Coping: Water Heaters – A Hidden Alzheimer’s Risk?

As I have mentioned previously, both Elaine and I decided in 2018 to get our DNA testing done.  While there are lots of “privacy issues” claimed, we believed that the potential benefits outweighed the risks by a good margin.

For example, I now know that my body metabolizes certain drugs faster (and some slower) than normal.  This may not seem like a “big deal” except that as one passes 70, you begin to look for ways to stack the odds in your favor for when treatment for (whatever) becomes necessary.  We will have plenty of privacy when the worms show up.

Knowing I have a different metabolism for a common blood thinner (warfarin) could be extremely useful for my doctor to know.  As a result, the DNA screen for drug sensitivities is now part of my medical records.

We also got some unwanted news as part of the process:  Both Elaine and I have an identical gene that raises our risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  No, we don’t have it.  It’s just that knowing we have a slightly elevated risk has spurred us to a very high-level of awareness and prevention.

The first thing we did was begin to follow the recommendations laid out the book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.”  $19-bucks at Amazon.

The book’s guidelines are not too difficult to follow.  The two big highlights for us included first changing over to cooking with coconut oil which you can even find with butter-flavor on Amazon. See: Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil – 30 oz. Tub – Top Rated, Delicious, Healthy, Zero Trans Fat – Gluten Free/Vegan & NO Junky Ingredients – Best Movie Theater Taste – Made in USA).  Toss down a couple of coconut oil pills (or MCT oil) and that may help.

Another key point of the book is your body really needs to cycle between food and not.  So, we make it a practice now to eat around 5 PM and then not eat again until 8 AM the following day.  No snacks or TV popcorn. That’s in keeping with the 12-14 hours recommended in the book.

But we haven’t stopped there.  The next thing we looked at is the amount of soy in our diets.  The reason – if you look at the government’s amazing health research site ( ) you can find two sides to the intake of soy.

On the one hand, here’s a paper pointing to “A possible cause of Alzheimer‘s dementia – industrial soy foods. But, when you read other research, like Amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis natto, the idea came to us that supplementing with nattokinase -might not be a bad thing.

Then there was Attenuation of neurobehavioral and neurochemical abnormalities in animal model of cognitive deficits of Alzheimer‘s disease by fermented soybean nanonutraceutical, that grabbed our attention, as well.  Naturally fermented soy sauce, anyone?

There was one other supplement – and I’ve mentioned it before – serrapeptase.  this may be useful if I am reading “Serrapeptase and nattokinase intervention for relieving Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology in rat model” correctly.

There is a lot more background on serrapeptase available, but it’s not widely publicized to the non-medical community that serrapeptase is correctly called serratiopeptidase.  And when comes to that, as of five years ago in “Serratiopeptidase: A systematic review of the existing evidence,” it was judged that not enough data was in.

Notwithstanding, since we also take turmeric as a supplement, more recent papers like “Co-delivery of curcumin and serratiopeptidase in HeLa and MCF-7 cells through nanoparticles show improved anti-cancer activity.” but serratiopepditase is not a be-all, end-all wonder supplement,  While on the one hand we read about it’s role in “Serratiopeptidase: a well-known metalloprotease with a new non-proteolytic activity against S. aureus biofilm” there are downsides as well depending on condition such as that described in “Serratiopeptidase – A Cause for Spread of Infection.

With our perpetual remind that THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.  ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING! the third “leg of the milkstool” we’ve decided on is turmeric because of its curcumin levels.  Which becomes clear when you review papers like “Curcumin in Combination with Anti-Cancer Drugs: A Nanomedicine Review.

Sure,.this seems a bit far afield from Alzheimer’s prevention, but it’s to give you a sense of the depth of our studies.  We also know there are plenty of cannabinol anti-cancer papers, too.  Which is why the US government patented certain compounds in weed back in 2003.  Flip over to the site and search Patent 6630507 for details.

Tons of background, but we pay a lot of attention to our health on the theory in Life, “You must be present to win.”

Which now gets us to your Water Heater and questioning whether it is an unindicted/hidden cause of Alzheimer’s increase?

