Is the NY Times turning over a new leaf?

I was surprised this morning to see the headline “G.O.P. Health Plan would sub Mandate for Incentives” in the left column.  What’s this?  No slam in the headline?  What’s going on here?

In the middle column, even more surprising:  Some much so I dropped my ViseGrips.   “Rumblings of a ‘Deep State’ Undermining Trump? It Was Once a Foreign Concept.”

Oh, sure, there was the usual hand-wringing about how “immigrants” (really illegal aliens under 18 U.S. Code) have been streaming through an upstate NY town on their way to Canada.

Canada is welcome to them.  As we have said (seems like thousands of times) we have no quarrel with LEGAL immigration.  But illegal aliens?  Unvetted leftovers from the Clinton/Obama wars?  Er…no, thank you.

Back to point: The NY Times mention of the “deep state” which we’ve been ranting about for months, also calling it the ‘shadow government’ comes at a time when – as we suggested earlier – the Trump White House may be considering a head-on legal attack if they are as smart as I think they are.

The gathering together of Obamalutionaries at Obama’s new D.C. digs is unheard of  among previous presidential departures.  Neither of the Bushes, not even Slick Willie, Jimmy Carter, or…well, you know the list – stayed in town.  They all went home and bit their tongues.  Gracious and stylish to a man. 

Until now.

Where stories like this “Deep State” discussion capture my fancy is when we ponder where so many of the Trump LEAKS have come from.  Hmmm…which papers have received secret documents, do you think?

America has four “papers of record.”  NY Times, the WaPo, the Chicago Trib, and the LaLa Times.

As I pointed out in the column Monday, leaking federal documents – and surveillance of Trump by the Obama regime – is not the American version of “fair play.”  Some of it is likely felonious,, to boot.

While the NY Times isn’t yet going after Obama (or any of those “arm’s length operatives), we know that other media ran with stories like this one from back in October where an alleged  Ob-perative was cast in a planning violence role as…

“The political consulting firm Democracy Partners is at the center of the Project Veritas investigation exposing Democrat operatives instigating violence at Trump rallies and plotting potential voter fraud.”

Where’s the grand jury? Is inciting and trampling free speech OK now?  I missed that memo. 

Given that Obama’s seemingly orchestrating things as he plays his pronunciamiento role, the Times discussing “Deep State” even as a ‘theory’ becomes very interesting to watch.

Could it be that if there’s a whiff of smoke in the Times, there’s a building on fire somewhere?

Especially, as the Trump administration begins to clean out Obama holdovers, with the always present possibility of legal action aimed squarely at the would-be revolutionary government.  That would be in addition to the pending  congressional probe gearing up.  Bet me Obamas abuse of the FISA Court isn’t alleged.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, optimist that I am, but major media becoming more centrist in their coverage is long overdue.  And it’s nice to see something other that pro-Clinton, pro-Obama, anti-Trump news drifting into the Times left-hand column again.

Maybe they watched the Mark Levin video, no telling.

Or could it be the water level in the swamp has just come down the tiniest little  a bit?

Around the Ranch

Enough of all this seriousness for a moment. We need to keep up our friendly demeanor and have coffee and learn not to get distracted by the disaster in process called “filling up the news.”

All that excess channel capacity and too many trees has watered down the stuff that matters to the point where you really have to look for Truth these days.

As I’ve explained before, there is not really that much that goes on that is genuinely “news.” We know the FISA Court was asked twice to spy on Trump, so no, he didn’t lie.

And we know the Left is going through histrionics because Trump has not sprouted horns yet…but you just wait..  Uh-huh.  But Life goes on.

Signs of Spring

Out here in the East Texas Outback, we can tell that Spring is almost here.

One of my best indicators is how often Elaine changes clothes.

You see if it’s going to be cold (we got down to 14F one night this winter) Elaine will crawl grudgingly out of her flannels and into several layers and a jacket – even though the house is warmed to a toasty 75, or so.

When Spring shows up, though, she’s good for three or four fashion shows per day.

