Coping: SimOfTheDead and other WuJo Implicates

We have a longish discussion of WuJo this morning, one with many reports, some interesting speculations, and even some directions for additional research, so let’s get after it, shall we?

A numbers of readers took the time to comment (thank you) on the events this week which seemed to describe a “teleportation” event.  If you missed yesterday’s column, she (thought) she’d shut down everything in the living/media room and come to bed, only to awaken a few hours later, luxuriating in the comfort of the bed, only to open her eyes and discover she was still in the living room. 

Reader Dan picks up the trail from there?

Does Elaine recall around what time she thought she came to bed but didn’t?

Last (also Wed- G)  night my wife and I had a brief time-slip wujo moment ourselves.  I think it was around 11:20 pm Eastern because we had just watched the weather forecast on the 11pm news:

I was in the kitchen getting some water.  I use a water filter pitcher and filled my glass from it.  I turned around to take my glass out to the living room and my wife asked me to fill her glass before she went to bed.  I went back into the kitchen, opened the fridge but the pitcher was missing.  I looked in the sink and it was there, having just been filled with more water but the lid was still off and the pitcher was just sitting there full of water.  Okay, I must have filled my glass, decided that the pitcher needed filling, put it in the sink, filled it, but just left it there in the sink without replacing the lid.  Mind you, no alcohol or any other things consumed last night, and I routinely stay up until after midnight so I was definitely not too tired yet.  I was just about to pass it off as a slip of the mind albeit something that is not common to me but then my wife exclaims “what happened to my phone?”

I went back out to the living room to see what she was talking about and she said she was getting ready for bed and set her phone down but now it is gone.  She went into the bedroom and found it on the bed next to the nightstand but did not recall going in there to place it there.  This had occurred at the exact same time as I had apparently filled the water pitcher.

So in summary, sometime around 11:20 pm Eastern both my wife and I took action on an object, moving it somewhere, without having any recollection.  And we did it at the exact same moment.

As soon as I realized that, I chalked it up as a Wujo moment and made a mental note to write you about it.  Well, after reading Elaine’s experience, I can only wonder if it happened around the same time?

It was really strange, and I asked her about the possibility that she might have gone through one of those “abduction” experiences that we read so much about on the net. 

Two points: First she admitted that she had an odd sore on the inside of her lower lip, something that didn’t seem like it was a normal (as in bite your lip) kind of experience.  First, because she doesn’t bite her lip and secondly because of what she said about it…

“I was going to mention it, too, now that you asked, but I talked myself out of it…you know…don’t want to make too big a deal about it.  And besides, it has gotten better (less painful) as the day’s worn on…”

The other oddity that persists:  She’s extremely uncomfortable just talking about it such that even trying to remember details about it makes her uncomfortable.

Next time it happens, I’ve made sure that Elaine knows what the immediate follow-up will be:  Run to the bedroom and see if the bed there – the real one, one the tactile/dream-state version – feels like it’s been slept in and is warm.  That would have been a useful clue.

And though she’s too polite to mention it, in going over the details with her (for the umpteenth time) she pointed out I was in error reporting that she woke up in the media chair with the comforter on it (the west chair).  She’d awaked with all that tactile stuff in my chair, the east chair and it didn’t have anything on it…just a leather recliner.

Barring a reoccurrence, not much else to say about the case now but it goes into our files as an unsolved mystery.

A WuJo Puzzle Solved!

The good news now is that at least some of the mystery behind some of those “hum” stories is starting to peek out due to some diligent detective work by reader Cris.  If you hear “the hum” or the sound of “heavy machinery, almost like a diesel running at night” read this one for sure:

I’ve been hearing this for years off and on; a low hum that seems to come out of the very ground and I put it in the unexplained category until a few days ago…..

I was checking the upstairs toilet for leaks (there were none) and turned away after I thought the tank had filled….. No sound of running water for at least a full 60 seconds when: the hum began.  I happened to look in the tank, saw ripples and pushed down on the float….
The hum stopped and I could turn it on and off at will by pressing on the float!  Once the tank overfilled it could no longer be induced to make the noise.

A mundane explanation for a VERY spooky sound.  The delay was long enough that you would not think having just flushed.  Very common valve assembly of Asian manufacture,

And this might explain some of the sounds in other areas, too (thinking the Windsor or Taos hums, too):  Could it be that a larger but similarly designed valve is being used at a local waterworks and it’s seating allows for some hum-inducing vibration?

