Coping: Tuesday at the Wujo – Remedial Jim School

(Amarillo, TX) Back to the front lines of Science then, as we try to figure out the strange and unusual stuff that goes on in Life…like this from reader Jim…

Hey George,

I’m a long time reader, enjoy your columns and appreciate the informative links. I wanted to share a Wujo moment I had about a week or so, ago.

I had been fighting with our ailing clothes dryer, testing out all of the usual culprits for this particular problem with my multimeter but to no avail. After a few too many trips to the launder-mat and some verbal persuasion, the little lady convinced me to have a repair guy come check it out (turns out, according to the repair guy, I was on track with my troubleshooting and there’s little chance your average Joe would have ever found what was a very “uncommon” problem).

Back on point: I have an auxiliary gas line that runs from the main line, UNDERGROUND, out to the garage and to the dryer. There is a valve fitting at the connection to the main gas line which I believe is probably very old and not so common.

I have searched for pictures of, or any type of reference to this particular type of valve and have not been able to find any. I should also add that it is inconspicuously located between some bushes and the east wall of the house.

Point being, it is not obvious where it is or what it is if you do find it.

So after a while, I hear the repair guy knocking on the back door, calling my name. Looking perplexed, he asks me “how do you turn on the gas?”. To which I replied, “The gas should already be on”. I KNOW that auxiliary valve was on.

I TURNED it on DAYS before and never went back and turned it off as there is a lever activated valve terminated inside the garage behind the dryer so it is not necessary to turn off the auxiliary feed.

Furthermore, we had both witnessed the burner coming on as he was troubleshooting earlier. 

Keep in mind, first you have to locate and then you have to stoop and squeeze behind the bushes with a heavy wrench to turn that auxiliary valve.

I did not turn off the auxiliary valve, the little lady certainly did not and the repair guy didn’t even know where it was but sure enough, when I went back there to check it… It had been turned off! There was nobody else at the house that day.


Tisk, tisk, Jimbo.  You need a quick trip to “Remedial Jim School” where, for just $83,422 worth of student loans, I will not only reveal more or less exactly what went on, but show you with uncanny precision how the phenomena works and maybe even put myself in line for a Nobel Prize in Physics.  I hear they give them out pretty readily, but I digress…

Here’s what happened in the real quantum world that most people are dumb as sticks about:

1.  Timespace was going along just fine, through all the “normal” axes.  We can demonstrate this by drawing a straight line, like so:


Think of this as a time and events line.

2.  File:Schroedingers cat film.svgTimespace hit a minor perturbation indicating a break in the continuum.  Part of reality (after the Everett Many World’s Interpretation, split into two distinct tracks, as denoted by your component-level failure in the dryer which you noted.  We could draw this event as where the Many World split occurred like this:


This is really our shorthand for a world split that more properly looks like this (borrowed from the Wikipedia discussion here).

3. You dawdled around for a while, forgetting what this was all happening INSIDE THE MWI SHELL(it’ is the operating system of reality, right?)  as you screwed with the multimeter and then eventually called the repairman, which we can now add to our developing timeline, like so:

—————–<  (—-)

Where the (—–)  area is you persisting in your failure to comprehend that the component-level (or extremely rare failure)  was a single-world event which was in fact a many worlds fracture which didn’t happen in the other track..

Remember, when the timeline split —<  let’s say your reality took the top track, while another reality took the bottom.

4.  Eventually, the repairman manages to fix the low-probability failure, but since the world’s aren’t quite synched up, something else happens (a second anomaly) to allow for timing the rejoin which then “frame-matches” worlds so they can join up again without blowing up the Universe.   It’s quite graceful, really..  So our completed timeline now looks like this:

———-<  (—–)  >———-                        (followed by —-(write to George)—-

Now, obviously, I was only jesting when I titled this discussion “Remedial Jim School” – in fact I should have titled it “Remedial Consciousness School.”

That’s because there is this whole different layer of reality whizzing by us (experientially) every day but until you develop this basic diagram in your head of living through MWI splits and joins (and hold it long enough) you will fail to grasp this coming and going of worlds that happens continuously and mostly unobserved.

because our understand of statistical probabilities is weaker than we would like to think, humans run off like apes with cell phones thinking they have figured something out when the screen lights up.  But we’re (so far) mystified by the icons on the screen of the MWI which really do mean something.

All Kinds of Error Prone Thought Arises

One result is a completely erroneous approach to electronic and and mechanical reliability engineering which will, upon deep inspection, reveal vast knowledge to be had for the taking about how to manipulate the MWI world-splittings.  But, until we awaken from our intellectual slumber, we instead approach design issues at a very gross level which misses the beauty and subtle way ultimate reality works.

An example?  Yeah, sure, you bet’cha. When an electronics engineer looks at material ‘a’ versus material ‘b’ to develop a breakthrough “high mean time between failure”  (MTBF) component, he errantly believes that his material selection is being made because the material (and we could suggest thin film Mylar, just to make this interesting) is what we flat-landers of thought classify as a “stable” material.

