Coping: With that Low-Motion War With Mexico

This is one of those stories which the wishy-washy, paid for, corporatized mainstream media has been failing to context for more than 40 years.  I won’t live long enough to see its end, but here’s a progress report on where we are – and more importantly – where we are going.

Not to step into a politically sensitive area, but has it occurred to anyone other than Ures truly, that Mexico is at war with the US and we are just too damn blind to see it?  This is a slow-motion war and therefore invisible.

Even more interesting is that Mexico is too smart to declare it.  And 99% of America is too lazy to see the role that narcodollars have (and will continue) to play in how American elections turn out.  They’re purchased, highest bidder, just to be clear on that nit.

Let’s begin with the definition, simplest terms, of what war is:

“…a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.”

Next we put on our thinking caps, because  most people consider “war” in a traditional sense; they think about AK-47s, a few crates of RPGs, and other conventionally “armed” forces.  Toss in a tank and some fighters, too, would you?

While Mexico has, in fact, been engaged in specifically this kind of armed conflict with the US it has been via population displacement and the drug cartels.  Hence, it, is true that we live in a world where “economic warfare” is just as nominally “real” or am I the only one that noticed how Russia just played the West in Ukraine’s former Crimea?  Thought about California as an analog? 

In that instance, the Russian version of our Mexico war, doctrine was to infiltrate a Russian population into the Crimea, where – over time – they became the majority.  Again, consider the US border states.

Now, I would further ask you to look very closely at the demographics of the border states, particularly California and Arizona, when illegal alien dumping and leaky borders are just an everyday fact of life.  We have a “tolerance policy” and I have never seen a good tolerance policy of any sort, but then I’m only 65 nowadays.  Maybe some day, but this ain’t it.

Obviously, the people who make policy decisions in Washington are heavily conflicted (although some say they are just out to destroy America as we knew it, as a top agenda item).  I don’t credit them as being that smart.  Still….

Conflicted in the sense that we all know that Social Security is running out of money sometime around 2040 (the last date I heard) but with any luck, and maybe if I lose 30 pounds, I will be around to be facing that financial problem.

It’s obvious to anyone with a lick of sense (which is about all I can accord an  ex-Chicago neighborhood organizer) that we need some people with incomes and an upwardly mobile lower class, all struggling and paying taxes to fund the government and Social Security system.

Germany is going great guns in Europe because Labor has a say on corporate boards of directors, so the middle class gets its bite.  But not in ‘Merica.  Here, the bite is given only to the shareholders.  The result is a hollowed out (and stupid, frankly) middle class that is uninvolved in preserving or building our country.


Your memory may be faulting (what this being Monday and all) but if you look back to September of last year, CNN was reporting what?  “Baby bust:  U.S. Births at record low.”

In this story, we read how the birth rate (2012) was down to 63 births per 1,000 capable women.  But just so’s to do apples to apples, that was a (2012)  birth rate per thousand (both sexes, genpop) of  13.68.

MEXICO, on the other hand, same source, comes in at 18.87 per thousand in 2012 – basis their genpop.

So the Mexican proclivity to reproduce is 1.37 times what the US rate is in an even analysis. Religions have used demographics an instrument of mass marketing seems like forever.

Another thing that is feeding into the US losing the “sex war” is that coupling (with other than an offspring producer) is becoming more acceptable.  Fine, but that just digs a deeper hole for Social Security.  No kids, means no fresh payers on the early end of the curve.

This does get us to wondering if the reason why so many older people are anti-gay – Is it really on moral/religious grounds, or whether at some subliminal level, they have already run the numbers and have figured that “childless unions are an economic issue” that they already have skin in the game with:  They need kids to earn and pay into Social Security, or benefits (and their standard of living) with be collapsing in a heap.

Mexican immigration steps into that breech.  But no one runs the numbers and gives straight scoop.

From a revenue standpoint, and from a Social Security Payments perspective (not to mention housing, schooling, and scads of social services perspective),  you know the influx from Mexico makes sense, right?

Oh, and as if this isn’t enough, this latest round of bullshit (*dumping illegals in Arizona) no doubt has more to do with politics, but also a lot to do with budgets.

Shooting at the border being passé since the Mexican-American war, instead of rounding up and marching illegals back across a fenced border, we haven’t figured out how to build a fence.  Maybe people who live in Chicago can’t understand how they work, I simply don’t know – wouldn’t have thought it to be that complex an issue, but there you have the facts.

Plus there are already an estimate 11-million Mexican citizens in the U.S. and they are quickly becoming a major political force.  Some estimates are north of 20 million.

No, I am not Hispaphobic, or whatever you want to call it, Latiphobe? But Mexico does not provide schools for English speakers if you head the other way across the border, and no, they don’t issue drivers licenses and hand out tax money.  They’re not as stupid as we are.  Could it be Mexican accounting is more solid than our Big Six?

People migrate for economic reasons.  The Obama administration is making up rules on the fly and if that pisses off a republican governor (Jan Brewer) they so far have not seen the Arizona police forces called out to “send ‘em back to Texas.”