Let me begin with a small citation:  A 2011 paper on PubMed asks the critical question: “Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease: after a century of controversy, is there a plausible link?”  The part that made us sit up and take notice was this, knowing that (AL) means aluminum and (AD) means Alzheimer’s disease…:

…the role of Al in AD has been heavily disputed based on the following claims: 1) bioavailable Al cannot enter the brain in sufficient amounts to cause damage, 2) excess Al is efficiently excreted from the body, and 3) Al accumulation in neurons is a consequence rather than a cause of neuronal loss. Research, however, reveals that: 1) very small amounts of Al are needed to produce neurotoxicity and this criterion is satisfied through dietary Al intake, 2) Al sequesters different transport mechanisms to actively traverse brain barriers, 3) incremental acquisition of small amounts of Al over a lifetime favors its selective accumulation in brain tissues, and 4) since 1911, experimental evidence has repeatedly demonstrated that chronic Al intoxication reproduces neuropathological hallmarks of AD. Misconceptions about Al bioavailability may have misled scientists regarding the significance of Al in the pathogenesis of AD. The hypothesis that Al significantly contributes to AD is built upon very solid experimental evidence and should not be dismissed. Immediate steps should be taken to lessen human exposure to Al, which may be the single most aggravating and avoidable factor related to AD.

A view of the latest PubMed articles offers a couple of tons of reading:

Wait!  What does the home water heater have to do with (AL) potentially causing (or potentiating) presentation of Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s-like symptoms?

You need to be aware that most water heaters employ a sacrificial anode in them. The sacrificial anode dissolves, “sacrificing” itself so the steel tank walls don’t leak.  Extends the product life for the tank and that’s a good thing..Or, is it?

Here’s the Catch: Care to guess what sacrificial anodes are typically made of to keep down costs?  Yes!  Aluminum!. Or, a mix of Aluminum and Zinc. Study this part of Wikipedia explaining the role of the sacrificial metal

“Sacrificial metals are widely used to prevent other metals from rusting, for example galvanised steel. Most of the steel object is coated with a layer of zinc, which is more electronegative than the iron, preventing it from rusting. Similarly, sacrificial bars of a metal such as magnesium can be attached to an oil rig or the hull of a ship to prevent it from rusting and breaking down. “

BUT!  Here’s the catch (and missing from the Wiki entry!):  Magnesium sacrificial anodes cost more than aluminum anodes.  So, on Amazon for example, you will find products like “Aluminum Zinc Hex Head Flexible Anode Rod Stops Rotten Egg Smelly Water! ”

Do they give Alzheimer’s?

We went to PubMed to see if all the smart people in science have asked the obvious.  Show us papers with the search terms “aluminum sacrificial anode alzheimer’s “.    Know what came back?

This is why we quit using hot water for everything but dish-washing a long while back.  If a recipe calls for hot water, I get water from the cold-water (double filtered) from the fridge door and microwave it.  We do NOT drink hot water from the tap!!!

Again, we are NOT offering any health advice here.  Just passing on our personal health-maintenance research and revealing a potentially invisible source of elevated aluminum levels that may act as a trigger if you have a previous genetic predisposition.0

If you click here, Amazon has a wide variety of magnesium anodes available.  Just remember to turn off the water AND power before messing with the anode change-out.  Exposing heating elements to air has a way of burning them out…so always pull the power when a water heater could drain as from a water leak and so forth.

We hope you find this a worthy topic for future personal research and again – this is not medical advice,.  Talk to your healthcare professional!  Oh, and consider passing it along to your friends with the caveat those people do come up with some far-fetched views now and then…

Now, Your Christmas Present!

Yes, the Chjronicle Project is alive, although very low-key.  Here’s the latest from Chris Tyreman and the researchers who are doing a retranslation/rethink of the Bible:

“Hey George, season’s greetings from the chronicle project. I know people have been wondering why no updates in SOOOO long.  The answer, is so we could focus on what we are here to do, and that’s to complete the restoration of the O.T. or the Tanakh as we call it.  But for you…here’s something fun.

If you attend any classes regarding the old testament, you are sure to be told that the books contained in that section, are historical at best, and more often metaphorical.  Sadly we never question if this is true, because the translations seem very convoluted at best.

