Coping: The Only Explanation that Makes Sense

A number of readers have been asking me what I think of the FBI director failing to refer chargeable information to the Department of Justice. 

The answer, in case you are not a Peoplenomics reader, is more likely best explained with a couple of simple concepts.  In order for you to really understand the events – such have occurred this week – I’m going to parcel this out in bite-sized pieces this morning.


#1:  The Future is already known.

Resolution is the only question.

It may not be precise at the level I play it, although it seems to work in terms of financial markets, but there is a simple way to “future tree” what is coming in the future.

At the lowest level, we already have embedded logic of computer software that does a dandy job of “If this, then that.”

To carry it to the next level, the statement becomes “If a, then b.”   As soon at this simple binary choice is made, we go to the next level – a Boolean matrix:

If A true, then C or D.

If B true, then E or F.

One choice leads to two future forks in the road, and that begets us four…and so on.

I have been acquainted with such computational futures since I worked on the purchase of two 737’s in the middle 80’s.  Companies like Boeing offer their customers really incredible insights into computational futures that (in my case) involved a damn accurate 20-year jet fuel price study with interest rate projections and the whole ball of wax.

This knowing of future (within statistical bounds) is what makes High Frequency Trading work (close in) and confidence to spend $40 million (further out).

If you want to define the future even better, a blended system of Boolean steered by linguistics is the easy ticket to success in general.  If you want even more details purchase a System 36 and begin dreaming in RPG.

There is so large a code base out there that the real computational difficulty is not on the algo side, so much as on the procedurals. this, then that.  And if THAT,k then go over here and pick this-un or this-un.  Then…based on that choice…

A farther-out approach?  Assume a.i. becomes real.  Project out 100 years.  And A.I. sends biological entities from the future back to warn Ike…that after I perfect my low energy dimensional warp…

#2:  We Aren’t the only Country Doing It.

Fans of computational futuring didn’t miss the main point of “Report from Iron Mountain” but I daresay most people did.

Yes, government needs a bogeyman to keep little people in line.  Check, got it.

But the REAL tells from that period had to do with nuclear survivability estimations and how computational exercises routinely ran trying to find a winnable war scenario should the Cold War ever have gone hot.

Doubtless at least China and Russia have computational divisions, as well.  Anyone who can play chess would have three of more such units in active competition…


#3:  There is likely a computational unit calling in plays for the U.S. from the Sidelines.

This is an area widely misapprehended by the conspiracy advocates.

The purpose of such an agency would not be to achieve planetary domination (globalism will work that angle in order to maximized profits).  Rather, it is to avoid total extremes or international conflict, economic collapse, and ensure some type of national persistence.

If, as part of that persistence, a key decision calls for the import at X number of new taxpayers by Year Y because if we don’t the US will go bankrupt in 2040, then both the Paul Ryan wing of the Obama GOP and the Supremes would likely be in on the game in order that they all “play nicely.”

That goes a long ways toward explaining why no Scalia autopsy and why the Just Us Department took about 12-minutes to review almost a year of FBI work.  “Madam Director, a word?”

It may have been a computational call.  And Bill and Hil would be in the know.

The odds of it being a computational call is something I have modeled and let’s just say the odds are higher than zero that some level of computational future is being “run on top of us” despite the illusion of this being a “democracy” and “constitutional republic.”

It is, certainly in theory, but as a practical matter there may be “computational bounds in place.”


#5:  The name of the computational agency would not be widely public. In our work, it’s genericized as Directorate 153.

What would such an agency be like?  Where would it be?

That’s a question I posed a while back for Peoplenomics subscribers.  Here’s a snip of how it might look:

To recall the background of this tool, the idea is simple:  We make up a hypothetical center of force that is beyond the reach of conventional government, the public, or the press.  We imbue it with almost supernatural abilities because it is, after all, a complete fiction. That doesn’t make it wrong.  Just fictional and an idea-testing approach.

