imageReader Jeffrey G was on a tear last night – he was clipping and sending articles out for all he was worth.

Unlike many, though, since he is a ‘spectable lawyerly fellow by day, there was actually something of a theme to the suggested reading he passed along.  And now, I’m about to pass some of it along to you because it centers on this thing I call the “Upright Ape Problem.”

And that is?

Well, there are a couple of ways to look at it.  Let’s say you have a bible handy and some ancient history books to go with it:  There is not much agreements…unless…..

About here,  our readership will split into two halves.  One half will be the pure science people who will argue that the bible is just plain wrong and that Creationism is a “cute story” but nothing more.  The other half, noting how many of the bible stories are based on fact (the burning bush was found to be an area of natural gas seeps, for example), disagree,

I hold to a kind of middle ground.

This may sound cowardly at first, but the nice thing about the position is that I don’t get into arguments – because there is a set of circumstances that fit ALL of the available data.  It’s just not too comfortable, is all.

First, some of the readings from Jeffrey G’s notes:

Latest find in Spain complicates the human evolution story further.  There may have been another type of human besides those recently discovered.  Gotta keep digging.

And now, on our stage, The Tree of Life!!!!!  Really, a pretty prodigious task, when you think about it.

By the way:  You may wish to bookmark the link because there is plenty of room for contributions to the thinking, not the least of which is research into the DNA development of the troop of monkeys that includes you and me.

More on the human genetic manipulation controversy.  But, as Eric noted earlier, it is a genie that we are not going to get back into the bottle.

And so it goes.

Ure’s Middle Ground

As you may be aware, I have been closely tracking the work up in Canada of   This is a small Jewish studies group that has found what seems to be an “error checking” method built-in to ancient language.

Using it, a new (and startling) view of ancient times is coming into focus.  For example, not only does it seem that the Garden of Eden was guarded by light-sabre (laser) wielding robots, but that’s a theme that has been leaking into human consciousness a fair bit.  Like the past 15-years, or so.

Here are a couple of examples:

Our Jewish Robot Future: A Novel About the Garden of Eden and the Cyborgian Transformation of the Human Race

And Is Jehovah an E.T.?

There are any number of ways to approach the problem, and the Tree of Life DNA study will likely yield good results on the current state of the apes.  But it may be 10+ years into the future when not only has the current state been adequately defined  but additional data from antiquity has been added.

The results of this should be interesting because it might point to external intervention in our DNA much as we are doing now.  And, according to the PopSci article,  our brother and sister apes are about to start wandering down the dangerous path to become self-modifying apes.

We go to the zoo and look at the primates with some curiosity.  One of my theories is that this is really their clever manipulation to come look at us.  “See that Human, Genovi?  They trade options and derivatives…so whatever you do, don’t grow up and be one of them.”

Well, why not?  This week’s apes du jour have already figured out fire, steam engines, internal combustion, nuclear power (and bombs), along with integrated circuits and basic recombinant DNA.  And how to use tax loss carry-forwards on made up money.

So what’s another sharp stick in their inventory?

I won’t spoil the fun of reading through the Chronicle Project work, but there seem to be a large number of items in the upright ape Instruction Book that humans may not fully comprehend, yet.

To be sure, most “scientific” types take traditional Jewish/Old Testament lore and blow it off. Two obvious ones being the prohibitions on eating pork and shellfish.

To the “science minded” these make total sense – when  viewed from the context of managing an ape herd at a time before the apes had invented refrigeration.  It’s easy to blow off, too.

Contemporary apes, thinking themselves superior (and our fridge makes both cubed and crushed ice admittedly), believe that with the advent of cold storage, the prohibitions no longer makes sense.  Enter the reformed branch of Judaism and steak & lobster specials.

That seems like a reasonable thing to do, at least based on the current levels of science.  But there may be much deeper problems – Problems down at the DNA level which humans have not figured out yet, simply because we have not adequately studied public health as a massive Big Data problem.

If – as some suspect – ancient texts are more instructional than the rest of the population believes, there may be – hidden in a mound of data yet unrecognized – some very good reason to follow ancient dietary rules.

For example, wouldn’t it be interesting to see comparative causes of death, health of offspring, and IQ testing over three or four generations of humans where a control group at port and indulged in steak and lobster, versus those who eschewed shellfish and pork?

There are other dimensions of this problem, too.  Is there a different “quality of the person” that’s involved?

Then we come down to even more fundamental issues:  Does anything with DNA act as (for lack of a better word) a “soul perch”? 

We know from a spectrum of research that yes, humans have varying abilities to plug in to a different reality where psi is real.  We have well-documented statistical evidence to that effect, but again, we’re not perfect at the implementation level of presenting the phenomena on demand.

I gravitate toward the idea that humans may have been purpose –bred by some externality which has been passed along in myth.  Toward what end can only be speculated.

Steve Quayle’s book Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations hints along in this direction, but stops short of going down the Jehovah as an E.T. path.  His track is more traditional/spiritual and Christian in its orientation.

All of which gets us to the next Big Data problem:  What is the layout of “reality?”

