As I have mentioned previously, both Elaine and I decided in 2018 to get our DNA testing done.  While there are lots of “privacy issues” claimed, we believed that the potential benefits outweighed the risks by a good margin.

For example, I now know that my body metabolizes certain drugs faster (and some slower) than normal.  This may not seem like a “big deal” except that as one passes 70, you begin to look for ways to stack the odds in your favor for when treatment for (whatever) becomes necessary.  We will have plenty of privacy when the worms show up.

Knowing I have a different metabolism for a common blood thinner (warfarin) could be extremely useful for my doctor to know.  As a result, the DNA screen for drug sensitivities is now part of my medical records.

We also got some unwanted news as part of the process:  Both Elaine and I have an identical gene that raises our risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  No, we don’t have it.  It’s just that knowing we have a slightly elevated risk has spurred us to a very high-level of awareness and prevention.

The first thing we did was begin to follow the recommendations laid out the book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.”  $19-bucks at Amazon.

The book’s guidelines are not too difficult to follow.  The two big highlights for us included first changing over to cooking with coconut oil which you can even find with butter-flavor on Amazon. See: Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil – 30 oz. Tub – Top Rated, Delicious, Healthy, Zero Trans Fat – Gluten Free/Vegan & NO Junky Ingredients – Best Movie Theater Taste – Made in USA).  Toss down a couple of coconut oil pills (or MCT oil) and that may help.

Another key point of the book is your body really needs to cycle between food and not.  So, we make it a practice now to eat around 5 PM and then not eat again until 8 AM the following day.  No snacks or TV popcorn. That’s in keeping with the 12-14 hours recommended in the book.

But we haven’t stopped there.  The next thing we looked at is the amount of soy in our diets.  The reason – if you look at the government’s amazing health research site ( ) you can find two sides to the intake of soy.

On the one hand, here’s a paper pointing to “A possible cause of Alzheimer‘s dementia – industrial soy foods. But, when you read other research, like Amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis natto, the idea came to us that supplementing with nattokinase -might not be a bad thing.

Then there was Attenuation of neurobehavioral and neurochemical abnormalities in animal model of cognitive deficits of Alzheimer‘s disease by fermented soybean nanonutraceutical, that grabbed our attention, as well.  Naturally fermented soy sauce, anyone?

There was one other supplement – and I’ve mentioned it before – serrapeptase.  this may be useful if I am reading “Serrapeptase and nattokinase intervention for relieving Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology in rat model” correctly.

There is a lot more background on serrapeptase available, but it’s not widely publicized to the non-medical community that serrapeptase is correctly called serratiopeptidase.  And when comes to that, as of five years ago in “Serratiopeptidase: A systematic review of the existing evidence,” it was judged that not enough data was in.

Notwithstanding, since we also take turmeric as a supplement, more recent papers like “Co-delivery of curcumin and serratiopeptidase in HeLa and MCF-7 cells through nanoparticles show improved anti-cancer activity.” but serratiopepditase is not a be-all, end-all wonder supplement,  While on the one hand we read about it’s role in “Serratiopeptidase: a well-known metalloprotease with a new non-proteolytic activity against S. aureus biofilm” there are downsides as well depending on condition such as that described in “Serratiopeptidase – A Cause for Spread of Infection.

With our perpetual remind that THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.  ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING! the third “leg of the milkstool” we’ve decided on is turmeric because of its curcumin levels.  Which becomes clear when you review papers like “Curcumin in Combination with Anti-Cancer Drugs: A Nanomedicine Review.

Sure,.this seems a bit far afield from Alzheimer’s prevention, but it’s to give you a sense of the depth of our studies.  We also know there are plenty of cannabinol anti-cancer papers, too.  Which is why the US government patented certain compounds in weed back in 2003.  Flip over to the site and search Patent 6630507 for details.

Tons of background, but we pay a lot of attention to our health on the theory in Life, “You must be present to win.”

Which now gets us to your Water Heater and questioning whether it is an unindicted/hidden cause of Alzheimer’s increase?

Let me begin with a small citation:  A 2011 paper on PubMed asks the critical question: “Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease: after a century of controversy, is there a plausible link?”  The part that made us sit up and take notice was this, knowing that (AL) means aluminum and (AD) means Alzheimer’s disease…:

…the role of Al in AD has been heavily disputed based on the following claims: 1) bioavailable Al cannot enter the brain in sufficient amounts to cause damage, 2) excess Al is efficiently excreted from the body, and 3) Al accumulation in neurons is a consequence rather than a cause of neuronal loss. Research, however, reveals that: 1) very small amounts of Al are needed to produce neurotoxicity and this criterion is satisfied through dietary Al intake, 2) Al sequesters different transport mechanisms to actively traverse brain barriers, 3) incremental acquisition of small amounts of Al over a lifetime favors its selective accumulation in brain tissues, and 4) since 1911, experimental evidence has repeatedly demonstrated that chronic Al intoxication reproduces neuropathological hallmarks of AD. Misconceptions about Al bioavailability may have misled scientists regarding the significance of Al in the pathogenesis of AD. The hypothesis that Al significantly contributes to AD is built upon very solid experimental evidence and should not be dismissed. Immediate steps should be taken to lessen human exposure to Al, which may be the single most aggravating and avoidable factor related to AD.

A view of the latest PubMed articles offers a couple of tons of reading:

Wait!  What does the home water heater have to do with (AL) potentially causing (or potentiating) presentation of Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s-like symptoms?

