imageYeah, I know:  Holiday morning and what the hell is George doing up writing a column?

Well, lemme see:  Elaine got up for a snack, the cat wanted in, it was cold and I was wondering if it snowed.

Since I was up, I made a pot of coffee and spied a dandy picture from SoCal sent in by our friend Jeffrey out there. 

Yee-gads!  Snow down to the what level?

“In a rare event, snow fell on the local mountains here in Orange County. A picture is attached. Apparently, the snow level went all the way down to 2000 feet. The mountains in this picture are no higher than 4500 feet. “

And that touched off another fit of memories and day-dreaming about driving through the Angeles National Forest, as we often did when we were living on temp assignment for a couple of years in Burbank circa 2004-2005.

But it all gets me to my…

NY Revolution #1:  Don’t get partisan on Climate Change

Start by looking at how Ice Ages work..  Authoritatively:

“…the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!). Currently, we are in a warm interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago.”

Sampling 130 years (*and arguing about heat islanding) out of a 3-million year stretch just seems a bit of a small sample upon which to base end-of-world predictions, especially when as soon as you blink, along comes the pitch for a GLOBAL TAX.  Nice try, but we will remain open-minded.

Embarrassing data, like the Antarctic ice pack getting thicker is dismissed by climate promoters. Floods, droughts, heat waves, cold spells have been around forever.  They’re one of the last things the capitalists are trying to monetize, but that’s the game here.

But, it’s a common element of True Believers of any stripe to ignore “inconvenient data.”

NY Revolution #2:  Man & Money is the Problem, However

The worried that the Monarch Butterfly may be among disappearing species next is bothersome. 

You can only go so long in species decline before there is nothing left in the web of  complexity left to adapt and then the bottom falls out.

But the disappearances are from heat:  Try chemicals like nicotine-based pesticides, glysophates, DDT, and other earth-killers.

That’s why the bait & switch to “climate change” – too much money to be made in burning rainforests and behaving badly with lots of chemmies to really clean up our act. 

It’s easier to tax than reform, as any former smoker knows.  Climate change is the macro version and climate change is the e-ciggie.

NY Revolution #3:  Live Like it’s 1927

Since we are a data-driven bunch, the latest (in our ongoing) rechecking and projecting of market data suggests that while bumpy, we are likely in the analog to about 1927.  This was all laid out in depth in our Peoplenomics column yesterday.  But don’t be surprised as we continue referencing the Roaring Twenties replay.

For now, that’s what the data says.

NY Revolution #4: Embrace Minimalism

Life is lived two places:  Outside in the shared world and inside the private space between the ears.

We’ve been on a 100-year rampage to dominate the outside.  Since there’s only so much time, we forgot the inside spaces.

Lost is the notion that the only thing you really can “take with you” when you “kick it” is what’s between the ears and in the heart.

Minimalism move a little more inside. 

Part of what makes this so hard to understand is the excessive consumption is really the outward expression of “Me, Me, Me!”  Minimalism is the expression of “Us, Us, Us!” or “We, We, We…”

Damn few people realize that Life is just a chance to pack experiences so you’ll have something to think about during the Big Sleep.

NY Revolution #5:  Focus on Dream Work

I had another dandy last night.  Since most folks are off today, here are the highlights.

I was late for a meeting downtown in a familiar “dream city.”  My meeting (I was a news reporter for a radio station in this dream) was with an assistant US Attorney whose first name was David, but he couldn’t tell me the rest.  I’d gone to interview him on a criminal case his office was looking into.

But because he was having a problem with a radio getting hooked up to a computer, I offered to help him fix that.  (Some dream, huh?)  turned out it was an obscure software issue. 

With that fixed, this David fellow and his assistant (female) were trying to figure out some intricate workings of a round table that they wanted to move out of the room.  When flipped over, on its side, a beautiful (but very complex) mechanism became visible.

This got the two of them very confused and discussing how to take it apart for moving.  But I quickly reached over and pulled a fine rope which ran around the interior (*under the edge) of the table) showing them how they could “turn the table” any way they wanted.  But it wouldn’t solve their real problem, which was getting the table moved.

With a little coaching, they measured the table and got it out the door to wherever.  But as I emerged from this high rise federal building, I noticed the foundation was seriously weak.  And that the building could collapse with even a modest earthquake.

Last, but not least, the “learning voice” that shows up in my dreams every  so often wanted to explain how people are doing “on the path” to whatever.  I’ll paraphrase here:

“You’re doing pretty good with opposites.  Like steam engines that run on hot and cold, you are doing fine.  Think of this as like duopolies.

But the part you’re not doing so well with is Unrarity.  That’s when things can act alone.  There is an energy out there that doesn’t require opposites and there are ways of being that can be positive and not be balanced by a negative.  You need to focus on that work.”

Naturally, I can read all kinds of things into “the dream.”  But this learning part at the end is the most important to me.  Not sure what to make of it.

NT Revolution #6:  Finish My Novel

DreamOver is something I haven’t had to exactly write.  When I put time on task, it just sort of flows out because so much of it is simply spliced up dreams.  And yet it all gets back to this concept of Life as like going to the grocery store to prep for a long Hereafter.

I’m thinking of publishing the first several chapters for Peoplenomics subscribers and letting them pick the final direction of the story.  Like a good dream that you’ve got some influence over (the whole point of dream work is to learn to go with, but also influence direction of dreams).

Keep an eye on the great job Chris McCleary does over at the site. 

And as long as you’re reading things, our friends up at have deciphered the Book of Daniel and – says their work – Daniel is not a collection by multiple authors.  It’s just another botched (deliberately so?) mistranslation that collectively have all served to “de-power” the People.

The main thing that most people (on the inner and outer planes) don’t seem to comprehend (or at least they don’t actively live it) is that Everything is run under a set of Laws that has been handed out multiple times, from multiple spiritual sources.

But just like Climate Change is a monetization deal, so is this “Stairway to Heaven” stuff.  It’s not a toll road.

Yet with your own research and spending less time overworked and distracted, we can all move in the “as above, so below” direction so familiar to mystics, prophets, and astrologers through the ages.  Seems to me that goals extending past this lifetime are worth having.

We Wish You a Happy New Year


Most people don’t know the story of the “time ball.”  But back in the day, before Timex and Siri, there was often only one accurate clock in a region.  The clocks were usually on land  and so observatories were built with large balls on top.

When the moment of exact noon arrived, the ball was dropped and ships in the harbor (without cell phones and radios) could see the ball drop and set their chronometers (which were not very accurate) to precise local time

And once you have the time (and a set of sight reduction tables) you can navigate.

I had two of my martinis last night.  Elaine sipped her 15-year old Scotch.  A great chess game during that and then off to bed for me by 8:15.

There was a time, long ago, two or three years, anyway, when I would have stayed up until well past midnight, had far more than one too many, and generally act like wild men do.

But we all have a chance at self-improvement with every arriving new minute.  This morning, at 4 AM, I found myself ready to face the new year remarkably clear-headed.

Instead of mixing up some “hair of the dog that bit you”  it will be a platter of nutmeg-spiced French toast and a slab of ham.  Then off to reading and research because, as noted, what you put in your head is what you can take with you.

We may be middle class on the outside, but if you’re piling up millions on the inside, does it really matter?

Write when you break-even…