We are told that Daniel was written after the fact, as it is too accurate and we have no copies older than about 300 BC to prove them wrong.  But what if they are wrong.  What if the truth has been hidden to make us believe that the information contained within these books is to be ignored.

What happens if you apply the SDH rules of restoring Hebrew to something like snips from the book of Joel?

So here’s your Christmas present.  You might want to look up the bible version and then compare it to the below restoration of the same section. See if it even looks the same

The words in parenthesis are our fill ins.  the writers expect the reader to know this by context, but we added it for first timers and to help that context.  You might also note that the verses are split in the wrong places in order to create the bible translation.  we have corrected that as you will see the … dots connecting the lines of verse:

Chapter 1 Book of Joel

1:6 Thus a nation shall ascend to mount my earth, a tree, being those.  And (it shall) be preparing a pair, that to recount.  A pair (by a specific) lion.   And that (lion) shall proceed toward (you) to bend toward being, toward to bring to…

1:7 …(this) location (you) my vine toward there.  And my fig tree (shall be brought) toward, a fragment, a cleaned away strip.  And the (Lion) shall place your (people) the (Jews) toward (there), to be discerning between (the two strips) to delegate ( the) turn over.

1:8 Approach this being retained (by England), draw to (it), engulf (it), pour out to upon (it). Own, (what was) therefore stirred up to materialize (the return to Zion).

1:9 The (Jews who were) restrained (in the Cypress camps), those shall go before, and therefore shall crowd that household of Creator.


So we now have a text, which predicted that England (the tree) would mount the Earth.  A tree, because its roots are still England, but its branches have become other nations ie: Canada, USA and Aussi land. They were the overseer at the end of the Ottoman empire of the establishment of the land of Israel and the events at that time.

But just so we don’t leave you with the feeling that this was coincidence, here’s another tid bit:

Chapter 4 Book of Joel

4:19 Egypt toward devastation, shall proceed to be, and Aadavam (Edom), toward a wilderness. Devastation shall proceed to be, (upon) Khamas.  (The) son(s) (of) Yahavadaha (Judah), (they) established to force out (their) blood, to begin to clear away those (who are Jewish) amid (the) Earth.

4:20 And so Yahavadaha (Judah) from that point on (shall) proceed to settle (there) and Yaravashalam (Jerusalem) (shall be their’s) to inhabit. And (they shall) inhabit,…

4:20 …and (they) shall clear away what remains.  (The) blood (of) those, (who attacked) shall not exist.  It shall remain cleared away, and Creator (shall) lodge amid Tsayavan (Zion) from then on.


Khamas or as the news says it “Hamas” is the present group causing all sorts of problems to Israel.  Not a bad prediction huh.  So if this is in a book about the events at the end of days, we must be close to winding down.

Remember, when the sea of Galilee dries up, the beast shall rise out of the sea.

Merry Christmas G

And a Merry Christmas all and do… Write when you get rich,

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  1. George, I have a feeling this is finally setting up for the big down. A problem I think is what is going to happen to the country like when $200,ooo home mortages or $20,ooo car loans cant be repaid with reduced income if we go iinto a deflationary depression. Will two thirds of the country be kicked out of their homes and also lose their wheels. Almost forgot about the student loan mess. Am interested in your thoughts on these problems. With such a large portion of the country being affected seems like banks may go the way of the dodo, or not. I have been pondering this and would appreciate your analytical abilities regarding this possible mess.

    • Lol lol Joe..this reminds me of a commercial on tv lately..delinquent and Unable to pay your mortgage .. Buy a new car at xyz car dealership.. We loan to anyone. .lol lol …

      Years ago I said this..and since I tend to repeat myself and have absolutely no faith in our legislators that I personally feel have lost all touch to reality and to the people they represent.. They mean well but realistically the only one able to whisper in their ears is the puppeteers..

