Coping: With “When the World Breaks”

The first thing I want you to do this week is carve out an hour and a half from Ure busy schedule to watch a movie which you can rent off Amazon for four bucks.  “ When The World Breaks” and it features a lot of interview snips with people like Jerry Stiller and Mickey Rooney about what life was like in the 1930’s. during the (previous) Great Depression.

Times are not particularly bad…yet. 

Oh, sure, we’ve had a lot of people lose their homes, and we’ve seen a huge fraction of the US manufacturing demand shipped off to the third-worlders, but in terms of starvation driving people to steal in order to feed their families?  We’ve been spared that, but I’d add again: Only for now.

If – or when – bad times ever return, the best  few words of advice I’ve ever heard are “Look for the work that needs done.”

I’ve always been amazed by a friend of mine in the cell phone business.  He never has a single ‘job’ per se; he’s always doing something new and usually making extremely good money at it.  What’s his secret?

“I look a companies, figure out what they need to get done, and then make them an offer to do it..” he explained.

The “Man on the White Horse” theory is simple, and along the same lines.  An employer in hard times doesn’t look for an employee who will do anything.  Most companies hire to solve one problem.  All you need to do is explain how you can solve that problem, better than anyone else, and you’ve got the job 7-times out of ten.

Since there’s so much work that needs doing in the world (an inexhaustible supply, even for my own overflowing List of Stuff to Do) there’s really not much reason to be out of work.  With a few exceptions, of course:  Need to be legal to work, need to be able to do what needs doing, and some rudimentary skills in sales.  But given that short list, that’s about it.

A lot of people disagree with me on this, of course.   But I’ve seen it work, more often than not, and as we roll through what could still be a couple of difficult months ahead, just remember if you need work to keep your eye on what needs doing.  Watching that video about the (last) Depression carries an undercurrent of that the whole way through and it’s definitely worth your time.

About the Murder Cycle, DNA/Telomere Weapons

Long-time reader says our “murder cycle” work may not have been far off:

Hello again, George!

You were right about your Oct 8 event:

Well, likely NOT, since there’d be something of a telltale from such events, but like yesterday’s mention of Dr. Bill What’s-his-name’s article about DNA/nano weapons being dispersed into the environment, seems to me that there’s some of “odd harmony” out and about.

Reader Rob read that Peoplenomics report, and sent in this:

Good Morning George,

Sitting here at an RV place in Fort Worth, went to Dallas yesterday and saw ‘where’ they took out Kennedy & replaced him with a politician who understood how business works almost 50 years ago.

Follow The Money, it was as true 50 years ago as it is today.

I was thinking about your kill-switch rumor. 307 million + dead bodies in a moment, what a mess and what a vacuum to be filled!

Actually the story was been done many years ago, “Earth Abides” by George R. Stewart, of course that was the whole world…

As a directional switch it would be great for dealing with protesters, other than the mess.

Enjoy your Sunday George!

I did, thanks! 

If you give a rip (or crosscut):  I built a couple of book cases out in the shop…Just me, some poplar boards, the 3/4” router bit, the saws, sanders….lovely way to work of stress and come up with my own furniture.  Tools for fools can turn out jewels…given enough time and board feet.  Kinda like the monkeys and the typewriters and Shakespeare.

Lice Note

Reader Sherlyn takes me to task…

I was a child in the fifties and we NEVER had lice.  My family lived an older type lifestyle even though we were in a city.  Mom washed laundry in the garage with a wringer washer and all items went outdoors to the back yard clothes lines.  My aunts and uncles families who still lived on the farm with an even more primitive lifestyle of no running water or sewer (hand pumps and outhouses) also never had lice.  Outdoor air and sunshine actually have a sanitizing effect such that every spring and fall our mattresses spent an entire day outdoors elevated on saw horses (turned once for even sun exposure).  Sleeping that night on the freshly aired mattress was heavenly.  Lice come from filth or infected people not from outdoor air and sunshine.

And my buddy JC chimed in with:

Along with Lice, remember Mites. This takes care of both. Nothing quite like a mite invasion!

Having a bottle will come in handy. Active ingredient Permethrin, available at any good farm supply store.

I’d schedule a half-hour to read the directions on it very carefully, if you don’t want your pechewzelwhacker to fall off, or something…

(Somehow this morning’s report has gotten a kind of Hunter S. Thompson undertone to it…no idea where it came from.  I should be delirious at how much money I’ll make on today’s market decline…hmmm…oh well…wait!  Here’s a mood changer: )

Monday at the WuJo – It’s LOVE

You’ll love this one:

Dear George,

I have experienced so many Wujo and deja vu moments (or glitches in the Matrix) that it doesn’t freak me out any longer.  Keys are usually the worst.  Emptied my purse (aka The Black Hole) looking for keys and five days later they mysteriously appeared in the purse.  One time I passed an old rickety bus with distinctive stickers that proclaimed a profound love for Jesus and Jessica, the wife of the bus driver.  Thirty miles later, it was in front of me and I hadn’t stopped.

