Coping: With Growth–In Ecuador

I have shared a good bit of common sense, plus a bit of out-there a ways (relative to the mainstream) ideas worth considering from colleague Bruce down in  Vilacabamba, Loja,  Ecuador.  That part of Ecuador is particularly attractive to Americans, especially those who seek a bit more privacy and less regulation when by comparison the USA has long ago slipped its constitutional moorings and is ominously drifting toward being the world’s first techno police state, if we aren’t already.

I received a very kind email from another Vilacabama resident, which is reassuring on many fronts.  First it demonstrates that while UrbanSurvival readers may be a bit scarce (until market panic hits) we have a disproportionately large following in this part of Ecuador.  Perhaps there’s a statistical link between reading Urban, eating super-healthy natural foods, and sleeping in clear mountain air that keeps people sane.

The second thing it teaches us is that sane people even in obscure places are beginning to grok the huge problem of growth.  To wit:

Dear George:

I am a longtime daily reader and a paid subscriber to Peoplenomics, and appreciate very much your efforts to keep us informed.

You have mentioned several times your “faithful correspondent Bruce” in Ecuador. I happen to be his neighbor in this South American Shangri La. May I add a few of my own words to his about this most unusual hamlet in which we live.

Our Andean hidden-away village, its origins lost in the mist of Pre-Incan history, has always been known as “The Valley of The Old Ones”, with its mountain people reportedly living longer and healthier than most other populations in the outside world. Even today it continues to grace its inhabitants (local, indigenous and expat alike) with abundant glacial water, unpolluted air, clean locally grown food and a relatively uncontaminated environment. 

While we don’t have chemtrails and governmental mind control technologies invading our lives, we do have an increasing amount of electromagnetic radiation from cell towers and WiFi routers. What happens when human population centers are flooded with massive amounts of powerful wireless microwave radiation? Well, nobody really knows ….. yet.

But we will soon. Because we are being exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were, and cell towers are making that number grow exponentially. If you can make a call on your cellphone, then you’re in an area that’s saturated with cell site microwave radiation. And this includes our own hidden-away Valley of Longevity. Those who know about these things are raising their voices in alarm, but few of our residents listen or understand …. in either English or Spanish.

Those of us who make this place our home are a strange mix of visionaries, cranks, crazies, misfits, geniuses, goofy free-spirits and wild-eyed anarchists; a witch’s brew of people, if ever there was one. Neurosis abounds, particularly in terms of the End Of The World Doom & Gloomers, freaks, backyard mystics, and nomadic New Age Gypsies (those we used to call ‘Hippies’, with nowhere in particular to go ….. and plenty of time to get there.

It seems to be quite difficult for such a group to remember that we are guests in this tiny pueblo and not try to continually re-mold it into what better fits our gringo comfort zones ….. or worse. And one of the first of the changes was the demand for high speed internet and cellphone reception.

Thanks to throw-away cellphones and $10.00 a month usage fees, it would appear that EVERYONE has a phone screwed to their ears 24/7, chattering away in Spanish and/or English.

The damage to our lives by separating ourselves from daily person-to-person contact to that of relying upon at-a-distance electronic communications may well exceed that of potential electromagnetic radiation damage.

Is our little valley still the ‘Shangri-La’ of days gone by? Yes and no. 

Like anywhere else in the world, it is what you make of it. Our tiny village is growing and thus necessarily changing in many ways, some of which is creating friction in the clash of cultures. What we left behind has all-too-quickly caught up with us …. like attempting to live our lives in the modern electronic age with no ill effects.

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping your subscribers aware of the pitfalls we face, no matter where in the world we live.

With warm regards,

P. Patrick,  Hacienda San Joaquin

Several remarks are top of mind after this.

Growth:  For a supposedly intelligent species, we’re not doing a particularly good job of “showing out stuff” when it comes down to growth versus quality, as Patrick notes.  But the problem is showing up elsewhere including right here on the outskirts of Palestine-Athens Texas.

We have always known that growth from the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolis would eventually result in higher land prices out here.  Sure enough, Texas Highway 19 is in preparation for widening to four lanes.  We ask ourselves whether this, too, like those cell towers in Ecuador is really progress.

