Coping: With a Machiavellian Nightmare

imageThis will be one of our most to-the-point columns in years.  It will make an interesting companion to this morning’s Nightmare on Wall Street which will break out shortly.

It has to do with a Machiavellian nightmare that I had this morning about 5:00 AM.

Before I lay it out for you, first a word or three about Machiavellian Intelligence, borrowed from Wikipedia:

In cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, Machiavellian intelligence (also known as political intelligence or social intelligence) is the capacity of an entity to be in a successful political engagement with social groups. The first introduction of this concept to primatology came from Frans de Waal‘s book “Chimpanzee Politics” (1982), which described social maneuvering while explicitly quoting Machiavelli. Also known as machiavellianism, it is the art of manipulation in which others are socially manipulated in a way that benefits the user.

Whether it came from watching the Bobby Fischer movie on Amazon this weekend, or it was triggered by the fact that our software project is flashing great big Warnings about War at us, is open to conjecture.

But here’s the dream – short and make of it what you will….

I was a young man in an unfamiliar country.  Passengers were getting on a large delta-wing type passenger aircraft.  It was white and had forward canards.  It was almost exactly like a TU-144 – a fleet which is grounded – so the dream was off-base there.

At any rate, when the aircraft took-off, it wasn’t far into the flight – a flight which I deliberately missed, knowing the aircraft  was very risky to fly on – it ran out of fuel shortly after take-off.  It did a couple of rolls and then crashed. 

It had been headed from West to East when this happens.

But now comes the strange part.

The person (in whose head I was viewing events through) was not an American, but was a Middle Eastern personality.

And here came the shocking part of the dream:

What came through very strongly was the notion that both the U.S. and Russia had developed “future seeing” equipment and the current inrush of immigration to the U.S. was actually a kind of “poison pill” in the running battle for world dominance.

How so?

Well, it wasn’t clear, but there were two possibilities.

One was that by bringing in large-enough Muslim populations, when the Muslims got their own weapons of mass destruction, they would be disinclined to use them on cities where there were large populations of Muslims in situ.

This was a pretty weird take on the immigration flurry, but given that the U.S. and Russia are setting up proxies for World War III anyway, it was a very curious thought to – you know – pop out of a dream.

But the second possibility was even more bizarre:  What IF the import of people from lower standard of living locations around the world is something like an  “Insurance Plan”?

In other words, it is no secret that the U.S. broke new ground in warfare in WW II with the Dresden Fire Storms (and later the use of atomic weapons) in Japan.  We pioneered WMD terrorism and holding civilian populations hostage…

What IF the U.S. is so totally unprepared to survive a nuclear holocaust today that importing people who could act at trainers (and in a totally Machiavellian way, as a portion of a continuity of government plan), so that when the nukes went off, there would be plenty of people around who had current lifetime experience living at real poverty levels?  Of course, they also have a “religion” to replace judicial system and finance, but maybe in a post-apocxalytic world there’d be a point to it…

Tnat’s what I woke up to this morning….hell of a dream.  Oh – the plane that runs out of gas?  Sabotage on the ground – fo9oling the fuel gauges into reading full when in fact the aircraft had not been fueled at all.  It was a “payback” for interdicting oil as part of the global proxy war.

Hell of a dream sequence:  Human shields or a training force for coping in the aftermath of nukes.

Well, so much for watching how the future unfolds.

One last bit:  A while back (can’t remember if it was Urban or Peoplenomics), but I mentioned the ideal “end of year” figure for the S&P:  Left column is predicted, right column is actual.

image_thumbAccording to the futures this morning, we’re going to get really damn close to that 2018.96 due in my work for today’s close

Maybe we skated over lower numbers, or maybe  things just shifted around a bit due to the holiday.

Time will tell, no?

Write when you break-even,


11 thoughts on “Coping: With a Machiavellian Nightmare”

  1. All out war with ‘KYA Goodbye’ weapons is such a doomsday thought that whether people had survivalist skills or not is immaterial. Interesting dreams though . . . a couple of things are occupying my mind at the moment – the knuckleheads in Burns Oregon who think that making a statement at a birder’s refuge is a good idea – and the schism (and possible) physical conflict between two factions of Islam. The last could cause some serious oil shortages that ‘might’ not be unwelcome in some quarters . . .

    • The only real question I’ve had wrt to ‘knuckleheads’ is which group of ‘knuckleheads’ sets the ball rolling.

      iow, I think the the only question wrt the next US civil war is whether it begins before, during or after the next world war. It’s not a question of ‘if’. It’s just a matter of ‘when’.

      The Hamiltonians won the last two civil wars (The Revolutionary War was a civil war). It’ll be interesting to see which side wins the next civil war…The Jeffersonian’s or the Hamiltonians.

    • You are exactly right. It’s a safe bet that the CIA is orchestrating the fall of the Saudi’s so as to send Texas Crude through the roof and way over $100 a barrel. The Saudis have the unfortunatcy of being in a position where they have ran out their usefulness to DC. As for the duds occupying the building in Oregon, it’s couldn’t have worked better into Obama’s timing for gun control executive orders and that occupation, make no mistake about it, is also being orchestrated by the ptb. thanks

  2. George,
    Maybe the Saudi beheading of the Iranian cleric is the new Archduke Ferdinand moment you spoke about a while back. Looks like diplomatic relations are collapsing all over the Middle East.

  3. You should ask war hammer how many cruise missiles it would take to shut down Saudi oil completely.

    Might happen just when Russia starts demanding payment for oil and gas in rubles. Or gold backed SDR’s.

  4. interesting that you had a dream this morning.. I had a dream that I remember from last night as well..
    I am in a completely black room.. in the center there is a wooden chest.. that is lit up.. I walk to it all the time looking around to see if anything else is noticeable.. I get to the box.. there is a lock on it and the lock is open.. I reach down to see what is in it.. at that point I am back at the edge of the room watching myself open the chest.. when I get a look inside it I see myself jump back sharply with a look so shock and awe on it..

  5. The RAF stumbled upon firestorms not the USAAF. Both European firestorms, Hamburg and Dresden, were torched by RAF.

  6. Hmmm. If I had a dream like that, I’d likely go see what brand of tequila my margaritas were made from the night before.

  7. Machiavellian – woken up at 4:am to [re]search this word.
    Such an “interesting” dynamic!! Something “felt” but not defined, until my (coincidence) happening upon your “dream”. One must keep a “broad [fan]” of awareness, in these [time]s we live … Keep up the good [work] George!!

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