Coping: Trouble in “The Force”

imageThat headline off to the right there should give you a pretty good idea about what being “tuned-in” to “the force” is all about.

We received an email from what sounded like a county government worker who was being blessed with the job of installing a whole bunch of new lights – and the job would take place ahead of Thanksgiving.

But the really AMAZING part of this reader’s description of a sold change in the pace of the news flow is how absolutely-freaking good his call has been.

If you missed the column (which we wrote while I has the quasi-flu, had fallen down the steps at our hotel in Phoenix, where we experienced a large power outage) it is here and available for your inspection.  Yes, “Nervous Week” and “expect more terrorism soon” have been spot on reader foreshadowed events.

I thought it would be a good exercise this morning to review the submitting reader’s remarks and see how well it played:

George,  I don’t know if you remember the email I sent you a few months back about the dream I had many years ago. It was about the new fangled lites that were coming out. When those lites came out, in the dream, I was installing them when all hell broke loose on the planet. Well in that email I told you I had a DejaVu moment, when one of those lites showed up at work..that was a few months back. We installed it and the County went on to purchase. 35000 dollars more to re-equipt the whole building. They showed up three weeks ago. As you know with government things tend to go slow. I tried to avoid the putting in of those lites as long as possible. Well my boss had us start installing them last Wednesday ( veterans day). That is overtime and we never get that here, and we were surprised that happened.  Well want happened Friday, Paris.  Paris is just the start. We will be working this Saturday, to install another 30 high bay lites. He wants them all in before Thanksgiving. I’m thinking what!!!!! Remember in my dream my wife and I are running around outside where it appears there is now power. This all happens sometime during or after the installation of these lites.  Is it possibly time for an emp  or solar flare. Didn’t know if anybody else is writing to you about this.

There are a million and one questions that I’d like to ask this reader….but it stands as a testament to how good a person’s brain can be when it is calmed down enough to let information come through.  We’ll circle back to that in a second.

1.  As the reader’s dream called it, not only did we have Paris, but we went on to the Turkey Shoot-down, and then the Sad Bernardino PR disaster.  That’s pretty damn good.

2.  The part that bothers me most is this:

Remember in my dream my wife and I are running around outside where it appears there is now power. This all happens sometime during or after the installation of these lites.  Is it possibly time for an emp  or solar flare. Didn’t know if anybody else is writing to you about this.

Unless you have a large crop of solar panels (don’t forget, UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics are largely solar-powered) there won’t be much you can do about this except look at the data.

What Data Matters?

Well, there are three sources to look at that can give (combined) some sense of “early warning” on coming Solar Events.

1.  The first is to keep an eye on the NOAA Solar Weather Prediction Center.  In the latest update on the Solar cycle’s progress out Monday, we note with concern that the data continues to seriously undershoot the projected cycle (shown as the red trend line below):


2.  The second indicator of possible coming Solar Flares would be to look at the incoming particle energy from the Sun.

Do you remember how that was one of the indicators – in fact it starred in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, if I remember, correctly.

Now flip over to the U.S.G.S. website where (as of writing time Monday) we already has two 7+ quakes this week.  One out in “who cares land” in the Pacific and then the 7.2 in Tajikistan.

Combined this is potentially significant stuff.

I was going to remind Elaine of this, but we saw a whole group of lenticular clouds on the way down from Armadillo (Amarillo if you are on your second cup) the day before Turkey Day.  And we are just sort of watching the low-level; quakes that are going on up there with a “Ya’ll stay up that way, please…

The various weather agencies worldwide find lenticular clouds of interest – as shown by this bit from the Hong Kong Observatory.

The flying saucer formation of clouds we saw was about 60-miles northwest of Dallas…but the arrival of minor low-level quakes (Irving, see databases) was perhaps more than coincidental.

Shou’s Work

Some really key research on the reality of “earthquake clouds” was by in 2003 by Zhonghao Shou and colleague Darrell Harrington.

“Shou used such a cloud (see Fig. 1) to predict the Bam earthquake of Dec. 26, 2003 to the public. Coarse and fine predictions were made public on the internet (@1) at 17:58 UTC, Dec. 25, 2003. The fine prediction stated that there would be an earthquake of magnitude more than or equal to 5.5 within 60 days along a fault described in Fig. 1, while the coarse prediction allowed magnitude 5 and above, within 98 days. The Bam earthquake occurred precisely on the predicted fault, and its magnitude was within the predicted
magnitude windows.”

