Coping: WoWW – Elaine’s “Personal Cloud”

We begin the week with a very sequence of report, event, and dream that reaches out fetchingly from the World of Woo-Woo to begin the week.  Between them all, it is a most savory and piquant mix to stir the non-rational side of thought.

The Report

If you’re a woman, and in the past 3-4 months you’ve had a strange headache, please let me know.  But only if the headache was in an odd place:  At the top, center, back-of-head area.  I won’t go into the reasons just yet, because I don’t want the inquiry to  be colored by suggestibility.   BUT, if you have had an odd headache, a feeling of heaviness, a headache of 1-3 days around the top/back/center of your head, please let me know via email.

The Event

So there were Mr. and Mrs. Ure last night, about 7:15 PM, watching television.  We were looking at “Inequality for All” which I hadn’t had time to watch and Elaine wanted to watch again.

I was sprawled out in my recliner and Elaine was munching on a snack in the kitchen warming up something in the microwave…

“Can I tell you something odd?” she asked from the kitchen.  I immediately hit pause on the video because Elaine never makes remarks like that.  “Sure, what?”

“I just had the strangest experience!  I was watching the television when all of a sudden I saw a white cloud.  It wasn’t a mist…it was like a white cloud, right down to the scalloped edges.  I though ‘Smoke!’ and so I turned around to look at the microwave…thinking it was a fire, or something….and when I looked back — IT WAS GONE!”

Needless to say, we talked about it and it was definitely not smoke, Elaine’s eyes are fine, the effect was binocular, fleeting, not headaches, body ache, and no drugs, hypertension, stroke, or anything odd like that. 

Just a solid-looking “cloud” – that was white, opaque, and about as big as a beach ball at half an arm’s length.

Preceding this, I had been working on a Linux server project on one of our laptops and we had been discussing a house-sitting opportunity next month up in the northwest (which was scuttled because of long range weather charts, which was disappointing for both of us…).

But I was left to wonder about whether the “cloud” had something to do with emotional release or leftover “energy” floating around.  There was no darkness to it – pure white – so I don’t know whether it held meaning (good call on the questionable flying weather, or what?) or whether it was some other [more rational] event.

A call to a trusted spiritual advisor suggested that it was just “one of those things” but didn’t seem to have any malice associated with it and nothing similar in his experience.  I made a note to pass it along to Dr. Rob the eye doc to see if he’s heard of anything like it before, either…so we shall see…

The Dream

And then I awoke this morning from another one of my super-lucid dreams which related to an all-night debate over whether I should mention any of this weird/woo-woo stuff in the column this morning at all.

The waking image in the dream was that of watching a containership, loaded high with containers on deck, swinging its stern in toward a dock, obviously where it was supposed to unload.

Was this a metaphor?  So I decided to share this rather odd sequence of events and see what you might make of it.

If anything…but disappearing clouds are not a common occurrence in Elaine’s like, or mine.  I did suggest next time one appears that she inquire about lottery numbers.

Oh…and one more odd little coincidence:  When I had that odd/strange dream on our last trip (about the road being closed and the detour and having it all come true three hours later…)  I had some of the most delicious-tasting ham in my life for breakfast. 

So good, in fact, that I inquired and was told it was “apple wood smoked ham” and so I had Elaine pick some up at the store when she made a supply run to town a few days ago.

And what was the only “new” food that we have eaten lately?  Yes…apple wood smoked ham.

And that opens up a whole discussion on a long discussion about whether ancient food prohibitions were pure religious, or because of a lack of refrigeration (which is where I have always leaned), or now – because of events in my own life – whether certain foods, at certain points of evolution in one’s life – can encourage the kind of experience which might  freak some people out.

I may have to find some lobster and crab to continue the experiment.  I keep wondering “Is there some secret food chemistry that I might have stumbled over accidentally on our Arizona trip?  I mean I’d had lobster a day and a half earlier, before the apple wood smoked ham.  Say, you don’t suppose there are biochemical locks to higher realms that might be picked, do you?

Especially since we have been working so diligently on getting out vitamins dialed in just so….

Financial Woo for April

As long as we are running off into the Twilight Zone this morning, a note from my friend Robin Handler (Options Signal Service) about the upcoming astrological outlook is worth a look:

Hi George,

Thought you might like to share this with your readers.

As we enter April, we face the Cardinal Cross aspect I’ve written about I previous issues. Also, while calculating the cyclical reversal date for next week, I saw something that has never happened before: within a few days of the Cardinal Cross, there a multiple cyclical reversal, and one with a value of 26. I have never seen one with a value greater than 22.

Uranus S

The Cardinal Cross brings Uranus influence to a possible once in a life-time event. Uranus rules technology and aerospace. It is also associated with earthquake. Uranus is associated with more earthquakes than any other planet, and was associated with the 8.9 quake in Japan in 2011.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has become the great aviation mystery in history. The same week a U.S. Airways Plane crashed when its nose-gear collapsed, and last week we had the Seattle KOMO-TV helicopter. Earthquakes also made the news with a big one in Chile, and one in California that had news anchors hiding under the table. Surprise and suddenness is also a trait of the Uranus influence.

Pluto is also involved in this Cardinal Cross. It rules banks and debt. So far we haven’t see anything noteworthy on that front, but remember Uranus brings surprise.

Pluto also influences Gold.

Mars is also involved bring its aggressive influence to the party. Something even bigger is coming. Something you will never forget.

Want a look at previous Cardinal Cross:


There’s a saying in the prediction world that millionaires don’t look at financial astrology, but billionaires, do.  Another excellent source is my friend Arch Crawford’s “Perspectives” which has an above the noise level track record by many scorekeepers.

Lobster followed by apple wood smoked ham is more my cuppa tea, but “As above, so below…” I suppose…

Predictive Outlooks

And as long as we’re looking at the world of futuring, I had a delightful conversation this weekend with G.A. Stewart, whose “Age of Desolation”  is a fine reader on how Nostradamus’ forecasts work into present period.

Credit where due:  Stu’s outlook for the developments in Eastern Europe, based on the Quatrains has been eerily close and he’s got another pointer…

Heads up with this prediction. From the book:

Nostradamus Quatrain I-52
The two wicked ones conjoined in Scorpio,
The great Seignior [Turkish Leader] murdered in his hall:
Plague to the Church by the King newly joined,
Europe low and Septentrionale [Russia].

The great Seignior was once known as the Sultan of Turkey. As I have explained in Chapter Thirteen, Septentrion represents Ursa Major, the Great Bear, and it is symbolic of Russia.

Once war starts Quatrain I-52 predicts that Russia will move into Europe. Septentrionale appears to be a conjugation of Septentrion. “Europe low and Septentrionale” would then mean “Europe brought low and occupied by Russia”.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…too general.  EXCEPT:  Headlines seem to be drifting thataway, to  borrow an old cowboy movie term.

Not only have Turkish dissidents become thoroughly pissed at having their Twitter taken away, but more importantly, we saw the Turkey government shoot down a Syrian jet in what the BBC reported as an “airspace violation” this weekend.

So not only was Stu at the root of the fine structure constant idea, we can see how the harmonics coming up later this week (see bottom of Friday’s column, Next Week’s News”) are beginning to slide into place now as headlines come into view.

That leaves us with only one more major piece to come along, which should (by the end of this week) be some fresh headlines about epidemic/disease kind of stuff, so we’ll keep our eye on the wires for that.

OK, enough for now, come on back tomorrow for a dose of what passes for reality around here…and write when you get rich…