      I think it started with deregulation and allowing corporate industrialists to offshore profit income and manufacturing to avoid paying taxes then allowing mortgage centers with fast money to take easy money from other countries to back mortgages. You may have a loan at xyz bank they in turn sell that loan..or you may go down to sweet Jim’s mortgage center . the money comes from other places.. That doesn’t necessarily have the loaners interest at heart. They are in it to make fast money.. The loaner in most cases cannot pay off a loan fast without penalty or pay off the interest first..with my bank..I might pay more interest but..I can split my payment add extra( ten bucks in many cases is an extra months payment) without penalty..
      And they hold the paper. Splitting a payment in half saves you half the daily interest.. Anyway.. A few years ago our fearless legislators passed legislation that now allows a person take possession of property..
      Like our legislators the person taking out the loans rarely reads the loan agreement…in my loans they had a clause that allows them to give a thirty day notice with cause for me to come up with the ballance..
      My guess is its on most of the loan papers..
      Which in my mind says in a depression the loan companies can ask for the balance and take your property since the money may be coming from lets say Poland then the polish owners can walk in and live on the take this out one level more..what is it MSM. Our legislators and a great number of people allow illegal imagrants sanctuary and entrance to our country..the picture could be quite loose everything and it can be handed out to whomever the loan agency wishes..and to top it off..they could sell it for a dollar and your still responsible for the remaining balance.
      Hard Lessons learned from the bottom feeders side of life..

      Its all a business model

      • No, it’s not a business model, it’s a predatory, amoral government, used by organiEd crime since the beginning of time.

  2. Dear friend, some Bible translations have 3 chapters in Joel, some 4. Just remember, the chapter and verse divisions were supposedly made in the early medieval period by a drunk monk riding backward on a donkey in the middle of a rainstorm.

  3. I have gastroparesis generated by aging and type 2 diabetes. Consequently, I need to take ACV capsules to aid digestion. I had a long spell last year of not feeling well in general along with a few specific symptoms. Turns out, I needed extra nutritional supplementation because what I ate (and probably pills too) were not being assimilated. With the addition of more basic vitamins and minerals, the problems are quickly going away.

    I support your reading on Alzheimer’s. I am noticing increasing cognitive decline and did not know about the water heater issue. Thanks for the info.

  4. Aluminum as a sacrificial anode in a water heater is criminal! The same thing is true for aluminum pots and pans. The only place those ions can go is into your hot water or food. It’s also less electronegative than magnesium(so is zinc), so it will be less effective for the same surface area than magnesium. Magnesium is a critical trace metal that most people are deficient in, and it’s poorly absorbed from supplements, so a magnesium anode has multiple benefits. If I used a conventional water heater, I’d replace the anode even if it was brand new. There’s no telling what the manufacturer used.

    In China, you can buy a stainless steel hot water heater. Good for life! No anode required. I’ve never seen one in the USA.

    I’ve used a tankless flash water heater for the past eight years. I like the current one(Marey) that has been faultless since I installed it two years ago. My patterns of hot water use are such that a heated tank makes no sense at all. I only use piped hot water for showers. A tempering tank(passive) makes some sense to warm cold water from the service pipe. If I install one(a water heater without power or insulation), I’d change the anode to a proper magnesium one.

    Regarding Alzheimer’s: Check out the following links for a new possibility:

    Merry Xmas to all!

  5. George:
    I concur with your observations and Coop’s here in Birmingham. He’s got me on the Serra and the Natti, and I have also adopted the Coconut oil and the Tumeric. I was taking it for Blood pressure issues but it is good to know about the AD, which runs in my mother’s family.
    I also supplement with magnesium as I have some symptoms of Mg deficiency as well.
    What you said about not drinking from the hot tap is important also because of plumbing issues especially on old homes, as there may be lead solder in some of the piping, and the hot water can leach lead, and then you get a strong dose of it in the morning when you wait for the hot water to displace cold.
    Two mods I intend to do, especially after reading your note today, are install Watt’s Valves to keep the hot water moving so that it is hot when the tap is turned, and to change out the sacrificial Anode to Mg ASAP. We already were not drinking from the hot tap, but what you made me think of is that I am probably aspirating a bunch of AL in the shower every morning. I am very away of what you breath in from the shower as even more than the AC cooling towers, it is a pathway for Legionella, which has kind of fallen off everyone’s radar, but is still out there. That is why you don’t want to stand around in the Bathroom waiting for the water to heat up.
    Anyway I am glad I stopped by this morning and found the missive.
    Here is wishing your Family a joyous and Peaceful Christmas from ours!

