Fact is, most of the U.S. has them.

N o, I don’t mean the politicians…although they are full of venom this time of year…

One of the cool things about being in the Pacific Northwest, however briefly, is we don’t have to look down and move things around with a rake first to ensure we don’t get bit.

While it has been hot back home, the snakes are probably getting on fine.  They slither up in trees when it gets too hot.

There is a useful map, over here, and some background on how Washington has been found rattler-free, at least on  the Western side of the state.

If you happen to wonder where the rattlers are in Oregon, check out this page.

When I was a kid, and going over to Eastern Washington for a few weeks in the summer to do farm work for friends (like I was a help, right?) we all carried a snake bite kit.

They aren’t expensive, so if you are planning to get unleashed from your electronic dog collars and get into the real land under America for a while, you might pick up a kit.

Minimally, a Coghlans Snake Bite Kit by Coghlans sets you back about $6-bucks per hiker.  Basically as yuou need is a razor blade and a sucker device.

A little more upscale is the 21 pcs Extraction Pump Kit for Bite and Sting which is about $13 bucks and looks like a better extractor.  But the trade-off is size and weight on the trail.

Anyway, since we don’t have one (or three) of these in our car kit, I feel like an idiot.  A pocket knife and a friend (or spouse) works – at least in the movies.  But it may depend on how your spouse reacts to requests that you…oh, it’s too early for that…

Speaking of Gadgets

What costs $400 bucks and can cut your air conditioning cooling costs by a bundle?

Why, it’s the Mistbox Saves you up to 30% or more on your cooling cost.

The idea is really simple:  When your return line from  your air handler comes back outside to the air conditioning unit, it needs to get rid of heat. 

So this KickStarter product plugs into a hose (calcium filter recommended) and when your A/C unit is running, it puts a fine mist into the A/C unit.

Takes about 5-minutes to install and drops the cost of cooling a good bit.  There are some other approaches, too, if you want to cobble a bit – like this over at Instructables.

Read the Amazon reviews – since there may be issues with dissolved solids.  Still, looked really cool, so I wanted to pass it along…

Right on Schedule

There we were with the in-laws having dinner last night and Ures truly brought up some (but not all) of his encounters with high strangeness afoot in the world.

The mainly-normal people I was talking with didn’t know about the discovery of Self-Defining Hebrew and how when you read an “error-corrected” version of the bible, it paints a picture of Earth being deliberately “planted.”  That and more on the www.thechronicleproject.org website.

Then it turns out they hadn’t realized that mysterious remains of giants had purportedly been found in the Grand Canyon area.

Toss in Steve Quayle’s work on the Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations  (there is also Volume II)…and I’m sure they thought I ought to be boxed up and put away.

And that was even before I got into the stories that the continent of Atlantis might be under the Antarctic icecap and how the world may slip its skin once in a while per the work of Charles Hapgood, who even Albert Einstein found convincing.  Hapgood is the father of crustal shift work.

As usual – at least for me – in pops something from my “I-Ching Inbox” this morning that helps the case a bit.

Word of yet another branch of lost humans being found…with some intriguing questions about DNA evidence.,..

Worth a read…at least among nut jobs like me.


Short and to the point this week…

Write when you get rich,