The genuine disaster lies in the underwear of men.  We can teach men to do many things, including read, write, and even push buttons on command.  But keeping their pechewselwhackers in their pants until they can assure a solid and loving upbringing for the offspring of wild oat festivals?  Nope.  That ain’t happening in most cultures.

I’m sure you have read about population declines in Russia, as compared to the most prolific cultures on the planet (Yemen and Central America). 

Problem:  From young men with excess testosterone come these things called “children” and from there comes corporate growth.  Even with the world as large as it is, virtually all public corporations take growth as one of their First Commandments.

Which didn’t matter in the Valley or the Long Living ones in Ecuador, who are about to be fried at ultra low-speeds just like we are.

Whether the long-term radio waves (and modulation types) can do bad things for us such as change our DNA does mask a very strange problem hinted at if you have ever studied either the Montauk Experiments or the Philadelphia Experiment.  Oh, it wouldn’t hurt if you’d seen the movie “Contact” either.

Let me see if I can explain this simply:

In the Philadelphia Experiment we heard rumors that John Von Neumann and Albert Einstein along with others, had worked on the problem of radar invisibility.  To accomplish this, a Navy ship was supposedly subjected to high counter-effective magnetic waves that, in turn did two things:  One was to make the ship literally invisible, but it also opened a space-time portal and the ship “jumped” to who knows where for a while before returning.  OH, should mention some of the sailors were driven mad by the experiment.

In the Montauk Project we see a slightly different tack being taken, although the same principles were applied.  It was different in this sense:  The Einstein, Von Neumann Philadelphia Experiment was a ‘gross application” of the technology.  A whole ship is a neat parlor trick, but perhaps if something a bit more “portable” came along….

What was constructed at Montauk was the “different approach” that was much easier to deal with.  Instead of an ultra high-density magnetic field and a weaker counter-effective field, the Montauk Project seems to have focused on using much higher frequency radio gear (including microwave energy) and then applying modulation of various sorts to opposing radio signals.

The problem was then able to be localized, so that the “colliding wave fronts” from the differing modulations (amplitude, frequency, phase, and combinatorials) could be studied.

According to an account I first saw an original home video of in the 1990’s (which oddly came to me from staff at a federal research and development think tank – long story) the “subject of the experiment” would sit in something akin to a dentist’s chair and various modulations would be “piped” at them to see what would happen.

The project, unfortunately, was not without risk.  At some point in the higher power-level works, the “tuning” process tuned across a very bad place.  The kind of place where etheric energies from what Christians might call hell or the dark side bled over into this reality.  And in one of the home video’s most captivating moments, I heard the first description of these “10-foot tall monsters” which, when you come down to it, sort of match the work my friend Steve Quayle and others have done on the ancient Giants, also known as the Nephalim.

The video showed one part in it where it was alleged that certain “claw marks on the walls” were put their by one of these dimensional hopping etherics and the world was only saved from an invasion of Evil personified by having the microwave wave guides severed with a fire axe.

Made a pretty interesting tale, for sure.

The difficulty a serious researchers has in nailing any of these down with a reasonable level of specificity is that the US Military was also conducting experiments in mind altering at the time using LSD and other psychoactives.

So what does Jody Foster’s movie “Contact” have to do with all this?”

Indeed:  We are shown the idea in the movie Contact that there is a mental aspect to time and contact with other races and beings.

Oh?  What’s that?  Someone raised their hand and said “Is this where religions spring from?

Yes!  Perhaps so!  Our first gold star of the week.

What’s not widely discussed is Manifold Theory so instead, we are putting on a bread and circuses act of a space program while the real work (CERN on back to the Philadelphia experiment and even Tesla’s work) involve a search for the ultimate shortcut.

It’s also probably  why UFO’s are frequently seen “shimmering” – because they are likely trans dimensional rather than  intergalactic.  They may just be “us” from our future.

And that all circles back to “progress.”  We have a continuum of events, here, you see.

