Coping: (Woo-Woo) Personal Source Code, II

I doubt you will remember the November column in which I described an odd – middle of the night – incident in which an Indiglo alarm clock somehow set off an odd thing in my brain.

I had looked at the time, and it was dark, and for whatever reason, I kept my focus on the behavior of my optic nerve as I was heading back toward sleep in a very relaxed state.

On the way “down” from the afterburn of the Indiglo – as such residual impressions are called, a slowly turning wheel of what looked like Runic symbols in a circular arrangement appeared. They were rotating slowly counter-clockwise.

I didn’t mention in the original account, but every so often one of the characters would “spin-off’ and fly up and out of the optical field. The important symbol was in the 3 PM position, rotating back to 12 o’clock high when the break-off occurred.

(Not sure what you call the panorama of the cerebral cortex when you’re eyes are closed and inputs are shut down, but it was here that all this was taking place.)

I hadn’t thought much about it until 11 AM Tuesday.

That’s when I happened to be working on light-pumping (for another project) and I happened to look into a low-power red light emitter in the 660 nm range.

There, bigger than life, in the middle of the fully-awake day, clear as a bell in the red light I was looking into was a letter.

I swear to God, was a perfect H. Except it was an H in a super wide but thin font. Arial, no seriffs.

Naturally, I got on the phone to friend Dr. Rob with a WTF? Is this my “source code” from the previous report in November?

He gave me some great things to try.

What was the light pumping frequency (told him), gave him a range where the effect is most noticeable.

Might it be a microengraving on the LED that was somehow focusing?” We talked for a while and I got back to [real work] for a while.

After plans for a video conference blew-up (schedules) I had a hole come open in the schedule so I went back to the bench about 1 PM.

This time I took my pocket lab notebook with me to scribble down what I saw.

Field Conditions:

Items being tested: (highlighted)


The five units are 535-560 nm (yellow green) and the 30 units are 660 nm.

The initial item tested were the reds driven at lower than peak voltage and pulsing at 7-8 HZ. Oddly, around the Schumann resonance, the effect seemed strongest (7.6-7.9 Hz). Higher than 8 Hz? No effect. Lower than 6.5 HZ, or so? Also gone.

The light pulses were 50% duty cycle, with same results for sine, triangle, and square waves made no difference.

Characters (which change over time) appear just abot the optical center and then drift upward and to the left exiting the field of vision.

They may be kept centered for a while if you allow your eye to track, but they soon leave the FOV (field of vision) regardless.

OK…got the effect and set-up.

Now to Dr. Rob’s idea: If the effect is related to the manufacturing processes or anything of that sort, then if I rotate the LED under test, the effect should rotate.

I twisted six ways to Sunday. It’s doesn’t rotate.

No, it still arises in the same location and moves in the same way with rotating the LED having no effect.


What about the other eye?

Now it gets a bit weird. (Like this isn’t?)

While the left eye seems to pick up letters and symbols that shift/change over time, the right eye sees what looks like (around the edges of the light source) pages or lines of this code stuff going by. The effect is like you’re watching an old-time newspaper printing press and the papers are flying by from 11 o’clock down to 3 o’clock, right to left.

What’s more, if I look long enough, a line of symbols appears. Remember the falling symbol screen saver from The Matrix? Like that, but different. Runic vibe is that makes sense.

The mystery of it doesn’t end here, either.

Since the right eye seems to get the page overview and the falling symbol display, I thought I would watch for a while and see what the low-speed symbols were looking like and jot them down:

(views 1 and 2 were from memory of the first experience with these critters – after that it’s what I saw as the test progressed):


Hell of a story, huh? It ain’t over yet.

I kept going:


Now, not to freak anyone out here, but this is filling in to being a pretty good mystery. Good enough, in fact, that it’s driving my next book a bit.

I have some additional diodes on back order which will be in one of these days. And another order will go in after that because the diodes, the source code, and well…the secret sauce of the novel…will all come together at some point.