    • Hi George: Thanks for the blog. What are the odds that this is really TRUE? During 2017 and earlier this year, I listened to 2 different married couples (in 2 different States) tell me the same thing quoted here: “Both Elaine and I have an identical gene that raises our risk of Alzheimer’s”. One day I puzzled if the first couple used “23 and Me” and failed to follow-up and ask them. It would be great if our friends reading this blog could query their friends who’ve been tested to learn what they know?

      I don’t believe in coincidences. We know the criminals have been spraying us like bugs since the 90s with toxic chemicals: aluminum, strontium, fly ash etc., the complete list is on the internet.

      @ Big Al Brown – QUOTE: “I also supplement with magnesium as I have some symptoms of Mg deficiency as well.”
      Almost every one worldwide has the same deficiency of magnesium and Vitamin D3. Now why do you suppose that would be? If we’re healthy, the “Medical Industrial Complex” would not be wealthy. Can’t recall the name of the lady doc who discovered this years ago (and others) who also offer magnesium oil to rub on skin? Oral supplementation doesn’t work well.
      Because our skin is the largest organ our bodies have, a hot bath with 1 or 2 cups of Epsom Salt (no soap or bubbly stuff) before bedtime is the quickest way to bring your numbers up. I drink a minimum of 1 qt. water per 50# on day of bath; with additional 8-12 oz. — before getting into tub.

      I use the hottest water tolerated and soak at least 15 minutes; 30 minutes maximum. OK to use drop or two of your favorite “Essential Oil” such as Lavender while tub filling. After bath — immediately to bed; always on fresh linens hung in the sunshine to dry. Why? Childhood memories plus you’ll sleep like a rock, sweating out toxins and weigh 2-3 pounds less in the morning. I also vigorously “dry brush” all the skin I can reach followed by an exclusive “damp microfiber towel” wipe-down only used for my body as tub fills.

      • Thank you Sparky:
        I am taking 15000 units/day of D3 spread out over the day in three doses.
        I soak in Epson salt baths about once a month because I have had two hemorrhoid operations and don’t want another. I will start doing this more often.
        May not have time for every night but I can find time for every week.
        Also your suggestion of more water every day is something that solve many problems itself and can’t be overemphasised. Your ratio would work out to about 5 qt. a day for me, so I don’t know if I can chugg that much, but I try to use the old Boy Scout Camp dictum, if you don’t feel like you need to do a #1 every 30 minutes, you are probably not drinking enough water.
        Thanks again!

  6. George

    “This is why we quit using hot water for everything but dish-washing”.

    Ye gads!! I will now stop using hot water to start a boil of spaghetti for the weekly spaghetti & meat sauce supper.

    That nasty old hot water heater anode will be replaced, replac, repla, oh oh !!!

    • “Ye gads!! I will now stop using hot water to start a boil of spaghetti for the weekly spaghetti & meat sauce supper.”

      And here I was going to ask: Who would do such a thing in the first place? You answered it perfectly. ;-)

  7. Research EDTA.

    It filters metals out of the human body.

    It also filters minerals, which means you have to replenish necessary minerals like magnesium and potassium afterwards, but all the bad minerals (lead, aluminum etc) are carried off by the EDTA.

    • No, lead pipe is just that. I did a replumb of a ca.1880 house, back about 1980. The pipes were 100% lead, swaged and soldered at each joint, and weighed several pounds per linear foot. We took it out with Sawzalls, and until I saw the first piece, never understood expressions like “lead pipe cinch…”

      I’d not be surprised if many or most houses, built before 1900, were plumbed with lead pipe.

  8. On the match problem in Joel, I forgot to mention that the Tanakh has split joel into 4 and the bible into 3 chapters. I don’t know why.

    On the brain stuff, toss in 1 gram of NON flush Niacin every day (up to 5 if the damage is high). This has been proven to actually reverse the problems as it repairs the sheath around the nerves which fixes most of the problems. For metals like aluminium, use Borax. Dissolve as much as you can in a quart of hot water. Let it cool and then add a tablespoon of this mixture to any litre of water you drink (coffee included). This removes heavy metals from your body and also reverses arthritis.

  9. Merry Christmas George,

    One concern I have with AD as I grow older (now 76). Will I recognize it in myself if I get it?