It’s all a terrible rhyme off how Russia played the Crimea, except the Crimean state took a couple of hundred years to get done, yet Reconquista is happening before our eyes.

Not all countries “play nice” when it comes to war.  Unstated is Mexico’s citizenry knows that each human has an economic value.  And when it becomes profitable for foreign persons to move from one country to another, they tend to do so.

Not all countries play the game, however. 

As a thinking point, how do you think Israel would deal with the Mexico crisis?  Would they have thrown open the gates, absent a clear game plan from the Knesset?  No.

Instead, they would push back, and hard.  They would have taken the whole Baja Peninsula in a Six Days war,  and there would be settlements on the outskirts of Mexico City.  I don’t know whether Border Patrol would have used white phosphorous, or not, but you get the idea:  Israel would not have stood for it if they bordered Mexico, not even for an instant.

Israel, unlike the US, however, has a much stronger sense of national unity and because of that, they immediately grok when their tribe is being attacked by another.  Thousands of years of history mean something. 

That’s not happening here because we are too diverse, too politically correct, we’ve painted ourselves into an economic corner, and frankly, we just too eff’ing stupid to figure out alternatives and make them law.

Toss in an imperial president, a lack of a fence, small arms fire, and criminals being dumped into the US and you have a recipe for failure.

I may, or may not live long enough to see the history books and Wikipedia rewritten.  But this part of this Wiki entry is only correct, so far as it went:

Combat operations lasted a year and a half, from the spring of 1846 to the fall of 1847. American forces quickly occupied New Mexico and California, then invaded parts of Northeastern Mexico and Northwest Mexico; meanwhile, the Pacific Squadron conducted a blockade, and took control of several garrisons on the Pacific coast further south in Baja California. Another American army captured Mexico City, and the war ended in a victory for the United States.

The corrected entry (circa 2050) will be something like this:

The 2050 Addendum:

Following the war, Mexico engaged in a guerilla war with the US, infiltrating up to 20-million partisans into the country over a 150-year period. Toward the later portion of the guerilla period, small to medium arms were used against Mexican forces who fought under the banner “Cartel” while others fought for the “Coyote” division.

The war’s outcome in a Mexican victory, became inevitable when the US was not willing to do actual field work and therefore could not exist without immigrant labor which Mexico provided, even though not conscious at the time of the larger economic war being in play.  This dated from the 1930’s and served to cap farm profitability, allowing a major US preoccupation with technology.

In addition, at the great tipping point in the slow-motion war, then president Obama and others were forced to acknowledge that immigration fallout would become a major source of employment since robotics, 3D printing, and factor automation (and Driverless Vehicles) had left more than 20% of Americans unemployed.  The economic conflict demanded high taxes and employed an estimated 15-million workers in various law enforcement, social services, and ESL teaching positions by 2030.

The Partnership for Profits  with Mexico initiative of president Clinton was seen as another horrific tactical error on the dwindling NUSA side.

At the end of the period, the Mexican population in the US (MexPUS) simply out populated the formerly Anglo descendant background majority and voted themselves into power. 

This is the same technique that has now (this is 2050, remember) the Muslim population in Europe finally took over the EU  by out-populating the indigenous (white) population.

In recent negotiation with Greater Mexico, the Perez-Dixon Line has not been moved to southern New York, and now encompasses the New United States in a band of Anglo holdouts, formerly called the Northern Tier States.

Idaho, and Washington, as expected to leave the NUSA shortly, however, as China has enjoyed majority land ownership including all national parks in the region, in a secret deal which collateralized them in order to convince China to buy US Treasury securities prior to the Crash of 2016.

I know this seems preposterous, but look at the data and you’ll see the flow of history at work.

It’s not my role to be a partisan in all this. And, if you don’t see it for what it is yet, and you don’t understand why the word “reconquista” ought to be a terrorism watch word, then you’re simply not paying attention.  Leadership has become the art of fighting wrong wars, as anyone who has studied narcodollars from Afghanistan’s poppy production knows.  It’s tantamount to revolution-speak in a very Crimean sort of way.

As your morning refresher course, a ton has been written about low intensity conflict and a lot of it was embodied in the US Army’s FM-0, and Appendices which may be found online here.

While initially written as an ‘outward’ document (force projection) it is very usefully studied as a thinking framework for the reciprocal case,  for protection of the homeland.  (Notice how military turnover is high, lately?  Don’t want too many people connecting the dots, perhaps?)

This is America’s version of the Crimea, except instead of Russia (pushing out) we are (shrinking in) as a response.

It’s a WTF and a hearty “How stupid are our leaders, anyway?” kind of question.  But the leaders are simply a reflection of the electorate.

I’m advising my kids to become multilingual in Spanish and Chinese.  One way, or the other, I figure they’ll need it by 2050.

Many more notes, but time’s up, so ya’ll come back tomorrow….and write when you break even.