Monday was cool enough for flannels. By breakfast we was into fuzzy pants and a sweatshirt. A top change before lunch…

Then – as the thermometer swung through 80 – on its was to 82, she took it to shorts and a lightweight top.You can, I trust, understand why – at this rate – I pray for days over 100.

Pain in the Back

Speaking of 100, I feel about that old this morning. No problems with the back until about four weeks ago. Then, while I was bush hogging the south 16, I took some pretty solid hits that jarred the back pretty good.

Then, I maybe should have accepted my neighbor Coy’s offer of help because getting the old water-heater down the stairs.  Back didn’t like that, but I figured Coy didn’t deserve a back ache, so his generous offer of help was declined.  No point of having two players injured, know what I mean?

I may be one of the few men in East Texas (besides Coy & Billy) who’s got a water heater that weighs more than his wife.

Museum Plans Announced

Now that we have collected two water heaters waiting for a trip to the dump, I spent some time Monday penciling out designs for the East Texas Water Heater Museum.

While two water heaters isn’t much, we’ve been thinking about another wing for the museum where we could display broken refrigerators and maybe a third could house rusty remains of broken pickup trucks.  Out back a collection of abandoned deer stands might be interesting, too.

The appeal of the museum is deliberately limited. We would never be bothered by pushy northerners, I reckon. The “Open Carry is Fine” signs would put most of them off, anyway. Appreciation of our museum would likely be a regional thing.

Texas Mister Gardener Program

That water heater drip pan, that ended up not fitting, was placed in service in the greenhouse as a seed bed.

I’d found a few dozen packages of seeds so I just threw ’em in and I’ve been watering regularly.

The one thing I didn’t do was label what went where.

This troubled me greatly for a couple of days until it dawned on me that it doesn’t really matter.

You don’t REALLY need to know what the plants are until they are transplanted and grow up.  When they eventually get big enough to eat, even Mister Gardener and generally tell a cauliflower from a cabbage..

This being the case, a laughed for a good half=hour about the joke on lesser farmers and in-city wannabes.  Understand there is a whole CULT of plant labelers out there.  They even has special markers and such.

When the laughter died down, I wiped the tears from my eyes sobered by the fact that Western Reductionism has invented a crazy industry like this Plant Markers vertical.

Elaine smiled and muttered something about “See how this kind of robo-behavior led to social media?”

On the other hand, if the crop of unknowns die enroute to transplanting (some day) I won’t be emotionally attached to, oh, a carefully labeled broccoli plant for example.

That gardeners have been so hoaxed really began to bother me.  If I could psych myself into a teary-eyed state about this, maybe I could land an anchor slot on MSNBC.

Another hour passed with me in this vegetative state. I need to keep working on my addiction to Reductionist thought.

Elaine’s Health Note

Here’s something I never considered before E brought it up over breakfast.

She was watching a documentary about the stomach-brain connection (gut feelings and what-not) and it seems science is beginning to wonder about all these probiotics people are taking.

I tried them for a while, didn’t see any change (my IQ remained right around Monday’s high temp) so I saved the money and gave it to my favorite charity (me).

Elaine says that science isn’t sure what all the effects of probiotics will be over time. She still manages to look like a million bucks, but she’d going to do some experimenting with de-probioticing (if that’s a word) anyway.

I’m told her that my idea of probiotics is to drink at least six different brands of beer each day. Each from a different country would offer a different yeast.

I had previously established that if I toss down an occasional Corona, it helps my Spanish lessons, too.

E points out there is a link between probiotics and how people think. Does this have something to do with why so many people are crazy?


My money is still on cell phones. I can’t imagine microwaving your brain can be good, but that’s just too damn obvious.

It was said (years back) that some of the longest-living people in the world were from Ukraine and points east. High fiber diets with lots of yogurt and sour cream. But they didn’t take pills…so Elaine’s no doubt onto something with the the natural approach.

And thus ends this morning’s report from West of the Mississippi.

\Write when you get rich,