Something happened Wednesday night/Thursday morning (9th and 10th of October – the same time Elaine experienced her glitch in the matrix) that had me on edge the next day.  I dreamt the entire day before as it happened save for a few minor details that blurred reality and the dreamstate.  In my dream, I had a conversation with a Nicaraguan hotel owner who commented upon my attire – a pretty silk skirt and beautiful jewelry (my boyfriend calls me his shamaness) and that it was an interesting choice for the jungle environment.  I had met the owner the day before and I was sure that we hadn’t had that particular conversation (perhaps he was thinking it and I picked up on it psychically?), which was one of the clues that I had dreamt the previous day’s events with a few changes.  

As Thursday wore on, I had several deja vu moments, as if my dream had fast forwarded to include Thursday’s events as well and I was re-experiencing the future.  

Thursday evening I was sitting on the bed/couch boyfriend cook and I started to cry without knowing why.  He kissed me and I started to sob because in my dreamstate, I blurted out, “I love you,” and he revealed he didn’t feel as strong and wasn’t ready for anything that involved me in his long-term future.

I was sure that we actually had that conversation and I had tried to push it out of my memory banks.  I kept telling myself it was a dream, but at one point it felt so real and I felt so foolish for being there.  My boyfriend held me as I blurted out through deep, snotty sobs how much I love him and want and need him in my life for as long as I live and how foolish I had been thinking he wanted the same.  He told me repeatedly it was only a dream, but he didn’t say I love you at that moment.  I had never felt so exposed and vulnerable.  “I am so stupid,” I said to myself as I rushed out the door.  

A few minutes later he found me and said that he had to stop himself from saying the magic words on many occasions because he was scared.  He kissed me and then said a proper “I love you” and all is beautiful and joyous.  It was the Wujo moment that made it happen.  Without the dream/Wujo combination, I could have waited a few more torturous months before I had verbal confirmation of the connection we share in our hearts.  

with peace, love, abundance and gratitude –


Cool….some something was set right! 

As long as I’m lining up your TV watching, if you haven’t seen The Adjustment Bureau its’ worth the $3-bucks to stream it because it really seems like the many worlds interpretation is closer than we think.

And speaking about all the Wujo about middle of last week, some follow up on Elaine’s odd sore on the inside of her lip the day after her teleport experience Wednesday…

Remember our other reader (this make four of us who “caught” the edge of something last week):

Hey George,

This is getting weird.  You mentioned the sore on the inside of Elaine’s lip – I have one too.  Like it was bitten, I have to put balm on it.  When I feel it with my tongue, I can feel a bump inside the lip like it is slightly swollen.  This is located on the lower lip just (to my) right of center.  I cannot recall if I started noticing it around the wujo moment Wednesday night, but I certainly noticed it Thursday morning.  Already getting better but tender.


Elaine sent him a note back, and she is still uncomfortable talking about it…so weird were things.

And I’m still wondering how the magneto switch on the plane moved on  its own…but off we go into another day, past lumps in time-space fading into the rearview mirror of morning…still, I look forward to another such thing, except not while flying McAirplane, if you please,,,

Sim Thinks

One note on our discussion Friday about Life being a simulation inside which layers of consciousness are being reordered now with some many people moving into electronic/processor space:


Your wujo column about the Sims was so uncanny to me today. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been walking around with a very similar thought in my head after watching an episode of Through the Wormhole.  The episode was about life extension and how humans could eventually upload themselves into a virtual world.  When they explained this, I instantly thought that maybe we’ve already done this. Maybe we are uploaded and our physical brains or something are in the “real world” where we wake up to when we die and then come back to this world as someone else. Reincarnation essentially. And all of the miracles and super natural things we see here would be explainable by some code written into this virtual world so that the real worlders could interfere without drawing attention to themselves.  This has had me freaked out since I had the thought. 

And since we are close to this type of uploading technology, who knows how many times we may have done this. Maybe we are sims within sims within sims!

Finally, I also had the scary thought that what if there are no “real worlders” and everyone is in this virtual world, and we are in a box or computer of sorts and what if beings/aliens in the real world got hold of it? Yikes.

Lots of think about.

Yeah, but not time.  It’s getting near time to upload your lard-butt into work and we can pick up tomorrow and see what comes next.

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure your seat belts are tight and return your tray tables and seat backs to their upright and locked positions… It’s time to roll on Monday.  The local time is too effing early and you may claim your baggage at carousel 21.

For our Passengers continuing on with us to Tuesday, you may remain seated until takeoff which will be about this time tomorrow.,.or you can deplane and and leave your mouse on your seat to indicate its occupied.

Write when you break even…