But as anyone who has read my novel DreamOver knows, the reason that the book as a twinge of weird to it is that many of the experiences and recall points that hero David Shannon reported in the book are lifted directly from my own dreams. These “jumps” into Alt-Reality were merely adapted to the novel.

I don’t know what this stuff is that I’m picking up but it seems to be symbolic and it is not likely related to eye surgery because I documented the effect (the Indiglo case) back in November – LONG before the left eye went haywire.

If you have some ideas on what the symbols are, a proposed MOA (method of action) to test, or if you have some explanations – even a good movie /adventure novel plot or subplot idea to toss into the mix – feel free.

It’s not scary, or anything like that. It’s just like a walk out to the edge of something – seeing something that should not be there – and looking for answers and explanations. I thought I would ask a few friends…

You’re in.

Some kind of mental effect, or is this an unexpected glance into a quantum communication stream?

Tomorrow, our Chief Astrologer checks in on that, but we do suspect there are strange things afoot in the non-world of the unseen…the quantum realm.

Bates House Adventures?

Can it really be?  The late word from the Title Company was that the house WILL close today for Mrs. and Mrs. Bates.

He wrote them a confirmation that went something like this:

We’ve torn down the out-house and back-filled the hole.  The extension cord out to our tent has been unplugged and returned to the shop. The  microwave and toaster are packed.  Can we camp in the front yard of our new home in case there’s any delay?”

There are many who would say “God never tests us beyond our ability to endure.”

Whether it’s because he has endured enough tests, or because Mercury is out of retrograde today, we have some to seriously admire Panama’s persistence.

Hard-headed determination is one of those high-value human qualities we seem all to anxious to snuff out here in Gomorrah II.

Write when you get rich,


25 thoughts on “Coping: (Woo-Woo) Personal Source Code, II”

  1. Might simply be the coherent LED light interacting with floaters in the eye…

    If you move your eye back and forth, do the symbols move in sync?

  2. I’ve seen one of those symbols in the 10th trial before. Like a symbol for “ground” or…one of the planets?

  3. On second thought, the 660nm wavelength sounds familiar to an old lab rat like myself. It’s the wavelength we used in enzymatic reactions to test for protein levels. Oddly, PubMed has a study where it is one of the frequencies used in light healing. Also a good frequency (according to Google) for growing plants. It does sound like a documentation on the light source, but maybe you’ve ventured beyond the Matrix.

  4. It’s silica of beryllium and aluminum it’s in the shape of a Rostrum so it can change the roster has more than one dimension to it and aggravate you have a way to call a gravimetric send you in your eye so it is able to keep shifting and thereby making different forms

    • Place magnetic over eye,. I have noticed something similar and it just started recently, I can close my eyes and see something and then when I open my eyes I can still see it,a almost like staring aT a candle flame,t hen closing eyes and still seeing it, then reopening eye and its still there briefly.
      I think your condition comes from watching computer screens all the time and your brain in your eyes are retaining the symbols of numbers and letters so that even with your eyes closed or open you are seeing them ,
      It’s sort of like having your own TV screen and you have the ability to change it reorganized all the parts this I believe is what is going to become the future they will learn how to augment our perception this will also be the future of our Communications hooray you’re breaking through you may be

    • Can you imagine being able to retain all your knowledge and thoughts when you die so that when you’re reborn into a baby and there you are like a week-old you go dang it, this is not where I wanted to be

      • This stuff is too far out there to write a novel and be successful with numbers so I would stick to something like Louis L’Amour of the Western frontier except it would be shorter of the urban survival Frontier

  5. There is something to this vision in the eyes. I see people. Faces mostly but sometimes almost the whole being. Don’t recall seeing boots, shoes or feet just the face and “costume” as most are ancient. No one I know or recognize. They stream one into another. I have never told anyone, and outside of here I will deny it as I have a professional life to consider. So thank you for sharing, I find your experiences very intriguing and look forward to reading your posts 6 days a week.