Something to check on, next time you hear it in the middle of the night.  Get up wit the flashlight and check the loo….

WuJo Follow: Case of the Missing Phone

A couple of readers have put on their thinking caps and have come up with some great investigative questions for reader CM who seems to have that  a portable phone that just “checked out” for a while:

After reading about CM’s phone disappearing for months then re-appearing I got to wondering – was the phone still charged when he found it? If so then the phone must have taken a quantum leap into the future and didn’t have time to discharge the batteries. If not the it may have been either in another dimension or in limbo! (maybe the same thing – ie: limbo/another dimension) How come things (like a pile of money or gold) don’t ever suddenly appear in my house?? (probably be counterfeit if it did – with my luck!)


Then there’s reader Bill up in the Northeast who wonders if there might be an unlikely, but possible explanation in family pets:

“I wonder if the guy who found his phone beside the couch has a cat?

I’ve had a couple of WJEs (WuJo-like events)  that could have VERY  easily been perpetrated by one of the cats.  (One of mine is far more likely to be the criminal.  He gets into everything.)  

The concept of him batting a phone that fell to the floor under the couch, and then playing with it again, and batting it back out into the daylight is an easy one.  Secretly, I think he could dial for pizza with only a little instruction.”

The solution I found to cats and phones was pretty simple:  Zeus lost his calling card and I didn’t replace it.

More seriously, the question on the table for CM is whether the phone was charged…

And More Wu to Ponder…

This one came in from reader Roberta, who has taken a while to get up nerve and time to write up her little oddity encounter in life:

Hello George,

  After a year of trying to find a logical explanation (and searching for the people involved) I have given up trying to find a logical explanation.

  It was last November. I live on a corner, about 30 steps from the church across the street, also on a corner. I do not rake leaves in the fall, as it serves as a security feature of sorts- as I can hear footsteps of human and animal.  And..alerts one to a wujo event.

  One morning I was a bit late for church. As I was leaving, a van pulled up and parked in front of my house. I waved at the people, as small-town folks usually do.  When almost reaching the church door, I realized there was no rustling sound of leaves behind me. The couple in the van was not to be found.

This really weirded me out, I froze in  my tracks and inspected  their van. There was a rosary (remember this) on the rear-view mirror, indicating they were likely bound for the same church. There were no people in the van which could be seen through the windows. (and boy would it be embarrassing for all if there were!) A neighbor was up on a ladder but didn’t notice the people. There was always the possibility they were visiting neighbors, so I scoped out the van until mass was over to see who got into the van (and form where), or if it would dematerialize like a ghost ship.

A couple did get into the van, but creepily the male looked like a middle-aged version of an elderly relative. The van was late-model at least. they drove away before I could get out of the house and chase them.

Last week after leaving church, I returned the 30 yards home to see the van parked in the same place. So I waited, and waited (these people can sure jaw-bone). On the way to pretend to do yard work next to the van, I noticed that now, instead of the rosary, there was an air freshener in the shape of an owl. Almost like a Cherokee/ Illuminati symbolism”wink” from the universe. After finally meeting these people, I told them of my tale and asked if they’d taken another way in. They told me they had no idea, as they were from out-of-town and don’t attend this church often. 

So I give up. I was hoping for an explanation like one of your other stories, where adult twins wearing the same clothes were involved. There is a clear view all around here, so I’m baffled.


Next time you see them, ask if they had ever had a rosary on the rearview mirror.  There’s a pretty commonly describes phenomenal in the world of the occult call bilocation.  Essential people (less commonly things) can actually appear  in two places at the same time.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia entry on bilocation links it to happening around guess what?

Several Christian saints and monks are said to have exhibited bilocation. Among the earliest is the apparition of Our Lady of the Pillar in the year 40. In another instance, in 1774, St. Alphonsus Liguori is said to have gone into a trance while preparing for Mass.

[Note this part very closely – it happens while preparing for Mass! – G]

When he came out of the trance he reported that he had visited the bedside of the dying Pope Clement XIV. His presence is then said to have been confirmed by those attending the Pope despite his being four days travel away, and not appearing to have left his original location.

Other Christian figures said to have experienced bilocation include St. Anthony of Padua, Ursula Micaela Morata, St. Gerard Majella, Charles of Mount Argus, St. Pio of Pietrelcina,[29] St. Severus of Ravenna, St. Ambrose of Milan, María de Ágreda,[30] and St. Martin de Porres, María de León Bello y Delgado, as well as Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria. St Isidore the Laborer was known to be praying or attending to mass in Church while at the same time plowing in the fields.