The nice thing about such a “work of fiction” is that it allows us to put on our thinking caps and hang all available data together in a sensible way.  It is like taking a ton of seemingly un-connected events and trying to “write the script” – even if fictional – that could tie all the observed elements into a comprehensive storyline which might be used to predict future developments.

You will see it after using this “thinking tool” a bit.  It will allow you to take a lot of different news and information and weave it together into a whole clothe that might (possibly) make more sense that what is readily available to the conscious mind.

Although we like to think of this as some of a puzzle fitment tool, oftentimes in our experience the ideas that arise from such an exercise hold important clues about the future.

Again, we remind you that this is not conspiratorial, at least in the conventional sense of the word.  Rather, it is an academic exercise that arises from an attempt to discern underlying patterns and connections that may – or (and this is important to remember) may not – be present.

– – – – –

Our fictional Directorate 153 had its roots in the Cold War.  It provided that the United States would never be without someone in charge.  It was an early embodiment of artificial intelligence concepts, in order that subsequent command and control of America would remain “expert” even if our elective leadership was all killed in a nuclear first-strike.

This seemed a difficult task:  While the government set about many continuity of government operations, including that famous hotel – The Greenbrier – which few took particular notice of, even when word of its existence was leaked to the public.

When you think about it, Directorate 153 is no less probable than Project Greek Island – which was the Greenbrier bunker was code-named.

Most were little surprised, nor did the public really care when the existence of the bunker at the Greenbrier’s role in nuclear survival leaked out:

“In the late 1950s, the U.S. government approached The Greenbrier for assistance in creating a secret emergency relocation center to house Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The classified, underground facility, named “Project Greek Island“,[14] was built at the same time as the West Virginia Wing, an above-ground addition to the hotel, from 1959 to 1962. Although the bunker was kept stocked with supplies for 30 years, it was never actually used as an emergency location, even during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The bunker’s existence was not acknowledged until Ted Gup of The Washington Post revealed it in a 1992 story; immediately after the Post story, the government decommissioned the bunker. The facility has since been renovated and is also used as a data storage facility for the private sector. It is featured as an attraction in which visitors can tour the now declassified facilities, known as The Bunker. ”

The key point that escaped most observers was that there needed to be yet another entity and facility that could be called upon should nuclear war or other global (or nation-threatening disaster) occur.  This group would be located outside the Baltimore-Washington-New York – Pennsylvania area.  Yet it would have to be located near enough to allow fast access, yet out of blast zones and in a sparsely populated area.

In our fictional thinking, this would have happened in the wake of the Cuban Missile crisis, perhaps 1965, or thereabouts.

Martinsburg, West Virginia suits those purposes ideally. Let me explain why.

With almost 9,000 feet of jet runway complete with wing-tip markers for C-17’s, no one would give it a second look.  That part of West Virginia is well separated from the higher density population areas further east.  High profile visitors could come and go easily in by private jets.  And the presence of some military traffic for “training” provides an ideal layer of plausible deniability.

The town of Martinsburg (as our fictional story unfolds) was chosen because of proximity and distance.  Baltimore Washington International was 63 nautical miles east/northeast.  JFK was 207 nautical to the north/northeast, while Norfolk was 173 miles to the east.  206 nautical to La Guardia, and 130 to Philadelphia:  Martinsburg was low-key and centrally located.

Two other geographic items were notable that made Martinsburg the ideal location for Directorate 153’s headquarters.

One was the careful routing of Interstate 81 which takes a deliberate detour around the town of Martinsburg proper.  It might have been more expedience to simply usurp the parallel-running West Virginia highway 11 (Williamsport Pike it was called in the old days).  Instead, the federal government had routed the highway around Martinsburg until a few miles north of the smaller village of Falling Waters, West Virginia.

The reasons we supposed might deal with a good-sized and slow-flowing body of water than most people wouldn’t associate with the hinterlands of eastern West Virginia:

The Potomac.

That was from a March 19, 2016 Peoplenomics report:  “Directorate 163:  When to Brief Trump.”