You need to be aware that most water heaters employ a sacrificial anode in them. The sacrificial anode dissolves, “sacrificing” itself so the steel tank walls don’t leak.  Extends the product life for the tank and that’s a good thing..Or, is it?

Here’s the Catch: Care to guess what sacrificial anodes are typically made of to keep down costs?  Yes!  Aluminum!. Or, a mix of Aluminum and Zinc. Study this part of Wikipedia explaining the role of the sacrificial metal

“Sacrificial metals are widely used to prevent other metals from rusting, for example galvanised steel. Most of the steel object is coated with a layer of zinc, which is more electronegative than the iron, preventing it from rusting. Similarly, sacrificial bars of a metal such as magnesium can be attached to an oil rig or the hull of a ship to prevent it from rusting and breaking down. “

BUT!  Here’s the catch (and missing from the Wiki entry!):  Magnesium sacrificial anodes cost more than aluminum anodes.  So, on Amazon for example, you will find products like “Aluminum Zinc Hex Head Flexible Anode Rod Stops Rotten Egg Smelly Water! ”

Do they give Alzheimer’s?

We went to PubMed to see if all the smart people in science have asked the obvious.  Show us papers with the search terms “aluminum sacrificial anode alzheimer’s “.    Know what came back?

This is why we quit using hot water for everything but dish-washing a long while back.  If a recipe calls for hot water, I get water from the cold-water (double filtered) from the fridge door and microwave it.  We do NOT drink hot water from the tap!!!

Again, we are NOT offering any health advice here.  Just passing on our personal health-maintenance research and revealing a potentially invisible source of elevated aluminum levels that may act as a trigger if you have a previous genetic predisposition.0

If you click here, Amazon has a wide variety of magnesium anodes available.  Just remember to turn off the water AND power before messing with the anode change-out.  Exposing heating elements to air has a way of burning them out…so always pull the power when a water heater could drain as from a water leak and so forth.

We hope you find this a worthy topic for future personal research and again – this is not medical advice,.  Talk to your healthcare professional!  Oh, and consider passing it along to your friends with the caveat those people do come up with some far-fetched views now and then…

Now, Your Christmas Present!

Yes, the Chjronicle Project is alive, although very low-key.  Here’s the latest from Chris Tyreman and the researchers who are doing a retranslation/rethink of the Bible:

“Hey George, season’s greetings from the chronicle project. I know people have been wondering why no updates in SOOOO long.  The answer, is so we could focus on what we are here to do, and that’s to complete the restoration of the O.T. or the Tanakh as we call it.  But for you…here’s something fun.

If you attend any classes regarding the old testament, you are sure to be told that the books contained in that section, are historical at best, and more often metaphorical.  Sadly we never question if this is true, because the translations seem very convoluted at best.

We are told that Daniel was written after the fact, as it is too accurate and we have no copies older than about 300 BC to prove them wrong.  But what if they are wrong.  What if the truth has been hidden to make us believe that the information contained within these books is to be ignored.

What happens if you apply the SDH rules of restoring Hebrew to something like snips from the book of Joel?

So here’s your Christmas present.  You might want to look up the bible version and then compare it to the below restoration of the same section. See if it even looks the same

The words in parenthesis are our fill ins.  the writers expect the reader to know this by context, but we added it for first timers and to help that context.  You might also note that the verses are split in the wrong places in order to create the bible translation.  we have corrected that as you will see the … dots connecting the lines of verse:

Chapter 1 Book of Joel

1:6 Thus a nation shall ascend to mount my earth, a tree, being those.  And (it shall) be preparing a pair, that to recount.  A pair (by a specific) lion.   And that (lion) shall proceed toward (you) to bend toward being, toward to bring to…

1:7 …(this) location (you) my vine toward there.  And my fig tree (shall be brought) toward, a fragment, a cleaned away strip.  And the (Lion) shall place your (people) the (Jews) toward (there), to be discerning between (the two strips) to delegate ( the) turn over.

1:8 Approach this being retained (by England), draw to (it), engulf (it), pour out to upon (it). Own, (what was) therefore stirred up to materialize (the return to Zion).

1:9 The (Jews who were) restrained (in the Cypress camps), those shall go before, and therefore shall crowd that household of Creator.


So we now have a text, which predicted that England (the tree) would mount the Earth.  A tree, because its roots are still England, but its branches have become other nations ie: Canada, USA and Aussi land. They were the overseer at the end of the Ottoman empire of the establishment of the land of Israel and the events at that time.

But just so we don’t leave you with the feeling that this was coincidence, here’s another tid bit:

Chapter 4 Book of Joel

4:19 Egypt toward devastation, shall proceed to be, and Aadavam (Edom), toward a wilderness. Devastation shall proceed to be, (upon) Khamas.  (The) son(s) (of) Yahavadaha (Judah), (they) established to force out (their) blood, to begin to clear away those (who are Jewish) amid (the) Earth.

4:20 And so Yahavadaha (Judah) from that point on (shall) proceed to settle (there) and Yaravashalam (Jerusalem) (shall be their’s) to inhabit. And (they shall) inhabit,…

4:20 …and (they) shall clear away what remains.  (The) blood (of) those, (who attacked) shall not exist.  It shall remain cleared away, and Creator (shall) lodge amid Tsayavan (Zion) from then on.


Khamas or as the news says it “Hamas” is the present group causing all sorts of problems to Israel.  Not a bad prediction huh.  So if this is in a book about the events at the end of days, we must be close to winding down.

Remember, when the sea of Galilee dries up, the beast shall rise out of the sea.

Merry Christmas G

And a Merry Christmas all and do… Write when you get rich,

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