Coping: WuJo in the Gear?

Noting beats a second cup of coffee (*still spiked with some Kona roast from Hawaii eyes Hank K who’s been mysteriously quiet lately) than a fine Wujo report like this one from reader Tim:


Recent wujo for your files.

Last week I participated in an annual fall festival at our hometown. The normally dry festival received lots of rain and was basically washed out until mid-afternoon.

While setting up our booth in the pre-dawn rain, I placed a single key (with its distinctive PURPLE tag) inside the pocket of my rain jacket (a nifty Gear brand I picked up in the PNW). I zipped up the pocket to ensure the key would not get lost.

After the day’s event, the key disappeared. We looked everywhere for it.

Checked all pockets of all clothing, backpacks, foldable awning bags, etc… The key absolutely disappeared. Checked shelves, jewelry boxes, sidewalks leading to the house, multiple cars and trucks. The key was GONE.

Five days later I wore the rain jacket again. Guess what? Key with tag (and a pair of reading glasses) showed up big as Dallas in the right-hand pocket. These Gear rain jackets are constructed with a mesh-lining pocket that is easily visible from inside the jacket. There was no place for the key or glasses to ‘hide’ in the lining.

Rather incredible, but there it is. Key is now residing back in the “key box.” Will keep an eye on it to see if it goes on another walk-about.


Well, seems to be a lot of WuJo going around this morning since I had a couple of minor “blips in personal reality” before I even got the coffee going.

For one, a medicine container which ALWAYS lives in the top drawer of my nightstand had decided to come out and sit on TOP where it never lives.  I am a fanatic about having things exactly where I can find them in the dark – a hangover from 10-years living on a sailboat.

Then, when I went into the master bath to get dress, my underwear had decided to move to a new location….the floor….and again, I am something of a neat-nick.

And as I was taking my morning vitamins, as I got to the couple of black cherry extract pills that I take to keep gout at bay, I shook out two and one of them was clear – it has not been filled and it was just an empty capsule.

So given all this, I decided this morning to listen in on the Noosphere Project (over here) to see if the Princeton Eggs were showing any unusual activity. 

All of which gets me to thinking that one of these days it would sure be fun (and maybe instructive) to look at the stock market action along with the Eggs to see if there’s a correlation.  I wonder if this has been tried yet?

How Digital?  How Young?

It’s taken as a kind of gospel fact that everyone young is somehow (almost magically) hardwired into the Internet and has now moved into the digiworld. 

But hold up there, buckaroo.  Not so fast.  Georgia Tech has a new study out on who’s a “digital native” and rather surprisingly, only about 30-percent of the world’s young people have been online for give years, or longer.  The most connected country of all, measured this way, is South Korea…

Meantime, Madison Avenue Mike, among his flurry of notes this morning, reports that even if the kids aren’t listening, the grownups sure are.  And he points to a New York Times article when he notes that Twitter is being used to move markets: “Over the course of three Twitter posts about Apple from the activist investor Carl C. Icahn, the company’s market capitalization rose about $17 billion…”

Lemme see here: 420 charters max, that’d be $40.476 million per character, right?  Almost as valuable as my posts around here, lol.

Flat Roofing Panels

Reader feedback on our corrugated metal discussion:

George, a quick thought on why metal roof now has spaced ridges instead of the corrugated pattern; it is so you can walk on the roof between the ridges for install and maintenance.   Corrugated metal would have to be thick indeed to be able to walk on with damage.  I am up on my roof at least once a year pressure washing the fir needles off..I weigh 330.

“News Tips” Working

After a bit of screwing around, our submit news tip menu item on all pages should be back up and working again.  So, when you find something of interest, just pop open a news tip and send it along.  To be sure we do pick up a lot of duplicated URLs this way, but it’s always better to have too much information than not enough when cobbling a column together here at oh-dark-thirty.