You may not have noticed it – since we don’t make a “big deal” about it often, but we have a link that sends us periodic (and anonymous) news tips. We like to have a way for people to send us interesting story ideas that they wouldn’t necessarily want their names attached to.

Here’s a dandy example of a high quality “tip”:

“George, just saw a commercial on tv for the U S Army. It was a man talking about his daughter joining the Army. He says he was in the Army and knows what it was like but he knows his daughter can handle it. It shows the wall and there is a newspaper front page with headlines in giant letters VICTORY- ALIENS DEFEATED. Then is shows ESD, the earth space defense. Are they trying to tell us something?”

Yes, that’s a fine question. In order for the answer to be “Yes, they are telling us something” let’s consider what might be true that could make this kind of thing possible.

First, there would need to have been a space-based civilization somewhere that went from solar system to solar system, planting life forms, moving moons around to set up tides just so, and then there would plant some cloned animals (which we call humans) in a favorable setting (Garden of Eden).

Then, they would leave behind “watchers” and these would be the Giants (which Steve Quayle writes of as the Giants of Genesis 6).

Then there would need to be a conspiracy of latter humans who had enough of this knowledge passed down so that it became dangerous.

Then, a group of people within that power structure (let’s call it the Church) would need to seize control of all that power and hold a massive purge to get rid of as much well dispersed knowledge as possible. (See the Councils of Nicaea for how this was done. It was a two-part heist, starting with the First Council AD 225 and then the Second Council of Nicaea in AD 727.)

Next, with the Big Picture of our human genesis quite obscured, religions could flourish as a business model. As such, we started off on the path of technological revolution.

Of course, not all of the knowledge was lost.

Bits of it were encoded, as the work of has shown. In addition, there are religious studies groups in almost any community you can name where the pursuit of the Keys of Enoch and other censored out parts of the bible can be found.

In the meantime, what was left of the bible seems to be partly acurate (historically) as well as having some predictive qualities as well.

For example, on this point, one could make a very interesting discussion out of this question: Has our invention of the Internet set up the basis for a Second Tower of Babel?

Or – and this is a way cool line of inquiry – is the Bible far more predictive than we would otherwise think?

Perhaps, for example, the mass-marketing of sexual [whatevering] a fairly good echo of descriptions of Sodom and Gomorrah? It’s not the kind of thing to get into on this site, but there are a number of ways that those of such an inclination might choose to decode the world’s most widely read book…

Back to point: Then, about the only thing that would remain would be for those who cut a lot of the very good material out of the bible to actually KNOW when the return of “the planters” is due. And that, in turn, would explain why a very large Church has spent a lot of money on telescopes, astronomy, and the study of things including the southern skies.

All of which would be hopelessly bound up in current cultural stew that includes generous cuts of space aliens who come back on Independence Day and then there are the churcies who would claim to be able to “represent” free-thinkers whcn the planters come back and deals are cut about the future of humankind, or whatever you may of the old Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.”

There. One news tip dealt with.

Then It Gets Complicated

We then get into the analysis of a second – and much longer news tip:

George I saw this on Linda Moulton Howe site which is a member site, but something caught my attention which was the April 4, 1561, UFO “Battle” Over Nuremberg, Germany. Woodcut by Hans Glaserdepicted red, black, orange and blue discs, spheres, cylinders and crosses in the sky that fought each other above a large, black, stationary spear. Source: Wikipedia.It looks like they are warning us that they may return.Part 1: More Binary Code from Army Sgt. C. J. with Warning© 2016 by Linda Moulton Howe U. S. Army Sgt. C. J.’s telepathic binary download has persisted after encounter with large disc-shaped craft on June 29, 2015.This October 27, 2015, download of squares and ones begins with the word “imminent” and code for a space.”

What followed from here (in the tip submitted) looked like it might have come from the EarthFiles site..but if you’re inclined to ask these more difficult questions in life, Linda Moulton Howe’s work is really very good. I recommend (once you have a Peoplenomics subscription) that you consider her site as a second “keep up with the important news” option.

Reason is this:

News comes in a variety of “levels” if you want to think of it that way.

We have “the daily news” which is where the banal and mundane (stocks, wars, murders, crookitics and such) live. But that’s not where the really USEFUL news is.

The USEFUL comes from places like Coast To Coast AM (producer Lisa Lyon has a flair for finding interesting people doing interesting work in fascinating areas), the Linda MH website because she documents extremely well on things like cattle mutilations (which are quite real, BTW, and which do bother folks we know like our castle-owning friends up near Weston, Colorado) and various UFO sighting and abduction stories.

An other good source is George Knapp – who sits in for George Noory on Coast, some weekends. He’s got some incredible UFO and Area 51 (now up near Wendover, NV) and so forth.

The problem is that schools aren’t teaching people that the “rest of the news” is in what we don’t think of in the traditional definition of “news.”