    More importantly, if I think I see it in my beloved wife of 54 years, am I making an assessment as someone who has AD?

    • A) You ‘may not’ admit this fact about AD in yourself, IMHE-xperience if it is the real Mccoy, because it is.

      B) Leave any ‘assessments’ to your wife’s MD; Don’t get involved with diagnosing your wife; Unrewarding!!


    “privacy issues” claimed,”

    Working in the healthcare industry I can say that’s probably one of the stupidest rules yet important.. With that in mind I can’t say who gave me this recipe..just that it was an old entertainer every one would recognize his name..
    The sweetest kindest guys you could meet passed our paths years ago. Mostly because our area has some of the best researchers in the world in healthcare. And we are out of the limelight so an entertainer can come relax and never worry about the idiots chasing them instead people would say hey you look familiar lol.. Anyway its a Christmas tradition to cook up a batch of oyster stew on Christmas eve and we use his recipe then watch a couple of movies he starred in. ( what was a nice way if saying thanks for taking care of our loved one when he passed the family gave us his personal favorite picture of him autographed. I have a few from people it became my hobby..)
    One pint fresh oysters chopped
    Two boxes of chicken broth( if you use bullion use knor six cups of broth)
    1/4tsp. Thyme
    4 pieces of fried bacon chopped or crumbled
    1 quart heavy cream
    1/4 cup real butter
    3 stalks of celery (chopped)
    4 carrots(chopped)
    4 medium potatoes (cubed)
    1 large onion(diced)
    1/3 cup of flour
    1/2 tsp pepper ( I don’t pepper it since I like pepper and over due it)

    First broth bacon and oysters in the pot with the onions let cook for a few minutes then add the thyme carrots and celery simmer when the celery and carrots have cooked a couple minutes add potatoes ( potatoes seem to cook faster)
    Once the potatoes start to get tender then take 1/2 cup of milk blend with the 1/3 cup of flour add it to the pot add the cream and stick of butter and let it simmer on very low heat.
    Stir occasionally..
    Serve with fresh biscuits or warm bread fresh from the oven

    As for the sacrificial anode.. I am anal on water filtration and restructuring and probably have one of the best drinking water filters around.. I could filter salt water from the ocean here..
    About twenty years ago I was in a conversation with a gentleman on sacrificial anode.. To get around that when we put up solar I went hot nuts wild and put in on demand hot water.. The same kind they have on the space station .. You can run it off of D.C. power they are amazing and now readily available everywhere . we put in titan tankless but rheem makes them now about the size of a small book or novel..
    There’s plenty of research available on the anodes and Alzheimer’s. I am surprised you got zero

  11. Merry Christmas, George (or Happy Christmas in the land where the tree has its roots).

    Another dangerous source of AL is the typical anti-persperant decoderant via the active ingredient Aluminum Chlorhydrate

    Also, research is uncovering a solid correlation between Herpes and AD. I travel to countries which sell acyclovir (an anti-herpes drug sold via pill or ointmentment) over the counter and I bring some back to the states with me. If the pill version is available by one’s family doctor, that can prevent Herpes outbreaks and ‘possibly’ deter the buildup of amyloid plaque in the brain, potentially delaying or preventing the onset of AD.

    • Herpes is a whole family of viruses, so whatever connection there is between Herpes and AD may only apply to a species or few. Regardless, this needs to be explored. Virtually everyone has the Chicken Pox virus(a Herpes type) sequestered in their neurons and perhaps other cells.

      Most deodorants/antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds but the Arm and Hammer Ultramax does not. That probably applies to their whole line, but I’m not sure. It has the advantage of being one of the cheapest products of its kind. I don’t have any interest in it beyond using it.

      • Have had cold sores since I was 10, now 68. For 20 years now I have taken daily colloidal silver and had 2 cold sores since that time. Silver seems to have the ability to find the virus in those nerve endings. I cannot document but have read that the day will take viruses to the liver for silver to kill. I make my own silver and I believe it will eventually be found to prevent a myriad of other illnesses including cancer.