I think it’s a fair guess to say that with this week’s joint appearances with Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump may now be entering the real core of American “Businotics.”  If such models exist, the Gingrich would likely have at least passing knowledge or be a comms channel.

Who is running the model, and what kind of computational landmines are out that that they are really modeling around?

That we don’t know.

But it’s safe to surmise this much:

Absent a coherent, intra party cooperative policy framework that would hold after the past few months in a logical way, it is not unreasonable to  consider that there is an external “entity” in play.

Whether it’s a bunch of Fed econometricians in a basement with an old computer, the computational arm of the CIA or NSA makes little difference.

What matters is that what used to be the “hidden hand” of the markets may already be under the “assistance” of the artificial intelligence tools, such as learning agents, that have been evolving on the peripheral of the .mil world for years.

What’s at the center of it all?  My generalized answer is “something like a Directorate 153.

Who knew about the Greenbrier, right?

In this vein, we don’t know that it’s Directorate 153, we just know in today’s world, it’s one of those “Don]t leave home without it” kind of tools.

There.  All better now.  Nothing has to make sense.

Which it fine with us, because at this level of play?  It doesn’t.

Write when you get rich,

11 thoughts on “Coping: The Only Explanation that Makes Sense”

  1. Does it then make any difference who becomes POTUS?
    “Watson” may have an answer.

    • No, who sits in the White House is as irrelevant as this whole electoral process for the future of the USA.

      It’s all just mass distraction to keep Americans docile for a few more years.

      The situation is like a farm with blighted crops, diseased livestock, operators with health problems, etc. The farm’s failure was guaranteed with the first problem, but at what point do we say the farm failed? Maybe in the fall when the farmer goes to the bank for a loan to tide him over and the banker says no?

      Those aware realize that the system failed years ago. But it is not a one day occurrence, the reset comes at a different moment for everyone. For the trader, when nobody will take the other side of his trade. For the retiree, when that next check never arrives. For the family man, when the ATM does not work. For the college graduate when they realize they will never get the job that handles their debt. The common factor here is that they will all wait until they are resource impaired so making a good decision at that point is out of the question, the decisions have already been made for them.

  2. Along the lines of Directorate 153, many tend to identify more with the concepts espoused in the X-Files television show and movies, specifically, that of ‘The Syndicate.’ The Syndicate is a shadow government, which is not accountable to the U.S. government or people and which transcends the authority of the U.S. government. Real life examples include the Bilderberg Group, which meets each year to apparently chart and steer humanity’s future; and the Trilateral Commission (N. America, W. Europe and Japan). As the X-Files steadfastly proclaims: “The truth is out there!” You bet your @ss it is!

  3. George,
    Back in the 70s I was a govt docs librarian and I was able to regularly read the USGRA&I. Lawrence Berkeley Labs was publishing demographic studies of u s population. Now why would a weapons lab …

  4. Interestingly, 1+5+3=9
    9, is the number of completion.
    1= I am an individual
    5= to profit from others misfortune.
    3= I help others.
    Damn interesting numbers in a hypothetical synario.

  5. George;
    I grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. lived there till I was 15 yrs old. Born 1950. 66 now.
    I knew about the Greenbrier, Bunker and the one at White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia in 1962. Those facilities were started in the late 1950’s
    according to my uncles,one an electrician and one a plumber. We joked about it. Nuclear survival. how to depopulate the East and west coast with Nuke Subs to create Tsunami waves,leaving the east and west coasts uninhabital for at least 1000 years, maybe 12000, with radioactive sodium?? Nice thoughts for a 12 or 13 yr old guy. Give me a situation,I’ll give you a disaster or three.. LOL.

  6. Hopefully the FBI has bigger fish to fry. Leaving the email stuff alone could mean a larger scandal to come.

  7. I suspect the headquarters of Directorate 153 within the confines of the Tavistock Institute.

  8. Psychohistory is a fictional science in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe which combines history, sociology, and mathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future behavior of very large groups of people. First written in 1942. Glad you had an original idea.

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