Thinking it is stable we happily build lots of these components and get the statistically expected result, namely that the MTBF will be high, the design engineer gets a bonus, and yada, yada, life goes on.


…in the larger reality of what just happened, something completely different occurred which we are so far mostly blind to!

In this larger reality what the engineer had unconsciously done was make a material selection based not on stability, but upon resistance to Many World splits.  This is a whole new way of considering things and perhaps, with enough data, an approach to actually moving between MWI fractures might evolve.

I should probably write this up as a patent because there is not branch of science that looks at this presently and in fact, I would love to partner up with a couple of physicists to go work on this in great depth.  That’s because why?

When some of my colleagues (in the past) went off into stoner land, or dropped out *(in the acidic sense) and mumbled about magic and the like, there is no doubt something to it, But the problem is that we don’t generally have as a broad enough view to take in the concept.

In many ways, it’s the same problem as we had a hundred years back with flight.  We didn’t have a program called aeronautical engineering.  Instead, people went out, observed the data, posited a few possibilities, and then starting building things for the posited world.  They happened to work, as Boeing and Cessna both attest.

I suspect (with DTN (dead-to-nuts) certainty that this kind of thinking already exists in one of the many worlds and if you look at the cloaking/uncloaking aspects of UFO’s, you can quickly get to the idea that (as was portrayed in a TV series) that material science, when looked at in this curious MTBF study way, could actually reveal the portal pathways to other (multi) worlds.

What’s more, when people do toke or shroom-up, and in that altered state claim to be able to see the MWI changepoints in an almost magical way (especially audibles, as in music/musicians work product), they maybe do. 

Except, due to perceptual distortions, few are able to wrap their minds around what they are seeing and “bring it back” to this version of MWI in actionable ways.

Jim, your “rare” failure in the dryer was an MWI split and the gas had to go off to provide exactly the MWI rejoin point needed (frame matching, in video terms), which otherwise would have been off  perhaps on the order of 15.23512 seconds.

Now, once you get the ideas down, all you need to do is figure out whether this is all happening automatically, or whether there’s an Editor running these splits and joins, who is reading MWI timecode all day.

And Who issues periodic instruction books on how to become a junior assistant editor, which is very confusing and convoluted to most…and it’s a situation made worse by people who don’t know the first thing about timecode filling up collection plates by talking about 8 mm film splicing…  You need to look at the timecode but few can see it, even when it’s in plain sight.

Did I mention the Robin Williams flick “Final Cut may have been above most folks’ heads?

Bill Was Wondering



For the last month when I look at the time it’s 11:11 so often. I remember you talked about this in one of your previous works. Could you say again sir?  Bill.

See above.  For a particular person, on a particular MWI path, numbers may cluster.  And the implications in terms of other items, such as our emotions from minute to minute, our relationships (that come and go)…well, the MWI mindset, once adopted, is a kind of religion-free religion.

For your homework assignment, take all this and build a two part science project for Thursday’s class:

a.  A reliable system to recognize the changepoints

b. Workable strategies to manipulate how the rejoins occur

Do this well and I will get you some fish., bread, and wine to work with along with a crowd of hungry, anxious listeners down by a lake.

MSM Closing Down

Reader Jonathan has this observation:

Not sure if you heard of experienced lately but

big media is killing the comments sections because too many of the sheep are getting an education from
the comments section

……enjoy them while you can….

Can have too much seeing through the veil, now, can we?

Long Road Home

Eight more hours of driving and we should be back at Uretopia Ranch later on today.  5,500 miles of driving and then I should be able to clean up the paperwork and emails to answer that have accumulated.


A couple of things I forgot to mention about the trip which I really did want to share with you:

One is that on our way from Reno over to the Castle in the Pines near Weston, CO, we came over I-80 and I got to take a look at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats which I’m pointing to over on the right, there.

What most people don’t know is the Salt Flats is famous for something besides world land speed records.  A plaque at the rest area tells us:


“On June 17, 1914 the first transcontinental telephone line was completed near this point on the border of Nevada and Utah at Wendover.  Construction forces of the Bell Telephone Company of Nevada and the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company met there, making the last splices in the wires which joined East and West in voice communications for the first time….”

It puts a good deal of American history into perspective, since we’ve now been by both the rail joining point and the telephone join point.

When you think about what life must have been like back then…

Back in the old days you could go into a store and actually have peace and quiet while you sorted out how to spend our money. 

Today, we’re  subjected to hearing everyone else’s woes thanks to cell phones, and getting interrupted by trade alerts, tweets and texts so much that it’s hard to think.  We’ve forsaken thoughtful reflection for impulsive consumption.

And the most amazing part of all?  We’ve been hypnotized by the American Marketing Machine to believe this is progress!

Who’d have thought?

More tomorrow for Peoplenomics readers…

Write when you break even.,