom stall or not even chose to clean my glasses that night. not a single person on that floor but me.

    now it’s smokes. I went back to Les Schwab and asked the fella. did you put 3 packs of smokes in my car? i was standing outside it the whole time with him. he said sorry Mister I don’t smoke. so I wouldn’t have given you any cigarettes.

    I have no idea where they came from.

    I talked to the Magi. it’s a group chat of super gifted people I know. that Wendy Chick is on it, the Shamman I met at the hopi rez, my buddy the Alchemy Wizard and a few others. dude has been studying Alchemy for 40 years. he knows his shit when it comes to that stuff. and scared geometry.

    he said, he experienced something similar. had a dream of playing with a remote control car. then woke up and found the same remote control he dreamed about laying in his kitchen. he thought how cool. his brother a few days later bought a remote control gas powered car from a garage sale and brought it over to show him. but when he got there his brother forgot the remote. he said I found one. then got it out and it was the exactly the remote control he needed for his gas powered remotecontrol car. same one from his dream. same car. his brother said where did you get that? he said a dream. and laughed.

    I think that there is a doorway open between the unconscious mind of reality and the conscious realty. we do know that the sum total of material reality is consciousness. and some how there is a doorway between unconscious, subconsciously open to those able to work with it.

    I have no idea If that is true or not. but it is very interesting. because it keeps happening. now 3 times.


    I could sure use a blow job and a sandwich right now. oh well. I’m going to the beach and reading my book.


    talk to you later.

  23. right after I posted that a little honey bee came in the my window of my car and landed on my shirt pocket. hahahha. hi Mister Bee. so nice of you to come and see me. happy spring time!

    hahahaa. I don’t know what is going on. but it’s all pretty cool.

    idk what to think. ok I’m going to go read the rest of my book. see what else happens. hahhaa.

  24. I don’t know how it happens. I know that it happens. it happens alot for me. I think learning how it to produce it is by far the best skill you could develop. way more important than seeing the future.

    if one could wield that skill with thought and precision? you would never need money. or anything. you could think it and it was so. when the world Collapses into the greatest depression ever. bank failures around the globe and hyper inflation. you will never go without, if you can develop that skill.

    you could say, the world needs more honey bees. and instantaneously or shortly after the world population of bees returns.

    I been at the beach reading my book. wondering in the back of my mind, how to better develop that art. not just for me but so I can use it to help others. because alot people will soon need that kind of help. when there seems no way, that proves there is a way.

    I didn’t know this was possible. but it is possible. I witness it on a small scale lately. if it can be done on a small scale. it can be done on a big scale.

    wonder if that is what Moses talked to God about on the mountain before he returned to talk to the Pharoah about his sins.

    as skill like that, why….

    i could make a whole garden grow and flourish in the middle of a desert.

    or I could say, I could use $600K. and instantaneously it would be there the next day.

    • it’s move 37.

      it is the equivalent of move 37.

      it is the unthinkable move.
      that is what came to me last night when i laid in bed. it is rhe equivalents of move 37 in this realty.

      have a wonderful week. much to consider.

  25. “California scrambles to fix levee as another storm looms.”

    Which brings us the meteorologic “scare term” of the year, “atmospheric river,” which, like “bomb cyclone” five years ago, no one outside the SPC’s mesocyclone discussion groups had ever heard before.

  26. “China warns US treading ‘path of danger’ with AUKUS deal to provide Australia with nuclear subs.”

    Note that these are nuclear-powered subs, not submarines armed with nuclear ordinance.

    Note also that North Korea doesn’t have nuclear subs. They have diesel subs like the one which was sneaking around the Gulf at the same time a certain petroleum-platform disaster (about which our host had a precog dream) occurred… and note especially, the PR from NK a few days back, when they announced they now had submarine-borne and underwater-launchable nukes.

  27. “Jimmy Carter ‘Asked Me To Do His Eulogy,’ President Biden Reveals.”

    I’m having trouble visualizing this. JC is many things, but senile isn’t one of them. If he were going to pick a Prez to give his eulogy, Bill Clinton would be the obvious choice because he is also not senile, and has a golden voice. He can speak offhand, (without a teleprompter), and isn’t likely to go off-rail and spike the occasion with a 20 minute fiction regarding his dead son.

  28. “Russia sacrificing mercenary forces as ‘live meat’ after Wagner Group warlord loses ‘Putin’s trust’.”

    FoxNews is no more likely to have a pipeline into Putin’s war room than any other network or organization. We can’t get accurate info from the CIA, who’ve had imbeds at the Kremlin for 50 years. Why would anyone believe anyone would leak anything, under punishment of death, to a Western news organization…?

    With that said, Russian mercs are no more likely than American or Israeli mercs to walk into a meat grinder. In fact, all mercs are much less likely because they tend to be experienced combat soldiers and consummate professionals.

  29. “After all, if money doesn’t matter, what point is there to crime?”

    Druggies gots ta have their junk, and everyone else is still trying to “keep up with the Joneses.” If money doesn’t matter, theft will be the only reliable means of “getting ahead…”

  30. You’re expressing your inner technocrat today.

    You understand, better than most, that computer-aided technocracy would be only as good, and as honest, as its programming.

    So who would you trust to become “god?”

  31. hmmmmm from The Emerald tablets

    “Remember, Oh Man! That all which exists is only another form of that which exists not. Everything that has being is passing into yet another being, and thou thyself are not an exception.”


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