The news that REALLY matters are things like the change in government of China that’s in place…and how an increasing number of us are starting to “see” “source code.”

Go back and read the Coping Section article from last November (Seeing Your Personal Source Code) and you can get more sense of what this military fellow may be talking about.

What didn’t seem to be in the LMH snip that was included in the “news tip” was the mechanics of how I stumbled into seeing my own “source” flowing by.

So here goes…a bit ofg additional detail if you want to look at your “own code.”

First, a word about where consciousness lives when we go to sleep.

It actually can go any number of places. Most people – when they go to sleep – transition from awake, to closing the eyes, to fade to black…and then you are in dream land.

If you want to actually see your code, it lives and is somehow connected with the optic nerve and how that is wired into the brain.

So the process to see the code (for me) went like this:

Step one: Get really sleepy and relaxed in a dark room.

Step Two: Keep looking at the back of your eyelids as you wander around “in there” and don’t go down the “tunnel to dark” where you would normally send your brain to sink into sleep.

Step Three: Look at a screen-sized light source.

In my case it was a 15 year old LCD alarm clock.

Turn this on (with only 1s showing if you’re lucky) and stare at it for 4-5 seconds.

Then release it, close your eyes and watch the retinal after burn area. At first, you will see the outline backlighting of the clock. Then it fades.

But keep watching…because shortly after that (which is a grey-shiny white that fades out) you may start to see various geometric figures go by. They will be in a different color and they will “dance” for you.

I don’t know how else to describe how to “get there” except to say I haven’t really worked on getting the method down, since it looks almost like that font in windows – Gizmos or some such.,..maybe it was Wingdings.

By the way, if you want to have some real fun and pass documents around that are a lot less likely to be read by people along the way, remember there is a real simple way to “encode” documents.

Write in English with a standard font.

Control-A to highlight all.

Change font to Wingdings or something else (Chinese or Arabic) and then send.

At the other end, your recipient simply highlights all, converts to a readable English font (like Arial or Times NR) and that’s that. Cryptology on the cheap.

Or, just do it online and share a Google Docs login, but don’t send the message…just both log in to read it online. See how clever we can all be?

Where were we?

Oh yes, second news tip sort of dealt with…but again, all comes back to control and when the planters come back to visit (*or harvest)…but it is Friday and no point being paranoid again until Monday.

Last News Tip to Report

At least for this morning…

“Induced Earthquakes Raise Chances of Damaging Shaking in 2016..Link to USGS Discussion…”

Well, I tried the link provided in the news tip and got the Lost Bison error from USGS.

The problems with predicting future events is that unless the predictions are precise enough to be actionable, they don’t serve any real purpose other than to get people worked up.

Trust me, been around a lot of “future predicters.”

People don’t get a lot of chances with me when comes to creds about future predicting.

I have been waiting for a global coastal event since 2008 and there’s been no sign of it. Likewise, asteroid impacts and collapse of the financial system seem to also be “missing in action.” And the end of the world and collapse of the Three Gorges Damn right after the Space Shuttle is forced down by sunspots? Don’t look now, but ain’t that program over and the lights still on in China?

All things will happen if you give them enough time.

I can tell you with a high chance of being right that Mount Rainer will erupt agqin!. But will it happen this year? Not likely. Give it 200,000 years, or longer and the odds go up.

People are addicted to forecasts of doom and gloom. And since we live in a world crazy enough to monetize anything, it stands to reason that doom porn purveyors will do well. Just as astrologers of old did well with gullible royalty.

There are exceptions.

There are forecasts based on trends…but even these can be misleading and maybe that has something to do why the USGS link I was sent went missing.

In the meantime, however, I personally know when SOME major quakes are coming being of a phenomena called “the earthquake tireds” that I get.

Even these, however, are barely useful. Sure, they may be worthy of a column note, but I don’t get a “location” out of it…and without that, the “tired” phenomena is of interest, but unless you put together a global network of people who are earthquake sensitives, and they all contribute results and here’s comes my old buddy ARIMA -12, does it matter?

In a word: no.

If the world was as clockwork as some would like to think, there would be a hell of a lot more millionaires around. And not from selling doom. From doing good research…and that’s what separates the Linda Moulton Howe types (great research and fine detail levels) with the run of the mill wannabes.

Life is about each of us being an adventurer and to do this, we need to develop finely tuned BS detectors to keep us on the path of truth and personal growth.

Nothing turns on my “detector” more than repeatedly wrong wild claims that are only right at about the levels predicted by randomness.

And the test of randomness?

Well, I use the stock market as a litmus paper. If you can predict that well, you will do OK financially. If you can’t, it’s all hype.

As many of our Peoplenomics subscribers would agree, we do better than most in looking to the future – the one where we make a buck or three along the way.

Write when you get rich,