In the 17th century, persons accused of witchcraft were reported to appear in dreams and visions of witnesses. The trials at Bury St. Edmunds and Salem included this “Spectral evidence” against defendants. Matthew Hopkins described the phenomenon in his book The Discovery of Witches.

The English occultist Aleister Crowley was reported by acquaintances to have the ability, even though he himself was not conscious of its happening at the time.[31]

Vladimir Lenin was seen in his Moscow Kremlin office digging through papers in October 1923 while he was critically ill in Gorki.[32] Another mystical story involving a possible case of bilocation of Soviet author Yevgeny Petrov, widely known in Russia, has served as inspiration for the film Envelope (2012) starring Kevin Spacey. Paranormal author Rodney Davies has written a book on the history and practice of bilocation.[33]

So an theory emerges here that the couple may have attended as a bilocation experience which they might not have been conscious of, but because Robert was conscious of the event (and had a good eye for detail) she might be in the same position of the persons who supposedly observed Crowley.

And there’s one other angle to this, and it gets back to our understanding of the WMI/Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics:  In one world line, the van may have a rosary and in the other an air freshener.  Next time you see the van, additional insight into which world-line we’re on may emerge.

Whew!  Next case?

Jackie’s Wu

Here’s one more to ponder over the weekend…

this is my wujo event. happened last year and i’ve told no one until now.

i was shopping at a hannaford’s grocery which is in a big mall. across the street is the regional high school. i’ll add that since my implants in 2001 i have 20/20 vision. i looked both ways and checked across the street for traffic coming out of the school. nothing in sight. i started to pull out and as i entered the main road, there was a car DIRECTLY in front of me. somehow i slammed on the brakes and missed the car. needless to say i was shaken up by the whole event.

its marked me so that i never pull out without scanning from left to right at least twice and sometimes three times before i make my move.

i look forward to your column every day!!!

(Oddly, so do I…)

I think what happened in this case was the kind of thing that happened with my airplane magneto switch Wednesday morning:  I’m certain I did the process of checking the mags right – since I say “one-two, check, one-two-back,” and then “one, check, one back.

Yet there I was, climbing through 1,200 feet with one mag only, just plain as day.  And this isn’t the only case of this kind of thing we’ve had show up around here.  We’ve had lots of other “swear there was nothing there, then WHAM!  There was this truck (or car)…

Reader Rick’s Grand Theory of WuJo

This is one that keeps popping up…sometimes one element, or another, is emphasized, but reader Rick sort of captures it all in his common sense thinking about what may be behind WuJo events:

This probably isn’t going to be a very popular idea, but here goes anyway.

We humans are actually SIMS in some kind of organic computer program simulation. The pervasiveness of archetypal protocols at virtually every level of our existence just seems a bit too computerish (sic) to have occurred naturally.

The name of our simulation is called: There is a war going on in (the) heaven(s) between good and evil. This war, at least from our human perspective has been going on for thousands of years. The primary motes operandi of these warring factions is event manipulations and counter manipulations by means of space/time travel.

The result of these (space/time travel caused) manipulated events produce discontinuities or tears and holes in the space/time continuum which have to be filled in some way by the simulation. We perceive these fill in attempts as things being out of space(place)/time.

I believe that there are many indicators that we may be witnessing the final stages of some kind of “end game” in this simulation. As we get closer to the end, more people witness more abnormalities as the manipulations become more frequent.

I wish I had a good idea as to what the end game might be, but I don’t. Sorry, I don’t know what the business model of the simulation or the end game is either.

One thing is for certain, reality isn’t exactly what most of us think it is and there is a mountain of evidence to demonstrate that assertion.

We’ve covered part of this before, and I find myself leaning more and more toward one layer of reality being declared “excess” as we more more and more mentally into cyberspace – a kind of sim within the sim, within the sim, if you will.

The neat part about how we are, as humans, moving into this new Realm, is that the transition into the digital world does have some of the hallmarks of what more conventional reglionists would all the Ascension.  Of, the great waking of the dead.

How so?

Well, consider the biblical “Judgment Day” stories.  Some people/souls are able to make a transition while others are left behind to suffer.

So how well would it fit one day if, Google for example, announced that you could “download yourself into a wholly digital world” – kind of like SimCity, except with 3D video of everything?

Of course, not everyone would be able to go…only some.  The rest would have to stay behind because of system resource limitations, power requirements, and so forth.

