Coming: Our Q4 Outlook

imageThink of the process like writing of the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Except, Wednesday’s Peoplenomics will give our fearless forecast of what to expect from the 4th quarter of this year.

In the meantime, there is little point to getting worked up about the news this morning:  The futures were up about a hundred on the Dow when I looked, but by Friday, says our model, we should be flat to down a tad for the week.

Since my idea of bread-making is to to kneed twice and raise a few zeros, Q4 begins to look more interesting than the slop in the market recently.

Just not this week. 

There is an Atlanta Fed note on inflation due out later and as the week comes down to the finish, some durable goods hype on Thursday and GDP Friday won’t even move the excitement meter.

Corporate Responsibility

We hear a good bit about it – and young people today unlike some of us grays at the same age – actually hold corporations to account for their actions.

With this in mind, go read Bloomberg’s coverage of Volkswagen Drops 23% After Admitting Diesel Emissions Cheat and decide for yourself what this will mean for the automaker.

There’s a really healthy mood swing going on in America right now:  People are not putting up with establishment BS in everything from presidential politics to emissions fudging.  Corporations and politicians that don’t walk their talk will be buried, em masse, shortly.

Carson Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em 

Dr. Ben Carson is taking a lot of heat for it, but when  he says he would never support a Muslim for president of the U.S.A. he’s tapping into the same “straight talk on issues” vibe that launched the now fading Trump’s rise.

I say Trump fading because in the latest CNN/ORC poll, when you get into the details you’ll see that Carson and Carly Fiorina are about even but Trump has lost a bit of his luster.

ISIS/ISIL in Africa

Bok Harem is loyal to the Islamic State, which around here we’ve labeled the go at a Global Caliphate.

And in Nigeria last night, it looked like they were using the ages old playbook of setting off bombs around mosques to strong-arm support.

Meantime, Obamafication Continues

Not satisfied with maintaining a leaky border with Mexico as part of the swamping of America agenda, SecState John Kerry says there will be 85,000 more refugees accepted in 2016 and 100,000 in 2017.

What the hell?

Am I the only one who can look at the data and figure that H1-b visas are likely now over 150,000 a year and how many OTMs are there?  Some estimates put the H1-b numbers over half a million.

Is Kerry nuts?

Toss in the refugees, H1-b’s and leaky border and the phrase “all enemies, foreign and domestic” really begins to bite.

What’s more, my characterization of Washington as a three-ring circus is ever more accurate.

Meantime, in Europe, the Big Lie about being Syrian refugees is falling apart.  Seems only a quarter of the herd of humans is from Syria and Afghanistan – the rest are from places like Nigeria, Pakistan, and Albania…and are just looking for a better life (or the dole).

Even with the Lies Exposed, the US lamebrain media will keep spouting the same old crap and Fearless Leader will keep packing in the poor, the same way the Catholic church is eyeing refugees to refill their pews

.Meantime, the papal diss of air conditioning is providing some blowback, so to speak.

By the Numbers

There’s a report out today that one third of the people born in Britain this year will suffer from dementia.

We couple this report with the report that British politico David Cameron once stuck his pechewzelwhacker in a dead pig’s mouth as an Oxford school initiation rite, convinces us the dementia estimate is probably far, far too low. 

Next thing you know the OED will be the Oxford Pigglish Dickshunary.  All of which will be lost on the Blank of Ingland.  Knee pads optional, kneelers.

4 thoughts on “Coming: Our Q4 Outlook”

  1. You know that it is not just the UK with the dementia problem? As we live longer the odds that one will have mental problems increases until in a person’s late eighties and nineties, many people will have some kind of impairment. That is why it’s necessary to work on the causes for this problem and better ways of managing the victims – not just dumping them somewhere as many are wont to do with the elderly.

    (Oh, and it isn’t just the Oxford crowd with the strange rituals – I seem to remember some very strange goings on with the Bushes – people of wealth and power often do this kind of nonsense!)

  2. Current and proposed immigration policies will increase the population of the USA by 100 MILLION in the next 10 years.

  3. > Washington as a three-ring circus is ever more accurate.
    I’ve been saying ‘DC’ stands for ‘Douchebag Circus’ for years.

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