The linkage between both Earthquake Clouds and Earthquake Lights has been very slow to evolve in the scientific mainstream.

We have talked about this before several times – and it sure has the look of a topic which is not popular because that’s not where the money is.  It is far easier to sell “computational approaches” to big problems because so many people don’t understand the major limit of mathematical modeling is the size of brain employing the tools.

Or, to put it another way, a million monkeys with calculators are going to miss today’s Dow close, but over the long-haul non-numerical, pattern-oriented approaches can do fairly well.  At least when augmented with some number-crunching.

So that has us considering that those clouds two weeks Thursday well northwest of Dallas may have been indicative of something.

Then we go on through our bag of “gobs of data to test-fit” and we come up with the matter of Earthquake Lights.

I would be looking for these:  You might want to look for them, too.  Especially if one of the following conditions applies to you:

1.  You happen to live in a castle at the 7,600 foot level up west of Trinidad, Colorado.  There, the air is incredibly clear and 100+ mile nights are not rare.

2.  You live in the central to north-central Texas area, essentially from Wichita Falls over to, oh, about Shreveport,. or so…since that’s where we saw lenticulars.

3.  You’re an airline pilot anywhere…

4.  Or last, but not least, you have read the science paper here describing what?  “The earthquake lights (EQL) of the 6 April 2009 Aquila earthquake,
in Central Italy…”:

People tend to forget about earthquakes when they are less than 6.0 Richter and they don’t kill enough people to touch off a massive rock music fund raiser frenzy.  (Let’s save some whales, too, shall we?)

But the data is fascinating because that quake was a 5.9 and brought with it many of the features we are talking about here.  From the paper, then:

Abstract. A seven-month collection of testimonials about
the 6 April 2009 earthquake in Aquila, Abruzzo region,
Italy, was compiled into a catalogue of non-seismic phenomena.
Luminous phenomena were often reported starting
about nine months before the strong shock and continued until
about five months after the shock. A summary and list of
the characteristics of these sightings was made according to
20th century classifications and a comparison was made with
the Galli outcomes. These sightings were distributed over a
large area around the city of Aquila, with a major extension
to the north, up to 50 km. Various earthquake lights were correlated
with several landscape characteristics and the source
and dynamic of the earthquake. Some preliminary considerations
on the location of the sightings suggest a correlation between
electrical discharges and asperities, while flames were
mostly seen along the Aterno Valley.

Earthquake Lights, the Seneca Guns, and lenticulars are only part of the equation.
Even U.S.G.S. admits to the noises before quakes, but very carefully and in a measured way:

Earthquake “booms” have been reported for a long time, and they tend to occur more in the Northeastern US and along the East Coast. Of course, most “booms” that people hear or experience are actually some type of cultural noise, such as some type of explosion, a large vehicle going by, or sometimes a sonic boom, but there have been many reports of “booms” that cannot be explained by man-made sources. No one knows for sure, but scientists speculate that these “booms” are probably small shallow earthquakes that are too small to be recorded, but large enough to be felt by people nearby.

As it turns out….there are many factors that contribute to the “sound’ that an earthquake makes. To begin to understand these factors we have to understand the different types of waves, the speed they travel through the earth, and the speed that sound travels through the air.

Perhaps the best way to understand earthquake sounds are from an actual experiment that took place back in the 80’s in California by David Hill. Dr. Hill’s team recorded sounds that came out of the earth (from nearby small earthquakes between magnitude 2.0 and 3.0) and simultaneously measured the arrival of the P wave on a seismograph. Researchers also reported hearing a sound before the S waves were recorded; this turned out to be the arrival of the P wave. See this Alaska Science Forum article entitled “Earthquake Waves Outrace Sound” for a description of that experiment.

“Is there a Bottom Line, here, Ure?”

No.  But we wanted to share that our prescient dreamer’s experience of “no lights” could be related to a pending quake.  We are in a series of 7’s now, we are close to solstice, we have lenticulars and we are looking for lights.