But over time, we could see how those left behind to tend the Sim(of the Dead) of formerly live but now uploaded humans, could get into an argument about how the SimOfTheDead would actually be run.

One group (sick and tired of writing code updates, running the power plant to keep the resource online and so forth) might say “Screw ‘em, let’s ‘em all die!”

Obviously for people in SimOfTheDead there folks would be Evil.

And, since the ascended players can’t pop back out into this world, we’d have all the barriers attendant to the religionist’s “getting into Heaven” with  the other aspect that those who stay behind and write code improvements (and keep the power on) would be exclaimed “Good and God-like” because without them, well, SimOfTheDead goes lights out!

The only real questions left behind are:

Ain’t it kind of odd all of us players (even in Life) really reduce to a RISC processor where the code that drives each of us personally seems to carry over into new Sim worlds that we create life SecondLife and, on a financial level BitCoin?

OK, if we are reduced instruction set computers, how many layers back UP the Sim shells can we go, and ultimately, how do we wake up from this nightmare?

Tough questions, damn straight.  And if you get any particularly keen insights that explain how this all works, send you answers of no more than 2,000 words, plus 25-cents in coin and two box tops to Crazy George at

This offer void where prohibited, including Earth and Sim Level Three.

Please also include whether you want to be on the side of Good (keep the servers up and write more code) or Evil (turn them off and let’s try a different sim premise for a while).

Oh, and one other thing:  Pay no mind to the developing include in apparent WuJo-like events.  That just means the battle between Good and Evil at the next higher layer of Sim has heated up a good bit and there hasn’t been time to send in the usual number of “reality patches.”

By reading The Complete Books of Charles Fort: The Book of the Damned / Lo! / Wild Talents / New Lands ($21 Amazon) we can quickly see that the battle in “heaven” (next sim shell our) does run somewhat cyclically and we can see that the cycles are, indeed, shortening a bit.

As this nonlinearity evolves, the WuJo should give us tons of new material about as everyday people, including you, come face to face with holes in present-day reality of the sort that make you question present reality.

You should.

Research Request

Will the reader who sent the note yesterday about things being found in coal in the local anthracite museum, please resend that email?  Seems there’s something that doesn’t want me to find that email just yet and I want to include it next week.  Thanks

Off the Beaten Wu

Reader Jonathan pointed something out of possible interest:

Hi George,

Just wanted to let you know that the Suspicious0bservers website has been sabotaged for weeks and is still not up and running. It has been a great source of information about the sun, sunspots, climate changes, and related subjects. The author contradicts the politically correct position of the Global Warming (now called Climate Change since the earth’s temperature rise has “paused” for many years) using science data available from reputable sources on the internet. I find this act of sabotage especially concerning because it has been done so well that it must have taken very high levels of technical expertise such as one would find in the government.

Once again, we have to be very, very careful when ascribing observations to emo hot worlds like “sabotaged,” Jonathan.

A little investigation shows that Suspicious 0bservers is up and operating today and a note on their daily news page reports “This section of the website is closed for the time being due to system resource needs…”

Remember, the UrbanSurvival website was screwed up on Thursday morning (slow to load and didn’t get images properly up because of a massive security upgrade.

What’s going on around the ‘net is that more and more attacks are being launched against sites which are using WordPress and other nifty blog publishing tool.  As a result, a few exploits are being found and with many, plugins like Better WordPress Security aren’t able to keep up.  So a series of MOD changes has been in process of being implemented by good web hosting outfits.

The problem we have run  into (and are in the process of resolving) is that the additional security means a tremendous load on the site’s processor, so the solution in our case has been to toss in the extra bucks for a security-specific processor and additional memory, something not all sites have the luxury of being able to afford.

So I suspect (and it’s only a suspicion ) that SO may have run up against web resource limits and even if you can write a check for more processors and memory, there are still tons of issues when you move a site up into the cloud as we have.  For example, a good chunk of yesterday was spent by the hosting outfit tuning our dedicated server.

Well, off to work on our million and one projects around here.  Sometime next week, we may start posting some of our daily runs off the Nostracodeus software over on its site, and this weekend, we untangle the latest report on the activities of Directorate 153 which has come up with the all-time solution for all that ails the US economy.  Except for all the dead people, it’s a workable idea – as once again we go out to the edge of “thinking the unthinkable” in order to hedge our bets about the future.

More Monday…remember, weekends are when you can work for yourself.  And tomorrow morning I want you to ask “Am I going to lay in bed this weekend and work harder for the Man than I do for Me?”

Write when you break even…