(Cozumel, Mexico) While the market is looking like it will be coming up green (instead of the world ending today) we have time – as expected – to focus on the relaxing parts of life.

To begin with, a reader note about a recent woo-woo experience is worth part-time pondering:

What a strange week this has been.. the first thing that happened was my wife setting her phone on the kitchen counter.. everyone seen it.. only two people around was us.. then she came in the next morning and said.. have you seen my phone.. sure the last time I seen it it was on the kitchen counter… we looked everywhere.. no phone.. three days go by we are still looking..calling the phone no ringing anywhere.. it had become the most frustrating experience….then after the third day I decided oh what the heck I will ring the phone again.. this time I hear its ringing.. where was it.. in the coat pocket of her winter coat.. now it has been in the nineties with high humidity.. how did it get there.. who in the world knows.. fast forward to this morning. 

I poured a cup of coffee for  just two of us that were up.. no one else around wife sleeping.. breakfast on the table.. I am watching meet the press … one gets up says don’t take my breakfast I will be right back.. he goes to the bathroom.. no where else.. comes back and says.. did you take my coffee cup.. we have looked everywhere.. no one was here but the three of us one was sleeping and only two of us sitting up I was watching meet the press the other went to the toilet leaving his cup on the kitchen table.. what a week.. of weirdness woo..Now I am wondering since I even checked in the drawers of the bathroom cabinet the dresser drawers and trash cans laundry baskets etc etc.. where will this thing appear “

This is exactly the kind of thing that I love to hear reports of, and I’ll tell you why.

I have this idea in my head, supported by math, that says “If there is ONE of something, then the odds of there being TWO of something.

I don’t stop there, either:  I figure if there is/are TWO of something, then the odds of finding a THIRD go up to something like 75%.

I don’t have math to support that, but it seems like it would make sense.

Now consider what this means to Reality, a place I try to hang out; often.

We live in one Reality.  But there are all kinds of accurately reported “incidents” like this reader report. I think the odds of there being this second reality (*where the phone went to move to the coat in the middle of summer) is convincing evidence that a Second Reality is out there.

Not that we didn’t suspect as much.  You have all the major religions of the world and they all have concepts of other places (like heaven, hell, nirvana, bardo, and so forth).  Some nearby like the Eternal Now, and other places hotter or colder, depending on this, or that.

The missing mug, in this case, merely reminds me that even though I can’t produce Reality Two on command, I have no reason to doubt all the major religions of the world, and let’s not forget the world of electronic voice phenomena.

This last one is particularly interesting in the wake of reading  The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon because in that book, the pilot of a Beechcraft Bonanza describes a time-space warp that he flew through. 

What his book didn’t go into was that this “other” space-time “place” may be where people go when they die, plus a whole lot more.  But when space-time warps, there are lots of possibilities.

If you remember back to flat-lander days before the Chinese (1421) or the Leif Erickson types before Columbus, it’s useful to put all the hints together. Columbus was just a “bundler” near as I can figure it. 

The same thing is likely true about the next levels of Reality which probably fit together as Matryoshka dolls of some kind. 

The reason more people don’t understand it probably has something to do with spending too much time in “flatlander world.”  With sideshows like money, power, sex, and such, Flat Land has a lot going for it, however.

Since the cruise we’re on doesn’t transit the Bermuda Triangle, we can relax knowing the most dangerous thing on this cruise is “seconds” and even worse would be “thirds.”

Secretly, the surrealist in me really does have the answer to the mug and phone report:  I figure they were trying to run off to the local county clerk’s office to get married.  And since anyone can marry anyone nowadays, I figure eventually, people will be allowed to marry robots.

And then?  Only a short leap from this morning’s column to the headlines:  Mug Marries Cell Phone.

Speaking of marriage, I am trying to convince Elaine on this trip that I’m not a bigamist.  She claims I’m married to my computer.

Another Cruising Fine Point

Here’s another one:  When you go shopping at the last minute, be sure to try everything on.

I’ve never been a “clothes horse” and trying on the two new pairs of pants that were carefully packed didn’t even occur to me.

Bad move.

They don’t fit which means other pants I brought were pressed into service.   The colors, unfortunately, had nothing to do with one another.

My bride pointed out that it’s mighty odd that a fellow who can tell if a single screw it out of place in his airplane, doesn’t remember the other “checklist” items like getting the right size clothing.

I answered with the marriage-saver:  Yes dear.

But either the pant were mismarked, or my size isn’t what I thought it was.  So now a cruising checklist is under development.

A reader offered this:

Never had even the tiniest desire to do one. I’d go so far as to say, just the opposite. The idea of rubbing elbows, literally, with a few thousand other people for an extended period of time? Yuck! A cruise ship is a captive audience for a tourist trap. I don’t do alcohol or casinos, I’m not the least into sunbathing, swimming in public toilets (pools), shuffleboard or, whatever nonsensical games the “fun” directors can dream up. (Reminds me of nursing home entertainment.) I do love to travel and see new things though. Walking, driving, and flying is for me. Flying ain’t so fun any more either. At any rate thanks for reminding me. I thank you, but my wife hates you…Ha!

Your wife and mine may have a fair bit in common there.

Elaine’s got a hair thingy at 8:30 so as soon as I grab a small bite, it will be nap time for Mr. Ure, before meeting some readers…

Knock on wood, other than mismarked pants (or me) the cruise has been uneventful which is what you’d expect.

Write when you break-even,

George  george@urelnet