Because the other outcome-drive (if the Reader’s dream is right) is a mess.  A real civilization-stopper and maybe a world-ender, depending on whose testosterone does what at exactly the wrong moment.

So if our “enlightened reader” has anything new to report, please send along thoughts and impressions because this (pardon this) Period of Bad Shit forecast has been among the best we’ve seen.

Thank you…

Dream Notes

Speaking of dreams and future studies…My friend Ltc. Col (Retd) Chris McCleary is now working on some interesting.

Chris, as you will recall, took up the site several years back and has been expanding its scope and applying some of our linguistics to what is coming out of dreams.

The interesting (and sharable) part of his work is evolving into this:

Seems among all the people he has been seeing (professionally) and among dreamers (who contribute dreams to the Dream Center site) he is seeing something of a pattern.

We kick this stuff around like it’s an electronics project to clean up a “dirty receiver” because the analogy to electronics is very well-understood.

So the biggest obstacle to productive/ and predictive / dreams seems to be what Chris calls “simple nightmares.”

These are the bad dreams that everyone has from time to time when something emotional is blowing up (or their awareness of it is growing but not conscious yet).  And he’s developing a therapy to “cure your own nightmares.”

I told him that along would make a best-selling pop-psychology book, but it isn’t like he doesn’t have a lot of other things going on.

His point was that once you get through this “first barrier” to getting into predictive dreams, the next dragon to slay as a serious dream worker is to deal with “day residue.”

That’s when something notable happens in your life and it shows up in a dream.  Sometimes the day residue will be there on the day of an event, or other times, a week or even later, after the fact.

Finally, after the nightmares have been cleaned up, the day residue tossed out…then you can get down to the predictive dreaming.

As I told you I would, I’ve started the new schedule here at UrbanSurvival because getting up at 4 AM was not giving me enough head time while sleeping to have regular precognitive dreams.

Turns out that I have them after I have had 6-7 hours of sleep, get up, pee, go back to bed for a few more hours, at the tail end of a 9-hour sleep, or getting up, eating, working, and going back to bed but after coffee.  (Seems like a lot of work.)

But with the new schedule:  Write Coping the day ahead of time and the market part at 6:30 AM, or so…well, the dreams I have are coming back.

One way to modulate them:  Three drinks the night before and they seem absent.  One or two?  High probability.  9-hours, one drink at bedtime and lucid dreaming vitamins and a Benadryl to “go down” and they become almost predictable.

Not that I want them to be:  The future never seems to be what I want it to be.

Whether this one is predictive, or not, I am not happy with it:  I was going to write this in the Monday column, but I didn’t dream it until it was past deadline for that:  I had a dream about Baseball legend Willie Mays on Monday morning at about 05:30 AM.

I haven’t seen anything about him in the news, but I sure hope he’s OK…  Not being a sports fan, it was totally odd to have the name “Willie Mays” come through in dream content.

We wish he our best and that it was just “day residue.”

But that’s the cross of predictive dreaming.  Sometimes, like the Gulf Oil Spill, and others, it is a terrible burden to dream even the smallest parts of the future.

One has to wonder if great visionaries like Nostracodeus knew their last hours in advance.

I can tell you this…It’s not fun going to sleep with that question lingering.

Write when you break even (and if you’re the Light Man!)


19 thoughts on “Coping: Trouble in “The Force””

  1. Earthquake clouds. My grandma was of gypsy heritage. In the 70’s she showed me some earthquake clouds, mare’s tails, she called them. Based on the abundance and size of these clouds, and that the neighborhood dogs were going nuts, she predicted a quake. Late that night, bam! The biggest quake I had ever felt. Fast forward to the early 90’s, as my husband and I are driving out of town I spot the same cloud formations. Laughingly I tell my husband about Grandma’s skills. We joke about not having a home to come home to. About 8 hours later we pull back into town, the roads are empty, it was eerily quiet, so I turned on the radio…there had been a big quake 20 miles south of our home, buildings off their foundations, grocery store burned to the ground, false fronts collapsed off of buildings onto attendees at a festival we had decided at the last minute not to attend in favor of going out of town.

  2. there’s some fascinating science correlating cloud formation to cosmic rays. can we add lenticular cloud formations to posit: high solar output of cosmic rays (particle energy/solar events) = geomagnetic activity and (lenticular) cloud formations = quakes.