  12. Excellent interview/blog with Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets who is a mushroom expert.

    Long story short, a number of Asian studies show the Lions Mane mushroom promotes neuro genesis and protectively coats nerve endings. A number of mouse studies show a rollback of AD. I am experimenting with a combination of Lions Mane, Bacopa, and magnesium L-threonate and have a marked reduction of daily short term memory lapses after 2 1/2 weeks. I don’t have Alzheimers but I have the same genetic issue as George and began to realize I was having more and more times where I just couldn’t pick up recollection of a simple work. For some reason I couldn’t remember the word kayak amongst others. Most of the good studies are being done outside the US and you have to hunt to find them.

    Anyway, this seems to be working for me. Also, for 10 years I have drunk nothing but distilled water because of the crap in the water intended and not.

  13. Instant on hot water heaters! – if you have the space in your electric panel for 2 additional 40 amp 220 circuits. No anodes needed.

    • An alternative if you want a standard 220v HWH is the Marathon brand. It’s just like a regular HWH with the exception that the “tank” is a rubber bladder. Ours has been in over 20 years and I haven’t even replaced the elements. FWIW, it doens’t even have a place for an anode. We have a deep well – 450- feet with very good water.

      I considered a tankless back then but didn’t want to deal with the flue through my metal roof.

    • Microwaved water kills houseplants, plain and simple.

      Microwave ovens are not even available for sale in Russia. They did the research.

      • I sure hope that’s just a false myth…. Since the human body is what. .. Water… And … Think about it we are being bombarded with microwaves.. My guess is from where your standing right now your close enough to see a microwave tower.. In your pocket is a phone etc..
        Now ..several years ago we were warned that the arsenic level in our water was at hazardous levels..along with uranium.. ( thank God the govt. Decided the levels of toxicity was three times the level we had so it was safe after all lol ) anyway I decided I didn’t want that so I put in a filter way better than what was recommended before they upped the levels of toxicity.. I can put the water filtered in the microwave and zap it..with no apparent cause..drop a pinch of salt and see what happens.. Now I have cartridge that is suppose to restructure..( I think it’s false to I only do it because my mom does and I. Believe in chakras) then align it magnetically( another fake thing )
        Microwaves excite the minerals with sound..

  14. Another criminal potion is “Milk of Magnesia” antacid. There is NO ‘magnesia’ in it! Ingredient is ‘ALUMINA’. Got that? Aluminum instead of the name-advertised magnesium. My poor grandmother took the stuff regularly and faded into dementia and alzheimers. I wonder if they can be sued for false advertising.

  15. A very Merry Christmas to You and Yours George.
    Always a very interesting take on the affairs of Mankind, always enjoyed.
    Having a bit of trouble getting My head around the Chronicle Projects Joel interpretations, if You would care to speak to the individual lines in layman terms and take some of the cryptic wording into everyday language, I know I would certainly be thankful.
    Hope all the readers are having a Merry time with family and friends at the Holiday Ranch, where ever Yours happens to be.
    Time to get dressed and drive across town to see the Kids and Grandkids, long drive for an old fart.

    • Um, no…

      It is a passive, sacrificial device, like galvanizing on steel. It dissolves more-rapidly than the tank material, and thereby sacrifices itself to oxidation or ionic imbalance, to prevent an ionic imbalance from dissolving the water heater’s tank. Sacrificial anodes are in ALL tank-type water heaters. Some water heaters use more than one…



  17. The Chronicle project website has been down for an expired certificate for a few months now. Logging on it says “this website is available”…notice from Tucows…
    I have an unofficial mirror up, at least until Chris gets it back online.

  18. Re brain function – it must be noted – the more you start with, the less
    any loss will be a problem. So keep your quest for knowledge up!

  19. My Dad cautioned me about ever cooking with, or drinking, hot water, when I was probably 5 years old. HIS reasoning though was that if anything harmful got into the water supply, it would reside forever in the heater’s tank.

  20. 80% of Americans are vitamin D deficient during the winter months. This condition also affects the absorption od calcium and magnesium, and hammers the immune system.

    Wonder no more why the flu season starts when the weather cools and the days get shorter.

  21. natural gas, tankless water heater is the way to go. No sediment and no AL problems. Instant hot water. Can be installed on interior or exterior of house. Either way, unit is small, compact, compared to the tanks.

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