Coping: With Rattlesnakes

Fact is, most of the U.S. has them.

N o, I don’t mean the politicians…although they are full of venom this time of year…

One of the cool things about being in the Pacific Northwest, however briefly, is we don’t have to look down and move things around with a rake first to ensure we don’t get bit.

While it has been hot back home, the snakes are probably getting on fine.  They slither up in trees when it gets too hot.

There is a useful map, over here, and some background on how Washington has been found rattler-free, at least on  the Western side of the state.

If you happen to wonder where the rattlers are in Oregon, check out this page.

When I was a kid, and going over to Eastern Washington for a few weeks in the summer to do farm work for friends (like I was a help, right?) we all carried a snake bite kit.

They aren’t expensive, so if you are planning to get unleashed from your electronic dog collars and get into the real land under America for a while, you might pick up a kit.

Minimally, a Coghlans Snake Bite Kit by Coghlans sets you back about $6-bucks per hiker.  Basically as yuou need is a razor blade and a sucker device.

A little more upscale is the 21 pcs Extraction Pump Kit for Bite and Sting which is about $13 bucks and looks like a better extractor.  But the trade-off is size and weight on the trail.

Anyway, since we don’t have one (or three) of these in our car kit, I feel like an idiot.  A pocket knife and a friend (or spouse) works – at least in the movies.  But it may depend on how your spouse reacts to requests that you…oh, it’s too early for that…

Speaking of Gadgets

What costs $400 bucks and can cut your air conditioning cooling costs by a bundle?

Why, it’s the Mistbox Saves you up to 30% or more on your cooling cost.

The idea is really simple:  When your return line from  your air handler comes back outside to the air conditioning unit, it needs to get rid of heat. 

So this KickStarter product plugs into a hose (calcium filter recommended) and when your A/C unit is running, it puts a fine mist into the A/C unit.

Takes about 5-minutes to install and drops the cost of cooling a good bit.  There are some other approaches, too, if you want to cobble a bit – like this over at Instructables.

Read the Amazon reviews – since there may be issues with dissolved solids.  Still, looked really cool, so I wanted to pass it along…

Right on Schedule

There we were with the in-laws having dinner last night and Ures truly brought up some (but not all) of his encounters with high strangeness afoot in the world.

The mainly-normal people I was talking with didn’t know about the discovery of Self-Defining Hebrew and how when you read an “error-corrected” version of the bible, it paints a picture of Earth being deliberately “planted.”  That and more on the website.

Then it turns out they hadn’t realized that mysterious remains of giants had purportedly been found in the Grand Canyon area.

Toss in Steve Quayle’s work on the Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations  (there is also Volume II)…and I’m sure they thought I ought to be boxed up and put away.

And that was even before I got into the stories that the continent of Atlantis might be under the Antarctic icecap and how the world may slip its skin once in a while per the work of Charles Hapgood, who even Albert Einstein found convincing.  Hapgood is the father of crustal shift work.

As usual – at least for me – in pops something from my “I-Ching Inbox” this morning that helps the case a bit.

Word of yet another branch of lost humans being found…with some intriguing questions about DNA evidence.,..

Worth a read…at least among nut jobs like me.


Short and to the point this week…

Write when you get rich,

18 thoughts on “Coping: With Rattlesnakes”

  1. George, there’s a bit of controversy over the effectiveness of the cut and suck snake bite treatment, at least in regards to the deep penetration fang bites. Have Zeus read up on mongooses (mongeese?).

  2. Well at least the dinner table in the Ure house is never boring !! I would side with you being an excellent dinner guest to enlighten the evening. If you could elicit no intelligible response from the attendees, perhaps more wine is in order, or a quip about ” I will leave you to briefly reflect upon this ” !!

  3. In spite of the controversy on the topic there is evidence that high voltage, low amperage electric shock does work on cytotoxic venom. I have successfully used it on scorpion and bee stings(multiple stings). A stun gun also has more than one use…

  4. George ,
    glad to see your table conversations can raise the “nutso” flag just like wjen we try to talk about those things to certain un-informed people, I find it very interesting how much of our past has been altered to suit the (so called leaders) agenda for population control.

  5. Here in Ky we have copperheads and rattlers. My vet for 30yrs. uses DMSO vet strength, with no necrosis even in rattlesnake bites. Wish he would take human patients.

  6. Be sure to listen to last night’s Coast to Coast show. Stan Deyo was on talking about finding Atlantis. A female caller who claimed to be “Earth sensitive” with physical symptoms before quakes, is sick right now. She lives in eastern Washington and is concerned that it might be the “big one” for Seattle. Stan says it is only a matter of time for a 9.5 or greater in the ocean just west of the city. You sure picked a great time to be up there. Stay safe so you can report back if the cork pops.