There is a part of humans that we don’t speak much about.  It’s the part where psychic phenomenal lies.  It’s where religious experiences can be found.  It can be measured by sampling brain  DMT (the spirit molecule) levels, and see see governments now and then tinkering around with the frayed edges of technologies we have only heard of in our past.

Which is one reason by with all the warfare we see in the Middle East, part of the battle is to own the property under which may be more scrolls such as the “Dead Sea Scrolls” and the lesser appreciated Nag Hammadi library:

Nag Hammadi is best known for being the site where local farmers found a sealed earthenware jar containing thirteen leather-bound papyrus codices, together with pages torn from another book, in December 1945. The mother of the farmers burned one of the books and parts of a second (including its cover). Thus twelve of these books (one missing its cover) and the loose pages survive.[1] The writings in these codices, dating back to the 2nd century AD,[2] comprised 52 mostly Gnostic tractates, were found in a single grave site.

Toss all this in a blender with the near death experience and of course Graham Hancock’s multiple works on alternative archeology which very clearly delineate a very different human history…We have our rock stars, but dumber than sticks, mainly.

Eventually every story that comes along begins to fit somewhere on this continuum.  Just as most religions have turned either into baby factories or market operations, so, too, low levels of electronic pollution may be changing our fundamental nature in ways we do not yet comprehend.  Vilacabambans should be scared.

For example, reproductive health in the industrialized world is in free-fall.  Whether that’s due to tight-fitting underwear or cell phones in people’s pockets is a matter of debate.  But regardless of cause, the third world crap holes (like Yemen which was world leader in baby factorying (if that’s a word) are clearing setting up to be the barbarians at the gates of the  One p ercenters who aren’t capturing the scale of the battlefield.

With such warped partisans, is it any wonder, then, that cell phones are coming to Vilacabama, Ecuador, and why commercial interests suppress linkages between low-level ionizing radiation and public health?  There is some good stuff out there, but you need to go looking.

There hasn’t been much research done, of late, are least comparatively so.  Reason?  Oh,  probably research costs money and who pays that?  What’s the incentive to research when the business model works and the only possible outcome would be a degradation of cashflow?

This may sound like a ramble, but against the backdrop of the biggest detective story of all time (that verging on woo stuff) there’s the very practical matter of growth wherever you are.

That’s coming from too many people (or not enough planet, but one is easier to solve).  And until solved (along with an adaptive economy that can effectively share resources well while growing and well as shrinking, out future is wrapped up in boxer shorts and microwaves; hardly what any sane person would call progress.

Climate: Getting What We Wish For?

From my liberal buddy, a fine observation (liberals have them as often as conservatives):

Sometimes I am amused by small things, and this must be one of those times.
Apropos to the current hype about revival of Peter Pan as a live stage play on TV, I was reading a summary of the NOAA observations on 2014 temperature trends. I hope not to spark another round of “they just finagle the numbers” discussion — we’ve had more than enough on that topic, thank you.
What amused me was the last few paragraphs of the article, where it seems that places where people believe in global warming are getting it, and the center of anti-warming belief is getting what they want, too. How strange is that?

From an article titled “NOAA: 2014 is shaping up as hottest year on record”
“Record warmth for the year-to-date was particularly notable across much of northern and western Europe, parts of Far East Russia, and large areas of the northeastern and western equatorial Pacific Ocean, ” NOAA said. “It is also notable that record warmth was observed in at least some areas of every continent and major ocean basin around the world,” the agency added.

Of particular note, several countries have already seen an average temperature increase of more than 2 degrees Celsius in October 2014 compared to 20th century averages, including Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Sweden.

There was also one notable cold spot on the map.

The average temperature this year in the midsection of the United States, which saw a severe winter, has been below the 20th century average.

Is Earth warming?  Yes.  It from cutting down rainforests and burning off vegetation that used to cause more vertical air mass rising, which in turn brought rains and staved off desertification?  Obviously!

Other than be serious pissed about a planet squandered, is there much to be done?

Perhaps not, but I’m advising my kids that if they want moderate climates and wet weather for gardening, they might wish to invest in the higher islands of Southeast Alaska…

But maybe there’s something about group visualizing that works, after all.  Maybe if we all thought cooler thoughts… As above, so below, isn’t it?


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