    • I have the same experience, faces of people I don’t recognize that morph from/into each other, sometimes crystal clear, others faint but still discernible…you’re not alone.

  6. The only way win the war against data happens that it will survive is like from the future where there are seven crystals that have been buried deep in the Earth that way EMP can’t penetrate and they’re not wiped out that’s the only way that your urban survival will exist other than being in paperback or something new and I believe there will be a new medium in the future it won’t B data on crystals but it will be something else it’s something more organic and that has a shield on it that keeps it from being obstructed with electrical energy because we know that flying saucers have they gave us our technology that were failed because of the lightning bolts that struck them so since then and that’s been a long time ago they have changed the structure of their saucers so that they will not be affected 5e lightning bolts or man-made lightning bolts

  7. Then we get into the far future where electricity can be disseminated stored and then thrown back out it’s like a weapon when the advanced technology is where something big electrical can come in and be stored and then sent back out to the people who sent it trying to destroy in the first place so that’s the future technology way out there

  8. the benefits of all these things I’m telling you is because one day you may not be able to take care of the property but at least you still have your mind and you’ll still be able to do what you’re doing online or just occasionally publish a novel paperback that will help the future Generations

  9. I would make a paperback book of your dream over novel I know I would like to have one I don’t like reading them digital books I like to have a paperback whenever I want to fall asleep I start reading it and it’s just that simple rather than having a digital digital is not working for me

  10. This internet or hug would be great for like punch air and you can enter sign in to gain access to all the spokes

  11. The outer ring a ring that goes around the smokes I would make gold and if someone ever attacked them that it would take them to an unknown Destiny in other words it would be random slight touch this and will take you somewhere randomly because you know a lot of people get bored it’s like being at Las Vegas she never know what’s going to come up

  12. Your description of the rotating wheel with the Runic symbols triggered a memory in my brain. I had to ponder on it for a while until I remembered the old tv show with McGyver in it. Stargate SG1. They had a big round portal thing with odd symbols that spun around and lined up to where ever they wanted to go and fight evil.

  13. In the late 1980s and early 1990s I had the opportunity to work with numerous early version light and sound machines, and brainwave biofeedback. I helped at several New Age expos held during those years.

    I would put people on a ‘sound bed’ that played music through their bodies, and put light goggles on them that either synchronized to the music, or used various frequency combinations — usually alpha-theta. (AFTER getting their statement that they had no epilepsy issues and would not sue us if they had a light-induced seizure!)

    People often had fairly intense visual and sensory experiences. It was quite common for vivid imagery to show up like a dream. It was ALSO quite common for monochromatic imagery to show up on the inside of the eyelids — NOT like a dream — but very like what you are describing.

    Common themes to the imagery on the inside of the eyelids were complex geometric shapes like mandalas or Rosetta windows(common for me), landscapes, and as one other person has mentioned here, numerous faces of people one does not know.

    I first experienced the effect when my husband was driving along a pine tree lined road in the late afternoon, and I was relaxing with my eyes closed in the passenger seat. The pulsed sunlight through the breaks in the trees caused a lovely series of complex geometries on the inside of my eyelids.

    As a side note, if the imagery/colors is in purple or blue you are producing large amounts of theta waves. Any other color and you are probably producing high amounts of alpha.

    • Hi Robin I’ve got something like that it’s called the Proteus,the advanced light sound stimulation system with the audio strobe, what the app that came with the sunglasses that looks like sunglasses but they have all these different strobe lights and then there’s also a sound system that goes with it that goes on your ears, there’s another one I have if I can find it it has to do with the to do with Biometrics when you attach it to your arm or your finger and and several of us several of us tried it out because we noticed something remarkable no because we were all guys whenever we mention the word Dolly Parton the Gizmo went crazy so that goes to show it does work Biometrics does work

  14. Sounds like the rotating thing may be a chakra.
    Red is the root chakra.
    Astronauts see the letters, when in space, aluminum magnifies the effects. NASA has info on the effect

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