  7. I’d be more interested in being able to harvest the water coming off of the air conditioning unit, though would have to have stainless steel tubing instead of aluminum.

  8. Hi George,

    Applying a terminals of a 9 volt battery to a snake bite, bee sting, spider bite, etc works quite well. Skin needs to be wet so the micro current can traverse the affected area. Water or spit will work. Can always borrow a 9 volt battery from a smoke detector if needed.

    For snake bites and if a person is allergic to bee/wasp stings best to apply as one is on the way to the ER. Not sure if it will work for all snake bite. Works on rattlers from what an Arizona doctor told my father.

    Apparently in South American, if a black mamba gets you, your dead unless your buddies can haul you back to the boat (and out board motor) to run a charge through you. That said I have heard horror stories about guys using a car battery (NOT GOOD) in the attempt to do the same. Has to be micro current.

    Snake bite kits where it’s recommended to cut the skin to suck out the venom isn’t not recommend by the medical community. I hope a ER MD or an MD with a wilderness medicine can chime in on the subject.

    As to how long to apply a 9 volt battery to affected area, I believe, is unknown. I am unaware of any studies on the subject. But in treating personal spider and mosquitos bites probably a minute or less, that said…I am not an MD (retired RN) and am just providing education on the topic and would recommend people to do their own research. Asking one’s MD about the use of using a 9 volt battery will probably not get you very far.

    But it works, and quite well too I might add.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    • the idea about using current came from a bug guy in south america who did get bit by a black mamba but walked back to his suv and pulled the coil wire off the motor and trun the ig on then used the current to zip his bit in all around the holes,it killed the poison and saved his life ,this happen twenty years ago or so.he was look for a treatment for the poison dart frog or something like that.

  9. Rattlesnakes are part of being outdoors. Its’ more about paying attention to where one places his or her hands and feet. I have hiked all over the Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington for ten plus years and saw plenty of rattlesnakes. If I left them alone they left me alone. I remember one morning I woke some tent campers up and informed them that there was a rattlesnake den not ten feet from their camp site. And there were plenty of snakes around. They may have had to clean their sleeping bags and underwear, but no one one got bit. In the thirty years I worked in the resource field, neither I or anyone I ever worked with carried a snake bite kit. We just paid attention to where we were, which is what I do today.

  10. snakes: theres no older form of medicine than ancient TCM, Traditional Chinsense Medicine and they used snake venom for treatment of cardiac blockage/arrest and it worked like a charm; opened up those blood vessels like ‘magic’. Too bad it works so good and the save the animals adn FDA drug mafia wont allow it to be used here. no side effects either. obviously, venom used in very small amounts, it is useful. snake venom kills by dilating blood vessels beyond the bodies ability to cope, but when you have cardial infarction, then …..genius’ those chinese!! lol!

  11. “The mainly-normal people I was talking with didn’t know about the discovery of Self-Defining Hebrew and how when you read an ‘error-corrected’ version of the bible, it paints a picture of Earth being deliberately ‘planted.'”

    Glad to see it mentioned again, George. Of all the new subjects you’ve shared in your columns I’ve read over the years, SDH and the work that Chris & team have done have been the most revelatory and groundbreaking.

    I encourage regular UrbanSurvival readers who haven’t checked out yet to do so. Tyreman’s books are also good, and a bit easier to digest. I’ve been wishing for a robust introduction to SDH and its revelations (to make it easier to share with loved ones), but it isn’t coming to the website any time soon.
    Still, though the depth of content makes it a bit of a rabbit hole to go down, as usual with rabbit holes: the journey is very enlightening discovery – particularly for those ‘with eyes to see & ears to hear.’

  12. George, here’s a question for the ages: Why does no one consider the possibility that Atlantis was what is now called Earth, in other words, the entire planet?! A global tectonic catastrophe could have set things so far back that no record of such a grandiose civilization exists in present day. Just a bit of thought-jerky (as in to chew on) for the future. We humans never fail to repeat our mistakes.

  13. Unless your several hours away from medical treatment leave the cut and suck things alone and throw ice on the bite area then haul ass to a hospital. If you do find yourself a long way from help or are unable to get anywhere hopefully whoever is slicing and sucking has some surgical training.

    • W@en I was 7 years old I was bit by a rattler first thing done was cut a x over each hole then squeezing and sucking on it with my buddies mouth, took off for town ended up in Denver general hospital with a snake bite and Blood poisoning from the knife cut. Bad decision ( still have small holes in my arm from the toxin and poisioning)

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