Is there only a single here and now science (plus some statistical psi)?  Or, are there multiple layers to it, which might involve differing planes of existence?  The work on Electronic Voice Phenomena hints at this “reality next door” aspect.  As do the troubling reports of [alien] abductions and the like.

All too much to resolve at this hour on a Monday…but since our trading model says this will be a kind of sideways to possibly slightly down week (and little trading opportunities in static markets), we can look more deeply into these problems and more.

Even this, however, may be impossible.  Upright apes currently believe they can solve any problem imaginable and are building projects like CERN and we have already seen ape-developed computers pass the Turing test.

Computers are “thinking amplifiers” but these are in the process of evolving into free-running machines with “minds” of their own.  We know – both from the learned papers as well as ancient prohibitions (about creating idols in our own image) that the odds of everything ending badly are fairly high.

Over the coming five-years, or so, you might want to set up a Google News alert for stories about Damascus, capitol of Syria.  I mentioned this to Peoplenomics readers last week, too, since there’s a haunting reference to Damascus in the bible which may be drawing near.

Isaiah 17 (about the ruins of Damascus being made shortly before the Second Coming, or first if you’re orthodox), may decide at least some of the Big Data issues.

For IF there really follows “divine intervention” in the period immediately thereafter, we have to wonder if the pending U.S. showdown with Russia may actually be something of a huge science project of the Big Data sort.

I can almost hear the purely hypothetical discussion between Vlad Putin and Barrack Obama going something like this:

O:  “Interesting idea, you have there, Vlad.  Blow up Damascus so it’s a ruinous heap and see if there’s Divine Intervention…Got to say it would resolve a lot of things.  No Madhi, no Savior and a lot of religious-based warfare would end…”

P:  “Look, what’s the worst that could happen?  We have been working up to this ever since the Dominionists of your Bush era.  We need to resolve, once and for all, whether this verse in the bible is going to work, or not, to smoke out the Divine or let’s really focus on the science track.”

O: “So we make the ruinous heap in Damascus – and if nothing happens, we nail an economic stimulus for both our economies…and if something happens, we both get box seats for the End Times..maybe even a finders fee or some-such for making it happen.”

P: “Exactly.  And if nothing happens, so much for religious warfare.  Are you in?”

With Russia pouring in arms, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait before this particular problem posited by the upright apes, is settled once and for all.

War as a Big Data problem…who would have thought the apes could be this clever?

If there is a Divine, with CERN trying to find HIS particle and trying to light off Damascus, somewhere in here, IT would be getting seriously pissed.

Prices That Matter

Reader Calyn has some first-hand evidence to share, since I’ve been  dropping hints that the cap on the Cost of Living increases has been due to falling energy prices and little else:

Hey, George and everyone…
Made a flying trip to Kroger this morning. Walking through the back aisle along the meat dept, I noticed 5 or more people changing price tags. Not unusual to be seeing tags changed, since Wednesday is first day of the week’s specials. But how many people does it take to change tags on a few sale items, I sez to meself? Then checked out the new tag on my favorite brand of bacon. Yesterday it was 7.99, which it has been for months–I still have the receipt. This morning the price is 8.99.
Did quickly check the price of brisket in passing. Not too long ago it was .99/lb on sale. This was marked 4.79/lb.
I didn’t have time to check anything else because I needed to get home and off my feet. But I did notice the meat department wasn’t the only section to be swarming with people changing stickers. Wish I had had time to browse the rest of the store.
Beans and rice, anyone?
Space to keep a couple chickens?
Space/strength/stamina/health enough to have a decent garden?
See you ’round the bend, my friends,,,,
Take care

The “work all day for a measure of oil and food” seems to be almost here.  But first, we need oil to zoom skyward and that won’t happen for a year or three, anyway, as we still have the glut.

Kiss My Asteroid

Reader Norman sent along this savory bit:


I came across this on GLP (GodlikeProductions) and thought you would find it interesting. According to the screen shots, there is an asteroid supposed to hit (too) close to you toward the end of the month….that would be messy.  I wonder about this……..?  From GLP
“This is the FULL truth of the recent leaked classified documents that NASA re-edit it later to cover up.
First the documents were uploaded by NASA by accident, but somebody on a forum in the “Dark Web” got two screenshots:

This is getting traction on a number of “sky is falling” websites like this report from

Now, let’s think about this closely for a minute.  If this was really classified, would it still be up on the ‘net?  Or, more likely, would the government have taken down the sites with the rumor so that we don’t all get worked up and leave Houston and the Gulf Coast? 

The problems that would come with an offshore hit and a major wave would be substantial.  Not only would most all of the Gulf of Mexico refineries be destroyed, but the damages would be in the trillions.  And, did I mention the price of gasoline would go skyward and there would be no energy for months on end…

A couple of reasonable things on my list as a result:  Topping off the diesel is something I’ve had on the to-do list for a good while.  And then, there’s the filling up of the airplane, which was going to be flown on the 29th and 30th anyway…

Another thought?  I might buy a few energy futures….or, is this nothing more than yet another Internet hoax perped by someone who wants to make a few bucks on some call options?

My, ain’t life grand?  Kids and graphics programs, sheesh. 

Although that’s easy enough to say here at 550’feet of elevation and 157 miles from Baytown’s  refinery row.

Write when you break-even,