    The Cloud Mystery:

  3. It has long been known in metaphysical circles that the chances of remembering your dreams are enhanced if you go to bed with the intention of dreaming and remembering your dream.

    • I never go to bed with the intention of remembering my dreams. That must be the reason I have the same dream over and over until my brain says, hey dummy did you finally get that. Sorry George, missed the write up on 21 Nov.

  4. It is now known that there are “earth spots”. These are a direct electrical connections between the earth and the sun. They come and go, but these spots are highly correlated with earthquakes (along with planetary alignments and coronal holes), and earth storms. This might account for some of the “lights reports”.

    • This is a subject the Suspicious0bservers community broke into the public knowledge as well – specifically Dr. Kongpop Uyen. To be clear, these earth spots are not the same as FTE – Flux Transfer Events – which are “direct electrical connections between the earth and the sun” which have been known about for quite some time.

  5. I know it’s fun to play with this predictive stuff, but may I suggest seriously and realistically dealing with the man made aspects of the future which are absolutely inevitable and as bad as any natural disaster you can imagine?

    Like a boot on the face of humanity, forever. Look for some Gerald Celente interviews to understand what I mean.

    • Second the recommendation of Suspicious0bservers… George mentioned, “The first is to keep an eye on the NOAA Solar Weather Prediction Center” – is the resource I’d recommend instead. It’s run by the same gentleman who runs the S0s – Ben Davidson. I attended his conference in Pittsburgh in October. Those folks ‘get it’ better than most – and are allergic to the nonsense hype that you’ll find in other areas of borderline esoteric research.

  6. “One has to wonder if great visionaries like Nostracodeus knew their last hours in advance.”

    I thought Nostracodeus was still with us, but I have had my two cups this morning….

    Thanks for the good job every day, and enjoy your new schedule. I do wish I had more of an affinity for helpful dreams, but perhaps I should be careful what I wish for.

  7. The movie was 2012. The collection of neutrinos at the Earth’s core was causing it to overheat, expanding the crust (growing Earth theory), massive tectonic movement, etc. The pivotal scene was the two scientists taking temperature measurements inside a salt mine shaft – early in the movie it was just hot; later, water in the shaft was boiling over. Gov’t projections shifted the timeline from years to days… The Day After Tomorrow was the sudden onset of an ice cage caused by global warming and cessation of the Atlantic current. Three gov’t scientists walked 500 miles from DC to NYC in two days under blizzard conditions to save a child holed up in the NYC public library (how much fiction can one squeeze into a sentence, LOL!)

  8. Did us see an armadillo almost brought down morgan Freemans(aka God) plane the other day. God lives to fly another day.dunno bout the runway kill tho.

  9. George- You lived up this way and am sure you’ve seen the lenticulars around Mt Rainier. Common site and breathtaking. Any recall if there were unusual clouds just before Mt St Helen’s in 1980?
    Also the dreaming-
    I’ve been journaling and experimenting with mine for quite a while now. I regularly get ‘glimpses’ into the next day that are confirmed with tidbits that come true. Nothing to put a banner up about unless it was something for NDC.

    What I am still fascinated about with ‘The Force’ is the evolution of awareness around dreaming.
    Lately I am enjoying something similar to the movie “Inception”.
    The multi-layers
    are a real trip, and actually participating in the dreams while still dreaming is a key for me, that reality spans all levels of waking reality.
    Fortunately, I am NOT like the wife in the movie who can’t filter dreaming with waking life. However, it is a fine line with the illusory hologram for sure.

  10. George;

    Had dream the other night dealing with Marines and 82 days which would work out to Feb 26th ’16.

    Don’t like tying mine to any I’ve heard here, but figure the Marines can always use a prayer.

    Semper Fi

  11. You’ll want to check out Ben Davidson’s sites on celestial and terrestrial observations which are daily and include the solar and earthquake metrics. He’s been working on OLR data and is tracking ‘earth spots’ which he likens to ‘sun spots’ and so far, he’s been ‘spot on’ and creating some very interesting theories, highly recommended!

    Daily News –

    Space Weather –

    Magnetic Anomalies –

    Main site –

    Discussing Earthquakes with Kongpop:

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