Coping: Tila Tequila’s Morph to Tila Truth?

imageWhat better way to kick off a shortened work-week than a review of the various marketing campaigns that are on to control that space between your ears?

You know serious change is in the air where when what I might loosely describe as a “Hollywood hottie” shows up on the net to talk about the illuminati and such.  But here we have this morning a young lady being repackaged from formerly being Tila Tequila to now becoming Ms Tila Truth – Truth Warriors.

Yes, change is definitely going mainstream when headlines like “Celebrity Tila Tequila Exposes the Illuminati” appear, complete with a story of how this particular “awakening” happened.  And then come videos like this one dealing with perception, which as all of old-timers know, is how things really run…

All of which is a fine improvement on watching a “bunch of grumpy old men” talk about what’s going on, for sure. 

But it may mean something much deeper.  Well, two things:  The obvious is to wonder if this is something that is totally independent.  But the other thing is what happens when a large fraction on young people start to figure out that job creation is crashing before the the roll of automation?

Shopkeeper economies are an interesting economics problem, in that it’s hard to be able to figure when they will break.  Whether the arrival of a young vixen is some kind of marker of a major shift in anything is an open question.  But it’s definitely going to prompt a lot of the 15-35 crowd to stir.

From a marketing perspective, I’ve been waiting for this:  The first of the “beautiful people” set joining the questioner/prepper/skeptical inquirers crowd.  A good thing, indeed.  It means the reclaiming of American won’t be controlled by the rabid right, the ludicrous left, or extremes of any stripe. 

Oh,. and thanks to reader Roger S for pointing this out to me (I wouldn’t have found it otherwise):

Came across this babe. She is a cutey. I have read the article. And the bullet points following it.

She is smart, informed and very dangerous, due to her talking to much. Don’t think it’d be to smart to include this in any of your posts. It is too hot. But it is worth you knowing.

I beg to disagree…hot is good…and this is definitely hot.

Marketing Class II

Another thing that makes me think we are getting close to the verge of major change is this stock tout email I received, which to my way of thinking set a new all-time low in terms of ethical stock promotion.

Subject line:  Watch for a breakout!

How do you feel about enriching yourself by means of war? It`s right time to make it. As soon as the first bombs fall on Syria, oil prices will move up just as ***** ***** (****) stock price!!! Go make profits on Monday, September 2, 2013, get **** shares!!!

Other than the fact that the market was closed Monday, and would you believe a tout from an outfit that doesn’t know the market schedule?  No, sorry, while I often write (in a joking way) about making money on war, but this seemed to to be promoting the real thing.  As I figure it, a new low-point in stock pandering.

Based on the stock tout, you might think the underlying common would have been an oil play of some kind.  But, no, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Looks more like a deal involving Mexican gold and silver mines…so go figure.  Scrooge McGeorge will just stare at his lone silver and his lone gold coin, thanks.

Making the Rounds

This email:

Jesse Jackson, Jr. 17 year veteran of the US Congress, suddenly gets a “mood disorder” (about the same time he learned he was to be indicted) and is going to prison for 2.5 years.  Because his “mood disorder” was so severe, he has become disabled and will receive $8,700 per month as a disability payment as well as $45,000 a year from his congressional pension, a total of about $150K per year.

Is this a great country or what?

We gotta figure out some other way to monetize mood swings…

Pass the Paranoid Pills: Indian Uprising?

Here’s a dandy email which had me reaching for a double-doze of meds this morning:

“Hello George,

This message is for your information.  You may find something interesting in this.

I purchased two PRC-25 Vietnam era military radios complete with antennae’s, good clean battery boxes and handsets and one external speaker kit at a 2nd hand store in Clinton, OK.

We have tested them with batteries installed and they appear to be in working condition.

My friend sells lots of stuff on e-bay.

He recently listed one of the radios for sale.

The NYPD bought the radio.

The second one will be listed soon on eBay.

I am curious who will buy the second one.

Darn fine question, since while the PRC-25 (prick-25) is an OK short-range radio (30-76 MHz), most of the modern HF ham rigs cover the 50 MHz range already, just sayin…Our tipster’s email continues:

This morning an article was released: ‘Bureau of Indian Affairs Look To Quell Indian Uprising by Purchasing Over A Half Million Dollars in New Military Grade Hardware.

My question is: where is this Indian uprising?

First things first about the article.  Alaska IS NOT the last frontier of the American Empire.

I do not agree with the statement on their state tags that says, Alaska, the last Frontier. Granted it is the last great wilderness of North America.

The REAL last frontier of the American Empire is the  Indian Reservation that sets astraddle of New Mexico and Arizona. Living on this reservation and working in its schools gives one a view that others simply do not have.

The article noted above is a fear reaction of the BIA. They know what they are up against.  They still hate Kit Carson and the old US Calvary because of what they did to the Indians. And they still talk about it like it was yesterday.

This is an area that is not looked at critically as to what will happen if TSHTF.

That may be the case (and odd, I’ll grant you that) but looking at the contract solicitation over here, it sure smells to me like BIA is simply “sharing the wealth” with tribal police departments.  There’s been a huge increase in the fed-spending (and militarization) of local police and sheriffs, so I think the smart money is on BIA is just bringing tribal departments along.

Of course the second possibility would be these arms could be a a cover-agency  buy to send more weapons purchases which will be quietly shipped to the anti-Assad groups in Syria…but since it looks like the Feds have a special fondness for .40 cal pistol ammo, I’m just guessing it’s for tribal departments.  (Mumbled as my meds kick in…)

When’s a Geezer?

I mean besides looking at Tila Tequila…I mean Truth’s column?  A note from Jivabill has raised an awkward question:

Thought I would drop you a note to happify your Labor Day holiday.  I note you wrote the pages for your free column today.  Good man.  Just want you to know I appreciate your writing.  Always an interesting take on what’s going on.

One thing I been meaning to mention.  I note that often you will mention your age in the context of being an Old Geezer or some such descriptive term for an ancient fellow.  I have to say Geo, you are still a young guy.  Wait till you are almost 80.  Then we will agree you are a Geezer :-).
Keep up the good work.  Remember, Zeus is probably working for NSA.

Like the Scandahoovians used to say, just for the halibut I looked up “geezer” and discovered to my shock, that it merely means an “old man” but used in a disparaging way.  Since most of the things said about me seem to be disparaging (not inaccurate necessarily) I likely qualify.

Learning point:  According to the UrbanDictionary site, I could be properly called a geezer in the UK/unemployed kingdom any time in general, since the Brits don’t seem to attach an age to geezing….or is that geezerhood?

What’s more on the UK website explains that a tasty geezer is an attractive man.  So, sorry Bill, but I’ll continue to refer to myself now and then as a geezer (I’ll leave the tasty out in the interest of modesty).

My pet theory is the term originated in Egypt where I’d be fast approaching the age of (bad pun alert!) Giza!

Waiting for the End

Oh, sure, give you a three day weekend and look at you!  You can hardly wait for work to end again come Friday, or before.

Which gets us to the delightful little story over here about how Peter of Rome who supposedly has something to do with The Last Pope may have popped into view.

This good news and bad, I’m afraid.  While we’re waiting for the third of the waters bittered to finish cooking (Fukushima?) and for the amazing celestial sights (Comet Ison?) it’s a sad fact that we all have to eat between now and then…so off to work for another week…

Write when you break even.,