Bankers Planned “Permanent Migration”– in 2008!

imageYes, the banker class has been planning this since at least 2008.  We found a document to support that assertion.

Yes, we have made much in in the past couple of weeks about what is really going on with the global economic picture.  Most notably, we explained that the main reason why there has been such a huge – and sudden – trade in human immigration is for one very raw fact:

Immigration allows governments to “make-up growth.”

The mechanics of this are simple – and crystal clear when you review the data from our Wednesday report.

Today, we tackle a slightly broader issue:  How are some of the other ways that “Growth can be made-up?”  but more to the point….who’s been planning this?  The answer won’t surprise you.

After a few headlines of lasting importance and our ChartPack, of course…

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13 thoughts on “Bankers Planned “Permanent Migration”– in 2008!”

    • Just great. Just when I had enough to worry about. Yet another angle to the chemtrails …or perhaps it will be put in the food supply targeted at particular groups i.e. kids’ cereals, adults’ granola bars, bodybuilders’ protein powder, the list is endless.

      That brings up a point about food. Recently, I had a horrible time finding onion powder, a couple big box food stores didn’t even have it. When I finally found some at a restaurant supply store, it was this fine stuff that looked like talc and went everywhere and tasted and smelled horrible. Ended up local grocery had a small bottle that looked more like what I’m used to that is more in line with granulated. Who knows what they could be mixing in.

  1. As tho the banksters aren’t behind Syria…no IMF debt, no Rothschild controlled central bank…I’m not surprised that they would be behind immigration too. It all fits. That same agenda goes forward no matter who is in office and has for years.

  2. brilliant! a bankster/Rothschild type of pre-planned diaspora makes some sense economically, but still not quite the ticket to global financial increases….how does the growing”robotization” of jobs play into this scheme? …wouldn’t there be fewer human employment opportunities, thus more welfare doled out to unemployed immigrants?? just a thought..

  3. This POS president will push this year till he gets this country involved in a ‘civil war’….Eyes wide open and it is staring you right in the face….HE will not blink…and many may have to ‘plink’….economics aside..there will be nothing around to buy or sell….the ‘agenda’ is coming ‘fast and furious’..just with a different AG….I for one will take the high road and refuse to ‘obey’ any EO ..since nothing that is coming out of DC…is ‘lawful…as in Constitutional….Happy New Year ..George….for this may be the end of ‘ the good times’….imho

  4. @ Pam –
    Well, Lame Cherry is sort of connecting dots to make a point. But the truth is that it is China, Japan and multi-national oilcos that are buying up the debt of the Frac party, often by proxy. Chesapeake sold a huge chunk to China years ago, before the party was winding down – because Chesapeake needed even more cash to fund their little Frac party.

    It’s the same game it ever was, and going on with steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc. – commodity cornering by price manipulation. Once they get the assets for pennies on the dollar (banks or finance houses), they flip them to actual working companies and get their profit booked for their bonuses.

    We are separated from the rest of the world by two oceans; we have more personal guns than any other country; if oil is hyper-expensive because the ME has finally hit the decline wall – who is going to try to physically ‘own’ American oil?

    Remember – possession is 9/10 of ownership. Paper means bupkiss when things are falling apart – it’s what you can throw your arms around and protect that has meaning and worth. Saudi Arabians do not have enough actual people to hold on to what they have now, much less try to take our oil. They do not know how to do physical work – it is anathema to them – they buy armies and laborers.

    Just remember that globalism doesn’t work with $100/BBL oil – transport and oil associated costs deliver goods that are too pricey for growth. Without cheap energy sources, globalism (banking and otherwise) falls apart in a decade or two. That’s a pretty good reason to hammer oil and commodity prices into the ground in a deflationary global economic mess, no?

    My actual worry is retaining value when the dollar folds and commerce locks up for months – which means physical things that you can wrap your arms around. Governments will come after gold – as will anyone seeing you pay with it, if things are really ugly.

    Food is going to get poorer quality and more expensive – government is assisting in this by turning a blind eye. This has been underway for some time – growing your own is time consuming, but worth it with GMO madness and uncertain ingredients and additives by Big Ag everywhere.

    Buy some beehives too…

    • Thank you.

      As far as the last paragraph, been taking care of that one for the last few years. My husband finally came around in the last year. My sister just did last week with the news of the meat no longer being labeled with the country of origin, then I filled her in on the China chicken and the test-tube pork.

      Would love to have a beehive, most I’ve done is make sure I put plants/flowers out that attract them. Honeybees have slowly been building back up around here.

  5. Good piece, George.

    Readers may also be interested in this closely related story covering how immigrants are being brought to the U.S. in the middle of the night by UPS (yes, United Parcel Service) – apparently they adapted some planes to allow for passenger transport. Various charities are involved in the process as well (NGOs don’t have to submit to FOIA requests).

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